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I’ve been saying that the cold weather, the bone-chilling cold weather we’ve had, isn’t good for pitching in particular. I think Phil Hughessubpar start tonight had a lot to do with the weather. And words from the keyboard of Curt Schilling, of all people, support my theory. Said Curt earlier this week: “I hate cold weather from a feel standpoint.” As I’ve said, in the cold, pitchers have no feel for their pitches. Don’t judge one bad Phil Hughes start because it was 40 degrees with a threat of snow. Baseball is a warm weather sport for a reason.

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Holy crap! Schilling hurt?

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In order to cover my ass, I’ll go ahead and say that I think this is a post-April Fool’s joke. But Dave Pinto at Baseball Musings is reporting that Curt Schilling was grazed by a side-view mirror of an SUV. His source is a radio bit. There is no further information. Stay tuned for any developments.

Update: Of course, it’s a hoax. Only a moronic Bostonian would pull an April Fool’s joke the day after.

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Curt Schilling reads our blog

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As much as we don’t like Curt Schilling for his success against the Yankees, a statement in one of his recent blog posts makes me think he’s reading our site. After I criticized him for seemingly interviewing himself, Schilling wrote, “Since some people mistakenly thought that the Q&A was me interviewing myself, no idea how that could happen, I have taken to pasting questions instead of trying to paraphrase them.” Well, that’s neat. A real live Major Leaguer has read River Ave. Blues!

(Also, I think it was that confusing use of the personal I in the form of the interview, Curt. It wasn’t very clear.)

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Intrepid blogger Curt Schilling posted an interview today. With himself. That he conducted in the first person. We don’t even need to think to make fun of Curt’s blog.

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Schilling, unplugged

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Never one to keep his mouth shut, Curt Schilling now has a blog. With comments. Go nuts. Just don’t tell him we sent you.

Hat tip to Petey.

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