Fan Confidence Poll: April 12th, 2010


Record Last Week: 4-1 (29 RS, 19 RA)
Season Record: 4-2 (36 RS, 26 RA), 1.0 game back
Opponents This Week: Monday OFF, vs. Angels (three games, Tues. to Thurs.), vs. Rangers (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. Coach6423 says:

    10 for the team….

    8 for the front office (Joba)

    Voted a 9.

    • 8 for the front office (Joba)

      If Joba is the reason why you knock down the front office, I’d almost say an 8 is too high. Granted, it’s a bit subjective, but they’ve sort of screwed the pooch on that front.

      • Tank Foster says:


      • Coach6423 says:

        Ben, you’re right on that front. I am not a big fan on how they have handled any of the young pitching Hughe/Joba/IPK/Melancon/Robertson. How they handled Wangs injuries.

        But I am happy with player acquisitions etc.

        That and this team is the balls.

      • Chris says:

        but they’ve sort of screwed the pooch on that front.

        In what way? They’ve made the determination that the team is better in 2010 with Joba in the pen and Hughes in the rotation. In 2011, there is still the possibility (how likely is debatable) that Joba moves back to the rotation.

        • Coach6423 says:

          Let’s start with only letting a 20 yr old kid pitch 88 innings in the minor leagues, and developing a ridiculous set of rules that did more harm than good.

          • developing a ridiculous set of rules that did more harm than good.

            This I disagree with. Now with the lack of innings Joba will likely throw in ’10, we don’t know whether the rules hurt or harmed. The idea of the innings limit was not misguided, but the application thereof was. He never should have been relieving in 2008.

            • Coach6423 says:

              That is what i meant by rules. Not the limit themselves, but the start in the bullpen/start for 2 inning, start for 3 innings, start for 4 innings crap they pulled. You cant bounce back and forth.

              • Chris says:

                I don’t think there’s any evidence that the rules caused his problems. There are tons of pitchers that successfully move from the pen to the rotation midseason without any issues. Maybe Joba isn’t capable of that, but you don’t know until you try.

                As for last season, Joba’s struggles started before any of the rules came into play. In fact, they started right about the time that he crossed his previous season high for innings (and his latest start in the season). After a few bad starts, then the rules started to be applied. Maybe he would have been better off if they had just shut him down at that point, but I don’t think that pulling him from games early suddenly caused him to suck at pitching.

          • Chris says:

            He destroyed the majors when he first came up. What good would it have done to keep him in the minors?

            Also, the rules are things that (almost) every young pitcher has. You just don’t see them because pitchers have generally outgrown them by the time they make the majors. Also, if he’s so emotionally fragile that these rules caused his struggles, then I don’t think he could cut it in the majors.

      • Rose says:

        8 for the front office (Joba)

        If Joba is the reason why you knock down the front office, I’d almost say an 8 is too high. Granted, it’s a bit subjective, but they’ve sort of screwed the pooch on that front.

        I don’t think you would give lower than an 8 even if you were solely basing it on the front office. Joba may have been mismanaged but there are several other great things the front office has been doing that should overshadow this one particular mismanaged misfortune.

        After-all, I doubt Kevin Towers would have came back if it were that bad…

        • Mike HC says:

          Maybe Kevin Towers is the reason Joba is in the Pen. It seems like Cashman is firmly in the Joba the Starter camp and that is exactly where Joba was until Towers came on board. Maybe the “pitching genius” Towers had the deciding vote.

          • Zack says:

            Nothing against Towers, but I hope that’s not true. I would hope the guys watching him 24/7 for the last 3 years wouldnt let the vote of a guy who just came on board be the deciding vote.

  2. Tank Foster says:

    What do you guys do, if anything, with the fan polling data? I enjoy looking at the results, but I wonder why you guys do it. I’m not criticizing or trying to be negative; but thinking that if I had a blog, I’m not sure it would have ever occured to me to run a weekly poll. Just curious….

  3. steve s says:

    Great opening week. Would have settled for 3-3 so 4-2 was better than I expected. Love having a CF that can throw like a major-leaguer. Wouldn’t mind seeing Grandy moved into 2 hole (at least against righties and eventually against all).

    • Tank Foster says:

      I kinda like him 7th. I want Granderson hitting behind ARod, Jorge, et al. Granderson’s 30+ homers will be much more productive in the 6th or 7th spot, I think.

      • steve s says:

        I’m focusing more on Grandy’s speed than power and see many 1st and 3rds on hit and runs or steals if Jeter makes out but Grandy gets on. Early leads and strong bullpen are going to mean less come from behind pies but many games won by the 6th inning.

        • pete says:

          Grandy’s power > Grandy’s speed, though, I think. Especially when Grandy’s OBP is not spectacular (not bad but definitely not bat-in-front-of-alex and tex-quality.

          • steve s says:

            I think he sees more fastballs with Jeter on and with Tex/Arod behind him so OBP starts to improve into Damon range. Plus Grandy is not really that far away from Damon lifetime on OBP to begin with.

            • pete says:

              but he’s nowhere near Johnson, and that’s what matters. Speed is not necessary if the guys behind you are two of the best HR hitters in the league.

        • Tank Foster says:

          The less they hit and run the better. Speed is overrated. At least in modern baseball it is. Maybe someday it will change.

  4. Pete says:

    Voted a 9. 2 out of 3 against these two teams is definitely inspiring. Could we actually have a decent April?

    ::knocking on wood, rubbing the rabbit’s foot::

  5. Riddering says:

    The Yankees winning both series vs. best division rivals to start the season is more than I could have dreamed. 160-2, baby!

  6. Jake H says:

    9 great opening week. Would have liked the FO to challenge Slade. But that being said the big league team is playing well.

  7. Rose says:

    Season Record: 4-2 (36 RS, 26 RA), 1.0 game back

    Toronto is off to their usual hot start.

    Alex Gonzalez has 4 home runs in the first 6 games.

    That’s pretty much all you need to say right there…

    • Pete says:

      They played the Orioles the last two games – nuff said.

      • Klemy says:

        …aaaand BOOM goes the dynamite.

      • Rose says:

        Very true…but everybody was saying that the Orioles were going to be good this year (and they still might be – just saying this compared to your statement regarding them)…and Kevin Millwood was actually good in his start but still lost because Vernon Wells and company are playing through their shoes.

        • Pete says:

          Still, the Orioles are treading on Pittsburgh Pirate ground now – they’ve been awful for so long, everyone just associates them with suck.

        • whozat says:

          No, I think people were saying the Orioles offense could be very good, and they have some high-upside pitching which — if these kids all explode into the league — could be surprising. More likely that they’ll hit, but have a jekyll-and-hyde pitching staff that will limit them in 2010.

  8. larryf says:

    I used to think Swish took alot of pitches but Johnson is tops. He must see over 20 pitches a game…

  9. Jimmy says:

    Roster Construction – 10
    Farm System 6 – no ready position guys behind Montero = low score
    Management 8 – docked for the royal mess with Joba, inability to decisively select LF

    Total Score is 8.

    • Klemy says:

      What do you mean?!? Garnder is our “everyday left fielder” who doesn’t play against lefties! /giradi’d

    • I’m only angry about the platoon because Thames has been crappy. If they had a more complete player to use against LHP, I wouldn’t be upset.

      • larryf says:

        One thing about Gritner is that he too is selective at the plate. This will help get him a better pitch to hit (in theory) and will add to that pitch count which is where most starting pitchers go to die against our lineup….

        • His over-selectivity is what makes me wish he wasn’t working on his bunting skills. He should be looking to swing a bit more rather than trying to bunt.

          • larryf says:

            He is still a work in progress but as a 9th hitter with blazing speed, I prefer he take too many pitches than make an out on the first pitch. IIRC he did swing at a first pitch yesterday. He seems to have an ability to protect the plate with 2 strikes and/or slice one into lf. I totally prefer him playing EVERY day. No double plays and an occasional walk are good enough right now for me.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

      Where are the Yankees immediate concerns as far as position players?

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        Where, What, you get the gist of my comment.

      • You could argue LF and C.

        • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

          I’m sure the catching concern is covered.

          • Oh definitely. I’m just saying there could be needs in the near-future.

            • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

              I’m just saying, and I realize it wasn’t you who said it, that giving the minor league system a 6 because there are no position guys “ready”, is silly. Do people really expect there to be future HOFers at AAA waiting in the wings IN CASE someone gets injured?

              • No one’s saying they need to be HOFers, though. It’d just be nice if there was someone who could fill in admirably, or at least be an everyday player, so that it wouldn’t be almost “necessary” to try and sign Crawford or Werth.

                • pete says:

                  Unless Gardner puts up a .250/.320/.350 line or worse (which is more possible than i’d like to admit), I wouldn’t sign either of those guys unless Crawford is willing to take something like a 4/50 type of deal, which he will almost certainly be able to beat somewhere else. I kind of wish we’d held on to Hoffmann, though. They (hoff and grit) could have been a nice all-around platoon, since both are excellent defenders, and hoff’s got decent power and gardner great speed. But I have to hope that the yankees knew what they were doing when they went with Thames over Hoffmann.

                • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

                  But you have no idea who could fill in admirably until they prove that they can’t. I think Kevin Russo could fill in LF if they needed him to.

                • pete says:

                  It’s not so much the “fill-ins” that worry me as much as the long-term solutions. Hopefully, Slade develops quickly and makes that question moot soon

              • whozat says:

                I don’t expect HOFers in AAA. But, having one guy who can play in the IF and projects as a major-league regular would go a long way when the entire left-side of the IF is 35+ and the next-best thing is Ramira Pena.

                • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

                  Ramiro Pena is the utility infielder. He is not the heir apparent to anyone. Neither Jeter or Arod needs a replacement for at least 3 years so there is no reason to worry about it, unless you are looking for a reason to worry.

                • one guy who can play in the IF and projects as a major-league regular

                  Adams, yo!

  10. Beamish says:

    Still an 8.

    I cannot vote 9 until they are at least 5+ games up in first place and I won’t vote 10 until they are hoisting a trophy in October November.

    • pete says:

      so, in other words, you have little confidence in the validity of your confidence.

      • Beamish says:

        I remember 1976 – it was the first time I cried over sports (I was also in first grade).

        I also remember Jack Clark.

        My Confidence peaks at an 8 without objective confirmation of success. ;-D

        • Pete says:

          I can’t recall ever crying, but 1995, 2001 and 2004 definitely had me in a near-speechless stupor for several weeks.

          I wish I could act with baseball as I do with hockey – after yesterday’s NY Ranger loss, I cursed, shut off the TV and went about my business. Baseball just hits me way too hard…

        • That’s when ballgames cost a nickel, you whippesnapper!

          • Beamish says:

            I also cried when Lou Pinella got up to the plate and everyone around me started “booing”. I was a cry-baby in first grade – even after they explained it was LOU!! I was having none of it. (First Yankee Game – July 22 1976, they lost to Milwaukee…I cried.)

            Now I just curse a lot…and refuse to rate my confidence higher than 8.

  11. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    I’m at a 10. Watching the minor league pitchers dominate this week (RIP Christian Garcia’s Ulnar ligament), has got me ready to celebrate…

  12. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    back to 9 so embarassed for my earlier 8…can’t wait to be back to ten.

    why exactly do we need a position player in the minors that would be ready to play this year?

    montero is coming up, and i bet this OF sticks for a while. yes, we’re all arguing and hemming and hawing about the 4th OF…really? how many teams would love to have that problem?

    we’ve got arms coming (even if they’re relievers or back of the rotation) and some great looking of’ers down there too (but they’re young)…

    • Stryker says:

      why exactly do we need a position player in the minors that would be ready to play this year?

      $$. having cost-controlled players ready to step in saves the team money now and for the future.

      also, god forbid an everyday guy goes down for an extended period of time (let’s say something similar to jeter’s 2003 injury where he missed 6 weeks). without a position player like ramiro pena ready to step in, they’d probably have to dish out minor leaguers and/or cash for a temporary replacement. without such young guys, it hampers the yankees’ flexibility.

      • pete says:

        And UZR aside, I don’t know if the team would be too comfy with Pena playing every day. If it’s a 15 day DL trip or something like that, where a hot A-Rod/Teix could carry us offensively, that’s one thing, but Jeter is a pretty integral part of our offense, and Pena is a really terrible hitter.

      • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

        Having somebody ready to step in doesn’t save you any money now–it costs you money now.

        Conveniently, we’ve got Pena in New York, so we don’t need him in the minors (although we do also have him in the minors, we just call that version Russo).

        Having cost controlled players ready to move into slots in New York NEXT YEAR saves us money in the future. Luckily, we’ve got all year to develop a permanent replacement for…I can’t think of anyone who’s contract expires this year that we won’t be resigning out of our starting corps, so, we don’t need any.

        It does make a ton of sense to have somebody that can play that position ready to go just in case. Except we call them bench players, not minor leaguers.

  13. Mike HC says:

    10 as always for me (since the WS win).

    I really cannot imagine how it would be reasonably possible to have a better team and set up for the future than the Yanks.

    • Stryker says:

      joba in the rotation, for one. melancon has been sitting in the minors ready for a permanent call up for a long time now, and when he HAS been at the major league level he’s gotten minimal innings. like many have said before, i don’t see why there’s the need to have joba in the bullpen when, purely as relievers, you can probably expect similar results in melancon and chamberlain.

      • Mike HC says:

        I agree. I prefer Joba to start in the minors. But I don’t think that is a big enough deal to knock my confidence down to a 10. This team does not need Joba to start, and might not need him to start for the foreseeable future. I can live with Joba in the pen.

        And I notice most of the criticism is for the handling of prospects. Joba, Hughes, Melancon etc …. Fans get so caught up in the hype and expect huge things from these unproven youngsters, and when they don’t work out exactly as planned, fans blame the management. I think volatility, inconsistency and unknown returns is just part of the process. No reason to look for someone to blame when the bottom line is the players themselves have to simply perform.

        • Mike HC says:

          *won’t knock my confidence down from a 10, not to a 10

        • pete says:

          It’s not the lack of success on Hughes/Joba/Melancon’s parts. It’s the fact that they appear to have been judged improperly based on small samples or misguiding stats (aka hughes in the pen in ’09). I do think we will need Joba in the rotation in 2011, lest we need to give Javy a 3-year deal AND go out and get Cliff Lee (who now appears to be the only legit FA starter next year). I don’t see andy coming back for 2011, and frankly (sorry bexaroo) I’m not sure I’d want him back. His stuff has been slipping for two years, and his results, while still perfectly fine from a de facto #4 starter, have slipped alongside his velocity.

          Joba hasn’t shown me that he isn’t capable of starting at the MLB level yet but while I could be wrong, it appears he has proven that to the Yankees. That makes me doubt their player-assessment ability

          • Joba hasn’t shown me that he isn’t capable of starting at the MLB level yet but while I could be wrong, it appears he has proven that to the Yankees. That makes me doubt their player-assessment ability

            Repeated for emphasis.

            • Mike HC says:

              Exactly. Joba has not definitively shown he can or cannot start on the Major League level. But we do know that when he did get the opportunity, he didn’t exactly take the bull by the horns. He was ok for a young starter and the Yanks had another young starter beat him out for the 5th spot.

              Nobody knows exactly what to expect from these guys. Maybe he will figure it all out in 2 years. Maybe he won’t. I think that is just the nature of the prospect beast. Joba came up throwing 99 in the pen. Then he was throwing 95 as a starter. Then he was at 91, then 93. I mean it is completely unpredictable. You can’t blame the Yanks management for that. Or maybe you can, but I sure won’t.

      • Zack says:

        “melancon has been sitting in the minors ready for a permanent call up for a long time now”

        2007: 0 IP
        2008: 25.1 (A), 39.2 (AA), 20.0 (AAA)
        2009: 53.0 (AAA)

        How is that being ready for a permanent call up for a long time? Sitting in AAA for ONE year is a long time?

  14. pete says:

    I went with an 8. I really like that Sanchez, Murphy, and Slade are all starting in EST, though I’m a little nervous about manban. I think the major league roster is excellent, the offense is already looking better than last year (NJ seeing 3098 pitches per game in front of TexRod, who are starting to hit finally, helps), the defense is much better, and the SP and bullpen should both be near the top in MLB this year.

    Having said that, we do have some weak points. For one, there’s the two-fold Joba problem for a one-fold benefit, which is to say that our current SP depth is weakened by his not starting, and our MLB rotation next year is in doubts even if he is in it, since he’ll be a year removed from actually starting, while the only benefit we get is a sometimes-dominant setup guy (who i think will be mostly dominant so long as he gets regular work, which he should be able to do with JoeG at the helm).

    Another *weak* point is the farm system. Outside of Montero, we don’t have much upside that is anything close to being MLB-ready or even a little bit proven in pro ball. That said, there is undeniably a TON of lower minors talent. I’m really going to enjoy following Adam Warren, Jose Ramirez, JR Murphy, Slade Heathcott, and Gary Sanchez this season, and Corban Joseph’s development should be interesting to track as well. I am a little nervous about ManBan, but until we know it’s serious, I’m going to assume it’s not. I think both he and McAllister, along with Melancon obviously, are going to become big-time bullpen components in the future (though I don’t think Banuelos is out of the running for starting candidates yet). I like the decision to start Slade/JR/Sanchez in EST, since it gives them a chance to get more work in, and players that young usually have so much room for growth that playing in games right away can often delay their development. I was also really impressed with Heathcott’s speed in ST. I do think that if a solid amount of potential translates into performance this year, our farm could be a top 10 or top 12 system next year, so I don’t think it’s a huge weakness.

    The only other concern I have is Jeter. I don’t think he’s in for a huge dropoff any time soon, but unlike Jorge, who has an armada of talented young catchers closing in on him, there don’t appear to be many legitimate SS options either in our minor league system or on the FA market. I don’t know what the current MiLB crop of SS’s is like right now, but I would have to imagine that it would take a pretty big haul to land a good one.

    • pete says:

      I think i forgot that i wrote that 1st paragraph midway through and started writing the same stuff again. sorry ’bout that.

    • Reggie C. says:

      If your going to follow the development of a 2B, follow David Adams. I think the kid swings a ML-caliber bat, and if he can continue to carry over the success from his 2nd half ’09, the FO will have itself a real positional prospect not playing in EST.

      • pete says:

        I am going to follow him, but I’m not overly excited. For one, he’s solid but nothing better defensively at 2B, so he doesn’t appear to be a future solution at short. For another, he has an MLB-caliber bat, but I don’t think he ends up anywhere near Cano/Jeter level. He could be a part of a good trade package, though. I could see us netting a quality SS in the future on a Romine/Adams/Joseph/McAllister package.

  15. Reggie C. says:

    VOTED 8.

    The Vazquez clunker still weighs on my Yankees mind. Vazquez was not bombed to that degree once last season. It was damn disappointing to see him that hittable. But the week yielded more bright spots with CC Sabathia’s 7.2 innings leading the way. Good AJ made for an easy-watching game yesterday.

    No one can gripe about the lineup. Six road games, 4-2 record without instant HR offense from Arod or Teix … surprising and telling that the power is well-distributed.

    • pete says:

      Eh Vazquez mixed in 4 very effective innings in that outing wherein he definitely didn’t look very hittable. I’d chalk it up to a bad day, and not lose confidence in him just yet. As far as the lineup goes, I don’t think its performance thus far was all that surprising, to be honest. Everyone but Alex and Derek is hitting just about as well as we expected them to, and I’m sure A-Rod and Jetes will get hot soon enough.

      I have been pleasantly surprised by Alex’s defense, though. SSS I know, but if he could somehow be above average defensively this year, that would really go a long way. Coming in to this season I expected him to be around -5 and in so doing be our worst defensive regular. If he (and Jeter and Cano and Teix and Swish) can all be at 0 or better, we’ll have a top-10 defensive team, I think. Though Jorge has looked pretty slow behind the plate. Of course, SSS, so who knows. In the end, I’d imagine that we’ll be middle-of-the-pack defensively, which would still be a nice compliment to our league-best offense and top 2/3 pitching staff.

      • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

        Everyone but Alex and Derek is hitting just about as well as we expected

        you expected Tex to go ofer a dozen and a half?

        remind me not to play cards with you :)

  16. larryf says:

    I haven’t watched every inning of every game. Have we thrown anyone out stealing? not counting pickoffs…

  17. Tank Foster says:

    I’m one of the people who always votes fairly low….6.

    I guess my scale is that 5 is an average MLB team.

    I probably rate them too low, but I focus on the “overall future” part of the poll. The key position players are obviously old by MLB standards. The ARod contract is bad, as great a player as he is.

    Montero is obviously going to be a good MLB player. Beyond that….I guess they have some pretty decent minor league pitching prospects.

    As long as Jeter and Rivera continue to defy age, all is well. But I think if you’re going to give a team a grade of “A” in a poll like this (I would consider a rating of 9-10 an A, 7-8 a B, and so on), the minor league situation and the prospect for, say 5 years hence, should be better.

    But maybe you can’t really plan that far in advance. I gave them a C+; by my stated criteria here I guess I should have given them a B. The MLB team is obviously very well constructed right now.

  18. dkidd says:

    i voted 9

    i enjoy watching this team play. cano and swisher look like different (even better) hitters. it’s fun to have above-average defense in the outfield (when was the last time we could say that?) also can’t wait to watch phil hughes every fifth day. only worry is health of the veterans and nj

  19. Bob Stone says:

    I voted 9 again. Damn, I am boring.

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