Fan Confidence Poll: December 19th, 2011

Mailbag: How much for A-Rod, the free agent?
Hoping For A Homegrown Outfielder In 2013

2011 Record: 97-65 (855 RS, 657 RA, 102-60 pythag. record), won AL East, lost to Tigers in ALDS

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
Mailbag: How much for A-Rod, the free agent?
Hoping For A Homegrown Outfielder In 2013
  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    F Yu. Get Kuroda. I’m down to a 7, first time below 8.

    • The Golden Thong

      FU Kuroda. You’re nothing more than a NL West driven fantasy. See also Derek Lowe.

  • bklyn

    Budget conscious Yankees… me no likey

    • Monteroisdinero

      Monteroisdinero for the next few years’ budget. me likey


      We will make the post season and by then, Manny B or someone else from within may very well step up for peanut$.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        I kinda agree with you on this. I was tempted to drop to a 7, as this may be a transition year, but the option of signing Kuroda still exists. I’ll stay at an 8 for now. Regardless of how this off-season and season turn out, the organization is still in excellent shape long term, under Cashman and the Steinbrenners.

        • The Golden Thong

          Except Kuroda is a 4/5 in the AL East. He’s league average outside of facing the Pirates and Astros.

          FU Cash-man. Pinching pennies while blowing wads on the Pavanos, Burnetts, and Igawas of the world.

          Those of you hoping for a top-flight pitcher from the farm: Keep dreaming. It’s never happened under Cash-man’s watch.

          • BigDavey88

            “FU Cash-man. Pinching pennies while blowing wads on the Pavanos, Burnetts, and Igawas of the world.”

            Trolls gonna troll.

            • The Golden Thong

              Add up the outlays from Pavano, Burnett, and Igawa and what you got?

              He famously said they weren’t going to do that. They were going to develop their own. How’s that working out?

              P.s. The funny thing about people named Big Dave? They’re compensating. I bet you drive a Miata too.

              • BigDavey88

                “Add up the outlays from Pavano, Burnett, and Igawa and what you got?”

                Pavano and Igawa have been irrelevant to this team for over 5 years. What do they have to do with the team now? Stop bringing them up. And you act like no other GM in baseball has ever made a mistake – At the time, the Pavano signing was the right move. Igawa didn’t work out at all – a legit gripe. Burnett contributed to a 2009 World Series. Is he terrible now? Yes, but the contract wasn’t for nothing. Let’s keep hiding behind the benefit of hindsight in our arguments though. It’s easy, right?

                “He famously said they weren’t going to do that. They were going to develop their own. How’s that working out?”

                Okay… Ian Kennedy was involved in a trade for what turned out to be an MVP candidate in center field this season. Joba Chaimberlain was rolling along just fine in the bullpen until the injury. I guess his career is over though, right? Because we have to DOOOOOOOOOOM all over everything all the time. Phil Hughes, at 25, is done too. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

                “P.s. The funny thing about people named Big Dave? They’re compensating.”

                Would you like me to copy and paste a direct url to the ESPN Yankee message boards or can you handle that yourself?

                P.s. The funny thing about people that feel the need attack someone via a commenting handle? They’re usually angsty high-schoolers or angsty adults that have never mentally left high school and use personal attacks to hise the fact that they can’t put together legitimate arguments. See what I did there, I can be an asshole too.

                “I bet you drive a Miata too.”

                I’m 23, not 55, and my real name is Chris. You don’t know me, kid.

  • CMP


    Cashman seems content to go into the season with the same rotation as last year and I just don’t think it’s going to be good enough especially considering they’re very unlikely to get as lucky again as they did with Garcia and Colon.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    No Yu :(
    No Yo :(
    Soler is a question, as is Rivero.
    Daytona is not that sunny right now.

  • Plank

    6 again.

    Jeter, Arod, and Mariano are a week older. No more possibility of getting Darvish (well technically…) I’m not confident in Teixeira. The rotation has Burnett and Hughes in it.

    The rest of the roster is all good in my book. Still currently one of the better teams in baseball.

    • Plank

      Oh yeah, and the second biggest negative after the age and length of contract of the left side of the infield is the rumored slashing of the payroll they are going to experience.

      • Gonzo

        Do you get the feeling that they are walking a fine line between waiting for the kids (mostly pitchers) and expecting “good” production from its aging stars?

        • Plank

          Yeah, and while possible, I think it’s unlikely for both of those things to happen. I hope it does, though.

          • Gonzo

            Yeah, I kind of get that feeling too. I guess they could be using next year’s pitching crop as a net for the kids. Maybe even the July trade market if there is overall decline in expecations from the kids.

            I wonder if they have a net if the aging stars decline further.

            • Plank

              I hate to even think about it, but it’s possible that both bad scenarios play out. If the Yankees want to get under the threshold, they need two or three good starters, not just MLB caliber, but playoff team caliber out of:

              Banuelos, Betances, Phelps, Warren, Mitchell, and Noesi plus having Nova continue as he did this year.

              That seems…unrealistic.

              On the aging players side, I’ve said it before, but Jeter is old, Arod is old, Teixeira is at the age when decline starts to show. Ouch.

              • Gonzo

                At least you can tell AJ/Hughes/etc… that they’ve been replaced by a trade acquisition. You can’t really tell Jeter or A-Rod that.

                • Plank

                  And if they do that (trade to upgrade a position player) they will either be adding payroll (they said they’ll do the opposite) or trade away young pitching (which they need in order to maintain their current level of performance.)

  • Kevin

    There was really nothing better out there worth overpaying or giving up the farm for.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      +1. And, trade possibilities still exist. As we all know, the roster in April isn’t necessarily the roster in October, especially with pitchers.

    • The Golden Thong

      BS. Darvish was worth paying for, especially since half the price doesn’t count. Hell, CJ Wilson and Mark Buerhle are upgrades over the slop they currently have. Two starters don’t cut it. Hughes and Burnett are nothing to count on. Garcia is as likely to fall apart as to contribute, again.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        Darvish was worth it? We don’t even know what his contract will look like. He may have been worth taking a chance on, but only time will tell if he was worth it.

        Not knowing what the Yankees saw (or didn’t see) in Wilson, I am surprised they didn’t at least speak with him. For what he signed for, he might have been worth it. I am a bit surprised there.

        Best guess is the organization has a plan and these 2 for various reasons didn’t fit into it. 2, 3 or more years from now, we’ll either be looking at it and either saying how smart they were or they’ll be spending more money. Can’t beleive they’ll pinch pennies and put a poor team on the field. Something will change.

  • Jimmy

    This payroll thing is disturbing. That they would tie up all of that salary on just a few players and then decide to limit payroll on the rest of the team is either insincere or not well-planned. From the outside, it looks like a knee-jerk reaction to the new CBA.

    • The Golden Thong

      Exactly. Teixeira’s contract was an obvious mistake when he signed it. He wasn’t even Giambi on his way into it, and look how that turned out. A very good player signed for two or three years too long. Now they’re stuck with a rapidly aging 1B when it’s the easiest position on the diamond to replace. At least A-Rod still plays defense at a premium defensive position, when he’s healthy.

      They’re one pulled hammy from CC away from 3rd or 4th place. But they’ll still be spending $200M!!!111!!!

      • YanksFan

        Except it’s not true. Tex is one of the better 1B out there TODAY. While he’s overpaid, it’s not an albatross.

        CC gets hurt it would suck, but they could still win. They have a top 2 offense and one of the better pens. I will not like their WS chances but they will still be playoff caliber.

        You, like always, are not really looking at the competition and the flaws that ALL teams have.

  • vinny-b

    given the CBA, very uncertain.

    if these were stocks, would definitely be selling. Not buying


  • MannyGeee

    No Darvish, CJ Wilson or Felix Hernandez?

    Where the fk are the negative #s on your poll!!!!!!

    OK seriously, an 8 again. the rest of the division is getting weaker (save for Toronto if they get Yu and a bat, which might push them to 85 wins) and they seem to be in lock-step with their short term goals of being competetive and long-term vision of getting the farm involved in Big League Roster Construction.

    • The Golden Thong

      Yeah, no. TB isn’t getting weaker. The Sox still have a better rotation and a better offense, despite how 2011 ended. And Toronto is clearly ready to make a move with great young talent.

      • BigDavey88


      • YanksFan

        Of what is this Boston rotation that you speak? Their number 3 doesn’t pitch more than 170 innings, like ever. Who’s their 4 or 5? Let alone their 6, 7 & 8 which killed them last season.

        Who’s in Boston’s pen? No Paps but Melancon to replace him? No Bard if he’s moving into the rotation?

        Where is TB’s offense?

        All teams have flaws, try looking at some of the others for a change.

    • Plank

      How have the Rays gotten weaker? They have the same team as last year plus Matt Moore.

  • John Ya Ya

    New CBA, players one year older, possible payroll slashing combined with humongous long term contracts, looming international draft, starting pitching staff questionable after C.C.. Gotta drop ’em to a 7 this time.

  • Monteroisdinero

    For all the panic spenders out there, how was that Phillies/Red Sox WS in 2011? It was a lock. They shouldn’t have even played the season.

    Yanks were a hit away from the ALCS.

    There is reason to be optimistic as well.

    • Plank

      There is ambiguity in the polling. I’m optimistic for the next year, maybe 2, but long term is a different situation unless they do something to prevent it from happening. Staying the course and slashing payroll isn’t going to help an aging team get better in the long run.

      • The Golden Thong

        They’ve supposedly been doing something to prevent it since 2005. How are the Big Three working out? The one starter is in another organization. The reliever they completely killed his development and then his arm. And now the Coach’s Son gets another season to showcase his straight fastball.

        • Mike Axisa

          Geez, we just can’t get rid of you.

          • Cris Pengiucci

            Weel, I’m sure you can, but all he’s doing is being annoying. At least he’s staying on topic. :-)

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Haven’t heard the Coach’s son remark in a while.

          • pat

            I thought Dante Bichette JR was the coaches son now.

      • Paul VuvuZuvella

        Well, guess there really are 2 sides of everything (you know, Yin/Yang.) I’m not optimistic for the next Year or 2. Once ManBan and Dellin are established in the rotation and over their growing pains by 2014, I think Yanks have a shot. Alex will be a Full Time DH by then (and probably productive too) and there is plenty of time to get/stay young at other positions.

        • Gonzo

          I wouldn’t count on Dellin or ManBan just yet. Weren’t people penciling in Brackman for 2012 this time last year?

          • The Big City of Dreams

            Joba and Hughes were suppose to anchor the rotation along with CC. So you’re right we can’t start penciling guys in just yet.

      • YanksFan

        Long term they’ve got a top tier farm system. Long term where is the Bosox farm? Long term will Tampa be able to keep ALL their stars.

        I mention those 2 b/c that is who the NYY have to beat to win their division. If you want to include WC do you really like LA of Orange County? Anyone in the central?

        • Plank

          The Yankees are relying on their farm to produce 3 starters out of Banuelos, Betances, Warren, Phelps, Mitchell, and Noesi, plus counting on Nova and CC to maintain.

          Unless they count on getting a starter for the minimum another way other than the farm, that’s what they are looking at since they are claiming they want to be at 189MM for 2014.

          Are you comfortable claiming 3 of those guys will give you that plus Nova?

          I’m not.

          • YanksFan

            There are always trades to be made. Don’t look at just the NYY but what their competition also has to offer.

            For the NYY counting on some of those guys IS better than what Boston has to count on.

            For the NYY counting on Montero/Cano is better than TB having Longoria/Jennings.

            • Plank

              Any trade that is worthwhile to make will take away the starting pitching in the minors that they are relying on to stay under that 189MM threshold.

              The Yankees have a better farm system, but the Red Sox didn’t allegedly make a pledge to slash payroll by 30MM.

  • David, Jr.

    I dropped to 8 for the first time in a long time.

    To me, it isn’t the 189M, which is a huge number. It is the composition of it that bothers me. You will have 153M of that concentrated into 8 players, assuming the obviously picked up options for Cano and Granderson. That leaves only 26M for seventeen roster spots.

    They are kind of stuck. They certainly can’t trade young and cheap for older and even somewhat expensive, because that would accentuate their payroll composition.

    If all goes perfectly, they will be good. However, I am more scared than I have been in a long time. An injury to CC could mean third or fourth place.

    • thenamestsam

      I’m still at a 7, but thinking of going down to a 6, for essentially the reason you stated–uncertainty. This team has great upside, but of the teams of the last 15 years I think this one may have the lowest floor. There are so few players in their prime, and so many who are either too old or too young.

      To be clear I still expect them to be very good. My expectation for next year would be about 92 wins and a playoff berth, but for the first time in a long time I don’t think 4th place is out of the question.

      • Plank

        For position players, they have a lot of players in their prime. If you consider 26-31 prime, then Cano, Gardner, Granderson, Swisher, Martin, and Teixeria are all in their primes. Montero hasn’t reached his prime yet. That’s a lot.

        For pitchers, they have CC, Nova, Hughes (I know, I know) all in their primes. For the bullpen, they have almost everyone outside of Mariano in their primes.

        • thenamestsam

          I was thinking in terms of more than just years. Cano, Gardner Granderson and Swisher I’ll give you, although I expect Granderson to be more of the ~4 WAR player he has been in the past than the monster of last year. Both Martin and Tex are still the right age, and I wouldn’t rule out a bounceback from Tex, but I think their best seasons are behind them.

          Among the pitchers I’d say both Hughes and Nova have more to prove before I’d consider them to be in their best years. My main point was that a complete collapse seems within the realm of possibility to me, and Hughes and Nova being more #5 starters than #3 is definitely a part of that worst case scenario.

          The bullpen seems rock solid, but bullpens are weird. Anyway my main (potential) concerns are the lineup and the rotation.

          • Plank

            Russ Martin will be 29 next year. He was born in 1983. Why do you think his best days are behind him?

      • Bavarian Yankee

        “There are so few players in their prime, and so many who are either too old or too young.”

        I’d say anybody in the lineup but Jeter, A-Rod and Montero are in their prime (prime years that is). Who’s too old? Jeter, A-Rod, Burnett and Mo, all the other guys are in their 20s or barely in their 30s. I won’t complain about players that are too young, that’s a bit ridiculous imo. There are only good and bad players, I really don’t care how old they are tbh.

        Bullpen looks very good, only the rotation is a bit shaky. I can’t complain tbh, get another quality starter and we should be fine in 2012.

        • thenamestsam

          The too-young players I was referring to is the crop of young to AAA starters (Hughes, Nova, Noesi, Warren, Phelps, ManBan, Betances) from whom they’ll hopefully get at least 2 good starters going forward. I do think it’ll happen eventually, but right now they’re counting on that group to handle at least 2 rotation slots (more with an injury).

          If things go bad (and again we’re talking worst case scenarios here) I could see them going very bad.

  • David, Jr.

    Also, this is astonishingly boring. It is hardly worth reading anything about them anymore. Their total revenue from all sources is 825M, and this is like following the Minnesota Twins.

  • theyankeewarrior


    Admittedly a little impatient as we sit around for months with no word or sign that we are even in talks with a potential upgrade to the pitching staff.

    Actually, I’m more than a little impatient. I’m freaking upset about it. But whatevs, I guess it’s better than signing a bum for 5 years.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Nothing in this hot stove season has changed to make my confidence go up or down. The Yankees being more conservative in their spending( they are high end budget) is something I support. Being a proponent of building from within when possible. Darvish is just too expensive with the posting fee and contract considered.

    It was mentioned that the Yankees are walking a fine line when hoping the left side of the IF holds up while we wait for the kids in AAA to make their presence known is so true. It could blow up in our faces with injuries or poor performances from any of the eight positional starters. You need luck to win the WS. First is good health. Second career season by one or two positional players. Solid pitching is another. Its a crap shoot from the hot stove decisions to the end of game 162. But as of 12/19/11, I’ll take our chances right now and hope for some late arriving package come January 15 or later. The package will be secured inside with bubble wrap around the left arm of some quality starter.

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      8+ is my confidence level.

    • Dan

      I agree, I think too many people are forgetting that this team is essentially the same team that won the division and had the best record in the AL. Yes, they have deficiencies, but so does every team. The Red Sox are weaker and the Rays have not improved much outside of Moore moving to the rotation. The Yankee offense will be better with Montero replacing Posada as well. The only real loss is Colon, who wore down late in the year and Ayala who wasn’t put in in many key relief spots.

  • vin

    Another week, another 8. We’re not talking about the Astros here, people.

  • CJ

    Yanks have not improved but the competition has improved dramatically. Yankees and their fans were in this evil empire battle for players for years going as far as a fake meeting with Crawford. Now it’s Boston plus angels rays rangers tigers and jays coming on.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Please explain how Boston has improved dramatically.

      • CJ

        My point is that Boston is no longer the sole threat. However, I would say Boston is better once you remove a historically bad September from 2011. That won’t happen two years in a row unless it’s the mets. Also I expect Boston to get madson or Bailey.

  • BK2ATL

    +7 – Pitching, pitching, pitching

    While I would’ve liked to have Yu Darvish in our rotation for the next 6 seasons, if it turns out that Cashman made a reasonable posting bid and some other team topped that of Dice-K’s winning bid, I would agree with Cashman’s decisioning.

    That being said, we need to make a decision on these young arms. If we do sign Kuroda, and I think we should, it should only be for 1 yr @ approx. $12 million. I’d like for us to have starting slots open for Noesi and Banuelos in 2013. If we’re going this route, we’d better give them the opportunity to pitch in NYC, no strings, no limits.

    I’d prefer a 2012 rotation of CC, Kuroda, Nova, Garcia, Burnett/Hughes/Noesi. In that sense, Burnett and Hughes battle it out for the last SP spot, loser goes to long relief. If Noesi beats them out in ST, then a decision needs to be made on AJ. If he can’t earn his spot, he doesn’t deserve one.

    We don’t need to trade Montero now under any circumstances. His value to us right now is irreplaceable. We don’t need to take on the salary of a strong FA hitter. We have NO potentially strong hitters in the system. We need to be able to pair Montero with Cano and Granderson to offset the aging Jeter, A-Rod, and Tex in the very near future. Swisher’s future is unknown at this time. Martin’s value increases each day.

    That being said, Gardner, Nunez (if we sign Nakajima), Hughes, Noesi, Romine, and Betances can be put in play for trades, if we decide to go that way.

    We are actually in a decent position. I don’t think we NEED to do anything major, but I think we’d be more comfortable if something more was done for SP.

    • Craig Maduro

      “We have NO potentially strong hitters in the system. We need to be able to pair Montero with Cano and Granderson to offset the aging Jeter, A-Rod, and Tex in the very near future.”


      The Yanks just can’t afford to trade Montero right now whether he’s stuck at DH or not.

  • steve s

    I am at a 5 which means to me I am not sure what the heck the Yanks real plan is. I’m pretty convinced that if the trade for Lee had gone through in 2010 he’d be a Yank today and the Yanks would have been coming off a three-peat (or at least 3 straight WS appearances) and their best prospects would be elsewhere and re-stocking prospects (regardless of price) would have been the plan. At this point, based on their behavior this off-season, I say Yanks should now simply stick to protecting their best prospects and let’s see this team transition away from Rivera, Jeter and A-Rod even if it means no post-season for a year or two or three. The worst result would be to go out and get the Danks and Gio’s of the world and give up any of the Monteros or the B’s. That’s was the 1980’s strategy that resulted in no post-seasons from 82-93 (the 94 team was post-season bound of course).

  • YanksFan

    At my usual 9. Yes, I would like an upgrade in the starting pitching but there is nothing obvious out there. What is obvious it not worth the price in $ or prospects. Therefore, I am cool with standing pat.

    CJ (I believe) keeps stating that you can’t expect Colon or Garcia to repeat. Why not? Is it not possible that Cash took a risk based upon sound data? Colon was a surprise but I don’t beleive Garcia was. Ted was spot on and I agreed at the time with my sporadic posts. His ERA might of been a little better but even if it goes up .3 he’s still good. He still wins the same games with this offense & bullpen.

    You now have 6 pitchers another year closer and ready to make the jump to MLB if anyone falters or gets injured. I will take my chances that some of them will succeed. To get a pair of #4 pichters helps tremendously for the future to keep costs down, allowing Cash to spend it elsewhere.

    • Plank

      Colon hasn’t been replaced by anyone. He had 164.1 IP of 111 ERA+. That production needs to be replaced to keep the rotation as effective as last year, not counting regression.

      • YanksFan

        We do not know how good Noesi could be. Colon may have been replaced already. Hughes being closer to 1st half 2010 than 1st half 2011 can replace him. Neither one is crazy.

        • Plank

          That’s completely true. Are you saying Noesi or Hughes will pitch that well? I doubt it.

  • Nathan

    I’m hovering around a 6-7. Current team composition and chance to win is about an 8 but the FO unwilling to spend drops it down. Yankees need pitching and yes they have some promising prospects but if they do a Hughes/Joba act, the Yankees are still in need of solid pitching. Add in that the Yankees aren’t willing to spend and we’re at a stuck position.

    • mustang

      Totally agree. That’s why I drop to 7 never been under 8.

      Must say I’m very impressed with your comments very balance judgments