2013 Payroll Breakdown: Part Three


Since our last installment, the Yankees have signed Kevin Youkilis, re-signed Ichiro Suzuki, and avoided arbitration with Brett Gardner. Here’s an updated look at the team’s payroll situation for 2013…

That’s a total of $201.1M for 17 roster spots in terms of real dollars, meaning actual 2013 salaries and not the average annual value for luxury tax purposes. The Yankees have opened each of the last five years with a payroll in the $200-2014M range (again, real dollars), leaving them approximately $13M to fill the remaining 23 40-man roster spots assuming they’re willing to spend a similar amount.

The 15 players who are on the 40-man but will not be on the 25-man active roster will earn less than the league minimum. Those guys have split contracts that pay them one amount in the show (something close to the league minimum) and another in the minors (much less). I’ve been estimating those guys at $500k each to make life easy ($7.5M total), but I’ve also seen others estimate that total at $2.5M. Either way, it eats up a chunk of that remaining $13M or so.

Chris Stewart, Eduardo Nunez, David Phelps, Ivan Nova, and Clay Rapada are all in their pre-arbitration years and will pull down a combined $2.5M or so in 2013. That gives us to $203.6M for 22 roster spots, but the 15 non-active roster guys bring us into the $206.1-211.1M range. Two of those last three roster spots could go to Matt Diaz ($1.1M) and Jayson Nix ($900k), who are not on the 40-man at the moment. Either way, the Yankees have something like $3-8M to fill out the roster if they intend to open the season at a similar to level to the last five years.

I don’t expect New York to acquire a real starting catcher at this point, so their remaining holes include a DH and various bench pieces (right-handed hitting outfielder, utility infielder, etc.). Diaz, Nix, and Nunez could fill out the bench, but I hope they’ll seek out at least one more quality reserve player and some minor league contract guys to provide competition in camp. As much as I’d like to see them acquire Jason Kubel, I don’t see it happening. If the Yankees are only willing to spend that $3-8M or so for those remaining spots, the pickin’s will be very slim.

In case you missed it, earlier today I took a super early look at the team’s 2014 payroll situation.

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  1. trr says:

    very slim indeed

  2. trr says:

    very slim indeed

  3. Rick says:

    Flier on Jurrjens on a minor league deal? Valverde if no one else signs him? He wasn’t THAT bad. How low do some of these deals have to get before the benefit outweighs the cost?

    • Blake says:

      Id take a flyer on Jair for a minor league deal for sure

    • MannyGeee says:

      Negative on Valverde. Guy irks the shit out of me. But I’d bite on Jurrjens on a MiLB deal, sure. No worse than the Bedards of the world that have gotten a shot before him.

  4. Blake says:

    200 million sure dont buy what it used to…..they need another bat

  5. Blake says:

    (ii) A “Player Option Year” shall mean a championship season covered by a Uniform Player’s Contract: (A) in which the amount payable pursuant to paragraph 2 of the Contract becomes due or guaranteed at the election of the Player; or (B) that can be nulli- fied by a Player for a reason other than those set forth in para- graph 7 of the Contract. A Player Option Year shall be considered a “Guaranteed Year” if, pursuant to the Player’s right to elect or subject to his right to nullify, the terms of that year are guaran- teed within the definition in Section A(8); provided, however, that a Player Option Year shall not be considered a Guaranteed Year if the payment the Player is to receive if he declines to exer- cise his option or nullifies the championship season is more than 50% of the Base Salary payable for that championship season

    From earlier…..because Jeter’s buy out is only 3 million (which is less than 50% of the 8 million if he accepts)……then his player option is treated at “guaranteed money” and will be calculated as around 15.5 million AAV for 2014 if he opts to play.

  6. Jacob says:

    Woahh there, 2014 mill? Lots of dollars we have been handing out

  7. fat jeter says:

    did i miss something? When should we expect part two?

  8. Mister D says:

    $500000 for aardsma omg mike trout made less cashman u suck we could have trout and trade granderson for stanton or upton!!!

  9. LK says:

    The fact that the budget is so tight this year worries me for next year when the payroll needs to be lower while all the players currently signed will be a year older. This will certainly be a test for Cashman and Co.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Addressed this morning. A lot of these guys go away, although 2 of the left over names make a shit ton more than they should be worth that the respective points in their careers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Opening Day payroll includes the contract and pro-rated signing bonuses of players on the 25-man roster + 40-man roster players on the DL.

  11. stuart a says:

    we are looking at 3 years or more of mediocrity or worse…

    for the spoiled younger yankee fans it may be a eye opening experience.

  12. Greg says:

    as I’ve said before, we’re basically done for 2013. Whether it’s Nix, Diaz or somebody else’s version, it’s all the same. We’re not going to add anything of consequence unless we move Grandy. As for next year, the wild cards are Cano and Hughes. I expect Mo, Andy, Kuroda and Grandy to be gone. And then we can fill in again around the edges. Better hope the kids are ready.

  13. Jake says:

    Wasn’t there also a $1.5M buyout for Soriano’s contract? Also thought Feliciano was a club option for 2013 with no buyout so they were able to just cut ties with him.

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