Fan Confidence Poll: November 21st, 2011

From Cashman, a thought on the new Wild Card
Why we can expect a better OBP from Alex Rodriguez, the sequel

2011 Record: 97-65 (855 RS, 657 RA, 102-60 pythag. record), won AL East, lost to Tigers in ALDS

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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From Cashman, a thought on the new Wild Card
Why we can expect a better OBP from Alex Rodriguez, the sequel
  • ADam

    Niner… Get an arm and Solidify the Bench… will make it a 10

  • Monteroisdinero


    But I also like 12 because that will be Montero’s new # if Chavez doesn’t come back. No # in the 60’s anymore. 12 is also a good # for our DH since it was the # of the first DH (a Yankee) in the history of baseball.

    Ron Blomberg

  • Bob Stone

    Still a 9. Concerned about the roatation for 2012 though. I hope the farm system can produce another gem like Ivan Nova. Dump AJ and I move to 9.5.

  • Bob Stone

    Great baseball trivia question.

    • Bob Stone

      Reply fail.

  • MattG

    Zero. Why haven’t they signed Darvish and Pujols yet?

    Trade Nunez & Cervelli for King Felix and I go to eleven.

  • Cris Pengiucci

    Still at an 8. With the shake up in Boston and TB still not quite looking like they can make that push to make them the best in the division, coupled with the new WC arrangement, I can see the Yankees taking the division (again) in 2012. A solid #2 would put me at a 9. Still looking strong for the long term despite aging players with mucho dinero left on their contracts. On the plus side, only 2 years (at most) left on AJ’s contract.

  • Cross777

    8s and 9s really? This team is a 5. They re-signed the overweight, playoff under-performer CC. And nothing else.

    Man you guys give Yankee fans a bad name.

    Nunez and Cervelli for Felix ? What kind of drugs are you on? Darvish hasn’t posted, and Pujols would play where? (and don’t say DH.)

    • Mike Axisa

      8s and 9s really? This team is a 5.

      Hooray perspective!

    • thenamestsam

      I’d get the old sarcasm detector inspected. Even for the internet those ones were pretty easy to pick up on. Also if you’re a five on this team, I’d like to know your grade for the Orioles for example. If the answer is greater than negative eleventy billion I’m pretty sure it would be out of wack with your Yankees grade.

    • MannyGeee

      not sure if serious.

    • Ted Nelson

      On what scale?

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    8+ as last month, same GM, same rotation, same bullpen, same positional and bench to be determined. When Cashman takes steps to improve the rotation and bench then I can move pass 8+.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Down to a three, I don’t like Cashman’s tone. “Shore up the back end of the rotation” Please. There’s only one reliable starter in the rotation, Nova might be good again, but would anyone be surprised if he threw up 160 IP and 4.4 FIP? I mean, I get he’s gotta say what he’s gotta say, but I get the feeling like they’re going to make the mistake of not making any significant upgrades and roll the dice again.

  • MannyGeee

    as always an 8. nothing has changed (besides ‘ninja Cashman speak’) that makes me believe that this team should be less than an 8.

    If the price is right, we will see a new starter and/or Cuban kid in Pinstripes (not 8/60 for Cespedes or 6/120 for CJ Wilson). If not, stay the course I guess

  • CMP


    I have a bad feeling Cashman is going to sit out the Cespedes and Darvish bidding and is going to fill the rotation from the bargin bin of Garcia’s and Colon’s. It may have worked at least for the regular season last year but expecting lightening to strike twice would be foolish in my opinion.

  • TomH

    I’m a chronic 5. Like a Depression-era kid, who grows up expecting a repeat of 1929 to be a permanent possibility, I expect 1965 to recur, suddenly, without warning, despite annual small-scale improvements. The “fundamentals” were wrong in that the key guys were getting really old, and then they all took a simultaneous nose-dive. The key guys are their two future hall of famers, ARod and Jeter. Issues involving Gardner, Swisher, Martin, are small potatoes. I want to see if Montero is a real-deal replacement for a superstar and if there is to be a serious #2 starter brought in, young and ready to rumble. I have no confidence in a staff dependent on AJ, Freddy, and Bart.

  • Me 2

    I agree with Tom H.

  • Hornets686

    I’d sign Grady Sizemore and Matt Buehrle… then trade Swisher, Nunez, Betances, and Noesi for Matt Cain… and trade Burnett for Chone Figgins.


    thats not a bad starting 5