Fan Confidence Poll: May 31st, 2010

Yanks rally in seventh for comeback win
2010 Draft: Baseball America's Mock Draft v2.0

Record Last Week: 4-2 (32 RS, 28 RA)
Season Record: 30-20 (278 RS, 209 RA, 32-18 Pythag. record), 3.5 games back
Schedule This Week: vs. Indians (one game, Mon.), vs. Orioles (three games, Tues. to Thurs.), @ Blue Jays (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Yanks rally in seventh for comeback win
2010 Draft: Baseball America's Mock Draft v2.0
  • AndrewYF

    Holding steady at a 9. Hughes still looks awesome, Cano looks like he’s now an elite player, an Utley-lite, and the Yankees have some damn good hitting prospects dominating AA.

    Obviously the bullpen is a problem, but if your biggest problem is your middle relief, then you’re likely in pretty good shape.

    • Nostra-Artist

      Agree completely. It would take a slew of major injuries to get me anywhere near 7. This team is just too stacked, and Alex and Tex have yet to really get going. Good times ahead.

      • whozat

        Really? I dunno, I guess I take the longer view. I feel pretty good about the 2010 yankees, between an 8 and a 9. But that’s not the question…it’s about long-term. They’ve gotten themselves to a point where they HAVE to commit huge dollars to an aging shortstop and a 40 year old reliever, potentially hamstringing their ability to bring in a legit corner OF. Their third baseman is 35 and signed for 7 more years, and they’re locked up at first for that whole time. Despite having an aging SS and 3B, the best fill-in they have can’t hit for anything. They turned Joba from, at minimum, a prime trade chip into an inconsistent middle reliever and have shown nothing resembling a plan for developing young pitching.

        So that’s how I wind up at a 7

        • AndrewYF

          So Phil Hughes now doesn’t count as ‘developing young pitching’?

          • whozat

            There really weren’t any challenges with “developing” hughes, except for some injury hurdles. They kinda just advanced him year over year. Developing Joba required them to figure out a plan and execute it, which they didn’t do.

        • Pete

          all legitimate concerns of course, but consider this: The yanks currently have three outfielders under the age of 30, covering all three positions. Two of them, while not quite all-stars, are already excellent players who hit for power, take walks, and play solid defense. The third plays good to spectacular defense, is one of the faster runners in the league, and thus far appears to have enough hitting ability to get on base at a clip that can maximize his speed and make him a positive asset on offense, complimenting his aforementioned stellar defense.

          In the infield, we have a top-5 hitter at each position right now. Our right side consist of two solid fielding in-their-prime elite players, and our left side consists of two aging hall of famers. Certainly, those two can be expected to decline for the next several years, but to what degree? I would imagine that a couple of years down the road, we’ll have one of the worst defensive left sides (of the infield) in baseball, but it will probably still be among the very best offensive left sides, and the right side will still be Cano and Teix.

          I will agree that, while it’s nowhere near impossible for Joba to rebound to become his former self, it’s unlikely enough that it appears that that particular asset has been largely squandered, whether at the fault of the team or not. That being said, Phil Hughes, while unlikely to continue at the pace he’s currently pitching at, looks like he’s fully ready to take on MLB hitters as a starter, which gives us the top-flight young pitcher that Joba was supposed to be. Would it have been better to have Joba at the level he was at in 2008? Sure, but even without him, we’ve got Hughes, Sabathia, and Burnett, none of whom figures to become a major detriment to the team barring some unforeseen catastrophe.

          Also, regarding money, I don’t see any way that Jeter and Mo don’t take some kind of pay cut, considering their respective ages and positions, and Alex’s salary starts to go down soon. Obviously, we won’t have $50-100 million to spend every offseason, but I think there’s enough money and intelligence in the front office to maintain a quality major league product for the foreseeable future. Will we have rosters as strong as the ones we’ve had going into 2009 and 2010 (which is to say, pre-Wang suckitude, and pre-Javy suckitude, respectively) every year? Of course not, but those were spectacularly strong teams on paper. Nevertheless, I’d be surprised if they miss the playoffs more than once, maybe twice over the next decade. I know they’re the Yankees, but would a team that figures to make 8 or 9 of the next 10 postseasons really only merit a confidence level of 7?

          • whozat

            Re: The OFers

            Swisher and Granderson are very good players that they have for another year or two. What then? The next OFer on the horizon in the system is Heathcott. Fewer and fewer impact players are reaching free agency in their prime. Will they have the money to go after Crawford this offseason? Gardner plays good D, yes, but I think you’re overrating him. He still takes bad routes to balls sometimes, but he’s certainly better than average. He had a hot April with the bat, but I still have my concerns over his ability to get on base long-term. Two months does not outweigh everything that went before it.

            Re: The IFers

            I’m not worried about Robbie or Tex. On defense, I think ARod and Jeter will be a consistent net negative from this year on out. I can definitely see scenarios in which Jeter’s offense deteriorates in a hurry. It will really only take one leg injury to do it. Though I can also see scenarios in which he holds on to more of his value. The concern here, for me, is their age and complete lack of insurance in the system. The dropoff is ENORMOUS from either one of these guys to his expected replacement, and no one good is going to come to NY to back them up, because they play every day and there are no ABs to be had.

            Re: the pitching

            Well, they’re going to have to extend CC to keep him in NY after 2011. That’ll be a big chunk of change. They’ll also have to sign at least one new starter for 2011, if not two. Making Joba not a starter is a big part of that. They also kind of need a LFer, and…

            Re: the money

            Neither Jeter nor Mo is taking a discount from their current salary. To even offer them a discounted contract would be so widely slammed as a disgrace that the organization. Thus, they’ll need to make any and all upgrades with the money coming off the books…which is vazquez and NJ’s. And that’s it.

            I guess, essentially, I’m more bearish on their ability to stay healthy than you are, and I’m also concerned that big “respect” contracts will leave them hard pressed to replace guys who depart (Swish, Granderson, Pettitte) without spending even more money.

  • Jake H

    Back to an 8 after a 7 the previous week. That lost on Sat was terrible but yesterday’s win helped.

  • brockdc

    Still 8. Cano is raking, Jeter seems to be finding his stroke, Hughes is steadily developing into the SP many of us thought he could be, and A.J. is two-seamering his way toward an excellent season. My biggest concerns right now are age, bloated contracts, and the volatile bullpen (a contradiction in terms, I know). Pursuing a reliever on the trade market seems like somewhat of a redundancy, since relievers themselves are so unpredictable. I’d rather they bring up some talent from the minors, i.e. Nova or Melancon.

  • Nostra-Artist

    I would like to request that anyone who voted below 6 identify yourself, and kindly provide us with your rationale for your vote. There’s only 7 of you guys so far, so it won’t take over the whole thread.

    • ultimate913

      They’re called trolls. You should avoid them.

      (I haven’t voted yet so don’t point fingers)

    • JMK

      Yea, totally agree with Artisteve here. I can see a seven (there are concerns with any business, even one as successful as the Yanks in their industry) but a 5 or lower? That makes no sense.

      There’s no reasonable indication that a team with capable management, ownership willing to spend $200 mil. on a team, good young players, some possible impact players in the farm should be a 5 or lower. I’m concerned about the state of some contracts but the team can afford to pay above-market rates for some players. Not that you want to see it happen, but it’s a necessary evil.

      You just trollin’ if you vote a 2 or 3.

    • yankXfan

      I voted ‘2’ because I can’t see our starting pitching holding up, especially with it being supported by a starter who pitched 166 innings the last 3 years combined and the aged Pettitte. I’m also not buying Gardner as an everyday OF, nor Granderson, for that matter. And Jeter, Arod and Posada seem to be finally regressing. And then there’s all those bloated contracts that will surely limit acquiring new talent: What to do with Arod?

      If I were a smart Yankee fan, I’d consider this a bridge season to very dark times. Just sayin…

      • pat


      • bexarama

        I’m also not buying Gardner as an everyday OF, nor Granderson, for that matter.

        AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA what??? Explain.

        How is Posada regressing when he’s, you know, on the DL, and his stats were amazing before that?

        • JGS


        • yankXfan


          48 vs LH starters. Actually, I’d be willing to bet Russo has already taken his AB vs LHP.


          • Steve H

            While there are some valid concerns (as with any team) voting a 2 for this team is straight trolling.

  • Stryker

    things were a bit of a downer in the last few weeks – bad relievers, bad starting pitching, injuries galore…the lineup looks and feels a hell of a lot different with granderson in it and posada will be coming back sooner rather than later which will give the lineup even more flexibility.

    the only thing i’m really concerned about is the middle relief. joba is a VERY frustrating case right now. i know most here want to see him get the roy halladay treatment but, thinking realistically, i don’t think we’ll see a demotion. he’s one of girardi’s circle of trust relievers and, arguably, the best reliever (stuff-wise) that the yankees have. i think we’re more likely to see him come in during low leverage situations in an attempt to get him right.

    • JGS

      And yet, if the Yankees win today, they will have won both series this week and have an easy patch of schedule ahead.

      Middle relief is a concern for every team. For what it’s worth, the Yankees relief corps has contributed -0.3 WAR (becomes -0.8 if you take Mo out). That’s not very good, but consider that Tampa’s non-Soriano relief corps is only at +0.2

      Also, Arizona’s entire pen (Qualls included) is at an incredible -4.1

  • rek4gehrig

    Voted 8. They fix the BP, I up it to a 9

  • Bob Stone

    I’m still at 9. No reason to change up or down despite some very good arguments made here by Whozat and AndrewYF.

    I am not as concerned as Whozat about the potential bloated contracts of aging players like Jeter, Mo and A-Rod. I also do not worry about the internal replacements for those three. Even though it’s getting harder to pick up young talent as other teams lock up potential stars earlier and earlier, the Yankees have the front office smarts and money to do what is necessary to have top caliber players at every position.

    The only reason I am not at 10 is that there is always some uncertainty about the future. BUT . . . I like what I am seeing overall long and short term.