Fan Confidence Poll: March 30th, 2009


This past week was a bit of a slow one in Yankeeland. As expected with hardly a week left to go in the preseason, the New Yankee Stadium dominated the news. He learned about the food selection, the gates opening earlier, a new and easy way to find parking, and about some of the unfortunate TV camera angles. We do know that King George will make the home opener, but Bob Sheppard’s health might cause him to miss the festivities. Sadly, the Old Stadium will start coming down in April.

On the field, the team named their starting center fielder and likely starting right fielder, and made a small but potentially significant change atop the lineup (perhaps at our behest) after Derek Jeter returned from the WBC.  The long reliever candidates battled it out but the team might not carry one anyway. Phil Hughes is continuing to work on his changeup in the minors and CC Sabathia already looks like he’s in mid-season form. Alex Rodriguez is targeting a May 15th return, and the braintrust felt a need to have a heart-to-heart with A-Rod about all of the distractions.

Fangraphs rated the Yankees’ organization the third best in baseball, but the Bombers are still number one in New York. As if there as any doubt.

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. At some point in the next few weeks I’ll create a permanent link to a graph showing the change in fan confidence over time, but for now this will have to hold you over. Don’t worry, I’ll pretty it up eventually. Thanks in advance.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. jsbrendog says:

    ill prob be an eight consistently until something really serious happens

    ie real shitty draft where we cant sign our picks, serious injury to top prospects/integral major leaguers, spontaneous combustion of stuff, etc

    • A.D. says:

      I’m with you on the rankings, unless the team just doesn’t play well, or there’s injuries I’m cruising with an 8

    • I’ve been voting 10 every week. I will continue to do so until we have a major (i.e. season-long) injury to one of the key pieces.

      We’re stacked. All our competitors have flaws larger than ours. I have all the confidence in the world.

      • andrew says:

        I was in the 9-10 range but Arod being out for 30 games could put us in a hole that will be difficult(not impossible) to climb out of if the Rays or Sox start hot. I’m pretty sure you are a big proponent of ARod and how much he means to this team, so I’m surprised ARod missing 20% of the season has no affect on your confidence.

        • I feel we can weather the ARod storm, feel the Sox and Rays have plenty of problems of their own, and in any event, April ’09 is just a small portion of the overall future. I like how our franchise stacks up with the Sox/Rays/O’s going forward.

          • andrew says:

            I know we have our issues with the word hope, but for me, I hope we can weather the storm without ARod, but I am not convinced that we will. Granted, I don’t think we’ll be a sinking ship, but I think we’ll probably hover around .500 until he returns. Any lead the Rays or Sox have at the point would certainly be surmountable, but it will probably be larger than any lead they would’ve had with ARod playing.

    • Expired Milk says:

      What does the draft have to with the current season?

      • The poll question is:

        Given the team’s current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees’ overall future?

        Overall future would encompass more than just the current season.

        • Expired Milk says:

          True I missed that but knowing the Yankees they have the money/resources to not let a “bad draft” effect them.

          • I agree, but on the heels of not signing Cole/Bittle last year, if we have another draft where we don’t add great talent to the farm, I can see why a fan would downgrade his confidence in our long-term outlook. Another subpar draft would definitely raise questions about Oppenheimer’s ability to keep our farm restocked.

            • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

              The Yanks will just spend the money on the IFA market.

              • Again, I agree with you that there are other ways for us to continue to make our team better, but, quoting myself:

                I can see why a fan would downgrade his confidence in our long-term outlook. Another subpar draft would definitely raise questions about Oppenheimer’s ability to keep our farm restocked.

                Yes, a poor June draft is not the end of the world. But, if we had a poor June draft and that caused JSB to downgrade his confidence in the Yankees overall future from an 8 to a 7 or a 6, because he’s lost confidence specifically in Opp, I can understand and agree with that logic. Oppenheimer’s ability to get us good talent through the draft is an important part of our overall talent acquisition strategy, and while we can cover for his mistakes through free agent markets, it is a more expensive and generally less desirable way to obtain talent.

                • jsbrendog says:

                  the reason i mention the draft is because if we fail to sign talent that is drafted in the specific picks we earned for not signing bittle/cole last yr then we are SOL, do nto get any mroe cmopensatory picks, and it is like those two picks never existed therefore severely limiting our talent pool.

                  that is somehting that cna haunt an organization. picking bad twice can be overcome because you still have two guys who were good enough to be drafted and could pan out. not being able to sign them the second time and therefore losing two picks and not even having two bodies to show for it could POSSIBLY be insurmountable for a few yrs depending.

    • With Arod out, I don’t think I could go as high as an 8. I’m sitting between 6 and 7 mostly. I doubt that’ll go up until either Arod comes back or Posada and Matsui both feel good for at least a month.

  2. A.D. says:

    Wonder if they’re just giving Nady the RF job to showcase him, and keep his value up in general.

    • Might as well, I suppose. I’m guessing they don’t want to bench Nady because doing so would make him harder to trade (because, as you said, he needs to be getting PT in order for teams to really see him in order to want him), but Girardi will probably still give Swisher at least one game a week in Nady’s stead, as well as a day subbing for Damon, a day covering LF for Damon while he slides to CF for Gardner or DH for Matsui, etc. so that they both play a lot.

  3. George Clint says:

    Nobody has been a bigger Yankee fan than me going all the way back to the M&M days, but I have to admit if there’s such a thing as bad karma, this organization is definitely starting to tempt faith against them. Randy Levine alone with his lack of moral ethics and values, their lack of loyalty to players, their corporate bullying in regards to building the new stadium and their pricing their average fans out of being able to take their families to a game, etc. The days of reckoning started with the shocking RedSox comeback after being down 3 games to none. Now we have the ARod years which I predict will only get worse. What can the Yanks do? They can start making amends by replacing Levine!

    • A.D. says:

      their lack of loyalty to players

      What makes you say this?

      • steve (different one) says:

        i’m not going to defend Levin, but i think it is a misconception that the Yankees have “priced out” the “average fan”.

        as long as you are willing to sit in the upper deck, Yankee stadium is plenty affordable.

        you can go on stubhub right now and get tickets to almost any game you want for $30. maybe not Sox or Mets tickets, but just about any other game.

        • Nevermind $30: There’s plenty of bleacher and upper-deck tickets for virtually every non-Sox or Mets game for $10-$15.

          • rbizzler says:

            I get that people are upset over ticket prices, but, as you note, you can still get into the stadium for under $20. If the place is configured as well as the majority of the new stadiums that I have been to, even the upper deck seats are going to be decent.

            Also, despite Kay being extremely annoying, YES does a damn good job of presenting the product to fans. I have lived in plenty of other markets where coverage of the local team is considerably worse than what Yankee fans experience.

            All in all, if ticket prices are all fans have to complain about, the organization is doing a pretty good job.

          • steve (different one) says:

            exactly. the TOP TOP seats are getting all of this negative press, but once you get to that pricepoint, what’s the difference if they cost $300 or $1000?

            either way, those seats are not aimed at me. they might as well cost $25,000, it’s meaningless to most people.

          • Yankeegirl49 says:

            I bought tickets to 25 games either via the presale (I have a SI Yankee package) or the day the tickets went on sale to the public. The most expensive ticket I got was $27 (with the fees). I got 4 games where the tickets were FIVE DOLLARS. I have friends that did the same.
            Sure I would like to sit in the field level seats, I would also like to sit in the dugout. It seems neither are happening.
            The average middle class fan can go to games, as long as they make it a priority to buy the tickets when they become available. Just like with concert tickets..they sell out.
            Im sorry, but living in NYC we all know EVERYTHING is expensive. You make due with what you can afford.
            It cost more to go to a concert, a Broadway show, to some of the museums, to dinner etc.
            I bet the people bitching about the prices at the stadium are the same people that think nothing about dropping 4 bucks every day for a cup of Starbucks.

    • Matt says:

      their lack of loyalty to players,

      You mean like giving Rivera and Posada way above market deals, which they’ll probably do with Jeter when his contract is up? Point to the Bernie situation if you want to but the guy’s best days were clearly behind him. He didn’t fit the Yankees’ future plans so they let him go. That’s what smart teams do.

      their pricing their average fans out of being able to take their families to a game

      I generally agree with you there, but it also has to do with supply and demand. People are obviously still willing to pay to go to games, so the team will keep charging more and more until people show they’re not willing to pay that.

      The days of reckoning started with the shocking RedSox comeback after being down 3 games to none.

      I think this had more to do with bad baseball playing and managing than it had to do with karma.

      Now we have the ARod years which I predict will only get worse.

      In what way? He probably won’t put up another season like 2007 but I really don’t think he’s gonna fall off a cliff like PECOTA predicts. While he won’t be great at the end of nine years, he’ll probably still be league average.

      • A.D. says:

        I think the fact Bernie Williams hasn’t gotten a job anywhere else despite still wanting to play shows the Yanks were in the right on that one.

      • andrew says:

        I agree that for the most part, Yankee management is loyal to the players. However, i was not particularly fond of how the Pettitte situation was handled this year, as well as last time when he eventually went to Houston. But as you said, for every Pettitte/Bernie, there’s a Mo, Posada and a Jeter who got paid because they were True Yankees™

    • Mike Pop says:

      My fAther and old ranger have been bigger fans than you, sir!!!! Don’t even think about it.

    • Phrancis says:

      I don’t get the loyalty part, compared to Red Sox,Yankees are much more loyal, and probably too much loyalty caused their recent roster inflexibility (just my take). Red Sox try to nickel and dime their players and get them out of town when they think they are done, eg: Clemens, Pedro, Demon, Nomar, Manny etc..just to name a few.

      If you don’t like the ticket prices. Just watch it on YES. Apply the demand and supply rule. When the demand goes down the prices will come down as well EVENTUALLY.

  4. Matt says:

    Staying at 8 like I have each time.

  5. rbizzler says:

    I am rolling with a solid niner. The rotation has remained healthy and solid all spring and the ‘pen has variety and depth. The few (ie CF) position battles have rounded out the way I had hoped. If Girardi finds AB’s for Swish and Ransom is not awful, the Yanks will be in god shape.

    • rbizzler says:

      god = good, but either way is fine by me.

    • Meh, even if Ransom is awful, we’re still probably in good shape.

      It’s only one position, and it’s only for a month. Even if Ransom puts up a Varitekian line at 3B for April, I still doubt it slows our steamroller. The other 24 guys on our roster all look to be in good condition to produce at high, high levels.

      • steve (different one) says:

        also, and i am speaking anecdotally (meaning out of my ass) doesn’t the cold April weather favor pitching heavy teams?

        in other words, the Yankees should be able to ride their starters until A-Rod comes back.

        i have nothing to back this up.

        • A.D. says:

          Mixed quick look at 2008 for the top pitching teams in terms of overall season ERA (looked at top 5 in each league) showed that in March/April the teams that did better than their season ERA:


  6. Expired Milk says:

    I voted 1 just to troll

  7. casey says:

    The question is overall future so I’m going with a 5. If the question was 2009 season, the answer would be higher. Too many positional question marks and management decisions in the overall future to feel comfortable with more than a wait and see approach that a 5 equals.

    • “Too many positional question marks and management decisions in the overall future to feel comfortable with more than a wait and see approach that a 5 equals.”

      For at least the next 3-5 years, we have:
      -The best player in baseball (NPD) in ARod
      -One of the top 5 hitters in baseball in Teixeira
      -A 26 year old stud 2B who has put up a career wOBA of .342 in Cano
      -Three of the top 25 or so pitchers in baseball in CC, Burnett, and Wang
      -An emerging ace in Joba
      -A second high-quality front-end starting prospect in Hughes
      -More elite bullpen arms coming through the pipeline than you can shake a stick at, to the point that we need not ever sign another outside reliever ever again (even after Mo’s retirement)
      -Three young position players in Gardner, AJax, and Montero who look to have high enough ceilings AND floors that all three of them look to be able to keep at bare minimum a bench role on our 25-man by 2011, if not all three of them earning a fulltime-starting role
      -A great crop of second-tier pitching prospects in IPK/Brackman/Betances/Bleich/ZMac/Heredia, at least one of whom is BOUND to be a legit solid MLB starter
      -A large budget with the ability to add several elite players in the future as some of our in-house starters retire or depart, guys like, say, Felix Hernandez or J.J. Hardy or the like

      …a ranking of 5 is laughably low, IMO. Yeah, we’re old with some question marks, but a core of ARod-Tex-Cano-Swisher-Posada-Jeter (whether at C or DH) + CC-Wang-Burnett-Joba-Hughes-great bullpen + Gardner-AJax-Montero-IPK-Brackman-Betances-Bleich-ZMac-Heredia + the Yankees budgetary flexibility (with Pettite, Damon, Matsui, Nady, and probably Mo all coming off the books soon) still leaves us in a GREAT position going forward.

      • Reggie C. says: has a non-subscriber blurb on the Yanks today. Apparently, Montero looks really good at the plate in the writer’s eye, but he also allowed 3 passed balls in 1 inning. Bleich looks to have 2 solid off-speed offerings, and a 89 mph FB with “arm action”…

        imo, Bleich shouldn’t have too much problem in High-A. But of course, Montero’s passed ball issues got first mention in the article.

  8. Jake H says:

    It’s an 8 until the season starts.

  9. Reggie C. says:

    I’m staying at the 7 spot. Till A-rod gets his groove back, we’re gonna rely on Teixiera and Matsui to punish pitching. Though both look up to task, the lineup gets so much better with A-rod.

    Oh yeah. AJ killed me yesterday!0!lll Wtf!l

  10. Drew says:

    9 every week. Anyone that voted 1 is rather toolish.

  11. [...] Last week was a pretty uneventful one for the Yanks. Well, unless you count the opening of their new gazillion dollar palace. Derek Jeter hit the first ball out of the park in batting practice, and the team opened the place with a win over the Cubbies in an exhibition game. More good news about the New Stadium: you can actually drink in the bleachers now! It’s not all happy times though, because we might never The Voice of God again. [...]

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