Fan Confidence Poll: April 2nd, 2012

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Spring Training Record: 16-11-1 (147 RS, 130 RA)
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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Sunday Night Open Thread
2012 Season Preview: Rest of the AL
  • Plank

    They lose a point each for long term contracts to the aging left side of the IF, the new CBA limiting the quality of prospects coming into the system, and the slashing of the payroll in the coming years.

    The Pineda ‘injury’ didn’t shift the needle for me at all.

    • jjyank

      The Pineda injury shifted it for me, though I voted the same number as you. I’ve been holding at an 8 for a long time, but dropped to 7 after hearing about Pineda’s shoulder.

      I am usually optimistic, but considering how important Pineda will be (both to the team and for the goal of getting under $189 mil), potential shoulder problems are not comforting. I could very well be back up to an 8 or 9 in a couple of weeks though, only time will tell.

      On the plus side of things, we have a solid farm system and good pitching depth, even after the Pineda injury. After seeing what the Sox are rolling out there (and the injury to Bailey), it sure feels good to have three solid AAA depth options (not even including the B’s) with Pettite on the way and hopefully Pineda on the mend.

      • Plank

        Girardi made is seem like Pineda would be out 6 to 8 weeks and that’s with the admission that they were being cautious with his recovery.

        I just don’t think it’s a big enough deal to drop a point when the prompt is “Given the team’s current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees’ overall future?”

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Ignore whether it should be a drop of a point, a tenth of a point, etc. This is all subjective and non-scientific. The real question is do doubts as to Pineda’s arm, caused by his shoulder injury, Spring Training velocity concerns, and a drop-off at the end of last season derail someone’s confidence in the overall future.

          The answer, to me, is “sure….very slightly.”

          • Plank

            I was responding to JJ who said he dropped a point specifically for that reason.

            Even if he was out for the whole year, it wouldn’t change my score. If he injured himself to the point where he would never get back to where he was last year, I would drop a point.

            It’s subjective and non-scientific, but there is still reasoning behind how people vote.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Not disagreeing with you at all. Just focusing more on the “why” instead of the number. S’all good.

    • CJ

      If yanks are to be elite it will take strong seasons from ARod and Pineda. Your point on aging ARod is important as is the health, durability and performance of Pineda as a young ace 1a-2.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        If we’re talking 2012, that rock solid other starter not named CC can be anyone. It does not have to be Michael Pineda. Let’s not go overboard here.

    • Plank
      • BigDavey88

        “There are always going to be exceptions, of course, depending on the individual athlete and how they take care of themselves … but I would tend to agree,” he said. “Players are at their peak ability in the late 20s to early 30s. In the early 30s, physical skills start to fade.”

        Man, I’m sure glad someone did a study on that nugget of information.

  • blake

    9- I like where they are right now overall short and long term……whether that goes to a 10 or goes backwards will largely depend on how the positions players in the lower levels progress this year and how the Banuelos’s, Betances’s and even Pineda’s finish off their development….things are good now and could get better

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I like that you’re including non-Pineda young pitchers here. At the end of the day, the team needs young, cost-controlled pitching to step up into those rotation spots in the long term. Who that winds up being, as long as those pitchers perform at a high level, is pretty secondary. If *puts hypothetical hat on* Pineda bombs and, say, David Phelps exceeds every expectation, it still gets them there.

      • Urban

        I’m at an 8, which is high for me since a 9 is about the top score I’d ever give out. I can’t see a situation where I would ever give out a 10, even if the team had just won the World Series, the entire roster was under the age of 28, the payroll was at $98 million, and we had five of the top ten prospects in all of baseball in the minors. I’d find something, somewhere to worry about! It’s the nature of baseball and being a baseball fan.

        On the other side and continuing the Pineda discussion, he won’t move the needle in either direction for me. I’m concerned about the inflamation, but if I checked the news and saw he had the worst torn rotator cuff ever and his career was basically done, I’d still be at an 8. All that would mean is the Yankees would change direction, probably deciding the $189M budget will not be achieved in 2014, and go heavy after Hamels or Cain, something I don’t expect them to do now.

        The Yankees and their fans always have high expectations, so there’s always something to be worried about, but it also means sunny skies because of the the team’s committment to winning.

      • CJ

        absolutely not. If Pineda bombs, Montero was a free gift to Seattle. Unless Campos becomes a CY Young winner in 7 years. An outstanding performance from say a Phelps is irrelevant and independent of Pindea/Montero. If Phelps becomes your cost controlled pitcher, you gave up your best cost controlled hitter for nothing. Pineda is a big deal, boom or bust. Trying to hide from that reality does not make you optimistic or realistic.

        • Plank

          The future performance of Jesus Montero will effect how the Mariners play and how the trade is viewed. The future performance of Montero has no bearing on the future of the Yankees.

        • Urban

          You’re attempting to rate the Montero/Pineda trade. Perhaps in four or five years, Mike will run that poll.

  • Johnny O

    I’m at 8 still. Thought about dropping to a 7 bc of Pineda but the rotation is still solid (think about Boston with Dubrount and Bard) and we could have Andy coming back and Pineda as well. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic still.

  • Short Porch

    7 – that Kontos blister is worrisome

  • Reggie C.


    I’m dropping from an 8. I can and have looked past velocity issues & questionable conditioning because these are issues that melt away during spring training and regular starts. It might’ve taken Pineda a couple RS starts, but I was confident that Pineda would find himself hitting 93-94 with regularity in the 6th inning sooner rather than later.

    Shoulder tendinitis clouds my hope that Pineda was going to find his 2010 form by late April. We’ll see how the shoulder feels a couple wks from now, but fans can’t be over-the-moon with the rotation right now.

    • jjyank

      Pretty much how I feel. My 7 can easily become an 8 or even a 9 a few weeks from now if Pineda comes back strong.

      The rotation will be fine in the meantime, thanks to our quality depth. If this was an injury to Garcia, or even Hughes, I probably would have held at an 8. Pineda just means so much more to the team both right now and for the next several years. Shoulder problems can be scary, but I hope Pineda comes back with a vengence and pushes my rating back up to an 8 or 9. For now though, I am being cautious.

      • CS Yankee

        I understand what your saying but the MRI was clean from a structural standpoint. It is the best possible news.

        Pineda is huge to their plans, but several people thought he should be demoted because he wasn’t hitting 98…which seems crazy to me. He came in a little/somewhat out-of-shape similar to Hughes & Joba but was getting decent-good results (less velocity) while throwing a new pitch (well grip).

        If he had permanent damage, I could see droping a full point as it was a big trade, but to drop a point because he will rest and rehab for 6-8 weeks seems extreme, doesn’t it?

  • matt

    if cory wade makes this team…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      …he’ll be in the bullpen?

      I think we all saw him have a bad spring. If it continues into the regular season, someone else will be up in his place and no animals would have been harmed in the process.

      •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

        Right on.

  • Drew

    I’m always at a 7, but now the Pineda news worries me a little bit. Staying at a 7 but its a very very shakey 7.

    • CS Yankee

      Cory Wade, tested on animals.

      • CS Yankee

        err, was meant to reply to Robinson above.

  • CS Yankee

    Still a 9.

    A point down from prefection as they have made some bad choices (Arod’s contract, etc), but overall they are the clear leaders in the game. SP looks to improve big time this year, expect a better Teix, more play time for Arod, pen even looks better overall.

    I really don’t fully believe the 189 is written in stone. They need to keep the revenue streams flowing fully and there seems to be a gap in AA-AAA talent (less pitching) overall which greatly compounds things. That tax is extreme, so they’ll try hard to get there…but they know they need to retain Cano mid-long (4-7 years) term and Grandy short-mid (2-4) term at all costs.

  • Cris Pengiucci

    I suggest requiring a comment from anyone that votes a 5 or below. While I am ever the optomist and can understand why other people don’t vote a 9 like me, I have no idea how anyone can rationalize voting a 5 or below. Yes, not having Pineda available opening day may worry some (can’t have too much pitching, things tend to work thmeselves out, thank you for signing, Freddy), but no structural shoulder problems simply means this is a minor set back. Even if he’s out for a good portion of the season, the starting 5 as of now is solid, and Andy appears to be on his way back as well.

    The aging infield is also a concern, but I believe both ARod and Jeter have something left in the tank and will produce acceptably (not up to the contracts, but better of far better than average). I also believe that the Yankees have the pitching depth at AAA to either help the rotation in the next few years or act as trade chips to replace players they can’t resign due to the desire to get under $189 Million payroll for the ’14 & ’15 seasons. The team still looks like a contender for the foreseeable future barring bmajor injuries (which you can’t predict).

  • CJ

    7 or higher means you think Pineda starts 20 or more games. 8-9 he starts and returns to all star form.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You are basing your entire opinion of the team on the performance of one player. This may be a stretch even on the CJ scale.

    • CS Yankee

      A 22 year old sophmore can affect their overall outlook from a 6 to a 9? WTF, you have to be jesting here? BTW, April Fool’s day was yesterday.

      While they have some bad contracts (Arod, etc), some depth issues (AA-AAA position players), two FO guys (Hank & Randy), they are the biggest, richest, most talented team overall in the game.

      But yeah, if Pineda starts less than 20 games, go with a 6.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Is this an arbitrary you concocted? Because I’ve been an 8 since the poll began, and I don’t think Pineda will make 20 starts this year.

      I think he will make 15 or so starts, mainly because the Yanks won’t rush him (because they don’t have to due to their depth).

      • Plank

        You haven’t changed from an 8 for years? Winning the WS in 09 didn’t add a point at least?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I was at a 9 in 1990, when a very young Mike Axisa had his text-only Compuserve version of the site and it took you three days to submit a vote. That’s the kind of optimist I am.

          • Plank

            I’ve consistently been at an 11 since they were the Highlanders. Unfortunately it reads my vote as binary and registers as a 3.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Jack Chesbro’s 40-win season will do that to a guy.

              • Plank

                I served with Jack Chesbro, I knew Jack Chesbro, Jack Chesbro was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Chesbro.

                • SullyLV

                  @Plank-Wow you are old,but anyway i always read the posts here every day and i am at a 9 with the Yankees.By the way i like to help senior citizens
                  so,if you need help Plank let me know!

          • Urban

            CompuServe was too complicated for me, so I only could get Mike’s version on Prodigy and AOL back in the early 90s when he was in grade school. That was before he went bigtime and moved it over to a Usenet Newsgroup prior to this World Wide Web thing.

            • Plank

              The World Wide Web is a fad.

              Technology is cyclical.

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      If Pineda starts 0 games I wouldn’t go below 7 based on that alone. Yes, he’s a big piece, but he isn’t even guaratneed to be the #2 guy if he were in the rotation. Starting pitching can still turn out to be a strong point without him.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Fine. Let’s say the Pineda injury moves me down from my almost-permanent 9 to an 8.4, which I’ll round off to 8? Why? I’m willing to entertain the idea that durabiliity doubts will begin to creep in, and anything that begins to chip away at the important concept of filling the non-CC rotation spots in the long term with young, cost-controlled pitching that can compete at a very high level makes getting there harder, if it’s even only by a tiny bit. Is my money on Pineda being alright and making 20 solid starts this year? It sure is.

    Hopefully I was able to admit some concern there without sounding like the sky was falling.

  • YanksFanInBeantown


    Dropped a point because there was no April Fools joke.

    • Johnny O

      I remember “Dolan’s buy the Yanks” and “RAB to charge for content”. Didn’t believe the first, but the second one got me. Just on the verge of a new season, blogging is tough, these guys need to get paid, it all made sense.

  • Rich in NJ

    If they are able to find out what caused Pineda’s tendinitis, fix it and prevent it from recurring, get his velo back to 97, improve his change, and keep him healthy for a long time, it will make me feel very good about the way they go about their business.

  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

    I voted a -26.

  • DL

    Breaking my elbow in the process.

  • neo

    Figured the Pineda injury would drop the poll numbers. It doesn’t change my vote, since the long term big picture is still so good.

    Of course I became a fan as a child in the mid ’60s, which may give me a slightly different perspective than some.

    Every time I get frustrated with how some people react so quickly about the Yankees, I head over to one of the Mets blog fan confidence polls and remember how lucky we are.

  • Urban

    BTW, Tonight’s game mentioned above only seems to be on MLBN. What are the chances that YES doesn’t black it out?

    • Mike Axisa

      It’s not black out, I got the release a few weeks ago saying NYY games on MLBN weren’t going to be blacked out during Spring Training.

      • Urban

        Thanks and good to hear.

  • Fin

    I was looking at the arguments. I guess its how you judge the confidence. If you’re measuring the Yankees against perfection then I can see 6’s and 7’s. If you measuring it against the rest of MLB I cant understand how the Yankees can be anything but an 8 or better.
    The only hole in the lineup seems to be at DH. They are going to score a ton of runs, have a very good pitching staff with lots of depth and a great pen. If you dont think this team is an 8 or better, an 8 or better must not exist in MLB.

  • Kevin G.

    I voted a 9. Even without Pineda and Pettitte, the Yankees rotation still looks strong.Same with their bullpen. I think the Yankees are a great team as it stands, and they’re only going to improve as the season progresses.

    However, looking toward the future, the $189 million scares mewithall of the commitments the Yankees already have for that year.

    • Fin

      You cant really let the 189 scare you. The Yankees wont get there by putting an inferior product on the field. They would stand to loose alot more money than they would gain. They really have a double whammy, if they become a non contender not only dont fans show up to games, but they dont tune into YES. Since they own YES it would be double hit to revenues.
      It wouldnt shock me if $189 becomes the Yankees White Whale, in lines of Cashman’s LOOGY. Something they are always chasing but never catch.