If Alex leaves, we will be compensated

Just read this bit over at Pete Abraham’s blog. It appears that should A-Rod opt out of his contract, the Yankees could (and by that, I mean will) offer him arbitration, thereby receiving a first rounder and a sandwich pick.

There has been much talk about this, and many people referred to the clause in Alex’s contract that says a team cannot offer him arbitration after the deal expires. Apparently — and this comes from Abraham via Brian Cashman himself — that clause does not apply for this opt-out years. It makes you wonder why the Dodgers didn’t offer Drew arbitration (or did Boras stick a “no arbitration” regulation in Drew’s opt-out clause?).

I’ll believe this for now, since it comes from Cashman. However, should it prove wrong, we might want to consider who we have running our baseball operations.

NYT: Edwar on the way back up

Tempting to joke about Edwar taking the D train (Get it? Because his name has no D. HAH!), instead, I’ll just tell you that Tyler Kepner reported today on the Yanks’ plans to recall Ramirez as early as today. My guess is that Jeff Karstens of the 8 ER in 6.1 IP recently will be on the next bus to Scranton when Ramirez arrives in Cleveland.

Two days; two doubleheaders; four wins for Scranton

Triple-A Scranton (4-2 win over Pawtucket in Game 1)
Brett Gardner: 1 for 4, 1 K
Bronson Sardinha: 2 for 3, 1 2B, 1 BB
Alberto Gonzalez: 1 for 2, 1 BB, 1 K
Eric Duncan: 1 for 2, 1 HR, 1 BB, 1 K
Wil Nieves: 0 for 3 — .194/.212/.194 since returning to Scranton. Good to see things haven’t changed
Steve White: 6 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 5 K
Edwar: 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K — and yet…

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Betances hopes to return to SI soon

We’ve got, courtesy of loyal reading Marc Resnick, a Dellin Betances sighting. According to an article a PinstripesPlus.com (subscription required), Betances is set to throw a bullpen session today and hopes to return to Staten Island before the season ends in a few weeks. Hopefully, my unfounded idle speculation surrounding the state of his elbow is just incorrect musings of a wondering mind.

Please, for the love of our bullpen, call up Edwar and Britton

Triple-A Scranton (4-0 win over Pawtucket in Game 1)
Brett Gardner: 0 for 2, 1 BB, 1 K
Bronson Sardinha: 0 for 3, 1 K — that’s not how you respond to a promotion, Bronson
Erubiel Durazo: 0 for 2, 1 BB, 2 K — back to shit after Giambi leaves
Alberto Gonzalez: 2 for 3 — drove in three of the four runs
Eric Duncan: 0 for 3 — a buddy of mine calls him El Busto. I’m having a hard time disagreeing
Wil Nieves: 0 for 2
IPK: 6 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 9 K — Pawtucket…they have this guy named Buchholz…and he might not be any better than IPK
Chris Britton: 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 K — pleas swap Britton and Karstens ASAP

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