Martin: Tigers have interest in Joba Chamberlain

7/19-7/21 Series Preview: Boston Red Sox
Game 96: Back to Reality

Via Dan Martin: The Tigers have some interest in Joba Chamberlain. Detroit’s relievers have a 4.15 ERA (3.53 FIP), which is a bottom five mark in baseball. They’re definitely lacking quality bullpeners beyond Drew Smyly and Joaquin Benoit. The Giants, Braves, and Phillies are also said to have interest in the right-hander.

Chamberlain, 27, is an impending free agent with a 5.40 ERA (4.95 FIP) in 23.1 innings this year. He’s a reclamation project arm at this point; someone who sits 94.7 mph with his fastball (according to PitchFX) and still has a nasty mid-80s slider that misses bats (9.64 K/9 and 22.3 K%). The Yankees are reportedly “aggressively pushing” Joba in trade talks, but rental middle relievers who are both inconsistent and injury prone usually don’t bring much back via trade.

7/19-7/21 Series Preview: Boston Red Sox
Game 96: Back to Reality
  • Andrew

    Be happy to take Castellanos off your hands, Motor City Kitties.

  • The Lime

    Maybe NYY could get some international signing $$$ in return? According to BA, it doesn’t look like they’ve given up any slots yet and from what I can tell, they’ve only spent 350K (out of ~$2mm)

    • jsbrendog

      honestly, since he won’t get a QO and you prob won’t get a useful player in return this would probably be the best thing. I would be into it.

  • forensic

    I’ll take Miguel Cabrera and nothing less.

    Maybe I could be convinced on Fielder if they eat some of his salary.

    • Now Batting

      Too young. Now Victor Martinez on the other hand..

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals


  • Eddard

    They need a bat in return, although for Joba they might be willing to accept a helmet or batting glove in return. There would also be a plus in possibly getting to face Joba down the road in an important ballgame where he is bound to cough up the lead.

    • vicki

      my gut says he becomes a lights-out closer for them.

      • forensic

        I could actually see him being really good for them. Get him out of this environment and stadium and it could be a real boon for him.

    • comfortably numb

      Unfortunately, this sad sack lineup they run out there would make him look like the 2007 Joba.

  • Different Josh

    Joba for Castellanos.
    “Wait you’re not sure?”
    “Alright I’ll throw in Jim Miller too. Proven closer.™”

  • Dicka24

    That would be a great spot for him.

  • MannyGeee – Proven Starter

    I still have an irrational love for last decades’ Joba, but I think the best thing for him will be a change of scenery. I would prefer to see him go to an NL club, become a lights out closer, and then watch the Red Sox trade Xander Bogarts for him. And then I would prefer to see him fall apart and implode like Gagne did. And then, if at all possible, have Bogarts have a 30-30 season in Arizona, at which time we trade for him.

    Too far?

    • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

      Sounds perfectly logical to me. I don’t understand why it couldn’t happen.

  • Wrecky

    Give us Miguel Cabrera for Joba and an extra $1 million for your bankrupt city. This is a good deal, Detroit!

  • Humpty Dance

    The Tigers have one of the fewest amount of blown saves in the AL. That’s wild.

    • vicki

      not an illuminative stat when they have the fewest saves in the league.

  • Mick taylor

    Wtf did yanks release Brennan boesch?

    • Thomas

      Currently on the Triple-A DL

      • Thomas

        Woah, never mind. He really did get released. Pretty odd move.

  • Taylor Mick

    trade him for Danry Vazquez

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Joba, Melky and IPK for Verlander.

  • Duh Injuries

    No fucking way should the Yanks trade Chamberlain to a team who has owned them in the postseason THREE TIMES since 2006.

  • Jorge Brosada

    Benoit…Balls! Nailed it.

  • Tigerdog

    We’ll give you Phil Coke for Joba. Almost identical salaries, but the Yankees would be stuck with, I mean uhhhhh, have an extra year with Coke.