Sunday Open Thread

It’s awful that we need days like today to remind us baseball is just a dumb game. Complaining about bullpen management and runners left in scoring position seems so silly. Jose Fernandez, one of the game’s brightest stars, was killed in a boating accident earlier today. He was only 24 and due to become a father soon. Authorities said no alcohol or drugs were involved. It was just an accident. I’m glad we got a chance to experience Jose Fernandez and his passion for the game, though he was taken from this world far too soon. This sucks.

Here is an open thread the rest of the day. The Cardinals and Cubs are the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game for like the fourth time this season, plus there’s all the day’s NFL action. Talk about any of that stuff and more right here.

Monday Night Open Thread

The Yankees have an off-day today, their final off-day of the regular season, and thank goodness for that. I need a night away from baseball after that disaster of the series in Boston. So, with no Yankees game tonight, I command you read Mark Teixeira’s Q&A with Ken Rosenthal and Andrew Marchand’s story on Gary Sanchez. Teixeira spoke about his career at length. Marchand wrote about Sanchez’s rise from immature minor leaguer to rookie sensation. Make sure you check ’em out.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The Mets are playing tonight and MLB Network is airing a regional game. There’s also Monday Night Football (Eagles vs. Bears) and the World Cup of Hockey. Talk about those games, the Teixeira and Sanchez stories, or anything else here. Have at it.

Sunday Open Thread

The Yankees don’t wrap up their mess of a series with the Red Sox until later tonight, so here’s an open thread for the meantime. The Mets are playing, TBS and MLB Network are showing a regional games, there’s all the week two NFL action, plus there are some World Cup of Hockey games on. Talk about all that stuff and more. Have at it.

Saturday Open Thread

Here’s an open thread for the rest of the day. The Tigers and Indians are on FOX Sports 1 right now, the Mets are playing later, and MLB Network will carry a regional game tonight too. Plus there’s plenty of college football going on and some World Cup of Hockey too. Talk about those games or whatever else right here.

Sunday Open Thread

If you’re interested in such things, Randy Miller spoke to a bunch of Yankees about where they were the day of the September 11th attacks. Like a few of them, I was still in college at the time. I had a long exam that morning and didn’t hear about everything until later in the morning, around 10:30 or so. I didn’t watch it all unfold live on television like so many others. None of it seemed real.

Here’s the open thread for the rest of the day. The Cubs and Astros are the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game (Arrieta vs. Fiers) plus there’s all the week one NFL action. Talk about all that or anything else on your mind right here.

Labor Day Open Thread

Happy Labor Day to all of you out there in the workforce. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here is an open thread for the rest of the day. ESPN is showing the Pirates and Cardinals this afternoon, and MLB Network is showing a regular game later tonight. There’s also some college football on later. Talk about any of that stuff right here. Go nuts.

Sunday Open Thread

Here’s an open thread for the rest of the day. The Mets and Nationals are the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game (Seth Lugo vs. Reynaldo Lopez), and other than that, you’re on your own for entertainment. Have at it.