Fan Confidence Poll: August 15th, 2011

Mailbag: Johnny Damon
Series Preview: Kansas City Royals

Record Last Week: 3-2 (29 RS, 21 RA)
Season Record:
72-46 (632 RS, 457 RA, 77-41 pythag. record), 0.5 GB in AL East, 8.5 up for wildcard
Opponents This Week:
@ Royals (three games, Mon. to Weds.), @ Twins (four games, Thurs. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
Mailbag: Johnny Damon
Series Preview: Kansas City Royals
  • Kilgore Trout

    I just don’t know how you can be at anything less than a 9. We’re only a half game back. 3 of our next 4 series are on the road but they’re all against cellar dwellers. Boston has a series at Tampa, including a double header, and a series at Texas coming up. This is when we need to beat up on these bad teams and put a couple games distance between us and the Sox before our series at the end of the month.

    • Sayid J.

      Perhaps the pitching staff inspires a less than confident sentiment among the fan base. I voted 8 for that reason. On top of that, while the farm system has great prospects, several of them suffered injuries this week, and although Betances and Banuelos were promoted, Montero’s defense is still a long term concern as well.

      I believe 8 is certainly within reason. It’s difficult for me to look at the pitching staff and imagine us matching up with the Angels/Phillies/and even the Sox to a lesser extent.

      • Kilgore Trout

        The Sox? We have a better rotation top to bottom than the Sox do. The Angels are 4 games back and probably won’t even make the playoffs. Phillies aren’t a concern until the WS if they make it. Despite what ESPN says the Phillies and Red Sox aren’t guaranteed berths in the WS.

        • Sayid J.

          I never claimed anyone was guaranteed any playoff births or WS births. Even if it’s not the Phillies, I could argue that the Giants, Braves and Brewers all have better 1-2 starters than the Yankees. Having a better 1-6 starters doesn’t matter in the postseason. The Yankees starting pitchers, as currently constructed, are designed for the long haul, to give you quality starts and give the team a chance to win every game/get to bullpens/tire our opposing starters. But in the playoffs, where you’re using 3-4 starters, having a solid 5 or 6 is irrelevant. Beckett/Lester and CC match up, but the Sox have a huge advantage in game 2. The Yankees will likely be at a disadvantage in every game 2, and in many game 3s as well.

          This is not something that concerns me, the Yankees can beat anyone. I know that. That being said, it is a very valid reason to say that I am not at a 9.

    • NJ_Andy

      They’re seriously considering putting Hughes in the Pen. Until I see more faith in the kids, I can’t vote over an 8.

    • Tom

      Of course, given the instruction it’s possible to vote on this WITHOUT reference to current standings. E.g., management and farm system are important too, as well as the current roster. In my case I have worries about both the current roster insofar as AGE is concerned (Arod, Jeter, Mo, Posada–3, maybe even 4, future HoF guys who are piling up the years–and about managment. The latter is hard to spell out. Something about this post-George ownership makes me anxious whether the current ownership cares about winning with anything like the intensity of George. I’ll bet ol George, in his day, would have gone after Cliff Lee last winter with a lot more flash and dash than did Hal, Hank, and Cash.

  • Carlosologist

    I voted a 9. The organization looks to be in good shape going forward, seeing as ManBan, Betances, and Banuelos are all together in AAA and figure to be with the big league club next season. The short term looks good too, seeing as we’re getting A-Rod back this week and a playoff spot is pretty much locked up.

    • jsbrendog

      seeing as ManBan, Betances, and Banuelos

      hooray cloning!

      but, non snark, i agree

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Well given the way that they handled two prospects who were better pitchers, I can’t say that seeing Manny and Betances in AAA at the same time gives me that much confidence.

  • theyankeewarrior

    Tied in the L column.

    Top-tier offense.

    Top-tier farm.

    Best pen in MLB.

    Alex on the comeback trail.

    Rotation question marks.


    • David, Jr.

      Good analysis, except I would add top tier defense.

      9 – defined as this year.

  • the Other Steve S.

    Meat-tray’s nerve issue is easily diagnosed. It’s that he has the nerve to call himself a Major League pitcher.

    • Nick


    • Delaware – Ralph


  • CP

    What time today is the deadline for signing draft picks?

    • Mike Axisa


  • steve s

    I am voting 9 based on Arod returning and the Yanks having done nicely in his absence (21-11). An unexpected but still intriguing stat: both Jeter and Tex have a .340 OBP as of start of play today. Who would have predicted that one a few months ago?

  • Bronx Byte

    Once the starting rotation is settled (minus Burnett for the playoffs) the team will be in good shape. The return of A-Rod and a strong bullpen makes for a good outlook.

  • Johnny Nitro

    Mo and CC are struggling, how can I be that confident?

    • Jerome S.

      This can’t be serious, right? Those are the guys I worry about least when they struggle.

    • Jorge

      You also jobbed to R-Truth last Monday. It’s understandable that you may be a bit gunshy. Just think back to the last 6,000 times Mo and CC struggled over a small stretch and notice that the terrorists did not, in fact, win as a sresult.

      • jsbrendog

        no, but the terriosts did…

  • dean

    Overall health of the organization Im about a 9.5. For winning it all this year probably a 7 or so.

  • Will

    Dammit I hate when our Pythag record indicates we should have a better record!

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      Isn’t it better than the opposite though? If it were the other way, I’d feel like they were playing over their heads a little bit and worry about a little downfall.

      • Jerome S.

        This. Take the Pirates for example, who were clearly over their heads at the ASB and have since gone on a ten-game losing streak.

  • Jorge

    10. I’m personally feeling sky-high right now. All three of the top prospects sit in AAA, and the team has never seemed more committed to them, to these eyes. Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes are starting to, or starting to again, look like solid MLB starters. Alex is coming back. The team seems to be clicking and is in a good position to move forward. Mo look shaky? CC look shaky? I’ve seen that movie before.

  • Skip

    When reading about the signed/unsigned picks, I was looking up Sam Stafford – and this is the only thing I found online about him:

    Near the bottom it says that he’s turned down the Yankees offer of $200,000 signing bonus. Now, it does seem fishy that they would offer their 2nd round pick only $200,000, especially since it’s a kid with upside (lefty who can touch mid-90’s) and leverage (College Junior)

    Also – voting a 10

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Their are rumors circulating that the Yankees didn’t like what they saw with his medicals. I have no idea how true that it is, though. Bittle 2.0 would be nice to avoid.

      • JohnC

        In which case they would get a compensation pick in next year’s draft. Not all bad

        • JohnnyC

          Peter Gammons says 2012 draft sucks. This was one very deep draft to miss out on a Top 3 round pick.

      • Sayid J.

        If true, it’s too bad they didn’t do a more thorough evaluation before picking the guy.

        • Mike Axisa

          They can’t do anything more thorough than look at the medical records. Not allowed to give physicals until after the draft.

          • CP

            What sort of medicals can they see? For a big time college player I could see the college having a report on him, but that likely wouldn’t be the case for a high schooler.

          • Sayid J.


      • JohnnyC

        Must be shoulder problems. If it was his elbow, they’d sign him and TJS him, like Brackman.

    • CP

      The original report was that he was offered $400K. Based on all of the (relatively unsubstantiated) reports, they may have lowered the offer after the physical…

  • bonestock94

    7. The division is there for the taking, but starting pitching ?’s keep me from an 8.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    1. 8+
    2. Organization is making all the right moves and correct non moves
    3. Team played well in Arod’s DL stint.
    4. Colon and Freddie hanging tough
    5. Nova and Hughes looking better each time out
    6. AJ’s negativity due for a stretch of plus

    Note: I believe the one positional player who we would sorely miss is Robbie Cano. His bat and glove just too much to keep out of the lineup for more then a week. Also need to turn the remaining games against the Red Sox’s to a positive ( mental thing) which I believe will occur just too much talent on the Yankee side.

  • Hardy

    9. Very good record, an even better team: Good outlook for the rest of this season.
    Strong farm system, matches well with the needs of the big league club – pitching, DH, C. Some moneys to work with in the offseason.

    What’s not to like: Team is relatively old, some major payroll obligations, the three best starting pitchers of this year will be free agents.

  • pollo

    Voted 8, would be an 8.2 if they’d stop dicking around Monstero in AAA

  • ADam


    No Montero, and my fan intelligence has been insulted by not moving Burnett to the Pen…

  • woodysweats

    why no embedded video of the double steal? sheesh, lazy… :)

  • Jorge

    When Montero is up and actually adjusting to MLB pitchers, I wonder where the ratings of those basing their rating on his being/not being brought up with be.

    • jsbrendog

      lower, because he will struggle and they will say he is doooooooomed

  • Ida nextace mannyB

    Gave em a 9. I believe the future is bright due to stacked farm and for once they didn’t make a ridiculously bad trade for at the deadline. If we didn’t have so many black holes in the lineup at times Martin/cvelli and DH namely I think we would have a legitimate chance this year but unfortunately don’t see it happening. Too many teams are stacked 2-3 aces deep w the yankees it’s still cc and the ??? But I’m hoping Colonoscopy and Hughes can prove me wrong

  • Ida nextace mannyB

    Gave em a 9. I believe the future is bright due to stacked farm and for once they didn’t make a ridiculously bad trade for at the deadline. If we didn’t have so many black holes in the lineup at times Martin/cvelli and DH namely I think we would have a legitimate chance this year if colonoscopy and Hughes can be great I may b proved wrong

  • Lazy Bones Andruw Jones

    8, but I could have gone with 9. Playoffs look certain, players making their way back from injury, good farm. The only real concern is the rotation, and those concerns are there for every team.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    take it for whatever it’s worth, but the yankees have better odds for winning the division (and a playoff spot in general) than the red sox. Not sure how that works, is it strength of schedule?

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      this according to cool standings by the way

    • Hardy

      Strength of schedule is a factor, but I think the result is mostly driven by team strength. Because the Yankees have a better run differential, coolstandings gives them better odds to win their remaining games than the Red Sox get for their games.

  • MattG

    When I see this team compete against the Red Sox, I want to give them a 4. It’s a really entertaining team, with lots of power and speed, really good fielding, and a dominant bullpen, but I have serious doubts they’ll even get out of the first round this year. I just have a feeling we’ll be sitting around in November, talking about how the starting pitching was gassed, and how (once again) the Yankees’ top off-season priority is starters…

    Also, what is up with Cashman? He’s coming unhinged, and I can ‘t help but infer that he dislikes his current work environment, and working for Hank and Hal may not be all it should be.

    • Jorge

      What is your rating against the other 28 teams in baseball? We can average that all out and still come up with something pretty decent, I’m sure.

      I don’t infer anything as to anyone’s happiness with their job based on what the media feeds me, and what blog commenters then interpret as their own narrative. I can guarantee you that, if Cashman were to GM the Bridgeport Bluefish next year, it would have nothing to do with what, say, Hester, thinks.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    9. Just a half game behind The Best Team In Baseball History™? Sign me up! Jesus, ManBan, and Betances are on their way. It would be a 9.5 if they would stop thinking about moving Hughes to the BP and/or remove AJ from the rotation. AJ should not start in the playoffs and if Hughes goes to the BP, there is greater possibility of that happening (if Bart breaks down, Nova becomes ineffective, etc)

  • JobaWockeeZ

    6 for this year, 8 for the overall future.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Still at a five. This team seems completely lost when it comes to dealing with young pitching. They jerked Joba around left and right, never really giving him a chance to show that he can or can’t stay in the rotation. Look, I think Joba’s a fat injury prone piece of shit…but for the upside that he had, you can’t just let him say “oh fuck my conditioning,” and send him to the bullpen after what? 220 innings as a starter?

    Now Phil Hughes, who is no longer young by any stretch of the imagination, but isn’t old, has only 400 innings to his five year big league career. This is a guy that they’re basically all in on, they already have two pitching albatrosses hanging from their neck, and it looks like they’re trying their hardest to make it three. They already have experienced massive innings jumps from year to year before, they clearly need him to be in the rotation and be effective next year, and now they’re saying “yeah we might move him to the bullpen.” This move makes absolutely zero sense, he’s pitched better since coming off the DL. Yes, he has issues going deep into games, but as I’ve already discussed he doesn’t have a whole lot of stamina built up on that arm. He’s only really had one full season as a starter, before that a lot of his starts were developmental. They were starts where he’d learn how to succeed in the big leagues. Unless you throw absolute gas and have an 80 breaking pitch, you need to do some development at the big leagues. Hughes is still learning how to succeed as a major league starting pitcher. This is something that he cannot do from the bullpen.

    AJ Burnett’s been pretty bad lately, and there’s really nothing that should give fans reasons to hope. He’s clearly not going to be able to take two more years of his skills deteriorating any further and stick in the rotation of a team with championship aspirations, something needs to be changed with him as it is. Whether it be moving him to the bullpen to give him a break of starting every 5th day, or sending his ass on a phantom DL trip and reworking a few things, something needs to change. I know it, you know it, and even management knows it. They’re not going to give him a post season start if they can absolutely avoid it, they recognize that it’d be the equivalent of forfeiture. Yet, the team still insists on keeping him in the rotation despite having two starters that could foreseeably be a part of the rotation for the next five years that need innings and need more development at the big league level. It’s the perfect storm, the Yankees have two pitchers that have shown that they can hack it at least as well as the crappy vet and these two starters need more time at the bigs to develop AND the crappy vet clearly needs to do something different if he wants to contribute at any point during the rest of his contract. Yet, they’re still saying “The shittiest pitcher on our staff is staying in the rotation, and we might further cripple Hughes’ development by sending him on another misguided bullpen session before we either: a.) move him to the bullpen permanently, or b.) decide to give him a full year of starts next season after only throwing 70 innings this season”

    At a certain point this team is going to have to learn how to develop their own pitching. They got lucky with Freddy and Bartolo, and they can’t have a rotation filled with one elite starter and a collection of mediocre pitchers, nor can they chalk the rotation full of free agents. I’ve seen no reason to be confident about their ability to develop starting pitching.