Winter Meetings Day Four Open Thread

Update: Cubs agree to sign Nate Schierholtz
Hoch: Yankees make offer to Kevin Youkilis
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The Winter Meetings officially come to a close today, and the rumor mill should start to dry up around noon (probably sooner) after the clubs flee the Gaylord Opryland. The two biggest free agents (Zack Greinke & Josh Hamilton) are still on the board and the Yankees haven’t done a thing other than announce Alex Rodriguez‘s new hip injury. Somehow they’re actually going to leave this week with more questions than when it started.

The Rule 5 Draft starts at 10am ET and I’ll have a liveblog up for that, but otherwise this is your thread for various Yankees-related rumblings throughout the day. Here are Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Wednesday’s rumors. All times are ET.

  • 3:49pm: The Yankees have not contacted the Padres about Chase Headley, which is a little surprising. Even though San Diego says he’s off-limits, you’d think they’d at least ask to hear it from the horse’s mouth. [Chad Jennings]
  • 12:06pm: The Yankees spoke to the Mets about R.A. Dickey this week, but apparently they didn’t have the right pieces to swing a trade. I can’t imagine the PR hit the Mets would have taken had they dealt the reigning Cy Young Award winner to the Bronx. [Andy Martino]
  • 10:53am: The Yankees did not inquire on Michael Young because they don’t believe he can handle third base full-time. Can’t say I disagree. [Joel Sherman]
  • 10:49am: Cashman met with reporters during the Rule 5 Draft and said he’s been engaged in trades more than free agents so far. [Chad Jennings]
  • 8:40am: Curtis Granderson is one of five players the Phillies are targeting for their center field opening. It’s unclear if (or how much) the two sides have talked and what Philadelphia could give up in return. [Danny Knobler]
  • 8:00am: Agents who have spoken to the Yankees get the impression that a clamp has been placed on the team’s spending. Brian Cashman is supposedly frustrated by his inability to act and is working with ownership to see what he can spend. This is ridiculous. [Joel Sherman]
  • Veteran infielder Alex Gonzalez is in the team’s mix of third base candidates. The 35-year-old has some pop, but he’s a sub-.300 OBP candidate. Gonzalez is coming off surgery to repair a torn ACL and was considered a strong defender at short, though he’s never played a big league game at another position (even DH). The Yankees need to see him work out following surgery before discussing a contract. [George King]
  • The Yankees are open to discussing Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova in trades. This isn’t that surprising, they’ve always been a team that will listen on pretty much every player. [Andrew Marchand]
Update: Cubs agree to sign Nate Schierholtz
Hoch: Yankees make offer to Kevin Youkilis
  • Knoxvillain

    If I were Cashman, I’d be pissed off too. I’m not the biggest Cash fan, but Jesus Christ. This is ridiculous. It’s irritating but hopefully they have something big in the works.

  • Elginp

    Any chance the Yankees heavily discuss Michael Young with the Rangers?

    • Knoxvillain

      Please no. Can’t field, can’t hit.

    • Laz

      He isn’t very good at this point, and still getting paid a ton of money.

    • jesse

      If they want a well-below replacement level player making $16 million next season, sure.

  • Russ

    Is George Steinbrenner turning over in his grave or what ? The Yankees have no money to spend !

    • jjyank

      MannyGee’s quota has been hit rather early today.

    • Matt

      Move on from the George Steinbrenner would do this, would do that, blah, blah, blah
      Those days are long gone.

  • Mark in VT

    Is it ridiculous? Is it ridiculous that ownership doesn’t want to expand the budget for this season and lower it for next? They would need to exceed $210MM this season to make any moves in this market. It’s not necessarily Cash’s fault that he as a $30MM 3B on the DL, but he help create some of the constraints and now he’s expected to work within them. I can’t blame Cash, but I can’t blame the owners either for wanting to make a budget and stick to it.

    • Knoxvillain

      You have to blame the owners if they insisted on signing A-Rod to that bullshit contract in the first place. This wouldn’t be an issue at all if they did that. Hell, they’d probably be able to sign Greinke or could have signed Upton if it wasn’t for that.

    • Drew

      Hank Steinbrenner is that you?

      All kidding aside, the team as of right now has gotten significantly worse at 3B, C, RF, with a 38 year old SS coming off major ankle surgery. There is no budget for 2013! This is in all likely hood of Mo, and Pettitte’s last year in pinstripes, you gotta go all in in ’13. There is zero reason to cut spending this year unless the Yankees are content with putting an 85-90 win team on the field.

      • Ralph

        Spending in 2013 isn’t the problem. All the players you would want that can truly help this team this year will require spending 2014, 15, 16 dollars on. So you can forget those guys. I guess you can offer Hamilton a 1 yr 30M deal and see if he goes for it, but that just isn’t likely.

        • Doug

          this is it exactly.

          what players of value are you getting to sign for only one year?

        • Drew

          I think at a certain point though, that you have to spend in 2014,2015 to get a quality player. Do you honestly think that the $8.5 from Russell Martin would really hinder the roster that much next year? I am not a huge proponent of signing Youkilis but with what is left of the 3B market I guess I would take him over Reynolds on a 1 year deal.

          I obviously don’t believe signing Hamilton or Grienke to 1 year 30 million contracts is reasonable.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        There is no budget for 2013!

        Apparently, ownership disagrees with you. That’s why Cashman has been unable to make any moves.

        • Drew

          I should have said “there shouldn’t be a 189 budget for 2013.

    • Drew

      Also I don’t have a problem with the team sticking to a budget, unless, you know, the team has an all time high in revenues! I can see Hank doing this with all the $ he saves:

    • Ralph

      Is it ridiculous? I can argue that it might be. Look I want the Yankees to be more efficient, cause I think spending wisely and focusing on development can only help the team. But the Yankees are team that still needs to pick its spots to spend. What is going on right now is just ridiculous. The forcing of getting under luxury tax threshold in 2014 (and it isn’t only 2014, the team needs to stay below that number for 15 and 16 to reap the full benefits of revenue sharing rebate means several years of being frugal) while at the same time making hundreds of millions on the sale of YES, with the potential of hundreds more if they sell of the rest of their stake and knowing they get 85M in a TV deal that grows each year is ridiculous.

      • Drew

        This honestly makes me believe that the Steinbrenner’s intend to sell the Yankees sometime soon. My guess would be 2015.

  • TomH



    I just started a thread on Alex Gonzalez the other day on the YANKS MB.. Not a ideal situation, but my thought process was, we wanna go cheap, and coming off a ACL injury, Gonzo would be that, and also hes a good defender, so even though hes never played 3rd, its same side of field hes used 2, and he should be ok there, and getting up in age, he might eventually need to move there anyhow, and also, hes been on WINNING team before, the 2003 marlins, so he knows what it takes, and hes Righty with some pop, and another veteran presence with expierence in the clubhouse..

    Again, not ideal, but if u fill ur 3rd base hole with him, u got something at 3rd, and u can look harder at ur LF and C issues… maybe check on Josh WIllingham for a Phil Hughes or something like that?

    Signing Gonzo, and AJ, and trading for Willingham woulden’t be a horrible way 2 fill some gaps.

  • Garth asham

    This is total bs sell the team then put the fans through this

  • AdamC6

    I’m fine with a “reversion” to youth and system talent, but you need some veteran bench players….you can’t call kids up and have them sit on the bench all season. They need ABs.

    Might as well tear it all up and start over… Cano and Grandy during the season (if possible) and re-build.

    With the constraints on the payroll and bad contracts on the books, they have to clean house.

    Of course, nothing can be done with the ARod contract hanging on the books for the next half decade.

  • paulc

    about to be done with this whole sham. we are paying the price because hal outbid himself for arod….here to the decline…well done hal….suck it.

    • Doug

      it was hank

  • Jamey

    It may be a good thing that it’s worked out this way. The Yankees front office needs to get together & figure out HOW this budget plan is going to be implemented instead of just THAT it’s happening. I really believe the fact that The Yankees are lowballing (and in some cases not even making an offer like Martin) because of budget reasons is alienating a lot of players & more importantly their agents. Even the guys Cashman has been “in” on for it’s coming across like they get to the point of making an offer & Cashman is suddenly all bidding like they’re broke after years of not necessarily just blowing the competition out of the water, but at least being in the same ballpark with other offers.

    Surely there has to be a happy medium between The Yankees being used to drive up offers & this “Wait a minute, you want MONEY to play baseball for us?!” stuff.

  • BJZ1154

    I saw a tweet by Jon Heyman this morning saying the Phils are interested in Granderson as well as a few other options for CF.

    What would be a reasonable return for the Grandy-Man? Would have to think the Yanks would want young, cost controlled players back. Domonic Brown is the first name that comes to mind, especially since he has fallen out of favor with the Phils.

    • Andrew Brotherton

      I would think if they traded with the Phillies it would be for I’m guessing Tommy Joseph, the catcher that came over in the Hunter Pence trade, Darin Ruf, huge bat that is blocked by Ryan Howard and could play DH next year, and Dominic Brown who has never gotten a real chance in Philly, and could use a change of scenery.

      • Cuso

        you’re not getting ALL of that for Granderson and his one year.

        you might get ONE of those, but even that’s a stretch. More likely will get two or three middling pieces or two middling pieces + Domonic Brown

        • Chris Widger

          I would take Brown. He’s got an awful lot of talent and we need a young athletic outfielder with his power potential. He’d slot nicely into RF. Move Gardner to center, find a cheap LF, and you’ve downgraded a bit but you’re set up fairly nicely for the future.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Agents and Joel Sherman! I’m still not going to believe it’s true until Wally Matthews says it!

    They would have hung themselves if they had to live through the late 80’s and early 90’s.

    • Murderers’ Row Boat

      When the Yankees wanted to spend but no one wanted to come to the Bronx?


    Brewers willing to listen about Corey Hart.. Hes a RF by trade, but should be able to handle the LF job, and also give Tex a day off at 1st base.. Hes a solid hitter, with power as well.. I’d be very intersted if i was the Yanks.. Also, u could use em at DH obviously, and if u resign ibanez, and ichiro, a righty like Hart really comes in handy..

    It’d be great if we could deal for Hart or Willingham..

    • BJZ1154

      It’s not a bad thought to trade for Hart but it’s rumored that he prefers teams that hold Spring Training in Arizona. Although a swap of Hughes for Hart would be a decent one. Yanks get the right handed bat they are looking for and the Brew Crew get the young SP they covet.

      • BillyBall

        Trading Hughes for Hart is not an option and not smart. Hughes would be a stud in the national league and Hart will be a strikeout machine that will play good defense and hit 20hr if healthy. I don’t map that trade, we can find an outfielder that can put up those numbers. Hughes will be gone after this year and will be pitching in the national league putting up Ian Kennedy numbers and we will say where was that when he was a Yankee?

  • Austin Aunelowitzky

    Shoot me now.

    • Dr. Jake Rosenstein

      Coming over right now.

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    “Hey fans, the Steinbrenners here. So while you’re enjoying your $60 tickets, $35 parking, $10 beers, and $15 sandwiches; we’ll be saving millions in payroll tax money. Go Yanks!”

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      Frustrating. But that’s just the way it is unfortunately. They don’t really care about the non-corporate account fan.

      • Captain

        you mean they don’t care about the majority of fans that attend the games?

        • LK

          Until they stop attending, that’s exactly what he means. And I don’t think he’s wrong.

          • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod


            • Captain

              well frankly i think he’s wrong. i go to a bunch of games every year and see nothing that would leave me to believe they don’t care about average fans. but i suppose that doesn’t sound as good on the internet as bs.

              • Jim Is Bored

                Charging what people will pay is pretty basic business strategy.

                • Dr. Jake Rosenstein

                  Yankees don’t care about the 47%.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Honestly? I care more about them paying their fair share to our government, not to Bud Selig, but that’s neither here nor there.

  • Mike

    @BryanHoch: RT/ The Yankees’ offer to Kevin Youkilis is one year at $12M, according to source.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      just read that too. tbh any kind of a 1 year deal is fine if you ask me. They’d overpay but it’s okay. Not too many options for 3B out there, especially if you only want a guy for 1 year.

  • Yank the Frank

    Relax, this free agent class does not fit the current Yankee needs. It’s only December. By ST all this will only have been a bad dream as a competetive defending AL East team will be on the field. We are still the NY Yankees.

  • kenthadley

    Hopefully the 2013 ticket sales will reflect the strategy of the Steinbros. Maybe 2.5 mil attendance this year will get their attention…since the team as it looks to be constituted (weak at C, 3B, RF unless they give up the farm) will have trouble getting to 81 wins. Unless of course Mo, Andy, and Jeets can have resemblances of their career years….who wants that bet at 43, 41, and 39 years of age. The Steins, no matter what they say publicly, are more than willing to take a few years off. Remember, all the money they save, they pocket. Thats what 189 is, their license to keep more money, since it can’t go anywhere into draft, IFA’s, etc. A very frustrating winter.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      They won’t give a crap if attendance goes down, in fact, they’ll probably raise ticket prices.

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

        Just to clarify, this post was made out of sarcastic frustration. If attendance takes a significant hit (key word: significant), they will probably be forced to act. Don’t see it happening though.

  • the Other Steve S.

    Well, there’s also the fact that teams like NYY got shafted with the CBA. When the 189 number came out we were doomed by decisions we made before this was a consideration. MLB should have accommodated these older high-dollar contracts somehow. Maybe assign a value of 13.3 million to any contract over that amount for cap purposes until it ran out.

  • hal54

    Maybe a 20& discount on tickets for AARP members next season

    • TomH

      How about discounting the salaries of all the Yankees’ AARP-type players?

  • Bill

    Its record breaking time in making money in major league baseball and hal is unwilling to spend any more money to improve the team..

    In 2013 look for the cheapest solution in right field, third base and catcher.

    The putting an inferrior team next year but I bet Hal will still raise ticket prices.

    The Yankees are getting outbid by teams like the pirates if Hal heart isnt in winning any more they should sell the team so he could maximize his profits while the team is still competitive.

  • TopChuckie

    I don’t like what’s happening, but I don’t think it’s a “perfect storm”. If they feel they had to sacrifice a season or two (hopefully that’s all they are doing) and not spend in free agency, I actually think this is a good year to be doing it because it’s not like they are missing out on any great free agents or good deals on free agents. In contrast, when the Red Sox made their dump deal and became flush with cash, my attitude was “good luck with that, there isn’t going to be anything available worth spending it on, and the two top talents, Hamilton and Greinke carry great risks, particularly in a town like Boston.” I think that was a lot of our attitudes in the wake of the Red Sox dump, so you can’t have it both ways. You can’t wish your team was spending big in this free agent market while at the same time laughing at your rival because they have the opportunity to spend big but will regret it if they do.

    Also, while I guess they could still retire now and be in the same boat, it’s probably a good thing they got Pettitte and Mo to return and re-sign before it began to look like the Yanks aren’t going to have as competitive a team this season as we are all used to. If I was them, I’m thinking my attitude, optimism, and motivation about ramping it up for another season would be lower now than it was a couple weeks ago.

    Still, you don’t have to be the highest scoring team in the league to win. A more consistent scoring team, with a similar repeat of the pitching performances, and they should still be able to put together a team that can be a factor.

    Also, I don’t want them tearing apart the farm to try to fix this or else they’ll be perpetuating this situation. Try to piece it together with pitching and a spare parts offense for a year or two, and then hopefully start reallocating the money you are saving by having home grown, cost-controlled, position players.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Truth be told, I’m fine with Kepp not coming here.

    I’ve seen this act before:

    Journeyman/platoon player, go to the Rays, have a career year, and go back to sucking afterwards.

    This is also why Yunel Escobar is a lock to hit .300 this year.

  • tipsie

    Just like most, I’d like some position certainty at this point. People need to calm down, though. It’s December 6. They didn’t shell out $37M for three pitchers (all potential “overpays”) to field a non-competitive team in 2013. I haven’t a clue as to what will happen, but I am confident that there will be good NYY baseball in 2013 – continuing the ridiculous consistency we have been privileged with for almost 20 consecutive years.

    • Grit for Brains

      As badly as I want to agree with you the Yankees aren’t operating in a vacumn and the AL East (already baseball’s best division by far) is getting tougher.

  • BallsDeep

    How are the Phillies going to get Michael Young for an average MLB reliever and a low level prospect and Texas will eat half of his salary? HOW??? Little maddening right now. I do not look forward to seeing Easy E Nunez with a glove in his hand next year

    • Captain

      have we really reached the point where people actually want Michael Young on the team over Nunez?

    • Dr. Jake Rosenstein

      How? Cause he sucks really bad. That’s how.

      • BallsDeep

        Young has a higher OPS by @ 70 pts with over 500 more ABs and is not a defensive liability, and can play every position in the infield. Added bonus is it would piss ARod off when he returns.

  • Grover

    A successful day four would include Youkillis and Reynolds getting large multiyear deals from other teams. Stay the course Mr. Cashman and you will look like a genius when most of these overpays are being traded a year from now along with cash for nonprospects.

    • JoeyA

      Nobody is saying these overpays are great deals, but,

      we actually need bodies to man these positions.

  • MB923

    Andrew Marchand ?@AndrewMarchand

    Yankees are listening to offers on Granderson, Hughes and Nova

  • JoeyA

    Every team got rich on TV contracts and Yankees only team to limit spending this offseason. BRILLIANT.

    If they are going to go apeshit in 2015, then id almost rather give the young guys a shot in ’13 & ’14 and not even try posturing for the playoffs.

    Use these 2 years to see what some of these kids got and go for it in 2015.

    Either that or scrap this BS plan

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Not surprised by the 10:49 update. I just hope that don’t rob Peter to pay Paul here. The trade route is fine, but I’d rather the trade route be used to think longer term at some of these positions.

  • Chris Widger

    Bill James has Dom Brown at .274/.347/.445 and 17 homers next season. I would take that and some middling guys close to the majors for Granderson.

  • FLYER7

    What thoughts do people have on an Ichiro/Juan Rivera platoon in either LF or RF with LF or RF being then filled by a fulltime player, ie. no platoon. Also, like thought of Reynolds or Youk at 3B. Either could back Tex at 1B and also DH when and if Arod returns…

  • Mike HC

    These threads should get bumped up when there are updates. It kind of gets lost the lower it gets. Not a big deal either way though

  • BallsDeep

    Youklis fits the 1 year theme of the money purge; as I wrote this Mark Reynolds struck out two more times. I don’t know if I could handle watching him do that walk back to the dugout 250 next year.