Fan Confidence Poll: February 22nd, 2010


2009 Season Record: 103-59 (915 RS, 753 RA), won AL East by 8 games, finished with the best record in MLB by 6 games, won 27th World Series

Top stories from last week:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the new and improved Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. I was a 10. After this Park signing, though… yup, cancelling (sic) tickets time.


  2. Rose says:

    9 for now. Once I find out who the 5th starter is (doesn’t really matter) I’ll be a 10.

    Just gives me something to look forward to…

  3. JSquared says:

    Chan Ho Park? 10.

  4. JobaWockeeZ says:

    The Yankees surprisingly signed veteran righty Chan Ho Park to a one year, $1.2M deal. He’ll work out of the bullpen.
    Just another day in the life of Brain Cashman: the ninja.

  5. Accent Shallow says:

    Confidence level is still the same (8). I hate the Park move, but it’s not enough to really hurt the team — worst case scenario, it’s a waste of money.

    (Of course, if he makes two or more consecutive starts while Joba or Hughes is in the pen, I may light something on fire)

    • I truly don’t understand how you can “hate” a move that cost $1.2 million and gives the Yanks added bullpen depth. Chump change for a potentially useful piece.

    • (Of course, if he makes two or more consecutive starts while Joba or Hughes is in the pen, I may light something on fire)

      Aaaaaaaaaaaah, now it makes sense. Now I see why you hate the Park move: you’re speaking from a flawed assumption.

      Chan Ho Park: not a starter
      Number of starts Chan Ho Park will make for the 2010 Yankees: 0
      Number of starts Chan Ho Park will take away from Joba or Phil: 0

      • Accent Shallow says:

        No, that’s just the icing on my hate-cupcake. He’s an aging, mediocre pitcher who’s had recent success out of the pen. I have little faith in him being much better than Gaudin going forward.

        And I hate the move because he could easily be LaTroy Hawkins 2.0: someone who gets high leverage innings solely due to seniority.

        • And I hate the move because he could easily be LaTroy Hawkins 2.0: someone who gets high leverage innings solely due to seniority.

          How long did that actually last, though? A couple of months? Even if Park does bomb out, Girardi will pull the plug. He has his formula that works quite effectively. Use the first half to aggressively audition everyone equally, then jettison the losers, promote the winners to high-leverage, and call up reinforcements from the minors to fill the voids.

          I fail to see how even Park’s worst case scenario is any great issue.

  6. I voted a 10 because it was RAB’s third birthday this past week.

  7. Temple of Tao says:

    Are we getting a draft pick from Detroit for the Damon signing?

  8. Ana says:

    I’m voting a 10. This team is stacked.

  9. Mattingly's Love Child says:

    I voted an 8 last week, but then realized that I was really at 9. Solidly at a 9. I like the Park move. I like this team. I’m very happy for RAB’s 3rd birthday. Spring Training has begun. Things are great for us Yankee fans.

    I haven’t sold my house yet, and I’m blaming Cashmoney for that. If the Yankees had kept their low A team in Greensboro 10 years ago, my house would have already sold to some crazy Yankee fan who wanted to see Melvin when he makes his stateside appearance. When I sell my house, we’re at an 11.

  10. Tampa Yankee says:

    Solidly at a 9.

    And how does Mike’s Top 30 Prospects list not make “Top Stories from last week”? It was the highlight of my week!

    • Mattingly's Love Child says:

      Good Point. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the prospects list on my blackberry! Just can’t comment with that pos….

      • A.D. says:

        Opera browser you should be able to comment, but perhaps not if its a much older model.

        Otherwise this is why we need the RAB app.

        • Mattingly's Love Child says:

          I tried the opera browser. It didn’t allow me to post and it caused my blackberry to lock up. I actually thought you and Joe P had suggested it to me as a way to comment, not just lurk. Of course I have a different blackberry now (took my other one swimming at the beach), so maybe it was just the actual unit…

          I do most of my RAB reading on the blackberry, and would love to be able to comment through it. So yes, this is why I need the RAB app!

  11. Riddering says:

    Confidence level: 10. Our rotation is phenomenal, our lineup sick, and the bullpen going into the season has me very aroused. Yes, even without Joba or Hughes. Or should that be especially?

  12. The Evil Empire says:

    Our confidence level is high because we have Swisher taking boxing classes, and now, in Park, we have a kung fu master.


    Definitely don’t wanna pick a fight with us.

  13. DH says:

    Seriously the 5 people who voted 1 (no confidence) and anyone who voted below a 5 and even below a 6 is disgraceful. The Yankees are the defending World Series champions. Remember that a few months ago? Remember when the Yankees were hoisting a trophy and spraying champagne? Sure, I will miss Matsui, Damon, Wang, and Melky. They traded Coke, Austin Jacskon, IPK, Arodys Vizcaino and to a lesser extent Coke and Dunn and to an even lesser extent Dunn and Bruney. They lost Hinske, Hairston, and Guzman. But if you don’t have faith in the moves Cashman made and the decision the organization made then you don’t understand the fluidity of a baseball roster and your opinion should be discredited. Trust! Trust the organization knows what they are doing and made these decisions were made with the interest of making the team better. We are World Champs and an organization not afraid of change. That sounds freakin great to me.

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