Fan Confidence Poll: June 14th, 2010


Record Last Week: 5-1 (41 RS, 24 RA)
Season Record: 40-23 (355 RS, 252 RA, 42-21 Pythag. record), tied for first in AL East
Schedule This Week: Monday OFF, vs. Phillies (three games, Tues. to Thurs.), vs. Mets (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. Doug says:

    well-timed confidence poll after 6 games with the o’s and stros.

    keeping myself at an 8.

  2. ChrisS says:

    I think that the only real concern I have at this point (in light of Posada’s aches & pains, A-Rod’s hip, Jeter being 36, etc.) is that the guys don’t all get old at once and the Yankees don’t have anyone ready to replace them (though the Yankees look loaded at C for the time-being and every team loves them some young catchers). Other than that, the pitching staff is solid and the offense is still good enough despite the bumps and bruises and day-to-day injuries. Also, two years ago I wouldn’t believe you if you told me that the speedy Brett Gardner not being in the line-up hurts the defense AND offense.

  3. Link says:

    What I love is earlier in the season when the Rays were beating up on the O’s, Royals, etc. everyone talked about how solid they were and whatnot, now the Yanks are getting to beat the lesser teams (after going a respectable 5-5 against Rays/Sox) and everyone is saying well they are just beating up on bad teams lol. I am up from 8 to a 9 with the first place tie.

  4. Joe(sit)ragman says:

    8 ——–For me I wonder how many more times the bench continues to get big hits?? Counting Cervelli as bench. Realizing familiarity breeds contempt, it seems we are doing this well with starting pitching and smoke and mirrors. imo we need help to bring this home

    • pat says:

      I don’t know if you can classify the team currently ranked first in MLB in Runs, BA and OBP as “smoke and mirrors”.

      • steve s says:

        It is a bit strange to look at the production so far (as Pat correctly points out) yet still feel somewhat uneasy (as Ragman does). Some of the unease I have comes from knowing that Cano, Pettitte, Swisher, Gardner, Mo and Hughes’ performances will naturally have to regress a bit but not knowing that Tex, Arod, Posada and Grandy will pick it up (either due to continued injury problems or continued under expectation performances although the best bet to pick it up significantly is Tex). So I remain at an 8 but a hesitant 8 and I don’t get a great feeling about playing over .500 for the next 12 games (3 Phi, 3 Mets and then at Ari and Dodgers 3 each on road).

    • whozat says:

      That “help” should come in the form of Tex, ARod and Jorge hitting like they’re supposed to.

  5. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Everyone in the minors seems to be getting healthy. Dellin Betances is back, Brett Marshall has started 2 EST games, Manny Banuelos is throwing again. Draft wise, the Yankees took a lot of upside bullpen arms and added a lot of athletism to the system. Despite being a hit with a rash of minor injuries the big club is in 1st. Arguably, the worst starter for the Yankees right now is CC. Repeat for emphasis, arguably, the worst starter for the Yankees right now is CC.

    I’m so much a 10 right now, that I should put my hair in braids and run down a beach.

  6. Reggie C. says:

    Still a 7.

    Sweeping the Stros is a nice way to cap the weekend, but c’mon, its the Stros. Hughes’s melt down was a nagging disappointment that might indicate fatigue. Arod’s hip issues arent getting nearly enough attn, and with Teix still maddening inconsistent (srsly, whining over a hbp that grazed his foot!), the offense is missing real bite.

    The Yankee scouting corps has been pulling double duties in defending is Culver selection. I wonder if a Matt Lipka selection (next SS selected) wouldve drawn similar criticisms.

  7. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    Still at an 8, where I’ve been since Joba was banished to the bullpen (I was at 9 before that).

    Giving Gaudin a roster spot doesn’t help. What are Melancon, Sanchez, and even, gasp, Albaledejo for?

  8. Pete says:

    9. Jorge’s back, A-Rod, Tex, and CC are all bound to start playing like themselves sooner or later, and as Hughes is coming back to earth, Javy’s coming around. I also really liked our draft overall, with a lot of athletic up the middle talent coming in. Hopefully a decent chunk of that talent (and by decent chunk I mean two or three players) pans out (by pans out I mean turn into Yankee-caliber starting players). I feel like we now have a lot of high-upside, high-risk position player talent that evens out the high-upside high-risk pitching and catching talent that we’ve got in the low minors.

  9. Mike HC says:

    This is clearly the best team in baseball. Confidence 10.

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