Fan Confidence Poll: October 22nd, 2013


Regular Season Record: 95-67 (804 RS, 668 RA, 96-66 pythag. record), won AL East by two games
Playoff Record: 3-2 win in ALDS (16 RS, 10 RA), 4-0 loss in ALCS (6 RS, 19 RA)

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  • Cris Pengiucci

    This should be interesting ……

  • Eddard

    For this season, 1 because they’ve been eliminated.

    Going forward, 4. If they can get younger, quicker, and more contact hitters then I’d bump it up to a 7. I don’t really see them doing that though. They won’t give the AAA players like Nunie, Dickerson and Phelps a chance next season. Instead, they’ll package them in a trade for an aging left handed hairy monster who strikes out too much. There’s something fundamentally wrong with how the Yankees are doing business these days and if Cashman doesn’t realize that then maybe he needs to go.

    • Athenian

      Seriously. If you read between Cashman’s lines, nothing is going to change their approach. They will stick with exactly what has brought them to this point and then argue that they won the AL East, third best record overall, made it to the ALCS and dismiss any shortfall as an aberration. Just as the Bros Stein explained that because Jeter and Ibanez played well, the team is no too old, to slow, or just fundamentally inept…disappointing

      • Ted Nelson

        Uhhh… they did win the AL East and make it to the ALCS. That actually happened.

        They did all that because of the way they do business.

        • Athenian

          disagree and it is a mythical statement. They did all that because 80% of the league is merely average. Don’t assume that their business model allowed them to find magic in the 9th inning of three games against Baltimore when clearly they were out played. Or that it allowed them to fend off a team like Tampa – Detroit made it because the White Sox caved, not because of Detroit.

          • CP

            So the Yankees ended up with the best record in the AL (and the best run differential – so it wasn’t just a fluke), and they did that because everyone else was average?

            That makes no sense. Of course every other team was worse than the Yankees. The Yankees were the best team in the AL this year, so by definition everyone else was worse. That’s more a testament to how well the Yankees are run than to how poorly every other team is run. The Yankees just got unlucky that they hit a bad slump at the wrong time.

            • MannyGeee Machete

              Also, by definition, what does this make the Tigers (that had the 7th best record in the league)? Slightly above average? ‘Average Adjacent’?

              This is a false statement, because if everyone in the AL was merely “AVERAGE” there would have been 1=5 teams at 80 wins, and the Yankees would have won the division with 81-82 wins.

              Please just admit that this is a good team, very good in September, flat out awesome in June, and maybe they blew their collective load to soon in the fall and couldn’t get back to it.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                80% of the league can’t be “merely average” either. If we take all their records and create a nice Bell Curve out of them, or whatnot, I’m sure that the distribution wouldn’t be anything out of the norm.

                These guys are just dying to prove to the rest of us that they’re the more discerning fan, and they fail miserably every time. I hope their parents are proud.

                • I am not the droids you’re looking for…(I believe that children are our future)

                  All they need to do is walk upstairs from the basement and ask mom.

                  • Robinson Tilapia

                    I’m always convinced that, when Eddard says that “everyone” thinks something (example: BIG GAME DAVE PHELPS), what he really means is that he talks to his dick a lot and it agrees.


        • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

          And once again the goal is to win the World Series. Seriously dude are you used to not achieving things in life. Either you win it all and are Champions or you don’t and you are nothing.

      • Murderers’ Row Boat

        If anything the Cashman moves got them to the playoffs and the Steinbrenner/Levine moves lost them the playoffs.

        • Athenian

          Still disagree that Cashman’s moves got them to the playoffs, it helped, but not completely.

          But do agree that Steinbrenner and Levine meddling in baseball decisions, the Achilles’s heal of this team. Levine should be banned from Yankees baseball operations for a lifetime. He is better suited to be part of the Wall St. slime then imposing is rot on the Yankees.

          • Ted Nelson

            Cashman has been the GM for a decade and a half… whose moves got them into the playoffs?

            You do agree they made the playoffs, right?

    • Ted Nelson

      There’s something fundamentally wrong with thinking Chris Dickerson has any trade value. He cleared waivers, which indicates that no team will take him for free… why are they going to actually give up something of value for him?

      They gave Nunez two huge chances. All of 2011 and then early 2012 he got a chance. He largely blew it. I’m as big a Nunez fan as anyone, but saying he didn’t get a chance is ridiculous. He got a chance. Then he blew it. Then unfortunately he got hurt for almost the whole season right after being sent down. Nix played well enough that I don’t really care, though.

      Phelps also got a chance this season.

      Your entire argument is that not giving chances to guys you did give chances to and a 30-something year old AAAA journeyman is “the wrong way to do business…” That seems like a you problem.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        Nicely spelled out for him. Now let’s see if it has any impact.

        Both Phelps and Nunez will also most likely be given opportunities next season as well. Dickerson, well, maybe he could be a 4th OF to save some money. We’ll see.

        If any of these guys do happen to be packaged in a trade, I suspect it’ll be for someone that fills a need and provides some financial flexibility. Age won’t necessarily matter; ability and production along with salary, will.

        • jjyank

          N”ow let’s see if it has any impact.”

          Spoiler Alert: It won’t.

          • Cris Pengiucci

            Which is why I try not to respond to Eddard posts. (yet still do sometimes, but usually in response to someone that responded to him).

            • jjyank

              I’m just disappointed that yooboo didn’t stick around. It would have been interesting seeing those two worlds collide.

    • RossA

      “Younger, quicker, more contact hitters….”

      We are going to hear this often.

      I disagree, partially.

      Younger? Yes. Obviously it’s an old team, and older players must eventually be replaced. Would I like to see older players with awful contracts moved, if possible? Yes. Would I agree to pay salary to get rid of them, even if the replacement was not as good initially? Yes. Do I see the Yankees doing this? No.

      Contact hitters? Speed and contact hitters don’t win. What wins is on base percentage and slugging. This will always be true. Now, it can change in degree…..as steroids are eradicated and overall bat speed goes down, the value of power hitters decreases some compared to a few years ago. Umpires also seem to be calling more strikes, and pitchers getting better at throwing strikes, so the “wearing the pitcher down with walks” strategy is much harder to pull off than it was 10 years ago.

      But you’ll never be able to change the fundamental truths of baseball, and that is that runs win, and runs come from getting guys on base and getting extra base hits and homers.

      “But that shit doesn’t work in the playoffs against elite pitching.” I get the argument, but I am not sure it is valid. I don’t think Justin Verlander is any more vulnerable to a scrappy contact hitter than he is to Curtis Granderson. Scrappy contact hitters feast on 4th and 5th starters just like power hitters do.

      When you look at players like Jeter who have had virtually entire seasons of postseason ABs to look at, you find that they perform at about the same level, in the long run, in the playoffs that they do in the regular season.

      The Yankees went cold. They didn’t fail because they are a bunch of free swingers who can’t hit good pitching.

      Teams that end up winning big series do it in lots of ways. They hit homers. They get base hits. Sabathia is an elite pitcher, and the Tigers beat him with homers. It happens.

      • MannyGeee Machete

        “The Yankees went cold. They didn’t fail because they are a bunch of free swingers who can’t hit good pitching.”

        Yes and No…

        They went cold… agreed.
        Who can’t hit good pitching… disagree, they have hit very well (THIS SEASON) Verlander, Felix, Lester, Beckett, Romero, Weaver… the list goes on and on.

        HOWEVER, the loss on this series lies squarely on the fact that they were swinging for the fences (save for the aforementioned Jeter and Ichiro) instead of putting the bat on the ball (against an inferior defensive team) and letting BABIP play itself out like they had done for the better part of the past 3 years.

  • Cano fan #1


  • GM

    No to a 10 yr pact. At all.

  • Austin Aunelowitzky

    6 until I get to see the “Grand Plan” play itself out in the off season.

    • Slugger27

      whats the “grand plan” … who said that?

      • MannyGeee Machete

        the Grandy Man Plan?

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    5. I have confidence that they will attempt to make the team better for next year, but I don’t have confidence that they will make the team better for the long-term.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      I think the next 2-3 years will be interesting. I suspect they’ll try to maintain a playoff caliber team without making any major splashes. If they happen to win a WS, so be it, but I don’t think they’ll go out of their way to take on a major contract unless someone falls into their lap that they can’t pass up. I think the 2015 off season could see some major signings that helps them build for the long term.

      • Murderers’ Row Boat

        I think they are hoping that the High A position players pan out and they are able to sign a Bryce Harper/Mike Trout in a few years. Otherwise I suspect that Cashman might be moved out after this contract and we are back to 1980’s version of the Yankees.

        • Cris Pengiucci

          I highly doubt an 80’s type player acquisition philosophy. George reacted with emotion. The current ownership team seems to want to run the team like a business.

  • pinchhitter

    I still have hope the Tigers will be caught posing nude in Playboy and have to step down, thus obliging the runners-up to perform all of the winner’s official duties. Therefore 8. Would have been a 10 but I don’t think they’ll hit any better in the WS.

    • MannyGeee Machete

      This would be the best thing ever, but I have no doubt the MLBPA would get involved and screw this up for all of us, like President Logan in 24.

  • Grover

    My confidence is a six until Soriano and Swisher turn down their qualifying offers. Brian Cashman has more insight than I on such decisions but I never rule out Levine and the ownership group overruling Cashman as was done with ARod and Soriano previously. My confidence tends to increase when Cashman has more authority. The Arod mess smells of Levine and Soriano was apparently his boy so I’m cautiously optimistic. I was wondering what salary range Ichiro might command if anyone has any thoughts?

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    -3 if Randy Levine/The Steinbrenners are allowed to just sign players they like over Cashman’s head.

    • Ted Nelson

      The $189 million budget is their directive. Chances are that they will not be signing big ticket guys to long term deals.

      • Murderers’ Row Boat

        We’ve heard the “We aren’t going to sign X guy because we have a budget.” Yet, Soriano, Tex, Clemens, A-Rod, [Insert Name from 1980's Here]were all signed.

        • Cris Pengiucci

          They didn’t have a fixed ceiling on the budget when those signings occurred. They do now.

    • Francesa

      Didn’t realize RAB commenters were such dedicated Manicheans. It’s comforting to live in a world where there are no gray areas in an entity like the Yankees’ front office. At least you’ll always know who to blame for every bad decision.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    still an 8.

    I just hope they don’t give Cano anything above 5/110 if they really wanna extend him this offseason. No more multiyear contracts that exceed age 35, please.

  • Athenian

    6 for now but 4 if they give into Cano and the 10 year deal. That will never workout past 5 years which means Cano and his contract will become the new ARod, Tex, Sabathia, weight that restricts the team.

    Very unsettling.

    • 0 for infinity and beyond

      I’m sure by the tenth year of that contract Cano will finally be busting it down the line on a ground ball.

  • YanksFan

    Usual 9. Last season is over so it now comes down to what do I think of the future. Cash has full autonomy. Levine and Hal are his bosses and do what all bosses have their right to do. They set up a budget and Cash has to live within in. They can expand it based on his making a strong case OR if Hal wants it for his own player of choice. Do some people not get that fact? Moreno does the same thing in LA. Ryan in Texas. He’s not GM but people act like he is.

    Somewhat disappointing season in the minors but still have a lot of MLB quality players. They’ve given a chance to a number of the guys in AA & AAA over the years. It just gets ignored for narrative by the irrational crowd on this site. Let’s also not forget Pineda as another high end “prospect” for next year.

    Start looking at their opponents in the East or AL. Baltimore will be a year older and better. They will also be a year removed from the .750 1-run game winning percentage and 16-2 extra inning record. That subtracts from them. Boston is a non-factor with a rebuild of some sort. Tampa has not gotten over the hump and talk about a salary cap of 189M for the NYY. Tampa would love to have 1/3 of that – which limits them. Toronto we’ve been waiting forever to win more than 1/2 their games.

    No one in the Central outside of Detroit.

    Texas has the farm but no Hamilton? Which LA shows up? Could Oakland repeat? Seatlle – yeah, right!!!

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Baltimore will be a year older and better. They will also be a year removed from the .750 1-run game winning percentage and 16-2 extra inning record. That subtracts from them.

      Baltimore had a number of things go right for them this season, a lot of it unexpected. I suspect they won’t be able to repeat next season and they’ll be more like an 80-85 win team.

      • Francesa

        They’ll have to rescind Buck’s automatic bid for the Hall.

        • MannyGeee Machete

          Cal Ripkin wont stand for this

    • TomH

      Toronto had the lousy finish it did because its pitching staff got wiped out with injuries–and then, for good measure, Bautista down too.

  • 0 for infinity and beyond

    1 and not because of the playoffs. There are some real issues with player development and INJURIES,INJURIES, INJURIES… What was first reported as a minor injury and listed as day-to-day quickly turns in to out for the year. Something is wrong here. I understand guys get hurt playing the game (A-Rod, Pettitte, Jeter and Mo was a freak accident) but holy crap the Yankees had an 80 win team on the DL alone! They just don’t seem to have anyone who has come up and stuck as a big leaguer lately. They seemed to have one every year for awhile between Cano, Gardner, Robertson, Hughes but lately there hasn’t been too much help coming from the minors.

  • cr1

    I see that most of you have joined me on the six spot, where I’ve been sitting for a while.

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    I still think the Yankees throw 4 years for 30m at Hamilton after Swisher and Soriano leave.

    • jjyank

      I really hope not.

  • MannyGeee Machete

    the most somber 8 I have ever given here. my disappointment in how this team limp-wristed itself out of the playoffs, gets offset slightly by the excitement of what could possibly be the biggest firework off-season in a long long long time in Yankee Land.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…(I believe that children are our future)

      You mean since a few years ago when they signed CC, AJ and Tex?

      • MannyGeee Machete

        yes, three seasons = “a long long long time in Yankee Land”

  • JohnC

    I can see Hamilton winding up in Baltimore. He’d hit 60 hrs a year in Camden yards. Put him the middle of that lineup with Jones, Weiters, Markakis and Reynolds that pretty deadly. Not a big media market either and Showalter would certainly keep him in line and from losing focus. Perfect place for him.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Scary thought. Could happen.

      • Preston

        They could sign Hamilton, he could be a 7 win player, and they could still be worse then a year ago.

        • TomH

          Could, but almost certainly will not. Huge numbers of people around here have underestimated Baltimore all season. Actually, worse than mere underestimating. They’ve been called “scrubs” and “AAA.’ This is the insufferable arrogance–and misperception–of the Yankee fan.

    • 0 for infinity and beyond

      45 of those 60 coming against the Yankees of course but not topped by Nate McLouth who will hit no less than 46 home runs against the Yankees. :)

      • Francesa

        I’ve always liked McLouth. Not as much as Bronson Arroyo, of course. And Derek Lowe should’ve started at least 3 of the games in the ALCS. He knows playoff baseball.

        • 0 for infinity and beyond

          Reggie Jackson should have been activated to pinch hit for A-Rod in the playoffs

          • gc

            No, Francesa never liked Jackson. But if you had said Brandon Inge, he would have creamed in his jeans.

            • 0 for infinity and beyond

              How about Cody Ransom because the Yankees were a “better team” with Ransom at third.

    • MannyGeee Machete

      “I can see Hamilton winding up in Baltimore.”

      Baltimore seems like the worst possible place for Josh Hamilton. Have you seen “The Wire”?

  • 0 for infinity and beyond

    Fan Confidence =1
    Confidence in Torrie Wilson absolutely bitch slapping the crap out of A-Rod =10 :)

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I was reading a review of a WWE match between Wilson and Stacy Keibler back in about 2003. How things have changed.

      • 0 for infinity and beyond

        I saw a picture of Clooney in his little smart car. Good God that man does not deserve to have those beautiful legs wrapped around his head or waist

        • Robinson Tilapia

          As someone very comfortable in his heterosexuality, I happen to think Clooney’s probably the most handsome gentleman I’ve ever seen. I wish I could look like him in 15 years.

          *does ten more crunches*

          • 0 for infinity and beyond

            Yeah but he’s still a douche bag for driving his little smart car.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    I’m still at a 9.

    Did the sweep suck? Of course! But my faith in the organization doesn’t waver. I’m a big Cashman fan, and I trust his judgement when it comes to picking players.

    I want Granderson gone. It’s not so much the # of strikeouts that irk me, it’s his entire approach to the game. He tries to pull everything. His defense is marginal at best. He’s a speed guy who doesn’t use it on the basepaths. Pick up the option, trade him and get the best return.

    I want to keep Cano, but only up to a certain price point. This offseason, offer him the extension, 7-$140M. If he signs, great, if not, trade him. He’s my fave current Yankee (#3 on my lifetime list), and it would hurt to see him elsewhere. But the team and the franchise need to show restraint in terms of length of contract.

    I’d look to sign a Torii Hunter or Melky to play LF, put Gardy in CF and Ichiro in RF. I’m intrigued by AJ Pierzinski and the offense/attitude he could add to the team from the C position. Sign him for 2 years, but bring up Romine and have him caddy. AJ hits enough to be a DH once a turn through the rotation, so he’d catch 3/5 and Romine the other 2/5.

    Dh would be shared by A-Rod-Jeter-AJ.

    • 0 for infinity and beyond

      Aj Pierzinski strikes me as a guy that you would just want to punch right in the mouth. Not sure why, gut feeling.

      • MannyGeee Machete

        probably because everyone in the league wants to punch him in the face.

        • 0 for infinity and beyond

          He has the look about his face like it’s begging for a fist to hit it.

    • jjyank

      I agree with most of what you said. I differ slightly on Grandy and Ichiro, though. If the Yankees can get a good return for him, yeah, pull the trigger. But keep him if you think he provides mroe value than he brings back.

      If he is back, I agree that Gardner needs to be in CF. Let Granderson move to left or right.

      As far as Ichiro goes, I’m pretty unconvinced that his time with the Yankees is for real as far as 2013 is concerned. If Swisher is asking for too much and the asking price on Upton is too high, the Yankees could probably do worse. Wouldn’t be my plan A, though.

  • ummmmm

    Sad to say, the Yanks will not make the playoffs for the next 4 years. What we saw happen to Boston is whats next up for the Yanks. The “we won the East and got to the ALCS” is enough to keep the front office happy and no urgency to change the things that actually stopped the Yankees from winning the World Series this year.

    Girardi. This guy is an idiot. Period…no reason to even go through the laundry list of his ridiculous decisions that cost the team games.

    Old. The team is old, injuries mount and last longer. We saw it all year. Jeter falls down, broken leg out for 5 months. Detroit pitcher takes line drive off his pitching hand? Stays in game and throws 7 shut out innings.

    Slow. Yes the homerun is sexy, but moving runners over and situation hitting is what wins games, esp. in the playoffs. The Yanks didnt do it all year and we all knew if it didnt change in the playoffs, they wouldnt make it to or win the World Series.

    Pitching. CC was great at times, but not an Ace. After that? Pettitte if we are lucky then Kuroda who two years in the AL will get shelled next year then you have Hughes, Nova and???? Are we gonna find some other aging pitcher nobody else wants and give that a whirl?

    This off season everyone else will do things to get better and Cashman will do nothing because “hey we won the AL East” let me know how that works out for you when Yankee stadium gets emptier and emptier and opposing teams get more and more comfortable playing there.

    Get ready for what all the other fans in baseball feel like.

    • jjyank

      Stopped reading after the first sentence. The best team with the best record in the league is doomed to miss the playoffs for the next 4 years. Brilliant. Well, RAB, guess we can take the next 4 years off. It’s been settled. Catch you all in 2017!

      • ummmmm

        thanks for proving my point. Because of the “best team with the best record in the league” mentality, you think there are no issues or improvements to be made.

        • jjyank

          Now you’re just making assumptions. I didn’t say that.

      • TomH

        Best teams in leagues in one year can become doormats damned quickly, within the space of a year: think 1965-68.

    • GMC

      Sheesh, you’d think the team won 60 games instead of 95 the way some people talk. I mean c’mon guys, yes the ALCS sucked and it was a terrible way to end the season, but to think we are all of the sudden out of it for the next 4 years is a bit extreme.

      I’m at 7 by the way.

      • ummmmm

        my point is all of the issues we all saw in the regular season compounded in the playoffs and it was ugly. If everyone is ok with just making it to the playoffs and then getting embarrassed with several records set in in-futility then great.

        • jjyank

          Yes, I am okay with “just” getting to the playoffs. It’s a crap shoot after that. Just build the team to get there, and hope a few things break right. There is no magic formula to “build a postseason team”.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            ummmmmmmm but there is, says ummmmmmmm, ummmmmmmmmmm.

          • MannyGeee Machete

            but…. the guys in the TBS booth told me that the Tigers were a team built for October? Which is why it took a major nose dive from Chicago for them to get to the dance in the first place.

            1 great pitcher, another really good pitcher, 1 generational hitter, another really good hitter, and so-so across the board from there.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Get ready for what all the other fans in baseball feel like.”

      A whole lot of us lived through that, and then some. If this is your first time to the dance, that’s not my problem. I’m sure we’ll all live through it together again at some point.

  • Robinson Tilapia


    This idea that the Yankees aren’t going to do their damndest to field a competititve team is either the stuff of trolls or people who began watching this team yesterday. I trust that the right decisions will be made.

    That being said, there’s a lot of uncertainty and, certainly, many places where the team could look to shake things up if they so desire. It’s definitely more uncertainty than I can remember for several years now, with the answers not being as easy this type around.

    Will this go from the franchise of the “Core Four” to “Robbie’s Team,” or is Robbie just a placeholder to an era of which we don’t know the name of yet? Not surprising that the franchise would be facing this in the middle of this decade, but here were are nonetheless.

    • MannyGeee Machete

      “Will this go from the franchise of the “Core Four” to “Robbie’s Team,” or is Robbie just a placeholder to an era of which we don’t know the name of yet? Not surprising that the franchise would be facing this in the middle of this decade, but here were are nonetheless.”

      you, sir, obviously were not made aware that we are on the cusp of the Nunez/Dickerson/Phelps era.


      • jjyank

        Greatest hash tag ever.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…(I believe that children are our future)

      You cite the all important issue of perspective. It’s really unfortunate in the context of discussions like these that so many fans came of age or hopped on board in the mid 90s. Those of us with more years under our belts, who experienced the drought of the 80s into the early 90s (or worse, the mid 60s into the mid 70s) know better.

      Sigh. (Get off my lawn!)

      • Robinson Tilapia

        ….but that’s such an excuse. I wasn’t around for the Beatles and was too young for Led Zepellin.

        We’ve got plenty of guys here, including the guy who owns the site, who know perfectly well there was a time in which the Yankees were on a streak of making the playoffs every year for almost 20 years, other than one year. They understand the history of this team and the cyclical nature of baseball.

        Age has nothing to do with it. Feeling that you’re too entitled to have to root for a team that has to fight to win, though? Everything to do with it.

        They’d been wearing Mets caps in ’86.

        • jjyank

          I think I make a pretty decent example. I’m 24 and didn’t become aware of baseball until about ’95. So since I’ve been old enough to watch baseball, the Yankees have missed the playoffs once. And yet I can step back and appreciate what an accomplishment that is.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Absolutely, but forget you, you old fart. What about guys like Joe and our long-forgotten Jesse (who probably is 20 by now) who are teens? It’s not the age of the commenter.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Hell, the ratio on smart/dumb comments ending in the name “Horace Clarke” isn’t exactly a good one.

            • jjyank

              Of course not. We’ve seen plenty of crazy comments from older posters as well.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                …..throw them a parade…..

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Chris Dickerson for Justin Upton. Nice trade propsal, or GREAT trade proposal?

    • jjyank

      Only if Arizona kicks in some cash.

    • Scheister

      Winner winner tilapia dinner!

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    I’m at a 5. If the Yankees come back with pretty much the same team, which I think they will, I can easily seem them winning 88-90 games and just miss the playoffs.

    I also don’t think they have the financial flexibility or the assets in terms of tradable players to really upgrade the roster either.

  • Scheister

    A six. The seasons over, turn that page. CC’s elbow/shoulder concerns are scary for the future of the rotation. The coaches and executives seem so complacent with status quo, not sure I trust that thought process. The regulars are all a year older, that’s never good for an aging team. I hope Cash doesn’t make another terrible trade this year on Friday the 13th. There’s enough talent that could be had for 1-2 yr deals to prevent bad trades. The farm system is prime to make a comeback, if not gutted. Still some of the best players in the league reside on the NYY, hence the six.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Yeah, I’m a three. Pineda’s broken, the line up’s a mess, shitty year down the farm (shut up, they had a shit year on the farm: Manny and Betances are basically broken), the Steinbrenner cap is going to hurt the team for the immediate future, and they don’t have the pieces to transform the team. We’re looking at a core of Cano/Granderson/A-Rod/Teixeira in the line up. Granderson is kinda hacky, and while he was the man in 2011, look at his past five seasons…great complimentary player but not quite a centerpiece. Cano, obviously the man but about to get old and expensive. A-Rod, I don’t need to say anything here. Teixeira, third disappointing year in a row, still struggles with the shift, and oh yeah he’s a year further away from his physical peak

  • TomH

    I went from my steady-state 4 to 3. I still think–despite the invective it earned me in the spring–that 1965 syndrome is very near. The talent pool is too far down in the bushes. Who knows how many will survive to be serious candidates for the NY team. That team itself is another year older. If this board is any gauge, then it’s a team counting too much on not just a returned Rivera but a returned normal Rivera. Or Jeter. Or Pettitte.

    When the Yankees screwed up in the old days, Ol’ George’s end-of-season diatribes always suggested someone who had paid attention (for better or worse). Hal’s struck me as a typically bland MBA set of pieties, suggestive of a blase attitude.

    In the meantime there are big question marks: what exactly IS wrong with Granderson? what can be done to get Teixeira’s B.A. (yes, B.A.) back where it used to be? will Martin and Mendoza make a couple again most of the year? Is CC’s elbow ok, and if it is, where’s his velocity going?

    The Yankees don’t need a complete overhaul, but they need some carefully focused improvements this year. They will–as in will–face serious competition from Baltimore, TB, and a healthy Toronto. They’ll be watching a more flexible Boston begin the rejuvenation process.

    What 2012 taught the AL East is that the Sox and the Yankees ain’t so scary any more.

  • Bill

    they’re in trouble… they HAVE TO get below the $189MM limit for 2014. There is no question about that. A 50% luxury tax will cripple the franchise – especially given the amount owed to A-Rod, Jeter, Teixeira, Sabbathia and potentially to Cano and Granderson plus A-Rod’s home run milestone bonuses. They are getting old and slow very fast and will need the DH more and more for Derek Jeter (if he can come back from surgery) and A-Rod and eventually Teixeira. Even though we finished second in runs scored to Texas 808 to 804, the team is becoming too dependent on the home run and it showed in the playoffs where good pitching beats good hitting. The Blue Jays seem to be stuck in neutral but the Orioles are on the rise and the Red Sox are re-tooling and Tampa is full of youth and talent and will be back next year with a full season of Longoria. It might be time to hit the re-set button like Boston just did after going for one more shot at it in 2013. In order for the Yankees to compete next year we need a healthy Jeter and we need to bring back Pettitte, Rivera and Ichiro and/or Ibanez on one year deals and hopefully get Kuroda back on another one year deal as well. We need to get younger, more durable and faster role players. It’s time to say farewell to Nick Swisher, Freddy Garcia and Andruw Jones and maybe Eric Chavez as well. Instead of signing him for 10 years and getting into another messy contract like we have with ARod and Teixeira (and will with CC in a couple of years) I would seriously look into trading Robinson Cano for some younger players (healthy version of Pineda) and replace him with a Mariano Duncan / Luis Sojo type at 2B – we won championships with role players at 2B – look at this year the Giants and Tigers are in the WS with Scutaro and Infante!!! and look to acquire someone with Ramiro Pena’s defensive skills mixed with Eduardo Nunez’ bat to backup at SS and 3B.