Papelbon to the rotation…NOT!!!

So now the Sawx pen will blow all those leads in the 8th instead of the ninth.

That sound you hear is Peter Gammons scurrying to his keyboard to write about how this makes the Sawx unbeatable. Either that or Paps rotator cuff and labrum beginning to tear…

Update by Ben: While ESPN’s Spring Training broadcast may have broken the news, guess who was hard at work blogging about Paps’ return to the ‘pen? Who needs the reporters when we’ve got the players blogging?

Fantasy gamble pays off

Phew. Kinda looked like he’d be headed to AAA for a while.

Whaddaya think, does he have a shot at winning College Player of the Year, Minor League Player of the Year, and Rookie of the Year in 3 consecutive years? What about MVP in the 4th year? That’d be one hell of a thing.

(hat tip to TPA)


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How did Igawa do last night?

Last week, it sounded like I was going to jump off a bridge following Kei Igawa’s unimpressive start. A few commenters talked me off the ledge, but I remain skeptical of his ability to hold down even a back of the rotation job in the majors.

Furthering my obsession with Igawa, I decided to detail his outing last night. I was going to go pitch-by-pitch and describe what I thought of each, but that seems a little too overboard. Maybe I’ll do that for a regular season game once, but not for a Spring Training start.

Keep in mind that he’s kept the ball up in the zone all spring, which is going to turn into an enormous problem sooner or later (and likely sooner). Let’s see if he made any adjustments this time around.

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Another Alex trade rumor

I try not to give much consideration to such rumors, but I thought I’d throw this out there for you all to digest (since Angels fans are already talking about it). Anaheim is one of the oft-reported destinations for Alex Rodriguez should he opt out of his contract at the end of the year. According to Halos Heaven, we may not have to wait that long. They’re reporting that the two teams could perform an early-season swap:

Stoneman and Cashman have reportedly agreed on a three-tier wait-and-see:

1. Audition Moseley

2. See if the boo-birds flock on A-Rod and how Boras then responds to a trade proposal (as Rodriguez can ultimately veto it)

3. Assuage Boras by adding Jered Weaver to the deal, as WTY in Yankee Stadium = Visions of future big bucks to tempt Scott B.

4. Yankees get Weaver, Moseley and Jose Molina for A-Rod.

First off, I don’t buy into this scenario at all. Why would the Angels give up Weaver if they can have Alex AND Jered next season? The only reason would be that they think their pitching is good enough without Weaver, and that Alex is the missing piece to their World Series quest. I’m not familiar with the inner workings of the Angels, but by knowing their roster, I’m not quite sure this is the year for them.

Second, why would Cashman trade his only right-handed power bat for Weaver, Moseley, and Molina? Jered has had one good season, and could certainly falter in the future, especially under the bright lights of Yankee Stadium (need I even mention his brother at this point?). I’m unsure why Moseley would be even remotely attractive as a trading chip. Sure, he’s had a good spring (1.98 ERA), but what are you going to trust, 13.2 spring innings, or a minor-league track record littered with 4.50+ ERAs at the AAA level? Finally, while Molina is an adequate backup catcher, he sure doesn’t fill the hole Alex’s bat would leave in the lineup.

No, no, no, that won’t do at all. I understand that the Yankees risk getting nothing for him after the season (though, if he opts out, he’s a free agent…the Yanks would get a first-rounder out of it, right? Mike, I’m looking at you.). But to trade Alex for that proposed package would do serious damage to their chances in 2007. Beyond losing significant power, the question remains of who the hell would play third base?

The strangest part of all is that the few commenters on this post, for the most part, don’t want to execute the deal. Understand that if (biiiiig if) the Angels were to acquire Alex, an extension would surely be the price of him waiving the no-trade clause. Hypothetically, the Angles would acquire one of the best hitters in the history of the game (and the best third-baseman or shortstop in the American League) for a young pitcher with one good year under his belt (and who is currently battling injury) and a load of dog shit.

My question to you, our loyal readers: would you pull the trigger? If so, I’d like to hear some arguments. I just can’t see risking the 2007 season, especially when the Yanks don’t look to have even a replacement-level player to man third base should Alex depart.

Hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors.