PeteAbe: Yanks over slot with draft deals

Via this mailbag comes some word on the Yanks draft picks. According to Peter Abraham, Scott Boras, agent for Andrew Brackman, the Yanks’ number one pick, is confident the two sides will reach a deal before next Wednesday’s deadline. Abraham also notes a rumor we’ve heard for a while: The Yanks and Carmen Angelini (10th round) have come to terms on a deal for which MLB is delaying approval due, unsurprisingly, to the fact that the Yanks are well over slot. Angelini had been ticketed for Rice before the Yanks’ wallet intervened.

Update on the Brackman negotiations

From BA’s Draft Blog:

“I think the negotiations with a guy like Brackman . . . go between (general manager) Brian Cashman and Scott Boras,” Oppenheimer said. “My conversations with Andrew are, ‘hang in there, we’re working on it, we’ll get it done, keep yourself in shape and get yourself ready to go.’ Those conversations are pretty simple.

“The ones that really count are between Brian and Scott, and I’m real optimistic we’re going to get it done and he seems real positive about it, as well.”

A terrific, if unproven talent, the 6-foot-10 righthander cordially shook hands and spoke with fans during the game, and seemed genuinely optimistic he would sign with the Yankees by the Aug. 15 signing deadline. “Everything is going along exactly like we hoped it would work out,” he said.

“Right now, I’m just tossing, throwing on the side, working out one to two hours a day, lifting and staying in shape,” Brackman said. “I haven’t felt pain in a while. Hopefully when signing day comes, I can get right out there.”

“Healthy or injured, we’re going to do everything we can to get him signed,” Oppenheimer said.

Dude, how nuts is the minor league pitching depth going to be if/when they sign Brackman, Chris Carpenter and/or Greg Peavey? Makes you want to do this

Cape Cod League & draft signings update

The Cape Cod Baseball League is “it” for amateurs. Each summer the best of the best college players head up to the Cape to strut their stuff for scouts in anticipation of the following year’s draft, and in some cases they are trying to make themselves a few extra thousand bucks if they were already drafted. Many players have headed to the Cape with little hype, but left as top notch prospects; just ask Timmy Lincecum what his 0.69 ERA & .104 BAA did for him last year.Â

One player on the Cape looking to drive up his signing bonus is RHP Chris Carpenter, the Yanks’ 18th round pick out of Kent State in this year’s draft. A second rounder based on talent, Carpenter fell because of signability (as a draft-eligible sophomore, he’s got some extra negotiating leverage) and health concerns (Tommy John surgery and a separate elbow surgery to clean out scar tissue in recent years). In two starts for the Chatham A’s, Carpenter has gone 9 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 13 K, which isn’t as great as it may look when you consider that the CCBL is quite possibly the pitcher friendliest baseball league on the planet.

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Mr. Irrelevant signs

The last guy picked in the entire draft has signed:

The Nahant-born [Larry] Day got pre-draft invitation to work out for the Yankees in Yankee Stadium courtesy of ex-Harvard coach Matt Hyde, now a Northeast scout for the Yanks.

“I still never expected to be drafted. That was my gut feeling,” Day said.

Now for the kicker: he was the last player chosen in the draft, No. 1,453 overall.

Day signed with the organization and learned that he’ll probably be assigned to Staten Island (N.Y.) Saturday in the all-rookie New York-Penn League.

“My bonus? When you’re the last guy chosen, it’s not all about the money,” he chuckled.

There’s a bunch of rumors floating around message boards that a couple other guys have signed, but I have yet to see confirmation of this. BA is slow to update the signings in their draft database this year, although you can see that the Mets have begun to lock guys up.

Reviewing the Sickels Mock Draft

John posted his comparison of the Yanks real draft with our Mock Draft, the results:

Same first round pick, which is intriguing. The Mock draft has a higher upside with the third and fourth round guys who dropped due to signability in real life. Suttle was more popular in the mock draft than in the real draft apparently. Which class would you rather have? If the Mock guys are signable (and the Yankees have the money to do it) that’s quite attractive, but on the other hand I like both Pope and Suttle, too.

I like my draft better, and that’s almost entirely because I made the picks. And dammit, Barry Enright will be a solid Major League starter some day!

But hey, I took Brackman and Venditte, the Yanks took Brackman and Venditte … great minds think alike.

First ’07 draftee signs

Second baseman Justin Snyder, the Yanks 21st round pick out of San Diego, has signed. The Yanks gave him close to $100,000 in bonus money AND will pay for his last year of school. That’s a HUGE bonus for a 21st round pick.

There’s some rumblings that prep RHP Manny Barreda (12th round) and college OF Dave Williams (15th round, from what school Joe?) have also signed, but I have yet to see confimation. When I do, I’ll let you know (some forum commentor doesn’t count as confirmation).

Yanks 45th pick, #1345 overall

With the final pick of the 45th round, the Yanks took the awesomest pitcher in the history of the universe: Pat Venditte, from Creighton. I am not worthy to speak of his awesomeness, nor are you worthy of watching this (don’t worry, I won’t tell):