Fan Confidence Poll: July 27th, 2009


Record Last Week: 6-1 (39 RS, 26 RA)
Season Record: 60-38 (543 RS, 466 RA), 2.5 GB
Opponents This Week: @ Tampa Bay (3 games), @ White Sox (4 games)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. Little Bill says:

    I’ve voted 10/10 in every poll this season and this one was no different. This is the best team in baseball.

    • V says:

      Injury risk scares me too much to rate the team above an 8.

      But, I’m an actuar(y)/(ial analyst), so I’m rather conservative.

      I think the Yankees are DEFINITELY better than the Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Orioles, for this year and the next several. The Rays could potentially improve if all of their prospects pan out (and Price figures things out).

      The playoffs are a crapshoot, and while the Yankees are capable of a 2001 Randy Johnson + Curt Schilling domination, they’re also capable of getting three bad pitching performances in a row and being swept in the ALDS.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        You think the Rays are better than us and the Red Sox are worse?

        • V says:

          No. I didn’t say that. I said the Rays CAN POSSIBLY MAYBE get better than the Yankees. I think the Red Sox peaked in 2007, and are slowly sliding downward.

          Manny for Bay, the declining David Ortiz, not getting career years out of Dice-K et. al, they’re on the downslide, and their prospects are NOT as high-ceiling as the Yankees’ or Rays’.

  2. huuz says:

    we still need another starter

    -joba will run out of innings (and i’d like to save some for the playoffs)

    -mitre will likely start costing us games down the stretch (especially once he faces better opponents than the A’s and baltimore)

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Didn’t Cashmoney say he’d disregard innings limits during the playoffs?

      • Cash told Andrew Marchand that Joba was going to go to the pen this season because of his innings limits.

        Joba will pitch in the playoffs, but not as a starter.

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          Okay, makes sense.

        • Chris says:

          Do you have a link? Usually Cashman is not this straight forward….

          • No, this was what I heard on The Michael Kay Show on Thursday. Andrew Marchand was recapping a Cashman interview/presser. Both Cashman and Girardi had said that they were “monitoring” Joba’s innings for 2009. Marchand said he asked if Joba was going to be shut down, and Cash said no; he asked if he’d go to the pen and Cashman basically said yes.

            Now, I’m sure he worded it in a way to leave himself wiggle room so that it’s not 100% confirmed, but the way Marchand said it, it’s like 95% confirmed that they’re not going to let Joba just keep starting games all through September and October. He’s going to go to the bullpen to keep his innings from going beyond 150/160.

        • Klemy says:

          It might be fun to watch him let loose with max effort again too.

  3. Hey, guys, how was everyone’s weekend? Sorry I’m late, the Cambridge PD arrested me for being black in my own home.



    Confidence Level: 9.

    We’re still awesome, but I’m still worried about who our 4th starter will be in the playoffs. With Joba going to be moved to the bullpen (see below) and Phil Hughes already there, we’ve currently got CC, AJ, Andy, and a big question mark.

    Phil Hughes >>>>>>>>> Sergio Mitre

    * http://twitter.com/tsjc68/status/2805434043

    • ARX says:

      8. As usual (tho in reality its an 8.7, I dont round up.) If the Yanks would stretch Hughes back out and put him in the rotation, I might actually creep up to a full 9 for the first time…*shrug*

    • Nady Nation says:

      +1. I voted 9 for basically the same reasons. As I’ve noted previously, I am a little worried about Hughes’ same-season transition from starter-reliever-starter (fearing greater injury risk), but that concern is getting dwarfed by our gaping hole in the October rotation’s 4 spot.

    • Chris says:

      Sergio Mitre FIP: 2.68
      Phil Hughes FIP: 3.80

      The difference is primarily due to Mitre generating a ton of ground balls (over 60%). Considering that ground ball rate is inline with his career average, I don’t see a reason for it to change. Now we just need to work on catching those ground balls…

  4. JohnnyC says:

    Cashman had people scouting Ian Snell over the weekend but Huntington’s talking tough about how the AAA demotion hasn’t “devalued” Snell for trade purposes. Is Snell worth a couple of C+ prospects?

    • Is Snell worth a couple of C+ prospects?

      Yes. He’s not worth anything more than that, but he is worth a couple of marginal guys. He’s not a real optimal fix, but if we’re going to throw some Sergio Mitre spaghetti at the wall, we may as well have more than one strand of pasta to throw.

    • The Lodge says:

      Word on the street is that Snell can be had for the rest of contract ($4+ mil). It’d would be an expensive stop-gap but I’d go for that. Maybe you catch lightning in a bottle and get better than his career 5.something ERA.

      • john says:

        It would be more interesting if we could pull him (Snell) and a decent reliever (Capps or Grabow) from the Pie-Rats for something along the lines of what we did with Nady and Marte. I really dont know what wee could package for them…it would be nice though. Any ideas??

    • Chris says:

      What makes you think that Snell would be any better than Mitre?

      • He may not be. Conversely, what makes you think that Mitre will be any better than Snell? Point is, depth is good. No depth is bad.

        • Chris says:

          Sergio Mitre may not be better than Snell, but he has 3 advantages over Snell:
          1. He’s paid less money
          2. He doesn’t cost any prospects (even bad ones)
          3. He’s already on the team

          The problem is that there are only 25 roster spots. I think a better pickup would be a quality reliever, rather than a crappy starter. Here’s how I see the pitching staff sorting out:

          SP: CC Sabathia
          SP: AJ Burnett
          SP: Hughes or Joba (the other to the pen)
          SP: Andy Pettitte
          SP: Sergio Mitre (to the pen for the playoffs)

          RP: Mariano
          RP: Hughes or Joba
          RP: Aceves
          RP: Damaso Marte
          RP: Phil Coke
          RP: Brian Bruney
          RP: New Reliever pickup

          You should be able to get a reliever that’s better than Ian Snell for about the same price. I liked the idea of Scott Downs, since that would give Mo plus 3 lefties and 3 righties in the pen.

          • I’m all on board with that.

            But both you and I have Hughes moving back to the rotation when Joba exits it. I’m not sure if the team is on board with moving Hughes back to the rotation this year.

            They should be, but they haven’t shown inclination to.

            • Chris says:

              I see the value in having Hughes in the pen right now. I am assuming (hoping?) that their plan is to swap the two at some point, so they can maintain the strength of both the rotation and the pen. Moving Hughes out of the pen weakens the pen. Moving Joba out of the rotation weakens the rotation. Doing them together should keep both strong.

        • thebusiness says:

          1.5M for a terrible pitcher isn’t the kind of depth you want.

          Igawa is already there for that.

          • Ian Snell >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kei Igawa

  5. Reggie C. says:


    The growing mystery as to what Joba’s role will constitute on this team once he passes his innings pitch limit is something to be of concern in the immediate future. Phil Hughes seems like a natural replacement for Joba. Still, Cash isn’t going to show his cards so Hughes is not guaranteed to slide into Joba’s spot.

    I am concerned with the hole Wang has now left…

    I think Wang’s departure will and should serve as a catalyst for some trading deadline dealing. I’d be interested to see what Seattle would want for Washburn. However, if Cash comes across the right deal for a Wuertz or Sherrill, then he should strike.

    On a minor league tip, Jesus Montero keeps impressing me, and I’m pleased to see a new crop of rising youngsters (Arodys and M-Rich) make impressive debuts.

  6. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I’m at a 9 but probably should be an 8 because I’m worried about starting pitching and Grit-less outfield.

  7. Kiersten says:

    Staying strong at a 9 just because our #5 is a huge ? and now we lost Brett for ~3 weeks. Still think this is the best team in baseball though and best Yankee team I’ve seen since ~2001.

  8. Jake H says:

    I went from an 8 all season long to a 9. Yes Wang’s injury sucks but Mitre has been what you want out of a #5 guy. Keep the team in the ball game every 5th day.

  9. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    I’ve stayed consistently at 8 all year. As long as we’re sitting safely in a playoff spot, 8 is where it stays. I can’t put it any higher because of the loss of Wang and the whole innings limit issue. So same score I’ve given on every vote.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Haha, one person voted a 1.

    • Klemy says:

      Exactly how I’ve felt and why I’ve stayed with an 8. For all the excitement we do have ?s. The only way I’ll go up from here right now will be with a strong showing in the games over the next 2 weeks. Maybe, then I could max at a 9 for the first time this season.

  10. Big Blue St3 says:

    I’m stuck at 8, only because I am concerned about that 4th starter come October. But the future looks really bright, Joba and Phil have looked dominant since the break, Montero really seems like a can’t miss. Losing Grit doesnt concern me too much only because it’s only a few weeks, I could live with Melky out there everyday with Swish filling in when needed and Hinske going to right. Maybe bring up J-Rod or Shelly but it will be fine. Just find another starter to take some innings from Joba or stretch Phil out and I might push it to 9.

  11. Dela G says:

    voted 9 for the first time all season

    Ain’t no stoppin us now, we’re on the move!

  12. C.Roy says:

    Does anyone feel like we could get the duke from the A’s plus another starter? My level would shoot to a 10 if we got the duke and one of harang or zach duke. That way our playoff roto would be CC AJ Pett Harang/Z.Duke with a sick bullpen of coke, the duke, hughes joba and mo. (Joba in the pen because of innings nothing else). The reason I say we could maybe get both because it doesn’t seem that the duke will cost much.

  13. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    From SI, Red Sox trying to make a big deal:


    • I think they’ve got a better chance of prying Adrian Gonzalez out of SD than they do of getting Halladay or V-Mart.

      In any event, none of those deals happen without Theo giving up Buchholz, which probably means all three deals are dead.

      • Reggie C. says:

        Not if they don’t part with real top prospects. Werner says he’s not going to part with their best prospects but is still going to pull off a “big deal”?? Yeah buddy. Sure.

        And if Werner/Theo pried A-Gonz from SD without giving up Buchholz and ONE of Bowden, Masterson … I might just cause a workplace incident.

    • gxpanos says:

      I think this could turn out to be a bad panic trade for Theo, like the most transparently bad one that not even Gammo can spin. V-Mart is a 1B who’s bat no longer plays particularly well there, and Youk/Lowell is only a little worse that V-Mart/Youk. It’d be a short-term trade in every sense because they’d still need a catcher in the near future. I’d love for them to lose some of their prospects for a marginal upgrade that doesnt really address future needs.

      And there’s no way Theo gets Doc. They’re grasping at straws. If I were a RS fan I’d be praying for him to stand pat.

    • Tom Zig says:

      bah that place is crap. So many off topic comments and lack of quality posts.

  14. Frank says:

    I too am concerned by the bottom of the rotation and BP depth. I’ve said before Bruney, or another reliever, needs to step up and do the job. Hopefully, after yesterday’s performance, Bruney has turned the corner. I’d still like to see this team get a RH bat, either as an OFr to replace Gardner, or Ransom (despite his 2 doubles yesterday). Speaking of Gardner, his loss is huge from a defensive standpoint as he is arguably their best defensive OFr. I feel this team will have to trade for a defensive replacement as is there no one to fill that void given A-Jax is not an option per Girardi. And no, Pena is not the answer.

  15. thebusiness says:

    Uhh, 2.5 GB? More like 2.5 GA (games ahead)

  16. Opponents This Week: @ Tampa Bay (3 games), @ White Sox (4 games)

    Hopefully we don’t get perfect game’d on Sunday.

  17. yankee in virginia says:

    I’d be more confident if Giurardi was a better tactical manager–do you sit Arod – he does need his rest whem Mitre is on the mound and you are statistically more likely to need offense

    Do you keep Arod on the bench when ransom is facing RHP in late inning with a perishable 2 run lead

    why do you extend Pettit – pitches – baserunners – as soon as his cutter loses bite – over the kast 7 years he is done and becomes the “Bad Andy”

    needing runs – you have speed on the bases — why do you leave the DP in place for posada — no he should not bunt but the runners should steal or h&r early

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