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Game Thread: 2010 Futures Game

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Perhaps my favorite part of the All Star Break is the Futures Game, which pits a collections of baseball’s best prospect against each other. Austin Romine and Hector Noesi are representing the Yankees, a year after Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos did the honors. Keith Law rated Romine as the 15th best prospect selected to the game (Insider req’d), though Noesi comes in towards the back of the pack. Neither player is starting the game (lineups), but don’t worry, they’ll definitely get in at some point.

ESPN2 will broadcast the game, which begins at 6pm ET. Enjoy.

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Rosters for the 2009 Futures Game were announced today, with Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos elected to represent the Yanks. Montero played in the game last year, as did Ramiro Pena, who was a late add following an injury. You can see the World roster here, and the USA roster here. The game is scheduled for July 12th in St. Louis, the Sunday before the All Star Game.

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Fantasy Futures Game Rosters

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In yesterday’s Rumblings column about possible tweaks to the All-Star festivities, Jayson Stark mentioned something that grabbed my attention and sounded pretty damn cool. Take it away, Mr. Stark:

An entirely new Futures Game, matching a team of great minor league prospects against a team of first-year and second-year big leaguers.

Look at that. It’s simple, easy to implement, and much more interesting than the current USA vs The World format. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the marketing importance of the current format, but as a fan, I think the MLers vs MiLers format would be much better entertainment.

Think about it, you’d have a team of the top prospects in baseball strutting their stuff and trying to show they belong against a team of the best young players in bigs, who certainly don’t want to lose to a bunch of minor leaguers. I highly doubt this would ever be implemented, but it sure would be fun.

It’s a Friday afternoon and no one’s in the mood for an intense and heavily analytical read after the long work week (am I right?), so sit back and enjoy the 25-man rosters I would select for each team. Here’s the actual USA and World rosters if you’re interested; fun starts after the jump.

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Futures Game rosters announced

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Only one Yankee prospect is going: Jesus Montero. It’s too bad considering the game is in Yankee Stadium, you think they’d try to send at least two players from the host team. Remember, the USA Team will be the trial squad of the US Olympic team. Austin Jackson or Mark Melancon won’t be there, but thankfully Denard Span and Jess Todd will. Phew.

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I don’t know about you, but the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game have become a complete bore for me. The players aren’t really into it, the HR Derby can be like watching paint dry, and A-Rod wears those goofy white cleats. Maybe it would be different if I was actually able to attend the game, but at the current prices that seems highly unlikely. All-Star Weekend is not a total loss for me though, because for prospect junkies it gets no better than the¬†Celebrity Softball Game Futures Game. Where else can you see Clayton Kershaw relieve Clay Buchholz, or Evan Longoria hit behind The Justin Upton, or Jose Tabata¬†nearly decapitate Phil Hughes? Nowhere.

This year’s Futures Game comes with a little twist: the 2008 Olympic trials team will form the USA squad. Now, the roster that participates in the Futures Game won’t necessarily be the team that heads to Beijing in August, but rather it’ll be a group of players that are being considered for the Olympic squad. Davey Johnson, the man at the helm of the Olympic team, will manage the USA squad during the Futures Game, while Tino Martinez will take charge of the World Team.

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