Why I continue to acknowledge writers like Bill Madden, I’ll never know. This one comes via MLBTR, which links to the second page of a Madden column. The quote:

And, please, enough about Austin Jackson. The guy hit .285 with nine homers in Double-A ball – hardly superstar-in-the-making numbers.

Nevermind that straight batting average is a terrible, terrible number on which to base any kind of projection. We’ll go with this, though: One Bernabe Figueroa Williams hit .281 with 8 home runs in his age-21 season at Double-A. Feel free to test out your scouting skills with another player, Bill.

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Eliminating the pigeons

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Earlier this sumer — Old Timer’s Day to be exact — Ben and I sat high in the Tier Reserves. Over the course of both games, we were on high alert for pigeons perched above us; a number of people in our section had been pooped on, though they were a couple of rows in front of us. One guy actually got hit three times (he deserved it, as he was a drunken idiot). Clearly, though neither of us was hit, this was a nuisance. Pigeons suck and that goes triply for ballgames.

I’ve always wished we could do something to abolish pigeons. After all, what freakin’ purpose do they serve other than playthings for old, smelly ladies in the park? The Cincinnati Bengals have a solution: gun them down. Yes, the team is seeking permission to eliminate pigeons with pellet guns. This brings two things to mind:

1) This is by far the coolest idea in the history of human existence.
2) How does one sign up to shoot these pigeons?

Hey, almost all of us have experience. Who didn’t sit on their friend’s porch and pick off squirrels and birds and whatever else presented itself as a target?

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Betcha can’t guess who’s not in the lineup. You’ll know after the leadoff slot.

1. Johnny Damon, CF
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Bobby Abreu, RF
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Hideki Matsui, LF
6. Jorge Posada, C
7. Jason Giambi, DH
8. Robinson Cano, 2B
9. Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B

And on the mound, No. 35, Mike Mussina.

I’ll now be accepting any and all complaints about my (relative) dislike of Melky.

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  • Red Sox fans are full of it

    Boston Dirt Dogs, the quasi-fan produced/corporate site, has a little blurb up from last night saying “Tampa Bay Hates Us” (where “us” means the Red Sox) since they couldn’t beat the Yankees. NEWSFLASH BOSTON: One of the main reasons you’re in first place is because the Devil Rays crapped the bed when they played you earlier this month and in August. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. · (1) ·

Why are the Yankees building a New Yankee Stadium? To sell luxury suites. Who are the target customers for these luxury suites? Why, folks who would find a showroom for the suites on Fifth Ave. between 50th and 51st Sts. appealing.

According to Charles V. Bagli of The New York Times, the Yankees are set to open their very own Fifth Ave. showroom of sorts in January. The showroom will feature full-sized models of the luxury suites. What better to woe the suits at NBC and Tiffany & Co. who work in the neighborhood. The Cityroom blog has more:

The team just signed a lease at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, on Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets, for a showroom for the new 51,000-seat stadium now under construction in the Bronx. When it opens in January, potential buyers will be able to walk into a series of plush models of the 57 luxury suites planned for that stadium, which is rising quickly just to the north of the Yankees’ historic home in the Bronx.

Buyers who visit the showroom on the 32nd floor will also get the opportunity to test out a few of the 5,000 to 10,000 wider, more thickly cushioned premium seats that will also go on sale when the stadium opens, presumably for the 2009 season. Premium seats, naturally, have the some of the best views of the action on the field.

Currently, luxury suites at Yankee Stadium sell from $2,8000 to $6,600 a game (or $265,000 to $350,000 for the season). You can bet those prices will head north in a hurry. That is, after all, why the Yankees are building a new stadium and daring to tear down a piece of baseball history.

In the end, I’m not sure if this is more or less disgusting than this pleasant story about Barry Bonds. It certainly is baseball economics on display.

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  • Villone likely on postseason roster

    In what basically amounts to a throwaway column, Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record implies that Ron Villone will make the playoff squad. Can’t say I’m surprised, considering the Yanks will carry at least 11 pitchers. I’m not happy, though, since we know a Villone implosion is always one pitch away. Says Villone of his probable role as lefty specialist:

    “It’s not my ideal role, but I’ll do whatever’s needed.”

    Ron is correct. His ideal role is warming various seats in the bullpen. Unlike many lefty relievers, he doesn’t even have favorable stats against lefty hitters. I will be quite white-knuckled should he make an appearance in a tight game.
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It’s going to be a slow weekend in Yankee-land. With three games to relax and rest the regulars before the October grind, Joe Torre’s going to be playing a lot of Wilson Betemit and Shelley Duncan and not too much Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui. I would like to see Ross Ohlendorf get into some games but more on that later.

Right now, I’d like to point you to some of the excellent work Tommy and Caleb are producing at Breaking Balls. Check it out:

Go read, comment and join the fun.

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Well, you’re not the only. No matter how many times Ben Shpigel lays it out for us, it still doesn’t make sense. That is, it still doesn’t make sense until you read The Dugout explain the NL playoff picture. Then, it becomes crystal clear.

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