Thursday Night Open Thread

The Yankees are out on the West Coast, which means they don’t play until 10pm ET tonight. We’ll have a regular game thread a little closer to first pitch, so, until then, use this open thread to keep yourself busy. The baseball schedule is pretty light tonight — there are no 7pm ET games and the only 8pm ET game is the Red Sox and Rangers. That game will be on MLB Network. There’s no NHL or NBA postseason action tonight either. Weird. Anyway, talk about whatever here.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

Earlier today, Alex Rodriguez jumped into third place on the all-time RBI list with 1,995. That’s pretty neat despite the inherent flaws with RBI. They’re like wins — you don’t rack up that many in your career without being pretty good. Anyway, A-Rod is in third place because RBI didn’t become an official stat until 1920, so MLB doesn’t acknowledge anything prior. In reality, A-Rod is tied for fifth all-time with Lou Gehrig, behind Hank Aaron (2,297), Babe Ruth (2,214), Cap Anson (2,075), and Barry Bonds (1,996). Those pre-1920 RBI did happen, after all. Still pretty cool either way.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. This afternoon’s game will be replayed on YES at 7pm ET, if you’re interested. MLB Network will air a regional game later tonight, plus there’s also NBA and NHL postseason action on as well. Talk about those games, A-Rod’s milestone, this afternoon’s win, or anything else right here.

Memorial Day Open Thread

Gosh, what a perfect game this afternoon. Lots of runs, Slade Heathcott hit a homer, Jacob Lindgren made his MLB debut, a blowout win against the best team in baseball … what more could you have wanted? The six-game losing streak is over and it’ll take some work to erase that 1-10 stretch from memory, but you have to start somewhere. This afternoon was a pretty great start.

Here is your open thread for the evening. This afternoon’s game will be replayed on YES at 7pm ET and MLB Network will show a regional game live a little later. Plus there’s NHL and NBA postseason action. Talk about all of that or anything else right here. And thank you to everyone who served in the armed forces and gave their lives so idiots like me can blog about baseball.

Saturday Night Open Thread

Here is the open thread for this evening. The Mets are playing right now, MLB Network will air a regional game later on, and there’s both NBA and NHL playoff action on tonight. Talk about those games, this afternoon’s blowout loss, the imminent arrival of Jacob Lindgren, or anything else right here. Or go outside. It’s really nice out, at least it is here in the Big Apple.

Masahiro Tanaka Rehab Start Open Thread

The Yankees have an off-day today, their second off-day of the week, but Masahiro Tanaka is making a rehab start with Triple-A Scranton this evening. It is Tanaka’s first rehab start since landing on the DL with wrist tendinitis and a minor forearm strain late last month, and he’s scheduled to throw three innings and 45 pitches. The game will be broadcast on YES! So watch Tanaka, Rob Refsnyder, Ramon Flores, maybe Jacob Lindgren, and a bunch of other guys tonight while the big league team is off. The game is scheduled to begin at 6:35pm ET, so hurry up and click over.

Use this as your Tanaka game thread/open thread for the night. In addition to the Triple-A Scranton game, MLB Network is showing the Cubs and Padres later tonight (Kyle Hendricks vs. Ordisamer Despaigne), plus there’s playoff hockey and basketball going on. Talk about those games or anything else right here.

Monday Night Open Thread

The Yankees have an off-day today and they really need it. They just played 30 games in 31 days and only four of their last 17 games have been at home. Heck, just ten of their last 33 (!) games have been at home. That’s rough. Lots of baseball and lots of travel. It’s no surprise then that several Yankees told Dan Barbarisi they were looking forward to today’s off-day just to rest. They looked sluggish in Kansas City this weekend, that’s for sure.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. Really light baseball schedule tonight, just seven games, but the Mets are playing and Matt Harvey is pitching. That game will be on ESPN as well as SNY. The (hockey) Rangers are playing Game Three of their third round matchup with the Lightning as well (8pm ET on NBCSN). No NBA playoffs tonight though. Talk about whatever here.

Sunday Night Open Thread

So now the Yankees kinda stink now. I liked it better when they were good. They should go back to being good again. That was fun. Hopefully next week. The Yankees are now 0-4 in games immediately prior to an off-day this season. Bah.

Here is tonight’s open threat. The ESPN Sunday Night Game is the Tigers at the Cardinals (Alfredo Simon vs. Lance Lynn), and if you hurry you can probably catch the end of today’s NBA and NHL playoff games. Talk about whatever here.