Weekend Open Thread

The Yankees had themselves a pretty busy Friday today and I missed most of it because of some family stuff. I’ll chime in with some thoughts about the big Martin Prado/Nathan Eovaldi trade over the weekend, though my quick analysis is that this is a really fun but really risky trade for the Yankees. Fun because they got some serious pitching upside, risky because they gave up the two sure things in the deal in Prado and David Phelps.

Friday: Anyway, this is your open thread for the night. The Devils, Islanders, and Nets are all playing, plus there’s the usual slate of college basketball. Talk about anything and everything here.

Saturday: Once again, this if the nightly open thread. There are two NFL games today: Eagles-Redskins is wrapping up right now and Chargers-49ers will begin later tonight. All three local hockey teams are in action and there’s college football and basketball on as well. Enjoy.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

I don’t want to get too political, but earlier today President Obama announced the United States will seek to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba, so I wrote about what could mean for baseball down the road over the CBS. You should read it. Hopefully one day it will be easier for Cuban players to come over to MLB, and I don’t say that because I want the Yankees to sign all of them (I do!), but because MLB is the best league in the world and this is where the best players should be.

Anyway, this is your open thread for the evening. The Devils and Nets are playing, plus there’s college basketball on somewhere. Please don’t talk about politics or anything like that. This isn’t the place for it. If you want to talk about the Cuba stuff, please keep it to baseball. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday Night Open Thread

Earlier today the Yankees re-signed Chris Capuano to a perfectly reasonable one-year, $5M contract. Capuano makes me nervous whenever he’s on the mound, I’m not a fan of finesse lefties at all, but he’s a serviceable depth piece who can be easily shipped to the bullpen or even dropped from the roster if a better option comes along. Now, if he’s the only pitcher the Yankees bring in this winter, that’s a problem. I don’t think that’ll be the case though.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The (hockey) Rangers, Knicks, and Nets are all playing, and there’s the usual slate of college basketball as well. Talk about those games, the return of Capuano, or anything else right here. Have at it.

Monday Night Open Thread

Earlier today, before the Yankees agreed to re-sign Chase Headley, Buster Olney (subs. req’d) ranked the six divisions based on where they stand right now. The AL Central, which I think has four legitimate contenders in the non-Twins teams, claims the top spot and is followed in order by the NL Central, AL West, NL West, AL East, and NL East. I might flip the NL West and AL East — the NL West is just one superpower and one other very good team while the AL East is five okay-ish teams, any of whom could probably win the division if things break right — but otherwise it seems like a good list to me. The AL East was the undisputed best division for a very long time, but that definitely isn’t the case anymore.

Anyway, this is your open thread for the night. The Saints and Bears are the Monday Night Football game, plus the Devils and Islanders are playing (each other). There’s also some college basketball on as well. Talk about those games, Headley coming back, the division rankings, or anything else right here.

Weekend Open Thread

Between RAB and CBS, the Winter Meetings really wore me down this week, especially Wednesday and Thursday. I didn’t have much time to reach anything worthwhile, so I don’t have any links to pass along this weekend. Sorry. I do want to point that, during a conference call this afternoon, Didi Gregorius told reporters he was knighted back in 2011. The Yankees literally have a knight at shortstop. Sir Didi of Gregorius now roams the infield in the Bronx. Amazing.

Friday: Here is your open thread for the night. The Knicks and Nets are both playing, plus I’m sure there’s some college basketball on somewhere. Talk about anything and everything right here. Enjoy.

Saturday: This is the open thread again. The Rangers, Devils, Islanders, and Nets are all playing, plus there’s college sports too. Have at it.

Thursday Night Open Thread

The 2014 Winter Meetings are officially over and the Yankees did nothing these last four days. That’s a surprise to me. I honestly thought they’d get a deal wrapped up with David Robertson and/or Chase Headley while in San Diego, but alas. Robertson is a White Sox (White Sock?) and Headley remains unsigned. Only 71 days until pitchers and catchers report!

Here is tonight’s open thread. The Cardinals and Rams are the Thursday NFL game, plus the Devils, Islanders, and various college basketballers are in action. Talk about those games, the Winter Meetings, or anything else here.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

According to Maury Brown, MLB set a new revenue record in 2014, taking in approximately $9 billion for the calendar year. That’s up about 13% from last year, which is nuts. The new national television deals with FOX, ESPN, and TBS were a big part of the increase. That number is going up too. MLB Advanced Media announced today they will provide back-end infrastructure for HBO’s streaming service — they already do the same for ESPN, WWE, and CBS March Madness — and Brown says MLBAM could top $1 billion in revenue by itself in the near future. Lots and lots of money in the game right now.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. Both the Knicks and Nets are playing, and there’s the usual slate of college basketball. Talk about those games, MLB’s revenues, the Winter Meetings, or anything else right here.