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There’s very little official business left for the Yankees to take care of this offseason. They still have to renew the contracts of their 19 pre-arbitration players, but that should happen in the next week or so. Other than that, it’s just show up for Spring Training, assign numbers to the new guys, and get to work.

During his introductory press conference, we learned that Curtis Granderson would be wearing No. 14, giving some credibility to a number that had been used exclusively for spare parts in recent years. The Yankees did make three other significant additions this offseason, though the numbers Nick Johnson, Javy Vazquez, and Randy Winn will sport in 2010 still aren’t listed on the official site.

However, as astute commenter Mo’s Savant noticed, their numbers are listed in MLB.com’s store, available for customizing a shirt or jersey. Of course these aren’t official, but if you’re like me and find a weird satisfaction in these kind of things, it’s worth mentioning. Let’s run through them one by one.

Nick Johnson: No. 26

NJ wore No. 36 during his first stint in the Bronx, but apparently Edwar Ramirez has too firm a grip on it. I suppose Nick could buy it from him in Spring Training, but I’m guessing it’s not that important to him; he wore No. 24 with the Expos/Nationals , and No. 20 with the Marlins. Jose Molina, who will always hold a special place in my heart as the best backup catcher of the Jorge Posada era, was the last to wear No. 26, and before him it belonged to other backup backstops like Wil Nieves, Koyie Hill, and Sal Fasano. The last significant player to wear the number was Orlando Hernandez during the Dynasty Years.

Photo Credit: Linda Kaye, AP

Javy Vazquez: No. 31

A former Yankee like Johnson, Vazquez wore No. 33 during his one season in pinstripes, and did the same with the White Sox and Braves. During the Expo and Diamondback years, Javy rocked No. 23. Nick Swisher is the proud owner of No. 33, and he went out of his way to get the number from Brian Bruney last year, so I don’t think he’s giving it up anytime soon. So Javy is stuck with No. 31, previously worn by Mike Dunn and Ian Kennedy, and Edwar Ramirez and Aaron Small before them. Dave Winfield was the last big time Yankee to wear the number, though Tim Raines also had it during the late-90′s and Steve Karsay during the early-00′s.

Photo Credit: Matthew Gunby, AP

Randy Winn: No. 22

During his time with the Devil Rays, Mariners, and Giants, Winn had always worn No. 2. Obviously, he’s not getting that as a Yankee. Instead, he doubles up on it and takes No. 22 from the departed Xavier Nady. That number has a prominent place in recent Yankee lore, having been worn by Roger Clemens, Robbie Cano, and Jimmy Key with a few LaTroy Hawkinses and Jon Lieberses mixed in. Jorge Posada even wore it for part of the 1997 season, his first full year in the majors as Joe Girardi‘s backup.

Photo Credit: Chris O’Meara, AP

Unfortunately, we still don’t have numbers for the likes of Boone Logan or Greg Golson, or any of the prospects added to 40-man after the season either. We’re just going to have to wait for camp to open and see what’s on their backs. I’m happy I can finally buy my Nick Johnson shirt, but damn, did they really raise the price of customizable shirts to $36.99? It’s a recession, you know.

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  1. Matt :: Sec 105 says:

    the tshirts are at 37 bucks? daaaaaaaam.

  2. misterd says:

    Given that April 1st lies at the end of Spring Training, I’d love to see a conference in which it is announced Winn bought #2 from Jeter.

    • In all seriousness, what would it take to buy #2 from Jeter at this point? $100M? More?

      Even if he wanted to, Randy Winn couldn’t possibly afford to buy Jeter’s number from him.

      • Let’s think about it. How much would Jeter sell it for? 1M? 5M? Maybe not. Would he sell it for 25M? 50M?

        Would he really turn down 50M?

        He’s got a price, I wonder what it is.

        • andrew says:

          But he doesn’t really need the money. Not that i’m saying he would turn down the $50M, but maybe he would jut never sell

          • Steve H says:

            He doesn’t really need the money in his next contract either though, it doesn’t mean he’s taking a hometown discount, just the opposite, he’ll be getting a hometown premium.

          • Thats the question though. If you say he would “just never sell”, then that means he’d turn down $50M. Would he really? Would he REALLY?

            He has a limit. If someone offered him 100B, he’d presumably sell it. I’m interested in what the real limit is. 25? 50? 250?

            • radnom says:

              Reminds me of a joke.

              “Guy: Would you have sex with me if I gave you one hundred million dollars?”

              Girl: Yes!

              Guy: How about a hundred dollars?

              Girl: Um, no….what do I look like, some kind of prostitute?

              Guy: Well I thought we already determined that, and now we’re just negotiating on price.”

              • Prostitute: What do you want?
                Man: I’ll give you 50 dollars to have sex–the way I like it.
                Prostitute: Naw, that’s not enough money.
                Man: I’ll give you 100 dollars to have sex–the way I like it.
                Prostitute: Nope, you might be some crazy person. Uhn-unh.
                Man: I’ll give you 1,000 dollars to have sex–the way I like it.
                Prostitute: (thinks) No, that’s still not enough money. Too risky.
                Man: Fine, I’ll give you 10,000 dollars to have sex–the way I like it.
                Prostitute: Sure, let’s do it.

                (ten minutes later, mid-coitus)

                Prostitute: Say, can I ask you a question?
                Man: Sure.
                Prostitute: What exactly is sex “the way you like it”?
                Man: On credit, baby… on credit.

            • KeithK says:

              Let’s say a player actualy offered Jeter $50M for #2. Maybe Randy Winn turns out to be Bill Gates long lost son so Bill puts up the money. Do you think the Yankees would actually allow the transaction? At the end of the day the number isn’t Derek Jeter’s property. It’s the Yankees’.

      • Thomas says:

        I think the only way Winn can get 2 away from Jeter is to play it off as if he always had number two.

        Winn: “Hey, Derek. I hear you want to wear number 2. Unfortunately, it is my number and it isn’t for sale. Sorry”
        Jeter: “What hell are you talking about? I’ve always been number . . . ”
        Winn (interrupting): “It’s OK. You just have to go to the equipment manager and pick another number. It’s no big deal. Talk to you later.”

  3. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Wait it’s 37 bucks for those Navy blue T-Shirts?

  4. Souter Fell says:

    man, my Robbie Cano rookie 22 jersey certainly makes the rounds.

  5. Randy Winn should offer Jeter a steak dinner for #2.

  6. Jamal G. says:

    How comfortable would you guys be with Jesus Montero rocking #6; or do you think that it should be retired and a place in Monument Park be reserved for Mr. T?

  7. ADam says:

    Did not think Edwar Ramirez had any clout whatsoever to keep any sort of number?? He should be happy he is still on the 40 man wasting a spot

  8. Bryan V says:

    At the start of this article it’s stated that 19 players, who are pre-arbitration eligible, have yet to have contracts for 2010. I count 20 without contracts, and checked that with Cot’s.

  9. http://riveraveblues.com/2010/.....ent-770522

    With these updates, we’re now left with:

    Players on 40-man roster without a number:
    Jamie Hoffmann
    Boone Logan
    Greg Golson
    Romulo Sanchez
    Kevin Russo
    Ivan Nova
    Eduardo Nunez
    Reegie Corona
    Hector Noesi

    STNRIs without a number:
    Marcus Thames
    Colin Curtis
    Reid Gorecki
    Jon Weber
    David Winfree
    Kyle Higashioka
    Jesús Montero
    P. J. Pilittere
    Mike Rivera
    Austin Romine
    Wilkins Árias
    Jeremy Bleich
    Grant Duff
    Jason Hirsh
    Kei Igawa
    Zach McAllister
    Royce Ring
    Amaury Sanit
    Zack Segovia
    Kevin Whelan

    Remaining Numbers below 80:
    6 12 17 18 21 27 35 38 40 47 48 51 53 55 60 61 66 67 68 69 71 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80


    My picks:

    Jesus Montero – 77 (the number of the god)
    Marcus Thames – 66 (double up on #33)
    Jamie Hoffmann – 17
    Greg Golson – 18 (take THAT!)
    Jeremy Bleich – 35 (tell me that’s not a nice move)
    Zach McAllister – 21 (maybe he’s True Yankee™ enough to quiet the idiots)
    Austin Romine – 12 (for some reason, I see a low number on his back)
    Kei Igawa – 99 (he needs more bad-ass-ness)
    Romulo Sanchez – 60 (a nice, big, round number)
    Boone Logan – 75 (a kick-ass number)
    Royce Ring – 53 (why not?)
    Amaury Sanit – 47
    Kevin Whelan – 27 (this feels like a UTI’s number)
    Jason Hirsh – 69 (just to add to the comedy)

  10. Tony says:

    I think they should un-retire all the #’s. Create a ring of honor & let players wear the#’s they want. You want to honor Ruth – then Let someone with some pop make the # proud. Think your clutch like Jackson – try 44.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Weak-hitting infielders and pitchers across baseball wearing no.44 pisses me off. It was Hammerin’ Hank’s and Reggie’s number, for Pete’s sake!

      • Tony says:

        Now we both know that they are very carefull giving out #’s. Now if you had a young Ryan Howard – why couldnt he wear 44?

  11. Kiko Jones says:

    The Moose and Sweet Lou wore 14 but the digits got no love for the longest…I guess if Granderson didn’t get 28, it’s Joe G’s, huh?

    Don’t think anyone will really bitch about no.18 being given out, at least not even close to how much people harassed Hawkins over it. Btw, kudos to O’Neill for not stepping up to defend Hawkins from the abuse. When told of how fans reacted to Hawkins getting his old number, he muttered something about being flattered by the fan reaction and not a peep about the bullshit Hawkins had to deal with. Keep it classy, O’Neill.

    • Btw, kudos to O’Neill for not stepping up to defend Hawkins from the abuse. When told of how fans reacted to Hawkins getting his old number, he muttered something about being flattered by the fan reaction and not a peep about the bullshit Hawkins had to deal with. Keep it classy, O’Neill.

      If I built a time machine, the second thing I’d do is go back to 1936 and kill Hitler.

      The first thing I’d do is go back to 1993 and boo the ever-living fuck out of Paul O’Neill for having the gall and audacity to wear Spud Chandler’s #21.

      Spud Chandler won rings. Spud Chandler was an MVP. Spud Chandler has the highest career winning percentage of any pitcher with at least 100 wins in baseball HISTORY. Spud Chandler had a career ERA of 2.84, still a Yankee record.

      Paul O’Neill is just some whiny bitch scrub .259 hitter from podunk Cincinnati who’s never amounted to shit. How dare he think he’s worthy to wear Spud’s #21? HOW DARE HE!!!!!!

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