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Bad Shelley

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Update: I’m not upset about the dissenting in this post…just wanted to note that a couple of paragraphs got cut out in the middle because I misread a quote attributed to Gomes which I originally has as Shelley’s words. So that kinda took the air out of that balloon.

PeteAbe told us this afternoon that Shelley Duncan slid into Akinori Iwamura with his right spike high. Okay, I thought. No big deal. No, you don’t want your guys taking out other guys’ knees at this time of year, but from the description, it seemed harmless. In fact, I even privately chastised Jonny Gomes for running in from right field. But then I saw this pic:

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

There’s a difference between sliding with your spikes high and sending your sole towards another man’s family jewels (I’ve always loved that euphemism, family jewels). So I pretty much agree with what B.J. Upton said: “Just a flat-out dirty play. Period.”

As if things couldn’t get worse, Tough Guy Gomes ran in from right field:

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

“I probably could have done a lot of things worse, but it is a baseball field and there’s fans and kids watching,” said Gomes. “I just had to let him know, that’s not going to fly with me on the field.”

Yeah, it’s nice to see the players fired up. But this needs to end now. It really should have ended after Heath Phillips drilled Evan Longoria. But since we’re far past that point, we need Girardi and Maddon to jointly say “enough.”

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Kat O’Brien caught up with Shelley Duncan yesterday. He’s doing well working with Tino Martinez at first base and feels great. How great? “I feel wonderful, like a stallion,” he said. That’s pretty great.

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Shelley set for 2008

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After a terrifying bout with a blot clot in his arm, Shelley Duncan says he’s ready to go for the 2008 campaign. This is great news for Duncan, good news for the team, and bad news for the forearms of his teammates.

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You say classless, I say hilarious.

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Shel-ley Dun-can

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