Fan Confidence Poll: May 13th, 2013

Yankees finish off sweep in KC with 4-2 win
Game 37: Let's Play Two*

Record Last Week: 5-1 (24 RS, 15 RA)
Season Record: 23-13 (157 RS, 138 RA, 20-16 pythag. record), 1.0 games up in AL East
Opponents This Week: @ Indians (doubleheader, Mon.), vs. Mariners (three games, Tues. to Thurs.), vs. Blue Jays (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Yankees finish off sweep in KC with 4-2 win
Game 37: Let's Play Two*
  • mt


    Anxious to get Grandy and Tex back mostly for impact on this year but biggest impact on a more long-term basis is what type of players we have with Jeter, Pineda and Arod and the impact on $189 million plan if they do not come back relatively strong.

    Yanks outdoing their Pythagorean by 3 whole games shows how well they have done in one-run games.

  • Eddard

    We ticked up to a 10 two weeks ago and I have a feeling others will be following this week. They’ve already achieved a winning road trip, regardless of what happens today.

    I’ve been saying this for what seems like forever, consistent pitching will carry a team through the ups and downs of the offense. They’re in just about every game and that’s a testament to the starters and bullpen. The team will only get stronger with the imminent return of Granderson and then later this month.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’d like to know how you see things beyond 2013. Honest. No bullshit or making fun there. You tend to be very present-focused. I want to know how 2014 and 2015 seem in EddardWorld.

      • Eddard

        Que sera sera. My interpretation of the confidence poll is that it’s a measure of the here and now because that’s all that really matters at this point in time. Nobody’s thinking, well I think the 2015 roster will be deficient at SS so I’m voting a 6.

        Six months ago, nobody could have dreamed that the Yankees would have the lineup they have now and that they’d be 10 games over .500 so I don’t see how I’m supposed to see 2 years into the future. Maybe we should ask that poster from the future to come back and tell us.

        • jjyank

          You’re free to interpret that as you wish, but right above the poll, it says “Given the team’s current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees’ overall future?”

          To me, that clearly states that the poll is designed to take into account both the present and the future.

        • The Real Me

          Nobody’s thinking, well I think the 2015 roster will be deficient at SS so I’m voting a …”

          Clearly you don’t read other people’s comments if that’s you’re opinion. See my comments below.

      • CountryClub

        I’m an 8 now and for the future. I do think a couple of the kids on the farm will help in the next 2 years.

        Aside from that, the Yanks have continued to figure things out from year to year. Until they prove me wrong, I will believe that will continue to find 1 yr stop gaps when needed.

  • The Real Me

    8. I’m hopefull the $189M budget plan will not be put into place. This year’s team has done quite well and I think that by balancing playing time when the injured regulars return, it can be even better. It’s possible this allows players to avoid mid/late season slumps due to a shortened season (for them).

    Definitely have concerns at SS and at C, to a slightly lesser extent. I don’t see Jeter playing much more than 50% of the remaining games upon his return and that could carry into next season as well. And there doesn’t appear to be many options internally or externally (other than what they have now) to assist there. At least there are options at C, both in the minors and via trade or in the FA market after the season. If they scrap the $189M budget for next year and simply work to control spending, this team can remain strong for many years to come.

    Now go find a SS! :-)

  • jjyank

    I’ve been voting a 7 for awhile now, but I’m gonna go with an 8 this week. It’s hard not to be impressed with what this team has done. As optimistic as I am, even I would have bet against the Yanks being in sole possession of first place and 10 games over .500 by May 13. It’s been a pleasure to watch these guys play so far, and the roster only stands to get better over the course of the season with the DL reinforcements.

    There are still some concerns, of course, which is what’s keeping me from going higher than an 8. Namely, the farm system hasn’t been all that shiny so far and there are still plenty of question marks about some of those reinforcements. Particularly A-Rod, Pineda, and Jeter. But those question marks aren’t ruining my good mood this morning. Let’s kill the Indians today!

    • Jim Is Bored

      Couldn’t agree more. I was helping drive the optimism train, but this is exceeding even my hopes and dreams. I was just thinking we’d hover 2-3 games above .500, get the cavalry back, and make the playoff run from there.

  • Darren

    How you can not feel good about this team? Like Vernon has said, the starting pitching and backend of the bullpen is very strong. The lineup is coming throug when needed, Cano is on fire, and we have some power coming soo with Grandy the serial killer.

    Also, I always defended Joba but he sounds like a major league asshole. Seriously, fuck him.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    8. We’ll break that down as 8.5 both short-term and for this season, and 6.5 for beyond this season.

    Team’s in first-place, in mid-May, without one regular back, and with more injuries added to the pile. Tell me you thought that was going to happen and I’ll tell you you’re a liar.

    My hunch is that Curtis is back this week, and the AAA lines for him have looked good so far. If these guys come back ready to contribute to the best of their abilities and work themselves in well, we’re in for an even bigger treat.

    Slightly down long-term, and that’s simply because I’m seeing some of the youngsters take their lumps in the middle levels of the minors. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, as young players are entitled to their struggles and I’m a believer that it’s just as good to see how they respond to adversity, but it makes me less bullish on the idea that any of them will be knocking on any doors at any time next season. Add to that the still-looming celery cap, and the high-wire act becomes just a bit more challenging.

    How does that read through the Hoigle troll filter?

    • jjyank

      It reads something like “I voted a 12 because I am in love with Brian Cashman and his penis is oh-so delicious. Let’s have a Pollyanna party!”

      • Robinson Tilapia

        That would explain a ton.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Also, my sincerest apologies for associating you in any way with the COD games. You know that me and any video game after 2010 is like Phil Rizzuto and the National League, or John Sterling and statistical analysis.

        • jjyank

          Haha it’s cool. I’m a Battlefield man through and through, so there’s some rivalry there :P

      • Jim Is Bored

        I’ll come to the polyanna party!

        • jjyank

          Even if we were to have a Pollyanna Party, I’d imagine it’d be a hell of a lot more fun than whatever the opposite side of the spectrum does for fun.

        • Get Phelps Up

          Pollyanna party >>>> Dalelama party.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Less parades, though.

            More punch, less Judy.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Wait, wrong guy.


              • jjyank

                How nice has it been with them both MIA for so long? Winning streaks are so awesome.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  I don’t mind stuart all that much. He doesn’t really get in the way, is good for a few laughs, and is at least somewhat grounded in reality.

                  Jeez, there’s a good number of negative commenters I’d take him over any day.

                  • jjyank

                    The incessant bitching about A-Rod and Cano all last year ruined him for me. He’s too much of a one trick pony, even if we do get to laugh at his expense.

  • nsalem

    8.5 Offensive inability to score more than 4 runs a game on a consistent basis is my only worry. As long as our pitchers stay this effective it won’t come to the forefront. Think Phelps will continue to pitch well and take away the number 5 role away from Nova.

  • Jersey Joe

    7.5, but I’m going to round down this time. The streak has been fun, but I don’t really expect it to stay where it is right now. We’ve been facing some lousy pitching, and all of the games have been close. I’m just nervous about what’s to come after all of the close, low-scoring wins, especially against KC. We’ve only scored 5+ runs in one of the last 9.

    I like the Gonzalez and Nelson acquisitions, but we need Jeter/Youk back soon. The news about Granderson is encouraging, but I like how the OF is doing right now. I hope we see Granderson/Gardner/Wells, and that Ichiro is relegated to the 4th OF (hopefully until the end of his contract). Maybe we will see Boesch in AAA to work out his swing, and maybe Ben Francisco will be long gone after Granderson returns. For the time being, I would want this roster:

    IF-Gonzalez (Adams later)
    OF-Musteiler (any righty bat not named Francisco)

    • nsalem

      Facing lousy pitching? We just beat Shields and Santana. They have both been very effective this year

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Yeah. That’s some lousy pitching there.

        Also, math. It doesn’t allow you to round down at your whim.

        • nsalem

          I’m positive about the future also. Didn’t expect to see Austin, Slade, or Mason till 15 or 16 if at all. That jump to Double A is the toughest one. We have lots of good arms DOTF and I think thats more important. Arms are much harder to come by than bats. The Yankee’s had similar injury problems early on in 2007 and there was nobody in our system that could help. This year we needed them an have gotten nice contributions from 3 of our young pitchers already and more seem ready.

        • JohnnyC

          Unfortunately Joe doesn’t work for the IRS.

  • Get Phelps Up

    9 for this year, 6.5-7 for the future.

    So I went with 8.

    • The Real Me

      A lot of the future depends on whether or not they scrap the $189M budget plan. That financial flexibility should help them fill gaps in the roster due to aging/retiring players. While there may not be an adequate SS replacement (balance of O & D) for Jeter, perhaps they can make up for that loss with a strong C or 3B option (I’m not hopefull that A-Rod will be viable at 3B for much longer, if at all).

      But overall, yes, I’m with you almost exactly.

  • Kosmo

    NY is 3 games better at 23-13 than they were after 36 games last year 20-16. I predicted the Bombers would win at least 92 games this year and am feeling very confident at this time going forward.
    Can´t say enough about Overbay, Wells and Hafner.
    Catching and the left side of the infield trouble me. Hopefully Adams and Granderson will bring additional sparks to the club and Youk comes back healthy sometime soon. Boesch and Francisco are 2 for the history books.
    Heathcott and Mason Williams have been downright disappointing. Refsnyder and DePaula have been amazing, Montgomery and Ramirez not to shabby either. Almonte,Murphy,Sanchez have impressed.
    Can anyone fill me in on one Dietrich Enns ? He´s a loogy who has been lights out for Charleston. I don´t know much about him. Is he prospect worthy ?
    All things considered I´m at a 7.5

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Dietrich Enns? That’s certainly an under-the-radar name. I can’t say I’ve even noticed his name at all yet.

  • steves

    Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! What a tremendous surprising performance the 2013 team has turned in so far (my vote is a 9). In Yankee annals I offer you the 1980 team as a comp (one superstar having a great year (Reggie like Cano) with essentially a bunch of fill-ins and some very average but overachieving guys (Ruppert Jones, Eric Soderholm, Rick Cerone, Bobby Brown, Jim Spencer, Joe Lefebvre etc.) and Tommy John (that year’s version of Kuroda). As an aside Mike, I would have listed the Joba/Mo stuff as being one of the top stories of the week notwithstanding that it was overblown and mostly a non-story now.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’ve always considered Eric Soderholm to be my first real tangible Yankee memory, other than a hazy recollection of Munson’s death, and I think it has a lot to do with me being old enough, at the time, to actually read his name on the TV screen during an at-bat.

      • steves

        Ironically it was Soderholm ‘s last year in MLB (at 32 years old) but he went out putting up a very decent .815 OPS. Another irony; the 1980 Yanks even had their own A-Rod (Aurelio Rodriquez!).

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Up to a 7.

    They’ve weathered the storm of injuries pretty well and should start getting some reinforcements back shortly plus other than Detroit, I don’t really fear any other team in the AL (though gun to my head, I see a Detroit-St Louis WS).

    We’re also hearing more and more about ditching the $189 million BS for next season and I’m cautiously optimistic that these reports are true.

    I also like the upside in some young arms DoTF like Campos, Ramirez and Depaula.

  • CS Yankee


    These next four games look like tough pitching matchups…hopefully they’ll keep the ball a rolling. Very impressive results with the island of has-beens and never-was taking up the majority of the At-bats.

  • trr

    Finally moving up!
    A solid ‘7’

    We’re doing so well in the face of adversity it’s hard not to be a little optimistic.

  • Jim Is Bored

    I still voted 7, but seeing how many other people are voting that way too, maybe my outlook counts as an 8 now.

  • lightSABR

    I’m making a habit of following the ESPN MLB power rankings this season, and I have to say they’re cracking me up. Since the last rankings were released, we won 5 out of 6 on the road against teams that had a combined 35 wins to 24 losses starting the week–on pace to average 96 wins over the course of the season. We’ve also taken sole possession of first place in the AL East.

    Boston, meanwhile has won two of its last ten games. Three of the eight losses came against Texas, but the other five came against Toronto and Minnesota, which as of a week ago had a combined record of 25-36, on pace to average 66 wins over the course of the season.

    So how does ESPN rank the teams this week? Boston falls four spots to no. 5. And the Yankees stay put at no. 7.

    I’ve never noticed or complained about ESPN’s supposed anti-Yankee bias before, but this is ridiculous.

  • LarryM Fl

    I voted 7 which IMHO is pretty good for the present condition of the club. But I’m a 10 in the non category surprise factor as to how the season is going.

  • YanksFan

    My usual 9. I’ve tended to be an optimist. Not just becuase of what the NYY have but also becuase of what the competition has. I thought their pitching would keep them in most games this year and therfore would be in contention all year. I thought they were a 90-ish win team so they’re 3 games up from what I would have liked. For the all bitching didn’t BP have them at 84 or so wins with all their injuries. That alone kept them in contention.

  • Chuck M.

    I’m still at 5, which is where I’ve been all season. I think there’s a bit of smoke and mirrors at this point, and my innate pessimism says that it’s due to burst at any point. I’m not especially confident that Teix will be able to contribute this year, and I’m not confident that A-Rod and Jeter will be able to contribute in any meaningful sense on the field in the future. That said, I think there’s some depth being produced by this start, and I’m enjoying watching these games won by a lineup straight out of Major League (and Robbie Cano).