Giambi to the DL

We’ve been calling for it for weeks, and now it’s reality. Doctors found a “tear of the plantar fascia in his left foot.” He won’t even be checked out again for another three weeks.

No word yet on who will fill his role. Speculation early today was that Matt DeSalvo would be optioned back to AAA in favor of a reliever — likely Chris Britton. Does this change things? Would the Yankees consider carrying 13 pitchers to Fenway? It wouldn’t make much sense to me.

Right now, we’re looking at a handful of possibilities. I’ll list them in order of probability: Kevin Thompson, Andy Phillips, Shelly Duncan, Eric Duncan. Problem is, the latter three would have to be added to the 40-man roster. Though, that might not be a problem, since the team can likely stick Phil Hughes on the 60-day DL.

More as we hear it. Pete Abe speculates that this means Damon DHs more, meaning Melky in center. That would mean a KT call-up, since he’s the best option as a replacement outfielder. If Damon is going to continue playing the field, look for Phillips.

Update by Ben: And let me preemptively say that Bernie is not coming back. It’s not an option; it wouldn’t help the team; don’t even mention it.

Update by Joe: It’s Thompson.

Hughes hurt again

When it rains, it pours:

Phil Hughes rolled his left ankle while performing conditioning exercises at the Legends Field training complex on Friday, and will have an MRI performed to determine the severity of the injury.

“He was doing his agility drill and stuck a spike; [the] spike caught,” manager Joe Torre said. “They don’t think it’s anything, just rolled it a little bit. It may set him back a couple of days.”

Couple days huh? We’ll see…

(hat tip to Patrick)

Update: Sprain. Probably sets him back a week.

Down and down they go

In the “Can You Believe It?” Department, Darrell Rasner took a ball off of his index finger in the first inning today, and well, it broke. Rasner now will be out until the All Star break or so, according to reports. He joins Jeff Karstens, Phil Hughes, Carl Pavano, Mike Mussina and Chien Ming Wang on the list of Yankee pitchers who have been or currently are on the DL. Who put the curse on this team?

Injury updates

All around baseball this year, guys are just dropping like flies due to injuries. You can’t go a day without hearing about another strained hammy or sore forearm. What causing it, who knows. Maybe guys just aren’t training as hard as they used to, or maybe they aren’t training as smart as they should be, or heck, maybe they are just breaking down from years of steriod use. The Yanks minor league system has had to deal with the injuries as well, moreso than I can ever remember in years past.

Here’s the latest info on the minor league walking wounded:

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Carl Pavano: Big, fat pussy

From today’s Under the Knife (subscription required):

Here’s the long and short on Carl Pavano–even before he had an MRI or saw a specialist, he’d made the decision to have Tommy John surgery…

Much like Octavio Dotel a few years ago, though, Pavano is simply not willing to pitch through the soreness…

Call him “American Idle” or the “Rajah of Rehab” if you want. In my opinion, he’s gone beyond that, and is simply stealing money.

The gist of the article is that Pavano’s UCL is torn, but not completely, and it shouldn’t necessitate surgery. By having the surgery, he basically ends his tenure as a Yankee, which I’m sure he welcomes.

Notice that I didn’t once mention his name in the Clemens article. The Yanks are certainly better off at this point not having Carl Pavano around. Though, if he just allowed the injury to heal and was willing to pitch through pain, he could be added to that budding bullpen mix. That’s just not happening, though.

This leaves the Yanks in an interesting scenario. They don’t need Pavano; not now, not later this season, not next year. He wants to have surgery that is not necessary — on the team’s dime, for certain — and then rehab — also on the team’s dime. If he continues to insist on surgery against the team’s will, DFA him. Now, I’m not sure if that removes the team’s responsibility to pay for his surgery and rehab. But if it does, there’s no reason for Pavano to stick around. Let some other team deal with him.

Miller’s exercise program coming under scrutiny

File this one in the too-little, too-late department, but dismissed coach Marty Miller’s running program is coming under fire today.

Over at the excellent Baseball Musings, David Pinto asked Bob Sikes, former assistant trainer to the Mets and Getting Paid To Watch blogger, his take on the Miller controversy. Sikes had some interesting points to make:

The hamstring has its own unique role in biomechanics. Running involves the hamstring to fire both types of contractions-concentric and eccentric. Or in laymen terms, shortening the muscle and then lengthening it under stress. Weight room activities are designed to supplement and athletes ability to run. If Miller desired to decrease the amount of running in favor of something else, he made a decision that’s ended up burning many professionals.

Yanks’ GM Brian Cashman has taken some heat for hiring Miller from a health club to join a professional baseball team, and Miller was fired when the players practically revolted and refused to partake in his program. There’s more than meets the eye to this situation.

I have to wonder just what was going through Cashman’s mind when he brought Miller on. He messed with players’ work-out programs right at the start of Spring Training, and now the Yanks are paying the price. They’ve seen four hamstring injuries since the middle of March.

It’s too late now, and Miller is gone. But Brian Cashman should be questions about this guy. What made the Yanks turn to Miller in the first place anyway?