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Yanks third pick, #124 overall

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With the final pick of the 3rd round, the Yanks picked Ryan Pope, RHP, Savannah College of Art & Design

I asked Keith Law about him and got this response: “good grief, i didn’t even know SCAD had a team”

This is all I’ve been able to dig up on the kid:

After today’s complete game two-hitter against conference rival Northwood, here’s his info for the year so far:

9 starts
9 complete games
4 shutouts
ERA 1.25
65.0 IP
74 K’s
6 walks
Opponents hitting a robust .149 off him

He’s got a no-hitter, two one-hitters, a three-hitter and now a two-hitter

Go here and scroll all the way to the bottom to see his scouting video.

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Yanks second pick, #94 overall

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With the last pick of the 2nd round, the Yanks popped Austin Romine, C, El Toro High (Ca.)

Scouting Report: Huge power potential and he doesn’t struggle to make contact. He’s got an accurate, cannon arm behind the plate. Not much of a runner, but he’s improving defensively. He’s a strong competitor and grew up around the game – his pops Kevin was a big leaguer, and his brother Andrew is also draft eligible this year out of Arizona State.

My Take: Sweet. Let’s just hope he signs and doesn’t head off to college like his brother.Â

Outlook: He’s headed for the GCL Yanks once he signs. Frankie Cervelli‘s had a great year, but Romine’s a better prospect behind the dish.

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Yanks first pick, #30 overall

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With the last pick of the first round, the Yanks grab Andrew Brackman, RHP, NC State.

Scouting Report: Big kid (6′-10″, 230 lbs) with a big fastball (94-95, touching 98-99) and a hammer knuckle-curve. Improving 2-seamer and attacks hitters. He’s raw for a college guy because he split time between basketball and baseball at NC State, but he committed to baseball full-time this year. He had some arm troubles at the end of the year, and missed time because an ex-girlfriend passed away. Tommy John surgery is a possiblity in the near future, but his talent is so much better than anyone else out there right now.

My Take: Great selection. If you are out there bashing this pick now, you’re probably one of the people who was bashing the Ian Kennedy pick last year.

Outlook: It all depends on the elbow. He could see time with Staten Island or the GCL Yanks later this summer.

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Random draft tidbits

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Are ya ready for the draft? 2pm EST on ESPN2; Karl Ravech hosts, Peter Gammons and Steve Phillips (erg) will be in the house, RAB fav Keith Law will be on from Bristol via satelitte, as will BA’s Jim Callis from Chicago.

Just like every year, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, except today the rich kid’s presents may fall due to signability.

  • The Yanks first pick comes at #30, the last pick of the first round. They didn’t pick up any sandwich picks as compensation for losing a free agent, so they don’t pick again until number #94, the last pick of the second round. The new CBA changed compensation for FA losses, so the sandwich round is a record 34 picks long this year. The Yanks are basically losing out on 2 rounds of action between their first and second selection.

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You need an Insider subscription to read the latest from Law, but I’m going to pick a few bits to discuss as they relate to the Yankees.

Law says that the Tigers, holding the 27th pick, aren’t hot an Matt LaPorta. Teams are stuck on where to take the righty/righty University of Florida first baseman because of injury concerns. I’m guessing he won’t even make it to Detroit’s pick. He’s a senior, so he has no leverage to demand more than slot value. A smaller market team could definitely swipe him. If for some reason he falls to 30, it’d be tough for the Yanks to pass on him.

The White Sox look to be jumping in on Brackman’s impending fall from the top. Mike and I have made no mistake about our adoration for Brackman’s superb potential. Can’t blame the White Sox if they want to assume that risk.

In the same paragraph, he mentions Rick Porcello slipping to the Yanks. With the new rules in place for this year’s draft*, it seems unlikely he’d free-fall through the first round. Still, the possibility is quite exciting.

For some additional (Insider only, unfortunately) reading, check out Law’s article on the 2002 draft, aka the Moneyball draft. Specifically, look at the best high school players taken and the best college players.

* If a team fails to sign a player by August 15, he re-enters the draft next year and the team receives the pick directly after their pick in the current year. For example, if Kansas City drafted Porcello at No. 2 and failed to sign him, they’d get the No. 3 pick in the 2008 draft. This means there is much more incentive to take the top talent rather than take someone on signability.

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It’s the nature of the draft to give second chances. The Orioles yearned for Mark Teixeira‘s middle-of-the-order bat in 2001, but sat and watched as Texas popped him with the 5th overall pick, 2 spots ahead of the Orioles. Instead of sulking and blowing the 7th overall pick on, ugh, Chris Smith, the O’s could have made up for losing out on Teixeira by drafting Ryan Howard, who the Phillies took 135 picks after Teixeira’s name was called.

Stuff like this happens every year. Twenty-seven teams didn’t even have a chance to draft Red Sox killer Alex Rodriguez in 1993, but all 27 passed on Scott Rolen at least once. Now of course it’s easy to go back and say these teams missed out, but the point is that there’s talent out there, you just have to look for it. Here’s a couple of the guys that could keep you from throwing a chair when some team picks your guy on draft day:

What You Want: An outfielder that profiles as a middle-of-the-order bat and should move quickly.
The Top Dogs: Kyle Russell, Texas &Â Kellen Kulbacki, James Madison
The Alternative: Grant Desme, OF, Cal Poly. After transferring from San Diego State, Desme was monster for the Mustangs this spring, going .405-15-53 with 12 stolen bases and 17 doubles. Alas, Desme’s season came to a premature end when he was hit by pitch that broke his wrist. He’s a solid athlete with a nice arm and good baserunning skills, and obviously, a plus hit tool. For a team looking to land that masher without breaking the bank, Desme’s the guy.

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Mock Draft wrap-up

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I had a lot of fun with this, but boy, lemme tell you that it is not nearly as easy as it looks. You’ve got your eyes set on Player A, and just as it looks like your going to get him, BAM! he’s gone. Or worse, you’re getting ready to pluck the guy you’ve had your eye on for the last 15 picks, them all of a sudden a guy you really didn’t anticipate being able to draft is right there for a taking. It’s a different animal on the inside.

Here’s the thinking behind my picks:

Round 1, Pick #30: Andrew Brackman, RHP, NC State
It came down to this: there was just too much talent and upside for me to pass on him. Yeah he missed some time with a tired arm (not to mention having to attend the funeral of an ex-girlfriend who was killed in a car accident), but you just take this kid, introduce him to Nardi Contreras, and let him go.

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Sickels Mock Draft: First Round

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The first round of the Mock Draft over at John Sickels’ Minor League Ball is complete. Here’s the picks:

1. Tampa Bay Devil Rays: David Price, LHP, VandyÂ
2. Kansas City Royals: Matt Wieters, C, Georgia TechÂ
3. Chicago Cubs: Rick Porcello, RHP, Seton Hall Prep (NJ)
4. Pittsburgh Pirates: Josh Vitters, 3B, Cypress High (Ca.)Â
5. Baltimore Orioles: Mike Moustakas, 3B, Chatsworth High (Ca.)Â
6. Washington Nationals: Beau Mills, 3B/1B, Lewis-Clark StateÂ
7. Milwaukee Brewers: Jarrod Parker, RHP, Norwell High (In.)
8. Colorado Rockies: Ross Detwiler, LHP, Missouri StateÂ
9. Arizona Diamondbacks: Jason Heyward, OF, Henry County High (Ga.)Â
10. San Francisco Giants: Madison Bumgarner, South Caldwell High (NC)
11. Seattle Mariners: Phillippe Aumont, RHP, Ecole Du Versant HS (Quebec)
12. Florida Marlins: Matt Harvey, RHP, Fitch High (Ct.)
13. Cleveland Indians: Danny Moskos, LHP, Clemson
14. Atlanta Braves: Josh Smoker, LHP, Calhoun High (Ga.)
15. Cincinnati Reds: Matt Dominguez, 3B, Chatsworth High (Ca.)
16. Toronto Blue Jays: Devin Mesoraco, C, Punxsutawney High (Pa.)Â
17. Texas Rangers: Blake Beavan, RHP, Irving High (Tx.)
18. St. Louis Cardinals: Kevin Ahrens, 3B, Memorial High (Tx.)
19. Philadelphia Phillies: Justin Jackson, SS, Roberson High (NC)
20. Los Angeles Dodgers: Tim Alderson, RHP, Horizon High (Az.)
21. Toronto Blue Jays: Nick Noonan, SS, Francis Parker High (Ca.)
22. San Francisco Giants: Corey Brown, OF, Oklahoma State
23. San Diego Padres: Michael Main, RHP/OF, Deland High (Fl.)
24. Texas Rangers: Julio Borbon, OF, Tennesee
25. Chicago White Sox: Matt LaPorta, 1B, Florida
26. Oakland Athletics: Casey Weathers, RHP, Vanderbilt
27. Detroit Tigers: Todd Frazier, SS, Rutgers
28. Minnesota Twins: Matt Mangini, 3B, Oklahoma State
29. San Francisco Giants: Nevin Griffith, RHP, Middleton High (Fl.)
30. New York Yankees: Andrew Brackman, RHP, NC State

I’ll explain the thinking behind our picks later on, the draft is moving too fast to do it now…

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Sickels Mock Draft today

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The 2007 Mock Draft over at John Sickels Minor League Ball takes place today at 3 EST.

If you’re interested in giving some final thoughts on players to consider, draft strategy, etc, go to the latest diary thread. The previous thread is here.

I’ll provide a recap of our picks later today.

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Sickels Mock Draft Update

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Just to keep everyone updated, I started a new diary thread for the Mock Draft over at Minor League Ball. Here’s the link to the old thread for your info.

The draft is this Sunday, kicking off at 2pm Central (3 pm EST, noon PST). Any and all input is welcome.

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