2013 Draft: MLB.com’s Mock Draft v2.0

2013 Draft: Kyle Serrano
2013 Draft: Hunter Green

In his second mock draft, MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo has the Astros taking Oklahoma RHP Jonathan Gray with the first overall pick in next week’s draft. Stanford RHP Mark Appel and San Diego 3B Kris Bryant fall into place and go second and third to the Cubs and Rockies, respectively.

Mayo projects the Yankees to take Stanford OF Austin Wilson (26th), New Jersey HS LHP Rob Kaminsky (32nd), and Oklahoma HS C Jon Denney (33rd) with their three first round picks. The Yankees have been connected to all three guys in recent weeks, and you can click the links for my write-ups. I don’t love Wilson, but that would be a pretty great haul in the first round. Three real high upside guys including a sorely needed left-hander.

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2013 Draft: Kyle Serrano
2013 Draft: Hunter Green
  • Gonzo

    I’d love to get Wilson away from Stanford hitting coaches. He’s seen some decent pitching in the Pac 10 too. Call me a dreamer.

  • KEN

    how different things would be if we signed G.Cole,J.Grey. Instead of Culver we drafted Castellons or olt.

    • vicki

      i really wish slade would rev up the superstar career so people can shut the hell up about gerrit cole.

  • Kosmo

    gerrit Cole is struggling at AAA and Olt who was hitting a robust .139 in AAA has been demoted to AA.

  • forensic

    Geez, they do more of these damn things than people do for the NFL draft…

    • Laz

      Is a bit excessive. Way too many variables to accurately peg where players will land. I am excited to see how the players we get do though.

    • jjyank

      I like it. Not so much for pre-draft, but for post draft. Who knows who the Yankees will take with those first three picks? It’s nice to have a write up to refer back to in the event they take one or more players from these profiles.

      • forensic

        I’m talking about all the mock drafts, not the prospect profiles. Though, I think those are kind of pointless too, but if Mike wants to spend (waste? Maybe in my opinion), then it’s his prerogative. If you want to see them after the fact, why not just write up the few guys they actually take at that point instead of all those extra guys that they won’t end up with?

        But hey, to each their own. Mike loves the prospect stuff so if it’s enjoyable for him, then so be it. For all we know, it’s just a nice respite for him since they might be able to be put together somewhat quickly and it’s a break from the MLB team all the time.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      It’s not even close, dude.

      There were more mock drafts in the week leading up to the NFL draft than there have been MLB mock drafts so far.

      • forensic

        It was a little hyperbole, but there are a ton of them. It’s just baffling to me being that most of these guys will be at least half a decade away from being the conversation for MLB jobs. At least the NFL guys will be there right away, though that’s all out of hand too.

        But again, to each their own…

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    I’d be very down for Austin Wilson.

    Yeah he’s super-duper raw for a college player, but you really can’t get tools like his where the Yankees pick.