Monday Night Open Thread

The Yankees flew back home last night following their long eleven games in ten days road trip, and today they enjoyed an off-day. Off-days always feel good coming off a win, especially a series win. Anyway, with no Yankees baseball tonight, I recommend checking out Kevin Kernan’s piece on the budding bromance between Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier. I’m so glad those two are Yankees. They’re so much fun.

Here is the open thread for the night. The Mets are out on the West Coast and ESPN is showing the Rockies and Cardinals. That’s about it. Talk about those games, Judge and Frazier, or anything else that isn’t religion or politics right here.

Friday Night Open Thread

The Yankees are still out on the West Coast, which means another 10pm ET start tonight. One more of these tomorrow — that’s actually a 9pm ET start, but close enough — and then that’s it. No more West Coast night games this season. After this series the Yankees will play 62 of their final 65 games in the Eastern time zone. Hooray for that. They have three games in Texas in September and that’s it.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Here is an open thread until the regular game thread comes along. The Mets are playing and MLB Network will have a regional game. Talk about that stuff or anything else here, as long as it’s not religion or politics.

Thursday Night Open Thread

The Yankees are out on the West Coast for a four-game weekend series with the Mariners, which means 10pm ET starts tonight and tomorrow, and a 9pm ET start Saturday. A Saturday night game on the West Coast? The worst. It’s like they scheduled it specifically to annoy me. Groan. Anyway, check out Jeff Sullivan’s post on the Yankees’ new-look bullpen. This unit has a chance to be pretty great.

Here is an open thread to hold you over until the regular game thread comes along. Really light baseball schedule tonight. There’s one 7pm ET game (Rangers at Orioles) and one 8pm ET game (Tigers at Royals) before the West Coast games begin. MLB Network will have games all night. You folks know what to do with these threads by now, so have at it.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

The Yankees played (and lost) earlier today, and now they’re heading out to the West Coast for a four-game set with Seattle. During this baseball-less night, I recommend Tom Verducci’s article on how the Yankees have veered away from one of the core principles of pitching. They don’t pitch off their fastball. The Yankees throw the lowest percentage of fastballs in baseball. “Fastballs get hit,” said pitching coach Larry Rothschild. Make sure you check out Verducci’s article. Really great stuff.

Here is an open thread for the evening. The Mets are playing (on ESPN) and that’s about it. Talk about that game, this afternoon’s loss, the Verducci article, or anything else here. Just not religion or politics.

Thursday Night Open Thread

Another night without baseball, Yankees or otherwise. That’s alright. Enjoy it. The second half is going to be pretty grueling and stressful. The Yankees start a four games in three days series at Fenway Park tomorrow night. They’re jumping right back into the fire. At least the trades are starting.

Here is an open thread for the night. There’s a whole bunch of nothing going on tonight, so you’re on your own for entertainment. You folks know how these open threads work by now, so have at it.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

The All-Star festivities are over and now we have two baseball-less days to sit back and relax before the second half begins Friday. These next few weeks are going to be pretty interesting. I have no idea what to expect from the Yankees going forward. Anyway, make sure you check out David Waldstein’s profile on Danilo Valiente, the Yankees’ batting practice pitcher who threw to Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez at the Home Run Derby. Valiente has a pretty neat backstory and the players love him. The profile is a few years old but I didn’t see it until the other day. Give it a read.

Here is an open thread for the night. There’s not a whole lot going on. The Triple-A All-Star Game will be on MLB Network at 9pm ET and that’s about it. (The game is on the West Coast.) LHP Caleb Smith will represent the Yankees. OF Dustin Fowler was also selected to the game before his injury. Talk about that game, the Valiente profile, or anything that isn’t religion or politics here.

2017 Home Run Derby Open Thread

(Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
(Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

This is the first time that I have ever been excited for the Home Run Derby. I’ve enjoyed watching it before, to be sure, and I will never cease to be amazed by the towering shots that most of the competitors are capable of hitting on a year-to-year basis – but it has never before felt like must-see TV. And, despite my own Yankees fandom, it isn’t just because of Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez.

Well, to be fair, it isĀ mostly because of Judge and Sanchez. At the same time, though, I’m excited to see Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Sano, who were jockeying for the “most impressive batting practice” crown before Judge arrived on the scene. I’m similarly stoked to see Cody Bellinger come to the plate, as he has essentially played the role of Aaron Judge West this year. And seeing MLB use this event as an opportunity to market three young, blossoming stars in NYC and Los Angeles is basically a feather in its cap.

Here is tonight’s bracket:


This sets up the possibility of a Judge vs. Bellinger semi-finals, and a Judge vs. Stanton (or Sanchez) finals. It’s rare that something as simple as a bracket is intriguing, but here we are.

The Home Run Derby will begin at 8 PM EST, and will be broadcast on ESPN. Feel free to discuss the derby and anything else (that isn’t religion or politics) here.