Yankees, Cubs exchanged proposals for Samardzija and Hammel

DotF: Solarte partays in Scranton's loss
Yankees send Vidal Nuno to Diamondbacks for Brandon McCarthy

According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman, the Yankees and Cubs exchanged proposals for both Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel before the two were traded to the Athletics. It sounds like they were discussing them in separate deals, not one big trade. Heyman says the Yankees finished second in the bidding for Samardzija and lost out because they didn’t want to give up Dellin Betances and simply don’t have a prospect as good as Addison Russell.

With Chase Whitley crashing back to Earth and Vidal Nuno being Vidal Nuno, it’s clear the Yankees need at least one and maybe even two starters. It sounds like CC Sabathia is done for the year and who knows when or if Michael Pineda will return. Even if you think the Yankees won’t contend and have no business being buyers, they still need some kind of veteran innings eater to take some pressure off Betances and Adam Warren. Those two are already starting to show signs of being overworked and the Yankees need to scale back on their workload in the coming weeks.

DotF: Solarte partays in Scranton's loss
Yankees send Vidal Nuno to Diamondbacks for Brandon McCarthy
  • Jeff G

    This sad season isn’t worth giving Betances up for a 4th starter. Some of the best deals are the ones you don’t make!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Samardzija is a 4th starter?

      • RetroRob

        5th starter? : -)

  • Mike

    Betances is a can’t miss #2 starter with ace potential. I’m glad Cashman decided to hold on to him.

    • crawdaddy

      Last year at this time, most of us would have traded him for a $2 bill, now he’s a can’t miss #2 starter. I don’t think so, but he can remain a dominant reliever.

    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      I’d still try him as a starter next year if he can get a decent changeup. The thing is that he attacks hitters, and throws lots of strikes. He isn’t like Jose Ramirez or even Drob who end up throwing quite a bit of pitches, but hopefully still keep their outs. Dellin doesn’t allow a ton of baserunners.

    • hogsmog

      He’s missed pretty big on being a starter for like five years, and only finally hit his stride out of the bullpen. The kid is 26 and couldn’t be doing better in his role; I think it would be mighty foolish to screw with that.

      • Looser trader droids FotD™

        Exactly. Command issues are exponentially more likely to get exposed in 5-7 innings than in 1-2. Ride the hot hand where it is.

  • Leg-End

    I’d only give up Betances for a mega-star and one we can keep for a long time.

    • Jgibs

      Betances for Trout straight up??

      • Leg-End

        Hurrr Hurrr.

  • tom

    Jose Ramirez and Gary Sanchez should be sufficient. Not sure if Cubs have any problem with it.

    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      But that package wasn’t nearly what the Cubs got from the A’s.

  • Daniel

    Ok, so if we didn’t have the prospects to acquire Jason Hammel that means we have no shot at David Price with or without Bettances right? This is one of those years where I am honestly hoping we stand pat or give up next to nothing for someone like Brandon Mccarthy. It may not be much, but I really like what we have going on in our system right now. I haven’t been attached to a group of prospects(Refsnyder, Judge, Katoh, Clarkin) since the big three. I just want to see if it works for US for once.

    • tom

      The article did not say anything why Yankees failed to obtain Hammel. I guess Cubs decided to throw Hammel in the package in order to get Addison Russell, a most coveted prospect from A’s.

      Yankees had no chance to upper the deal for Hammel.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Who said they didn’t have the prospects to get Hammel? Seems pretty clear the Cubs decided to send him to the A’s as soon as Russell was on the table.

    • adjusts batting gloves

      I’m not sure the Yankees do have a shot at Price, but wouldn’t you rather give up the farm for him instead of Samardzija [sp?]? Let’s assume the FO is reasonable enough when it comes to ranking other team’s players.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      but I really like what we have going on in our system right now.


      What’s going on exactly?

      • Looser trader droids FotD™

        How about lots of guys having good or better years, getting back on track or better, performing at or ahead of expectations, etc?

        God knows I’m no Pollyanna but if you think the farm has done anything but take a big step forward this year after last, then you’re simply not paying attention.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          I can’t get excited about a bunch of kids having good half seasons. We’ve been down this road before.

  • tom

    Shane Greene pitched on July 2 so tomorrow he should replace Nuno and Nuno over Whitley. Whitley back in AAA so he can fight stamina and strength without worrying about outcome.

    I am sure it won’t change anything for Yankees but Greene is strong enough to fight fatigue. It may help protect Betances and Warren from the unnecessary overworked. Presumably, Yankees sit duck during the trade activity.

    • emac2

      Good call on Greene.

      He’s been pretty good over his last half dozen starts or so. I would put him in the rotation now before trading for anyone.

      Also agree with sending Whitley down. I wish we could send Nuno down for awhile too. I think he has value but he’s too unpredictable for the rotation.

  • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

    Thank god. Sucks though they had so much interest. I wouldn’t empty the farm for Samardzija.

  • KennyH123

    I wouldn’t give Betances up either. But he’s a late inning reliever, lets stop calling him a starter, let alone a “can’t miss” one. LOL. He failed badly as a starter for many years. He thrives coming out of the pen, just leave him alone now.

  • CashmanNinja

    Betances is too important to give up at this point. He can throw multiple DOMINANT innings as a reliever. That’s extremely valuable. He’s probably next in line for closing if D-Rob gets hurt, becomes ineffective, or even leaves as a free agent. The point of the matter is that Betances is a non-closing reliever who makes an impact. I don’t even want to use him as a starter. Joba was different because he had several good starts as well as some good ones in the minors. Betances couldn’t even hack it as a starter in the minors against lesser competition. He can’t get through an order 3 times through and his mechanics get messed up. He’s just perfect as a reliever and not one I’d give up for what the Cubs were offering. And I realize that us Yankee fans overvalue him, but just think of where we’d be this season if we didn’t even have him.

  • emac2

    I’m sure Betances was in addition to 3 of our top 5 prospects as well.

    If we make a trade it’s going to hurt. I just hope that we don’t give up a ton of talent unless we are getting a true top talent.

    I can see value in letting this season play out without trading any top prospects.

    • RetroRob

      Yeah, I think some people are now assuming the Yankees could have sent Betances to the Cubs and received both pitchers back. I mean, maybe if they sent Sanchez, Judge, Severino and Refsynder, yet even that probably isn’t as appealing as the impact of a single player like Russell. Unless we know the exact offer/request, impossible to say.

  • emac2

    What would we give up as the third team to get all three players? One of each? Which team chooses?

    Sanchez or Murphy

    Betances or Warren

    Refsnyder or Avelino

    Gardner or Judge

    Phelps, Ramirez or Banuelos

  • Jake

    Most important take away from the article, Yankees finished 2nd, pretty good considering how “horrible” our farm system is. Still shocked we couldn’t even land Hammel.

    • Old Man Time

      Oakland offered Russell for BOTH pitchers, not just Samardzija. Without including Hammel, the Cubs weren’t getting Russell. Had nothing to do with NY being unable to land him.

  • Delin Beddardces

    Delin is untouchable. He could be the future Mariano. And it’s good to see that the narrative has finally shifted. Relievers like Delin are now viewed as too valuable to trade away. Used to be they were treated as though they were dime a dozen.

  • pinch hitter

    Rosenthal just reported Yanks got McCarthy for Nuno.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    trade the farm for Byrd, McCarthy, E-Jax and Headley already! More desperate moves, that’s what we need right now! Make’em happen, Hal!

    • Bavarian Yankee

      oh, alright, seems like McCarthy is on the way. That didn’t take too long. Good job, Hal!

      now seriously: Nuno straight up for McCarthy is a no-brainer, Nuno isn’t worth a bag of balls.

      • nyyankfan7

        Obviously he is worth Brandon McCarthy…..

        So either you undervalued Nuno or Brandon McCarthy is going to be as bad as a bag of balls when he is pitching.

  • We Need Everything.

    Yankees Acquire Brandon McCarthy for Vidal Nuno