Update: Mariners may have made offer to Cano during meeting Tuesday


Wednesday: Cano’s representatives met with the Mariners’ brass in Seattle yesterday, according to Kevin Kernan. No word on whether Robbie himself was actually there. “The meeting went very well,” said one source to Kernan. Anthony McCarron hears the M’s are going after Cano with “guns-a-blazing” and may have made an offer during the meeting that exceeded New York’s.

Tuesday: Via Wally Matthews: The Yankees believe the Mariners may jump into the Robinson Cano sweepstakes and make a big offer, perhaps $200M across eight years. One official said the chances of Cano staying with New York are “less than 50-50″ while Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik acknlowedged speaking to pretty much every free agent available.

The headline and opening of Matthews’ article are scarier than the actual message. The Yankees think the Mariners could jump into the race but Seattle has not done that yet. I think the Dodgers could still get involved, but until it actually happens, it’s not worth worrying about. Cano’s camp is holding firm at nine years and $250-260M while the Yankees insist they won’t go near $200M. Things won’t get really interesting until another team gets serious and makes an offer.

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  1. fred jones says:

    Let him eat cake!!!

  2. Mykey says:

    How can the chances of Cano staying with New York be less than 50% if no other team has even offered a contract yet? They’re just saying they expect them to.

  3. TWTR says:

    They will never gain any real payroll flexibility as long as they continually vastly overpay for decline years.

    Hold firm!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      With the budget range the Yankees typically operate in, the only need for payroll flexibility is to sign the kind of players that are going to be overpaid for their decline years.

      • TWTR says:

        Without a productive farm system, that’s a prescription for not performing up to their ultimate potential, so I couldn’t disagree more.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          They still need a productive farm system.
          But the only way they can realistically spend the $200M+ they routinely do is by giving out the mega-deals.
          They have plenty of payroll flexibility now to pay their reserved players and lesser free agents.
          It’s only for the mega-deals that they’d need more flexibility.

          • TWTR says:

            They seem intent (according to Hal) on spending significantly less than $200m this season. It’s possible that this is the beginning of a trend.

            Beyond that, a major reason why they need to spend so much money is that they can’t develop talent, and as a result, they don’t enjoy the savings that cost-controlled players afford.

            If they did, why would they want to spend big bucks unnecessarily on overpaying players in their decline years?

            So it’s now a necessity (at least it has been) rather than a real choice.

            To view that as a worthwhile goal in and of itself (as you seem to be suggesting) makes no fiscal sense, and is a suboptimal way to devise a budget for constructing the best team possible.

            And btw, their failure to develop players has produced a bench staffed by Nix Stewart, and Wells, etc. who aren’t any good. So plenty of money or not, it’s not money well spent.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

              I’m not saying it’s a worthwhile goal. Or even a goal at all. I’m saying the only way they can spend that much money (even $189M) is by having multiple players on that type of contract on the roster.
              Payroll flexibility isn’t the issue. Having to fill virtually every hole, especially major needs, from outside the organization is what’s causing the problems.
              They absolutely need to develop players better.

              My point: You said they need to avoid these contracts for payroll flexibility.
              I say, the only use they’d have for more payroll flexibility is if they need/want to sign players to these megadeals and carry multiple of them on their roster. That’s true even with a $189M payroll.

  4. Robinson Tilapia says:

    In other words, nothing to see here. Yet.

  5. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    Ugh, I have the deep, dark feeling that some team will shoot their wad and go the full $200 million.

    As if Cano could turn around the M’s singlehandedly, and if they drop that cash they’re not getting anyone else.

    • Chris says:

      If a team is dumb enough to over pay in dollars and years what he is looking for, then good for them. The Yankees have made a very fair offer. If he leaves, I don’t have any problems with the Yankees and their approach to Robbie. If he was worth what he was asking for why aren’t more teams interested in him? All that it tells me is he is 100% going for the money. No other reason. Enjoy Seattle! Hear they have great coffee and music!

      • I'm One says:

        He hasn’t left yet (or even received an offer). It’s not (yet) fair to say he’s only after the money. He may be just trying to maximize the money he can get from the Yankees.

        • Chris says:

          Hence the if he leaves part. He can’t use $285 as a leverage if no one else is willing to give that amount. But if the various reports are correct that Seattle will pay what it takes, then $285 is his leverage. Financially it doesn’t make sense when no other team to this point is going after him other than NY. We’ll see. In the end when it comes down to it, don’t think he leaves NY. There’s more to life and baseball then money and I think Robbie and his family are aware of that.

          • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

            Seattle is a great town. I wouldn’t mind living there for a few years.

            • mike says:

              for he 17 sunny/mild days a year its beautiful….its the other 345 days i would have to deal with

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              It is a great town. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get out of tourist hell the three days I was there.

              Did see the stadiums, though. Nice looking.

            • Chris in Maine says:

              I live there for a couple of years back in the early ’90′s. Kingdome was a dump, but I got to see the Mariners (Griffey, RJ, Edgar and Jay) dirt cheap. They were a fun team to watch and the Kingdom looked huge with all those empty seats.

              Seattle itself was pretty fun, but the weather really was a downer. Two months of sun, 10 months of grey.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        How many contract negotiations does a fan have to sit through before they see that most of the big ones look kind of like this?

        They’re all in it for the money. Some more than others, perhaps.

  6. Bo Riddley says:

    I think if dodgers trade kemp then cano is a dodger

    • mike says:

      +1. Only issue would be the total package for Cano ( ie how much of Kemp $ do they need to eat + cano’s salary) might make Cano a $35mm player/yr for the next 3-4 years

      They (and Detroit if Kinsler will move to 3b) seem to be the only places with the $ and cohones to do it.

  7. Chris says:

    Good luck in Seattle and that ballpark with that line up. Hope the money is worth it.

    • lightSABR says:

      That was my first thought as well. “If Cano ends up on the Mariners, will he start to suck, too?” Happens to all the young guys. Don’t know what their record with signing veterans is like.

  8. I'm One says:

    If another team (M’s, Dodgers, Nats, someone will do it) make an 8/$200M offer to Cano, what do you think the Yankees do, let him walk? Get creative (7 years plus a somewhat acheivable option year)? Forget that they ever said they wouldn’t go much over their original offer?

    My guess is either let him walk or offer an 8th year option bringing him close to $200M.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      If another team offers 8/200, you then match it.

      8/200 seems to be the magic number here… least, according to us.

      • D says:

        No, you don’t match it, you let the player go. You don’t match or certainly outbid only one suitor if there even is one as I have yet to read a report of a formal offer by the Mariners or anyone else.

        Cano has MAYBE exactly ONE suitor so far: the shitty Mariners. The Mets met him so they could look like they’re doing something besides sign a super fourth outfielder for a year and $7.25M and I don’t believe for a second Detroit met him.

        The Yanks should sign Beltran and re-sign Reynolds next for a set solid starting nine of McCann, Teixiera, Johnson, Reynolds, Jeter, Gardner, Ellsbury, Beltran, and Soriano.

        If Cano has any brains he’d join that starting nine and bump Reynolds to the bench and maybe in a platoon at 3B with Johnson (Johnson 3B, Cervelli/Reynolds/Ryan/Suzuki bench.)

    • Chris says:

      Nats (as recently as today) and Dodgers have said they aren’t interested in him. Not saying they won’t change their mind. But if he sticks to his $285 number, then Seattle looks like they have their second baseman. If Cano drops his price to $200 million, then a lot of teams including the Yanks will be in play. But thats a big if.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        There’s zero sign out there that he’s going to get 285 from anyone.

        Wally’s bowel movement suggested the M’s might get in on 8/200. Not something I’d jump for joy about, but something I’m desensitized enough to at this point to say “fine” and match.

        I don’t think many teams will in play at 8/200. Perhaps more than the Yankees, but not many.

    • DickM says:

      This is the 64k question.

      I think we do the 200 mill. We made the bed by not locking him up earlier. Time to sleep in it. And we still need 2 pitchers, a dh, and a 3b. It’s madness but it’s self-inflicted.

      If we pass on Cano then forget about 2014.

  9. Dale Mohorcic says:

    Ahhh, Wally Matthews–IMHO the worst NY sportswriter out there. How this guy continues to hold down a job is a complete mystery to me. You really can’t take anything he says at face value.

  10. j says:

    This is the same team whose manager just quit because the team wasn’t being as active in the FA market as he liked. And now they are looking to spend big? I call BS.

  11. Bobby d says:

    With the starting staff the yanks have and even are projected to have with the fading Kuroda, the unknown in Tanaka and the other unreliable starters out there, they are in trouble if they don’t sign both Beltran and Cano. Maybe there is a surprise trade for a starter but unless this lineup improves dramatically how are they possibly going to contend??

  12. PunkPitch says:

    Without a bona fide offer, this reeks of agency bluster. Tillapia, if you will.

  13. JGYank says:

    I’m glad the Yanks won’t outbid themselves here, are taking a hard line, and are offering a fair deal, but I do want Cano back. I don’t think they should go to $200M or over that, but the Ms or other teams that need a 2b like the Nats or maybe even the Rangers if they are skeptical about Profar could start the bidding war that we’ve been dreading. Now it all comes down to how much Cano wants to stay and if it’s really all about the money for him. Besides $, there’s really no incentive for him to go to Seattle. Can’t say the same for Texas and the Nats. Fortunately, I haven’t heard that they are getting involved (at least not yet) and there doesn’t seem to be any other suitors out there. I think Cano has to lower his asking price no matter what, but the chances of him staying seem to be decreasing everyday. I don’t want to give him over 7 years or $25M AAV but it may be necessary if we want to keep him.

    • lightSABR says:

      The thing I think Cano and agents have to be taking into account is that raw dollars aren’t everything. There’s also the income tax you have to pay, which gives Texas and Washington an advantage over NY, and the vastly improved opportunities for endorsement deals that come with being in a top market (which give NY an advantage over Texas and Washington).

      It would be cool if there were some numbers about how big the big-market bonus is. Well, some numbers we could look at. If Cano’s agents don’t have them, they don’t belong in this business.

  14. Kenny says:

    If it comes down to two offers, Yankees @ 7/175 versus Mariners @ 8/200, I’d really like to see what Cano chooses.

    • Mykey says:

      Yeah, it would be pretty interesting to see. I like to think the Yankees would be front runners, but what do I know?

    • Darren says:

      If it was literally “only” $25mm difference, he’d be a dummy to take Seattle’s money. After agent commissions and taxes, plus the endorsement money he’d make if he stayed in NYC, would the $10mm or so really be worth it? Plus by staying with the Yankees he’d have access to NYC power brokers for the rest of his life and really set himself as a legend or almost legend.

      Now, if L.A. offered him $200mm, that’s a different story.

  15. Betty Lizard says:

    Holy Mother of Cod, not the Mariners.

  16. Fin says:

    The Mariners let Griffey, Arod and Johnson walk, and now I’m supposed to believe they are going to give a near record deal to Cano? I don’t buy it. I would also have to see Cano actually play a game in Seattle to believe it. Why would he want to go to that awful team in that ballpark to finish out his time in obscurity. Money would have to be the only thing that mattered to him.

  17. Andrew Brotherton says:

    I think the Mariners spend big on Ellsbury not Cano. I’m guessing their big free agent signings are Nelson Cruz and Jacoby Ellsbury.

  18. Wally says:

    Cano is the new face of the Yankees, Let him be a man like Jeter.
    Do it for the Team, Not JZ.

    • D says:

      Yeah Jeter’s a real team player in recent years alright. Not volunteering to move to 3B cuz he sucks ass at SS. Threatened to decline the player’s option so he can squeeze another $2.5M out of the Yanks cuz he NEEDS that extra two point five mil, ya know? A real team player.

      If he was a real “captain” he’d go to Cashman and say “If you can’t find a thirdbaseman, I’ll move to third.” not insist that he’s a shortstop and pretend like it’s 1998.

      • hogsmog says:

        I mean, it’s not like it’s any easier to find a SS than a 3B.

        • jim says:

          Jeter at 3B? He bounces throws to 1st base from SS. He will have a hard time playing 3B. Sad to say but the Yankees shouldn’t given him this last extension. Let him exercise his player option and ride it out. Two more years is more money that wasn’t well spent even if he still sells merchandise.

  19. Mykey says:

    I admit, I have no idea what precise figures would look like, but wouldn’t the difference in marketing opportunities make up for or at least diminish the gap between contract offers?

    • KeithK says:

      Very few baseball players make all that much in endorsements. Someone wrote an article about this pretty recently, comparing top players in various sports, which I can’t find now. I doubt being in NY makes that much of a difference in the long run in terms of dollar value.

      Also, keep in mind that Washington state has no income tax. On a $25M contract that saves a player something like $1.3M per year. (I’m assuming a 11% top rate for NYC applied over half of a players earnings.)

      • Betty Lizard says:

        The state tax situation is NOT that straightforward. MLB players owe state taxes in each state in which they play, if the state has an income tax. (And local taxes if applicable.) The share of state tax for each of those states is calculated by the number of duty days played in that state.

        • Poconos Adam says:

          Yeah, I remember hearing this and thinking how much of a pain it must be to pay a CPA to figure that out. ha.

          • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

            a) Sports and Entertainment folks are specialists, it isn’t that hard once you’re in the industry for a decade
            b) the state tax situation *IS* that straightforward–KeithK even points out he only addressed the home games.

            If you’re on twitter, Robert Raiola, @SportsTaxMan is a great follow.

  20. Mike says:

    Win Win for us and Cano. I don’t want us being saddled by that contract and Cano gets his cash. I think we can better spend our money on other players.

  21. Wally says:

    Hey Cano now has protection with Mc Cain Behind Him.

  22. Wally says:

    Hey Guys we still need 400 innings.

  23. D says:

    This “offer” makes absolutely no sense.

    Folks, Ibanez, Morales, Morse, Bay, and Gutierrez hit 85 of the 2013 Ms 188 HR. NONE of them are returning to the Ms next year, so that means the Ms will lose 85 of their 188 HR to free agency, 88 total when you toss in the 3 HR lost from them trading Ryan LOL, 100 total if you trade the 2013 2B Franklin to make room for Cano for a loss of another 12 HR (unless you move Franklin to SS.)

    Signing Cano isn’t gonna make a significant dent in that loss of homeruns because Cano isn’t a homerun hitter or at least not a bonafide masher like Soriano.

    The 2013 Ms 2B Franklin hit 12 HR, their LF Ibanez 29 for 42 HR from their 2B and LF. If Cano smacks as many as 30 HR and the LF (whoever the hell that is) smacks as many as 20 HR, that’s 50 HR from the 2014 Ms 2B-LF, an 8 HR improvement. Big whoop, especially when it could be negated by a loss of HR at DH and the loss of 20 HR they’re never getting from Bayiterrez again.

    BTW where’s Franklin gonna play? He’s not catching or pitching. Smoak and Seager are the corner infielders, Saunders is the CF. Franklin has some pop but not enough power to be a DH. If he moved to LF I doubt he comes anywhere close to what Ibanez posted. He’s never played a game in the outfield. He could move to SS but he’s made only three starts there and won’t be nearly as good as Ryan.

    Oh yeah, the Ms are gonna give Cano $25M for 2014 to MAYBE hit as many homeruns as Ibanez hit for the Ms for $2.75M? I don’t think so.

    This is a phony offer drummed up by Roc Nation to make the Yankees and other teams think Cano is in demand when he’s not. Jay Z picked a helluva team to hype his client with oh boy LOL.

    • Poconos Adam says:

      While I agree that it is likely an agent-driven rumor offer…..the Mariners have young SPs and need offense. Sure, the position isn’t ideal, but adding Cano to King Felix and their hopes for some emerging young talent might get people in Seattle excited about baseball again.

      Ya never know.

      …and while we all love the long-ball, why are you so completely hung up on the HR? Cano is an elite offensive player (and defensive) — who cares if it’s all off HRs.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      “BTW where’s Franklin gonna play?”

      New York.

  24. OldYanksFan says:

    Cano MAY get $200m, but no more.

    People here are deluding themselves.
    If the Yanks truly plan on sticking to the $189m, why not bite the bullet and treat this as a retooling year?

    Yes… there will be fallout. They may need to drop prices on the high end tickets. But do fans really expect that the Yankees can make the PS EVERY year, while continuing to get bottom-of-the-barrel picks?

    We got into this mess by giving out too many big contracts (because we have no Win NOW and always) and ignoring the farm system, giving up picks and placing little value of the kids (except Hughes and Joba).

    And yet people here will trade Slade or ANYBODY ON THE FARM for a ‘meh’ player, in a year we have little chance ($189m) of contending???

    We should be thinking about 2015 and 2016, when we have money to spend and may get help from the Farm.

  25. Avi says:

    I think Cano takes the Yankees over the Mariners for $25mm less but not $40mm less.
    Cano’s agents need to drum up other interested parties (or create fictitious ones) or they’ve accomplished absolutely zero to earn the millions they’re going to get paid on Cano’s contract.
    A two year old in diapers could’ve gotten $170mm from the yanks for Cano.

  26. TJ says:

    I’m guessing Cano will end up going to a team laying in the weeds. Teams are watching the process unfold and letting the market define itself. The bidding seems to start at the offers made, whether it will go north of 200M isn’t the question, but rather how much and how quickly. Cano is in this for the most money, period, otherwise he would have cut a deal with the Yanks long ago. He is thinking this is his last contract of significance, make it the biggest possible. Someone will pay him 8 or 9 years at 25 million or more a year. If the Yanks are telling the truth then he’s gone. Don’t be surprised if someone goes nuts and gives him what he’s asking.

  27. Nathan says:

    Bye Robbie…make sure you hustle in ___________.

  28. soxhata says:

    Cano acts like he is the best hitter in the AL.He is no Trout,or Miggy.He will be 32 yrs old.I think he has 3 to 4 years of the same production-and I feel I am being optimistic.Love the McCann signing,but we have so many question marks,that giving Cano a long contract is plain stupid.Should have tried to trade him last July.We need to get young talent. 5 or 6 years with an option and that’s it,but hey,it’s not my money.

  29. Dr. TJ Eckleberg says:

    What really happened…

    Brodie Van Wagenen: Hey Wally, wanna source me for a column?
    Wally: Uh ok.
    Brodie Van Wagenen: Hey Wally, I going to absurdly misuse statistics and state that there’s less than 50% chance that Cano signs with the Yankees.
    Wally: Cool, sounds legit *furiously shits on his laptop and runs to editor with its output*

    Ta da! A story is born. Again if someone wants to pay Robbie more than what the Yankees will (which will likely top out around 8/200), let them. Those numbers are absurd as it is.

  30. mustang says:

    8 for 200

  31. AC says:

    If wants the $$ let him go to Seattle. Stand your ground do the deal on your terms if your NY. he gas tocwantcuo stay in NY you have to realize that. They arent gonna do another Arod type deal bc ” they have to and are desperate”. Take the 25 million and get other players. By the way not sure I’d give in to Beltran and give him 3 years at 16 per to match KC. That’s steep

  32. Dicka24 says:

    If a team like Seattle wants to vastly overpay for a post 30 year old 2B, let them. If I’m the Yankees, I’ve set my limit at 7/$162 or whatever, and I’m sticking to it. Take that money, and pick, and make the team better elsewhere. At multiple positions as opposed to the one, where you’ll be regretting the contract like you do Arods, just a few years from now.

    If it meant losing Cano, would you trade for Kemp, assuming the Dodgers eat $30 million or so? While also assuming a replacement of say Infante or Murphy? Ultimately the trade off would look something like avoiding a $200 million deal for Cano till near age 40, for:

    Cano + prospects


    Kemp, Infante/Murphy, two first round picks (Kemp would mean bye Grandy), and $30 million.

    One big question is what the prospects would be. Is Kemp a quasi salary dump, or do they want legit prospects. Murphy is serviceable, but again, the prospects. Lots of variables here (Kemps medicals too) that I can’t answer, but GENERALLY speaking, thoughts? I’m just throwing poop out there for discussions sake, since their is no guarantee that Cano resigns here.

  33. Cuso says:

    Cano is going to the Nats for 8/$210, watch.

  34. Jose says:

    The worst mistake that the Yankees done by letting Cano go by signing Jacoby Ellsbury this guy always on the DL big mistake

  35. nomo cano says:

    love how a guy that can’t be bothered to hustle demands 300 mil & 10 years.

    only question is whether hal will mess up holding the pair of aces, again.

  36. tommy cassella says:

    how much money can you spend????????

  37. Don Bonomi says:

    Dear Brian Cashman,

    Try to reward Yankee stars with the contract that they deserve. After Jeter retires, Cano will be the last Yankee hero on this team. Pay him a fair and just contract for all the great years he has already had. 8 years at 200m is not out of the question. I believe he is worth every bit of 25 million per year.

    • BamBamMusings says:

      Are you planning on paying the inflated ticket beer and hot dog prices that come with ANOTHER 200 mil player..

  38. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:


  39. TWTR says:

    I hope he stays, but if not, then that’s his choice.

  40. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

    Jay Z, who isn’t Cano’s agent but they probably used his plane, rebutted your argument:

  41. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Think I could fit in Robbie’s suitcase? Would love to get a sniff of those drawers.

  42. SDB says:

    I really doubt Jay Z will let his first big client sign with a no-hoper team that will probably only come ahead of the Lastros in their division, be the lone offensive star there, and have no chance of playing in a postseason for a few years.

    I’ll believe this when I see it. (And of course, this is just the sort of thing Cano’s reps would say to try and scare the Yankees into raising their price.)

    • MartinRanger says:

      That’s a pretty good point. Jay Z wants publicity and exposure to get more players under his wing. He ain’t getting it in Seattle.

  43. Andrew says:

    The Yankees treat Cano so poorly. They seem to be not even making an effort to get him back. Sad to see he is so underappreciated by New York

  44. nyconerstone says:

    I believe yanks never wanted him back he was to pro arod plus his lack of hustle at times , still loved him, he will never be the same player he could of been if he would of stayed in NY, I hope he’s getting home sick and changes his mind, but if he goes sign choo dh Soriano

  45. MartinRanger says:

    The ‘lack of hustle’ thing just makes me wish that David Eckstein had torn a hamstring busting it down the line. Not that I wish harm on the man, but it would be such a lovely thing to be able to point to.

    I will take loafing hands down if it means fewer leg injuries.

  46. Eddard says:

    So be it. The Cardinals have provided the blueprint of how to win after letting a superstar go in FA. Now Pujols is an albatross contract for the Angels. The Cardinals spent the resources more wisely elsewhere. And don’t tell me they’re good every year because they draft high every year. Cards have been good for a decade, so have the Sox. They win because they make smart decisions, much like Cahman is making this offseason.

  47. MartinRanger says:

    Can’t tell if serious Eddard or troll Eddard.

  48. lou says:

    Is Cano considered a Veteran? Yes or no?

  49. D says:

    Why don’t the Yankees offer the EXACT same contract Sabathia took to Cano:

    7 years x $23M a year = $161M with an opt-out clause after the third year (2016.)

    If Cano is as good as he thinks he is he should have no problem landing a new six year deal after opting out.

    ‘Say he posts .310/.380/.520/.900 with 120 HR and 360 RBI 2014-16 best case scenario (figure he collects at least one ALMVP.) He makes $69M doing that. He opts out. Who wouldn’t give him six years $180M even at age 34? Yeah he’d be signed through age 40 but he could be a DH for the last half of the contract. If he got $180M, he’d have made $249M 2014-23. Teixiera would be off the books after 2016. McCann and Sabathia could be off the books after 2017 (remember Sabathia has a vested option or 2017), and Ellsbury could be off the books after 2020.

    • MartinRanger says:

      I think the organization is done with opt-outs after A-Rod and Sabathia’s deals. One’s blown up epically, the other looks like it might.

  50. D says:

    * He makes $249M 2014-22 if he opts out and lands a six year deal after 2016.

  51. cheddar says:

    No idea how much (if any) cred these guys have, but…

    Slugger Canó-Seattle Mariners reach a US$260.0M “done deal”

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