“only some freakish unforeseen injury keeps him from being a major leaguer”

That quote comes from Staten Island Yankees’ manager Mike Gillespie in this article from the Daily News, and he’s talking about none other than Dellin Betances. Great piece on what Dellin was up to this winter, how he spent his 7-figure signing bonus, what scout’s think of him, and how he feels to be a part of the Yankees’ future.

Dellin Betances spotted alive and well in Staten Island

We get a lot questions about Dellin Betances around here. “How do you pronounce his name?” is a popular one. As is “Where is Dellin Betances these days?” “What is he doing in Extended Spring Training?” is a popular one too.

Well, Mike’s replacements at our former MVN home have the answers in an excellent piece they wrote after attending media day at the Staten Island Yankees’ facility on New York’s neglected fifth borough. Eric Schultz writes:

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