Fan Confidence Poll: December 5th, 2011


2011 Record: 97-65 (855 RS, 657 RA, 102-60 pythag. record), won AL East, lost to Tigers in ALDS

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  • JobaWockeeZ

    Yeah I don’t see them bringingthe price down for Danks. They’ve always liked him. He’s like half as good as Cliff Lee yet he’s gonna cost more. Pass on that. Get Gavin Floyd and the offseason is a success.

    • Ted Nelson

      There’s certainly no perfect relationship between age and performance, but Danks is still very young. Age 26 was basically Lee’s first successful MLB season, and Danks was 26 in 2011. Danks could certainly be a lot better the next 4 seasons than he was the last 4.

  • Plank

    6. Same as last week. I would have dropped down to a 5 if I thought they were serious about slashing payroll. Good thing that’s just a gamesmanship strategy, right? Right?!?

    • CS Yankee

      This 6 & 5 stuff is sad to see.

      NYY are the best run club in sports. While I can see if the right pieces came along they would be at 230M$/YR, the swing the other way (to around 185) wouldn’t be the end of the world.

      I’m at an 8, a #2 SP will get me to a 9, & another #1 SP without gutting the farm gets me to a 10.

      • Gonzo

        When you say they are the best run club in sports, what do you mean by that?

        I am being serious. I hear that a lot and I am curious as to what people mean exactly in comparison to other well-run sporting teams.

        • Soriano Is A Liar

          I don’t know that they are the best, but I think they are one of the best, at least in baseball. We see plenty of teams with large payrolls destroy themselves, while the Yankees continually put a good product on the field. Even in recent ‘weak’ seasons, they were still very strong teams, just not up to their highest standard. Sure, you can point to the Rays, as an example of a better run team for succeeding with such a low payroll, but that doesn’t make the Yankees poorly run, just because they have money. I think people calling them “the best” is sometimes a knee jerk response to a fans who preach the doomsday message because the Yankees money doesn’t guarantee them championships every season.

          • Plank

            You think I was preaching a doomsday message? Or was that just a general comment?

        • CS Yankee

          In a top-to-bottom, left-to right kind of way.

          You have Hal (a beancounter type) with Cash (a proven GM) mixed with some fan based guys (Randy & Hank). While this could be chaos, they seem to well balanced. Too many ownerships ignore their fans, but they seem to “get it”…always praising the fans in public & throwing in a cup of Joe on a cold night.

          Charity…hope week, VT & countless other things that they do as a FO & it seems like they get their players (not just a star or two) are involved moreso than any other sport team.

          Eb & Op…seem to do real well in leveraging the brand to get the old, broken vet with some shine left or that hidden gem in the draft. They do this with a smaller staff than their peers. They aren’t afraid to take chances.

          Revenue…The YES network, the food service, the brand. No team is worth more in any sport and they took the best cable contract into the best regional network. Add in the collectibles, clothing, etc and it might be the biggest symbol in the world.

          MLB…best labor/management agreement in all of sports, welfare for the small clubs and no cap (which should be illegal anyhow, but thats another discussion). It is the best arena in sports to have a team with 81+ home games, a long post season, etc.

          Players…without question, they have more elite names on the roster than any other team out there. mix that with the longest average play-span in sports & that enhances the brand that much more.

          • Gonzo

            Thanks for the excellent reply. It’s not just about the W’s with you then. That’s respectable.

            I really don’t know enough about ManU or other soccer/futbol clubs to disagree about branding, fans, stars etc…, but I have met ManU and Real Madrid fans that disagree.

            Very cool though, thanks again.

            • CS Yankee

              You bet.

              It’s not just about the “W”. The destination, every year is the title, however you need to enjoy the journey; to enjoy & make the world a better place along the way.

              The Sheff’s (i.e. tearing apart the team after the trade) & Pavano’s (i.e. firing his agent over 100K) of the world suck some of the fun out, but the Grandy’s & Drob’s make me proud to be a fan.

            • Ted Nelson

              I am a Real fan, and they are not nearly as well run as Barca in my opinion… Which, in terms of blasphemy, is basically like me saying the Red Sox are better run than the Yankees. That’s how strongly I feel Barca is better run. Real has thrown money at stars at or just over the top for years to see them decline, and just now is finally seeing it totally pay off with some luck. Barca is constantly able to find young guys who blossom with them and surround them with some “free agents.”
              Hard to find a perfect analogy, but Real is something like the Knicks playing in MLB (no cap)… while Barca is sort of like, well, like the Yankees… they’ll go out and buy the Henry or David Villa, but they also produce ridiculous talent themselves and buy-low on guys who step up.

              ManU also hasn’t impressed me in a long while.

              • Gonzo

                So who’s better run in your opinion, Barca or the Yanks?

                • Ted Nelson

                  Tough to say… don’t really have an opinion either way.

          • Ted Nelson

            Mostly agree… but the monopolistic nature of MLB should be illegal too, so I can’t see arguing that a cap would be illegal. If pro baseball was competitive, other teams would be created (and existing teams might move) and many of those aspiring teams would probably be in HUGE markets like NY. The NY market has 20 million people… KC, for example, is 1/10th that size.

      •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

        Anyone who’s deciding between 5 and 6 has lost touch with reality.

        • Plank

          Lost touch with reality? You mean like people who pretend to be baseball players on internet blogs? Thank goodness I’m not one of them.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    8. It’s always an 8.

    question: seems like the Angels are looking for a closer and I was wondering if they might have any interest in trading for Rafael Soriano? Maybe Soriano + Nunez (+ lesser prospect) for Ervin Santana (if he’s available)?

    • Sean C.

      Forget Santana, we want Weaver.

      (kidding, he’s not realistically available any time soon).

      • Bavarian Yankee

        I’d want Haren but I think we’d have to give up Montero or Banuelos to get him. That’s why I chose Santana in my example.

    • Ted Nelson

      I doubt it.

  • Gonzo

    How come no one is pointing out the obvious in terms of the Yankees wanting to lower their payroll.

    The new CBA expires in 2016. If the Yankees treat this new luxury tax like a hard cap, aren’t they incentivizing the MLBPA to make changes to it that favor the Yankees?

    Wanting to treat the new luxury threshold like a hard cap in 2014, CBA expires in 2016…

    Or am I reaching?

    • Plank

      It seems like a drastic measure for the possibility of a positive change in 5 years.

      It seems like cutting off their nose to spite their face.

      • Plank

        Having said that, it could be true. Nothing would surprise me.

      • Gonzo

        There is the possibility that they feel that the 2016 CBA will be even worse for them financially if they don’t take this step.

        Kind of like cutting off your nose so your face doesn’t get blown off.

        • Plank

          If the Yankees use this strategy, the players get hit doubly hard. The Yankees stop becoming a factor in free agency and so do the big market clubs that received revenue sharing in the past. The players aren’t going to like losing NY, Washington, and Toronto as bidders.

          • Gonzo

            Exactly! Then, the MLBPA will bargain for looser constraints on larger market teams like the Yankees in 2016.

        • Jimmy McNulty

          Ehhh…I highly doubt they’re all that worried about the next CBA. The Steinbrenners still pack more heat than anyone else in baseball, probably all of baseball put together. I don’t really know what would happen to baseball if the Yankees weren’t the Yankees. Sports need villans. If the Marlins really do drop 225M on Pujols and other teams continue to do what they want with their revenues, I don’t see things getting much worse financially for the Yankees. If anything with these new draft spending restrictions teams that are in a tough situation like the Mets and Cubs will want to undo those draft spending restrictions ASAP.

          Why would the Players or owners that bring some serious heat to the table like the Steinbrenners and Henry, agree to a hard cap or anything close to a hard cap? Sure the Dave Cameron’s of the world will cry “NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!” but the players are more educated than that and can easily see that if the Yankees can’t spend all they want a lot of big to mid level guys lose their leverage.

    • Ted Nelson

      That could be a factor, but I think they are motivated to make money. I think they can win games (which obviously helps make money) and make money by staying under the luxury tax. They just need a few of their young pitchers, Montero, and a UTL to play well and I think they can do it.

      • Gonzo

        The motivation for making money could be the genesis for the reasoning I outlined above. They are not mutually exclusive.

        • Ted Nelson

          Let me explain better. The gamesmanship of the next CBA could be a factor. However, I think a stronger motivator is the immediate (in 2014), more tangible return of saving a TON of $ while still being able to win.

          If they can win at about the same level, spend less money, and then get back even more money through this incentive program, why not?

          If they can’t win at the same level, revenues should fall long-term and the short-term cost savings might not be worth it. If just about all of Montero, Manny, Nova, Betances, Romine, Noesi, Phelps, Robertson, Gardner, Nunez, Warren, Mustelier/CoJo/Laird/Adams, etc. bomb I think they’ll break their rule without thinking twice to fill in the cracks and keep winning. However, if a reasonable rate of those guys succeed to reasonable expectations (i.e. Montero doesn’t have to be Miggy, but just an above average DH/C) I think that they can field the team they want to field balancing short-and-long-term while being under the $189 million.

          • Gonzo

            Oh, this was obvious and discused in the previous thread that it was something that I took for granted. I was trying to share something new.

            It should be obvious that winning at a lower cost would be the ideal for all management regimes not just a Yankee specific situation. I wantd to mention something that might be specific to a Yankee situation.

            • Ted Nelson

              It’s hard to take anything for granted when so many posters here don’t realize the difference between revenues and profits. And so many others are sure that lowering the payroll will surely spell doom to the Yankees chances of winning.

              • Gonzo

                I wanted to avoid all the obvious canards. That stuff is so last thread. I couldn’t even read most of it.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    With all his “wants”, Kenny Williams reminds me of Spaulding Smails.

    • Dan

      this made me laugh pretty hard. Kenny Williams wants a Hamburger… no… a cheeseburger. He wants french fries. He wants… HE WILL GET NOTHING!!

      • Cris Pengiucci


        AND LIKE IT!!!

      • John Ya Ya

        …and like it.

        • John Ya Ya

          Sorry. Didn’t mean to duplicate the posting.

  • Ted Nelson

    I know it has maybe a 50% chance of being true, but I’m excited about the payroll announcement. Would be great to see them pull off winning efficiently rather than with the largest payroll.

    I really think that they can do it if their prospects/youngsters hit at an average rate.

    • Gonzo

      “maybe a 50% chance”

      What are the odds on that? Just f*ckin with ya.

      “Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50/50 chance of living, though there’s only a 10 percent chance of that.”

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Well that makes one of us.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Still 8+, there have been no changes positive or negative so far this hot stove season. I view Garcia signing as neutral. Noesi could equal his production IMHO.

    I find it strange the 5 and 6 ratings. This team with SP issues all year held together by duck tape still won 97 games. It obviously showed the importance of a SP infusion of #3 or better. If we get it and the team stays healthy my confidence level will move up.

    As far as the 2014 budget, IMHO I believe the Yankees will adhere to the caps.Keeping their top prospects with the lower salary costs of a player under control. Winning now will truly be a function of a good organization as opposed to one with the highest payroll which the Yankees will always press their heads against the caps.

    • Plank

      How were they held together by “duck” tape? Their rotation was remarkably consistent. Although it’s not reasonable to expect Colon to repeat his performance from last year, that’s a lot of production to lose.

      • Gonzo

        I saw it at Best Buy the other day.

      • LarryM.,Fl.

        Hughes was on the DL, Colon was pitching on fumes and weak hammy, Burnett has issues, Garcia missed a few weeks with finger laceration, Nova in his first year and sent down to make changes, CC was CC.

        Duck tape reference seems to apply IMHO. Yes 97 games won but a special offense filled nicely.

        • Ted Nelson

          *duct tape

          • LarryM.,Fl.

            Duh, I get it now just a slow learner.

  • Bob Stone

    Still stuck at 9. I think the Yankees will try to keep the payroll under $189 Million in 2014.