Football Open Thread: Cowboys at Vikings

We have a few Cowboys fans who read RAB, so there will be some interest in this one. We also have some Jets fans who are a bit bitter over the way Favre ended last season. Any Vikings fans in the house?

Implicit advice to Posada regarding Joba

While Jorge Posada‘s compatibility with A.J. Burnett came into question during the 2009 season, that’s not the only pitcher-catcher combo on which we commented. Jorge also had a hard time working with Joba Chamberlain, though many of us pinned that on the younger of the pair. That was understandable. Joba spent too much time shaking off Jorge’s calls, and not enough time throwing strikes.

In his blog entry today, Buster Olney points us to the blog of former catcher Brent Mayne, who has been writing about catching. It’s promotion for his book on the subject, but he does offer up useful tips for catchers. Today has to do with the basics of setting up around the plate. His advice for catchers:

This is how you can help. Work fast. Put the signs down quickly and intuitively. Get the pitcher in a good tempo and remember the less time he has to think, the better. DO NOT set up too far on the corners! Unless your pitcher’s name is Greg Maddux or Cliff Lee, setting up away from the plate is an excellent recipe for a walk-a-thon. Only split the corners of the plate with your crouch when you are way ahead in the count. Make the pitcher throw good low strikes yielding weak ground balls. Set up around the plate and make the offense put the ball in play right now.

Easier said than done, of course, and your pitcher can always mess up the rhythm by shaking off too many signs. Still, it’s advice I like. Whether it actually works I’m not sure. But I’d feel a lot better about Joba if Posada handled him like this.

Lower deck removed from old Yankee Stadium

Tom Kaminski of WCBS 880 has done a good job of keeping us apprised of the latest in the destruction of Yankee Stadium. The above photo comes from his latest gallery. As you can see, the lower deck appears almost gone. Tom has some up close photos of the empty space where the lower deck used to be.

Open Thread: Ravens at Colts

Ray Lewis and his homies murdered the Patriot’s dynasty last week, and now they’ll deal with the team that was too cool to go undefeated. This should be a good one, chat about it here and enjoy.

Open Thread: Cardinals at Saints

This should be a good one. If the Pack managed to drop 45 on Arizona’s D last week, I wonder if Saint Drew & Co. could hang 70+ on ‘em. Should be a fun game, chat about it here.

Report: Committee forming to work on draft changes

Via Bob Elliott, a committee is being formed to work on changes to the amateur draft, most notably making it world-wide and instituting a slotting system. “This time it has a chance,” said Elliott’s source, a scouting director.

The current CBA expires after 2011, and I have a hard time believing they’ll open it up to implement these changes before then. The 2010 draft is now less than six months away, and it just doesn’t seem reasonable that the two sides could get away with making any changes before then without giving the club’s plenty of notice. Then again, what do I know.

Unconfirmed Rumor: Yanks reach agreement with Baldelli (UPDATE: No they don’t)

Update (11:23am): Cashman on the news: “That would be false.”

11:06am: Via Rocco Baldelli’s Facebook page, the Yankees have reached an agreement with the free agent outfielder. Joe wrote up the case for Baldelli earlier in the week, and of course it’ll all come down to his health. If he can stay on the field and produce in a platoon role, then there’s nothing not to like about this move.

We’re still looking for more confirmation on this, so don’t take it as gospel just yet. For all we know, that could be a fake page.