Fan Confidence Poll: June 30th, 2014

Red Sox rough up Whitley, Yankees in general to take series finale 8-5
Yankees continue to prioritize rotation help in trade talks

Record Last Week: 2-4 (26 RS, 28 RA)
Season Record: 41-39 (323 RS, 355 RA, 36-44 pythag. record)
Opponents This Week: vs. Rays (three games, Mon. to Weds.), @ Twins (four games, Thurs. to Sun.)

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Red Sox rough up Whitley, Yankees in general to take series finale 8-5
Yankees continue to prioritize rotation help in trade talks
  • Ugh…

    Ugh… This team is terrible to watch. 1 it is.

  • I’m One

    A loss last night and the loss of the series to a sucky Boston team has clearly skewed the results early in the voting. If this series tells us anything, it’s that the team needs more consistent offense (even Tanaka will lose some games when he’s only given 1 run) and more starting pitching. Nothing new here.

    Trade deadline getting closer. Let’s see what the team does. still at a 6. Love what the farm is doing, so hopefully they can either use some of those chips for long term pieces or use them in the MLB line up sooner rather than later.

    • I’m One

      Oh, and I’m anxious to see what this brings from Eddard. Absolute 0? I think he’s been there before.

      • The Great Gonzo

        Wow… like clockwork.

        • I’m One

          I knew he’d be here soon, since he hadn’t beaten me to the comment section yet.

  • Mark Teixeddarda

    I’m at absolute zero minus 1. You saw yesterday that even though the Sox offense is struggling they still have professional hitters in Pedroia, Napoli, Ortiz and they infuse that with youth in Brock Holt and Mookie Betts. We’ve got a bunch of .220 hitters and a few 40 year olds with no power.

    Chase has turned into a pumpkin, Solarte has turned into a pumpkin and anybody that knows baseball could see that these guys were just flashes in the pan. The same thing happened last year with Wells, Hafner and Overbay. Eventually they come crashing down to Earth and guys like McCann and Beltran need to step up but haven’t.

    This Rays series will be the turning point. If they lose the series I would sell sell sell. If they win it they’ll still be in by default because the AL East is so mediocre. They need to pick up a couple bats in RF and 2B/3B and another starter if they want to even think about making a run.

    • Ugh…

      You said that Solarte was an All-Star game starter, now he’s a pumpkin.

      • I’m One

        Please. It’s Eddard. Don’t take anything he says seriously. Read it for a laugh.

    • Jobu

      Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am really curious to know the answer. A few weeks ago you were talking about Solarte starting the all star game and today you are crapping on him. I have watched you do the same with other players (Phelps, Whitley, Adams, Almonte). Are you just having fun, do you really experience such incredible highs and lows as a fan, do you really forget what you wrote a few weeks ago, or is it something else entirely.

      Again, please don’t take this the wrong way. You seem way to dedicated and oddly positive at times to be a troll.

      • mustang

        No take it the wrong way.

      • BrianMcCannon

        You must be new here.

      • commonsense

        You ever look at the common sense side of things? Sloarte at the time was All Star game bound and in the voting for ROY.

        Solarte hit .303/.404/.461 in the month of April
        Solarte hit .362/.400/.574 in the first half of May
        but since then only .196/.280/.286.

        Solarte is a switch hitter but has hit only .074/.242/.074 while batting right handed. So now he’s a platoon player more of what the Yankees don’t need.

        Could he turn it around before the AS game of course anything can happen but like I said he’s now Joe has him as a platoon player.

        I just love people who lack common sense and attack some guys post because he said he was an all start a months ago. That’s because he was an all star at that time.

        This post had nothing to do with me but felt the need to stick up for another member of the board here when others can’t see the semi truck in from of them. World needs more common sense people.

        • Preston`

          Your point is well taken. But Eddard is always making contradictory hyperbolic statements. He has been for years. It’s tiresome.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        He’s a troll, jobu, but I greatly commend your effort.

  • TWTR

    They are between a 4. and a 6.

    They aren’t great and they don’t completely suck.

    But when a franchise spends $200m+ year after year, the result should be better than it is.

    It is time to hire new decision-makers from the top-down.

    That, however, probably won’t happen. Hal seems to be happy with the status quo, and there is very little accountability.

    So they will probably continue to underperform.

    • I’m One

      But when a franchise spends $200m+ year after year, the result should be better than it is.

      Not sure I agree with this argument. Could anyone foresee CC’s decline (and injury)? Even if they hadn’t extended him, he’d still be with the team this season under the original contract. Same with Teixiera’s less than stellar performance. McCann too. Most of us agreed and applauded these moves when they were made. Would you be any happier with the team’s make up if they only spent $100 Million and were .500? I wouldn’t.

      This transition will take time. I give the organization a bit of a pass, as we don’t know how much they knew about the “new rules” MLB put in place to bring parity to the league.

      Since I’ve been through down periods with this team in the past (became a fan at the end of the Mantle era), I’ll remain a fan of the team and find someone to follow (Tanaka/Betances at the moment, while enjoying Jeter’s last season). It sucks that they don’t win consistently, but I’ll keep hoping for more, while not really expecting it immediately.

      • TWTR

        First, it is a known fact that pitchers are fragile and older players decline. Every team must confront that reality, but very few other teams have the kind of payroll that should offer quality depth to help absorb foreseeable issues. It is on them that they keep over relying on old players and pay the price.

        Beyond that, as long as there is ML ready, minor league depth, in addition to the large payroll, problems should be minimized, but year after year, it isn’t there or isn’t used.

        I am not abandoning ship. I merely don’t think the ship is being steered in the most optimal direction.

        • I’m One

          Agree they aren’t going in the optimal direction at the moment, but their ability to adjust has been dimished due to the new rules and teams keeping their young players. It takes time to adjust for that.

          However, CC wasn’t (and still isn’t) old. Look at Lee. That was the expectation of CC. It didn’t work out. I’d still do the original signing (not the extension and I felt that way when they gave it to him, before his decline & injury). Teix was the same situation. I don’t think anyone expected him to decline this much this soon. The last 2 years of his contract? Most people would have expected them to be ugly, but with the Yankees financial might, they could just sign the next big free agent (or so the thinking went at the time). Now, that FA may never be on the market.

          I’m sure they’ll adjust. I just expect it to take time. It will take a major change in organizational philosophy and may take FO personnel changes. They’ll happen. I hope all the changes happen sooner rather than later, but we’ll see.

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        Didn’t CC opt out first? They could have just let him go, claimed the extra draft pick, & looked elsewhere to pick up his innings. On the other hand, they had absolutely no one anywhere capable of replacing the CC they once had.

        • I’m One

          No he didn’t but was expected to. They could have waited to see what he did and decided then.

  • PhillyMatt

    Holding at 5 and this is mostly because of the encouraging results from DOTF each night for the future outlook.

    The Big club looks like a 500 team or a few games better when you watch(or for me follow the games on Gameday). There may be some help coming with CC and trade deadline deals but there seems to be too many holes to fill to make a strong run. I believe the current record demonstrates where they will end up and that will be short of a playoff berth.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Please take this in the spirit it’s intended, but from Gameday’s perspective all teams look like .500 teams.

      If you are not watching, or even listening to the games, its like scouting a team from the box scores. You get the gist of whats happening, but you can’t make a determination on what’s really what.

      • PhillyMatt

        I hear ya but I tried to listen on the radio but Sterling and Waldman to me are unlistenable and I do catch the national games, however the sound is muted. I do keep a scorebook for each game(crazy I know) and follow the team as closely as possible via the tireless work by RAB so this is how I arrive at my conclusions.

      • I’m One

        That (and sites like this) are all some of us have. So we watch the box scores and stay plugged in here.

  • Kosmo

    I would like to see NY make a 3 trades, something along these lines:

    go for the likes of Prado/McCarthy/Delgado or
    Hammel/Valbuena and
    bring up Refsnyder after the ASG.

    these are very doable somewhat cost effective trades. Yanks would not have to give up the farm for any of these players.

    • I’m One

      Yes ….. but really depends on the cost. I wouldn’t give up anything too valuable for any of those guys. But in general, it seems that would help plug some holes that need to be plugged badly.

      • Kosmo

        McCarthy has now at mid-season 5.125 million left, Prado about 26 million spread over the next 2 1/2 years. Delgado is 24 not living up to his alleged potential. Yanks would be in it for 32 million.
        Hammel and Valbuena 4.5
        Rios 6.25 million for 1/2 this season and a club option for 13+ for next season.

        • I’m One

          More concerned with prospect cost to get them than i am with contract cost. I’m all for salary dumps, but am concerned with who they get if they give up prospects.

          • Kosmo

            frankly i didn´t want to name names.LOL. for the Prado deal, possibly Murphy. Yanks have to eat contract but they get back a very good player in Prado. Hammel and Valbuena, hmmm ?? Also something like Murphy and possibly Mitchell. Rios=Almonte or Pirela. Williams and OBrien also come to mind as possible trade candidates.

            • I’m One

              And I’d be fine with letting each of them go (although I’d prefer to give up Sanchez than Murphy). Trade deadline approaching. Let’s see what happens.

  • The Great Gonzo

    Yeah… I think I am getting off the Chase Whitley train at this stop. This team needs an answer of the non-Nuno variety, and here’s to hoping Jeter is not carrying the offense until CC & Pineda come back. And I am no longer defending Alfonso Soriano. He’s been horrible.

    ALL THIS SAID, Bad CC is better than Bad Nuno/Bad Whitley and will give you some innings, so if he is back by the ASB, that will be a positive. Beltran hit a ball with authority yestrday, so maybe hes on his way back… Don’t look now but Jeter is hitting the ball, and WELL. We are seeing some good movement down in the farm by guys who could add value.

    And the rest of the AL East is fucking garbage. So, that’s exciting…

  • pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    I went with the majority at 3. Tex has been a pleasant power surprise after surgery. Too many weak bats, a passive manager and a 1 pitcher starting rotation. CC will not be the answer. He has been awful for over a year. I’d get rid of Soriano and play Almonte more and get rid of Roberts (when will this guy ever go on his customary DL trip?) and bring up Refsnyder on our next road trip.

    Agree that Rays series will be telling. They just played pretty well against the O’s on the road and will not be facing Tanaka.

    Yanks could easily finish last in this division when it’s all said and done. Would anyone be shocked at that?

    • Mark Teixeddarda

      I would be surprised if they finished last because of how many injuries the Rays have and I expect them to sell. Yankees will probably buy because it’s financially advantageous for them to be in the hunt.

      You mentioned the passive manager. Mike should do an article on how passive Girardi is. You saw last night how Farrell put runners in motion on 3-1 counts with Pedroia up and Holt on base. Why doesn’t Girardi do this more with Jeter and Gardner? Jeter’s not a strike out guy, he’s a ground ball guy. With past Yankee teams it was smart to be passive and wait for the 3 run HR but this team doesn’t have the power to do that.

    • adjusts batting gloves

      They could easily finish first, too, at this point. The problem is that they’ve become a team version of a three true outcome player; there’s almost no middle ground between the dominating win and the uninteresting or excrutiatingly impotent loss. I think this is why a faction of people on this site clamor so much for the kids and the unknowns. The team, as currently constructed, is guaranteed to make the fan feel utterly deflated and hopeless at least twice a week, even if it’s a week when they win most of their games.

  • Darren

    Went to the game and the turning point was Robby Thompson sending Beltran home. That was a bullet line drive to center and even if it was Bernie I wouldn’t have sent him. He should have had his arms for the stop sign as soon as the ball was hit. That killed the rally, goodbye ballgame. And Huff? Really?? Ridiculous.

  • ALZ

    We have all been let down, but right now they are only 2 games out of it, and they haven’t gone on a run.

    • Rocky Patel

      very true… but they have no run in them. Their consistency is that they cannot hit, cannot score runs, have poor defense, below average base running skills. Oh and we cannot leave out canned excuses, I mean explanations for poor performance.

      To have a run you need consistency. It does not exist with this team.

      • ALZ

        Yet are still fully in it. If they go on a run they could pull away with the division. McCann and Beltran are hitting .220, but I have tons more faith they can put it together and go on a run than most .220 hitters.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        To have a run, you need consistency at the right moment. That’s why it’s called a “run.”

        A run that lasts all season makes you the 1998 New York Yankees.

  • MurrayGoldberg

    Who’s the MORON who picked a 9???? Stop being a MORON.

    • I’m One

      Far more MORON’s that voted 2s & 1s than 9s or 8s. Everyone has their reasons for voting the way they did. A 9 might be easier to defend than a 1.

      • MurrayGoldberg

        You’re a MORON.

        • I’m One

          Your opinion. Some will agree, most that know me, won’t. You don’t know me.

          • MurrayGoldberg


            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Murray Goldberg? That’s the name you decided to troll under?

              I sort of like it, but yet….

              • MurrayGoldberg

                Ah, the king of the morons decides to comment.

  • Robert

    Free Refsynder from Scranton and I will go from a 5 to an 8.It will Show the fans your trying!
    Older players decline the 2nd half needs some youth!

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      Whitley was the toast of the town before his last two starts, & now he’s just toast around here. There is such a thing as being too hasty w/prospects. Let Refsnyder play a little while longer in Scranton & learn the position first before you present him to the patient, loyal, & understanding fan base. Gotta believe they call him up in the 2nd half following the ASB. If not, it’s probably because they don’t think he’s ready to play 2B in the Bronx yet. Be patient. His time will come.

  • Rocky Patel

    Anyone voting above a 5 may want to reconsider and watch this team play. Then consider that this is essentially the same quality team from last year, only benefiting by the total ineptness of the rest of the division.

    Then consider that other than sinking more long term money into declining players, ownership has done nothing effective to address the issues of this team.

    If this is what “fielding a quality championship team” really means, winning the championship is the equivalent of a $5 Starbucks gift card.

    • I’m One

      The season is barely half over. The trading deadline is approaching. And I don’t base my vote on 1 or 2 seasons. More like 4 or 5. They’ll be back. I’ll be here.

      • Rocky Patel

        No question they will be back, but not this year. Too many holes, too many past prime players. Hitters are predictable and have no real approach, defense is sloppy at best, not a very good team.

  • jgibs

    Not really sure how people change votes from week to week. Do they not read the paragraph above the poll. Key words are “overall future”. If we’re voting on our confidence in this TEAM then yes, my confidence fluctuates week to week. The Yankees are the Yankees, sometimes they’ll suck the big one, sometimes not. I was a 7 at the beginning of the year, and I’m a 7 now.

  • ALZ

    Still not sure how you can vote a 1. Just being 2 games out of first place makes it a way better than 1.

  • Roy Munson

    This team is turning into the Knicks of the 2000’s. Look for Marginal to Awful baseball for the next 10 years. I’m sure they will take on bad contracts for big names just to boast the importance of staying relevant of building a strong roster. Yikes, this team is sad

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      They actually have a very deep farm system that could turn them into a much younger, athletic club in a few short years. Besides their top 30, they have a # of wildcard, presently low hyped, but interesting prospects that might never see the light of day, but could potentially become really good big league players. They have more potentially good players in their system than spots to play them all. Their pitching isn’t as deep though they do have some interesting arms. It remains to be seen whether the pitchers they drafted in the recently concluded 2014 draft change that perception. As you probably know, they’re announcing the signing of a whole boatload of Int’l FA’s in a few days, so it’s not as if the cupboard is bare, or that they’re planning on relying on big league FA’s in the coming years. The system is on the right track. It will produce the players and trade chips they’ll need to succeed in the future. How skillfully they vet, develop, & acquire talent w/it will determine what their future is.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    If you’re # is soley based on the present big league club, it’s a low #. Factor in the minor league system & it’s in the 6 or 7 range altogether. Of course, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, unless the bush in question is “W” in which case those two are goners to begin with.

  • dasani

    I voted a 3 only because I didn’t want to be the only one who voted a 1 or 2. I felt I was being quite generous.

  • mustang


    Its all in Cashman and the FO hands. With the right moves they could be much more, but something has to be done.

    • mustang


      2 games back in the division and the wild card with 80 games to go.

  • fred robbins

    I think it’s hard to give a true rating. Some of you above have mentioned that it could be 4-5 years for the front office to re-adjust it’s philosophy and have also mentioned that the system has changed and clubs are keeping and signing young talent early. Hasn’t this been the case for a few years now, not just this past season?

    I would still go with 5 to be hopeful. I think Rob Thompson is a really bad 3rd base coach and has cost a handful of possible rallies this year- and then on the other side, maybe he thinks it might be their only chance to score.

    One last point about the comments about being only 2 games out near the All Star Break… that would be a good think if this is a good team as assembled. But it is not. Being 2 games out for this team is just a tease and is like being cuffed to a chair with a tasty steak just inches out of reach.

    If there was any FO forward thinking people and an ownership that truly knows baseball and cared about this team, I would be more hopeful. But this old boy network of keeping this whole FO in tact and bad coaches with never holding anyone accountable is getting pretty tiring. Its like the Beltran signing. There is really no logical explanation for it if the team wanted to head in a different direction.
    I know all teams are different, but the Angels brought up two kids, Cole and Cron and they are doing great and were smart enough to pass on 45 million dollars for a 38 year old mostly DH. Why couldn’t the Yankees find one or two kids to give a shot. If they fail, A Beltran is pretty easy to obtain, since it seems no once else wants him but the Yankees.

  • Yankenstein

    Still at a 7. I don’t think they suck any worse than anyone else in the division.

  • oldguy

    Voted a 3. Our infield defense is atrocious, power hitting nonexistent, Whitley and Nuno are #7 and 8 starters, and those counting on CC to fill the gap for the second half of the year haven’t accepted the reality of his obvious decline. Would love to get Pineda back, but he’s only pitched a handful of games the past two years. Would anyone bet real money on Pineda returning healthy and effective this year? I too enjoy reading about the exploits of our refurbished farm system…but I’ve been greatly disappointed before by that hype as well. Old Guy is cranky guy,,,for now!

  • Promandel

    Worst confidence poll ever?

    • RetroRob

      I think the largest segment when I just voted was 1, with 20-something percent of the vote. Pretty funny.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    6. SSDD.