Fan Confidence Poll: November 8th, 2010

As Mick Jagger once said...
What Went Wrong: Curtis Granderson

Season Record: 95-67 (859 RS, 693 RA, 98-64 Pythag. record), finished one game back in AL East, won Wild Card, lost in ALCS

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
As Mick Jagger once said...
What Went Wrong: Curtis Granderson
  • KofH

    Usually a nine, but Long bumped me up!

  • larryf

    9 because I know no team will steal 2nd and third twice in one inning against Jesus Montero!

    • JobaWockeeZ

      And we know his bat will make up for it even though the above event would be very rare and unlikely especially considering the slow AL East and pitchers that actually care about the running game.

  • Beamish

    It was an 8 all last season and they got to Game 6 of the ALCS. Seems appropriate.

    Still an 8. Sign Cliff Lee and it will…still be an 8. I cannot go to a 9 until there are actual in-Season results.

    How long until pitchers, catchers and The Jesus report?

  • Jimmy McNulty

    I was at a four last week, now that they started talking to Cliff Lee’s agent, Manny’s impressive outing in the Rising Stars game, and combined with them displaying a tremendous amount of confidence in Montero next season I’m up to a five. Lets hope I’m a ten by pitchers/catchers.

    • Colombo

      Just curious as to why you are at a 4/5. This is a team that went to the ALCS just last month.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        Yes, and their pitching was shat on, they basically only managed to outplay the Rangers for ten innings. When the team’s WS hopes next year are basically “Sign Cliff Lee or bust,” I tend not to be that confident until Cliff Lee is signed.

        • YanksFan

          And they were still in the ALCS. You can not have so little confidence when COMPARED to other teams in the AL. Unless you would vote 2 for all those teams.

          • Jimmy McNulty

            Well if I was a fan of those teams I’d probably have lower standards.

            • YanksFan

              And getting to within 2 games of the WS, a year after winning the WS, w/ a top-12 or better farm system & w/o Lee only warrants a 4?

              Then you look at Boston w/ a team just as old as ours, a TB team that will take a step back means we should be in real good shape to make the playoffs next year w/o Lee.

              Then the AL central is a non-factor means they have a great shot at being in the ALCS again. Did I mention w/o Lee.

              This is not blind fandom. There is looking at where the NYY are and seeing where the other teams are. All teams have flaws – you are just looking at their flaws & not their positives.

              • Jimmy McNulty

                I rank my confidence in terms of winning a WS this year or next year…anytime the plan is “sign this guy or bust” I tend not to show a lot of confidence. I wouldn’t count the ALC out for so long either.

    • Clay Bellinger

      4 and 5?!! Did you think they were the Pirates for a minute?

      • Jimmy McNulty

        I have higher expectations than winning 95 games and an ALCS exit. Don’t anyone dare fucking tell me THIS WAS A GOOD TEAM!!!!!!! Not good enough, though.

        • Ross in Jersey

          If falling 2 games short of the World Series gets you a 4, with the type of farm system the Yankees have and their payroll, you must never be happy.

          • Jimmy McNulty

            Well, I was pretty fucking happy last year. Falling two games short of the World Series? They only managed to outplay the Rangers for ten fucking innings. Down five runs in the first two games, two awful performances by Hughes…even in the game Sabathia managed to win he still allowed over ten base runners in six innings. They could have just as easily been swept.

            Regarding the farm system, yeah, I feel that they have a good farm…but with a pitching staff as bad as theirs is relying on the farm system isn’t a very good idea. It’s a great plan A if you have a good plan B, but given the overal volatility of pitching prospects and particularly Brackman and Betances’ injury history and the issues they face before becoming a major league starter, that doesn’t leave me feeling very confident. While I am very pleased with where the farm is at, it’s still a farm system they’re still prospects and they are not a sure thing. They have some very exciting talents, but I recall when Joba Chamberlain was a very exciting talent, in the major leagues…now the team’s most likely to ship him off somewhere else. Having a strong minor league farm system, alone, won’t get me that high.

            Their payroll is their saving grace, however the offseason plan is just “Sign Cliff Lee,” pretty good plan, but when there’s no plan B I tend not to be confident until Plan A comes to fruition. I recall when the Knicks’ plan was “LeBron James or bust” and when that didn’t work out the team was lefty with very few options and basically no longer a serious title contender…I realize the situations are a bit different, but I typically tend not to be confident when there’s no realistic back up plan.

            • Ross in Jersey

              It just seems you are being overly dramatic with how the ALCS went. You can focus on that all you want and say the Yankees have an awful rotation but I think it’s a very doomsday-ish way of looking at things. How did you feel after the Twins series when they blew them away in every aspect of the game? And please, spare me the “Twins aren’t that good” rhetoric.

              How is the Yankee pitching so bad, anyway? They have CC, a bonafide ace, Hughes, a 24 year old coming off a breakout season, Andy, a solid 3-type despite his age, and AJ who had a terrible season but projects to be better next year. Then they have 3 legit pitching prospects who are a year or two away. This is so awful?

              You or I or anyone else have no idea what the Yankee backup plan is, it’s impossible to know what kind of trades can be made if the Lee deal falls through.

              • Jimmy McNulty

                When they beat the Twins? I was feeling alright, it was kind of expected…I was feeling amazing after the G1 comeback, but overall I really expected to beat the Twins. How the fuck am I being overdramatic about the ALCS? Did you watch it? Re-watch the games and tell me that this team played remotely well during it.

                How is the Yankee pitching so bad? Well there’s this:

                Regarding the individual pitchers:

                CC Sabathia: Yeah, great pitcher glad as fuck he’s on the team. Have no regrets about the contract whatsoever at all, despite the postseason failures of last year and his knee surgery. Love him, that being said, I feel he gets overrated by Yankee fans. Overall, I feel he’s a top 15 pitcher, but not a top 10 pitcher…if you had two borderline ace types behind him, fine…but he’s not enough for this team’s rotation.

                Phil Hughes 2009: 2.4 fWAR Phil Hughes 2010: 2.4 fWAR, yes a true breakout season. He had a 4.33 xFIP and with his flyball tendencies as a RHP at The Stadium, have me concerned.

                Andy Pettitte: I love the guy, but A SOLID THREE TYPE!!?!?!?!??! He pitched 130 innings last year, he’s good when he’s healthy but he’s 39 year old with injury issues…I hope he comes back, but I don’t think he can be written down as a “solid three type.”

                AJ Burnett: Replacement level last year, I don’t see how he projects to be better next year. He’s on the wrong side of 30, he’s had injury and control issues his whole career, his stuff looked noticeably worse last year, and his K-rates took a huge dip. If people aren’t expecting a huge rebound from Jeter next year, I don’t see how AJ is expected to be better next year. I can see him being slightly better, as I really don’t see a way he can be worse…but still I’d love to rid the rotation of him.

                So yes, this is “so awful.”

                Well you’re right, I don’t know what the back up plan is…however I’ve looked at realistic options pitchers that I’d like to have incase the Lee deal falls through, and there isn’t much. Regarding a trade, yeah it’s either sign Cliff Lee or trade away some of the top talent that you like to bring up so much. They likely aren’t trading Montero since they basically said that he’ll be the starting catcher next year, and after that there isn’t much to get a top starter. Unless Jack Z has an undying love for Manny or Austin Romine I don’t see a decent plan B. It’s not like this is an unusual opinion of the team either.

                • Ross in Jersey

                  Well I can see why other people stopped arguing with you. What am I supposed to say? You’re clearly a glass-is-half-empty fan. All your arguments are subjective, and you’re cherry picking stats to try to downplay how good Hughes was and ignoring how young he is. If you can’t see the improvements he made from 2008-2009 to 2010 then my words truly are wasted on you.

                  Really, you act like the team is never allowed to have a bad series ever. Get over it, they got beat, it happens. They won 95 games, rolled through the ALDS, and ran into a good team that outplayed them. It doesn’t mean they are doomed going forward.

                  • Jimmy McNulty

                    Yes, acting like having a 39 year old starter with back problems penciled in as your three starter is a shaky situation is subjective…you’re absolutely right, a very compelling argument could be made that 39 year old starters with back problems are valuable resources to have. Cherry picking stats? Well…I cited xFIP which normalizes Hughes’ fly ball tendencies and pointed out that as a RHP at The Stadium being a fly ball pitcher might not work in his favor. Yes, Hughes improved…but I wouldn’t call it a “breakout” season. A fine campaign as his first full season as a starter, but there were plenty of causes to be concerned with his year. He surely improved from a disappointing 2008, I’m just unsure how much improvement is left. You’re just saying “you’re cherry picking stats” and “subjective arguments” but haven’t listed any of your own.

                    It’s not the loss of the ALCS that “dooms” them, it’s the mediocre pitching staff and the lack of a back up plan to Cliff Lee. They’re still a playoff team without Lee, they’re just the 2004-2007 type of playoff team without him, IMO.

                    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

                      AP’s a 5 (sorry bex).

                      CC is a 1, Phil’s a 2.

                      AJ is crammed into 4, or he and AP can duke it out to see who’s farther back.

                      We don’t need an ace to fill our #3 slot, we need a legit #3. We all know years dont go like planned, so yes, we may have a surprise need for an ace, but more likely, we only need a 3 or 4. Relax. :)

                    • bexarama

                      I’m not one to overrate Andy but calling him a five, and Hughes a two, is silly. Also, freaking out about how Pettitte’s not a three is similarly silly. Yeah, dude is old (in baseball terms). He’s still good at pitching. He’s an injury risk but what pitcher isn’t? It’s not like you’re depending on Sheets or Duscherer for a full season.

                    • Ross in Jersey

                      It’s just funny to me how to you place such emphasis on how badly the Yankees pitching was in the ALCS, then shit on Andy for being old and ignore the fact he was the only pitcher who showed up in that series.

                • bexarama

                  Andy Pettitte: I love the guy, but A SOLID THREE TYPE!!?!?!?!??

                  LOUD NOISES

                  • Jimmy McNulty

                    Regarding Pettitte, I don’t feel as if I am “shitting on him.” He’s still an effective pitcher when healthy, and his skills have aged very well. However, he’s still 39 and he’s still injury prone, and that shit gets worse with age. I hope he comes back, however, I feel as if relying on a 39 year old with back problems to be the three starter going into the season, especially if AJ Burnett and Ivan Nova are your 4 and 5 is a terrible idea.

                • YanksFan

                  Please take that link as the start & move over to the “Batting” line. Combined the NYY sure seem like they have no problems being a top-flight team.

                  Who is Boston’s #3? How about the Rays? Come out of the vacuum please.

                  • Jimmy McNulty

                    Josh Beckett and Jeremy Hellickson.

            • king of fruitless hypotheticals

              well fuckity fuck fuck he’s got a fucking point!

  • Jorge

    10. Undefeated and tied for first place. :) Confident the team will make the moves it needs to make. Cliff Lee’s wife will love all the suburban-type shopping options popping up all over the city. Two games away from the World Series last year. #28 coming home.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      The Yankees should just buy him a new wife, it might end up being cheaper…

      • Jimmy McNulty

        And easier on his back.

  • bonestock94

    Outrighting Gaudin has moved me from a 7 to a 7.1

  • mike o

    mark tex poor batting average was due in part to the shift many teams used in him batting from the left,look what it did to jason giambi’s giambi tex will not hit to the opposite field and combat the shift.if he hits 250 next year,i fear he will be a hitter tlike giambi,thankfully his fielding is great

    • Chris

      Giambi was a very very good hitter in his 5 healthy seasons with the Yankees. He also had two bad seasons where he missed large parts of the season due to ‘injuries’.

    • Ross in Jersey

      Giambi AVERAGED a .400 on base percentage in his time with the Yankees. I pray Tex even comes close to that.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        I don’t get why people hated the Giambi deal…I thought it was a pretty solid deal, over all.

        • bexarama

          Easy. We never won a WS with him and he replaced precious Tino (who I loved too, but Giambi was quite clearly worlds better offensively).

          • Jimmy McNulty

            I see why the idiots hated it, but if you know what on base percentage is I don’t see what the problem you’d have with it is.

        • Tom Zig

          Batting Average.

          • Hughesus Christo


        • Ed

          It’s just that people’s expectations were set based on his last two years in Oakland – .335 / .476 / .653. Those numbers dropped by .028 / .042 / .055 in his first season in NY. The rest of his NY seasons were a significant drop off from that. He had injury and steroid issues on top of that.

          It’s not that he was bad, I think people just expected a few more MVP level seasons out of him before starting to decline.

  • Yank the Frank

    Still at a 7. A Cliff Lee signing would bump me to an 8. I hope it happens, there does not seem to be much of a plan “B” available.

    • RL

      Right with you, primarily for the same reasons. Looking beyond next season, I’m still a 7, as we don’t know anything yet about the Jeter/Mo contracts and the progress of the minor leaguers. I’m not opposed to a 3 yr (or perhaps even 4 yr, depending on his ability to bounce back from this season) contract for Jeter. I am concerned about finding a better than league average replacement. Mo? No concerns unless they give him longer than 3 years (again, need to see how he does beyond ’12). Montero? Hoping for the best. May need to sure up our catching.

      Lee might push me to a 7.5 or above. They should consisently make the playoffs regardless of the above outcomes (unless EVERYBODY fails to meet expectations), but how many more WS victories? I’d be happy with 3 over the next 5 years. :-)

      • Yank the Frank

        I also worry about Mo. How long can you realisticly expect him to perform at this level? After Mo I fear we will be in a closer wilderness for a while.

  • Tom Zig

    i voted a 9. While this team played like the Royals in September and got embarrassed in the ALCS, this is still a good team. With a #cured Granderson, a hopefully healthy Arod/CC/Jeter/Tex/Swish/Posada, the rise of Jesus, and the farm system taking gigantic steps forward; this is an excellent franchise.

    Cliff Lee makes it go past 11.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Note to Ross: If they get Cliff Lee and a good 4th OF that hits LHP well I’d be about an 8 to an 8.5, if Russell Martin gets nontendered and they sign him to take over the Cervelli role I’d be at a high 9, and that’s assuming the rest of the competition in the AL has the typical “good offseason,” if Boston and the rest of the AL East has a meh-ish offseason I’d be at a 10 (provided they get Clifton and a good 4th OF), if Boston or Tampa blows me away in the offseason I’d probably be back at an eight, again provided they get Lee and a good 4th OFer…a lot is up in the air right now.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      why do you care who the 4th OF is? We’ve got replacement level OFs galore, no? You want to sign CC or Werth to make Swisher or Gardner the 4th OF?

      Find some minimum wage FA if you don’t like the young kids, and throw that money in the starter budget.

    • bexarama

      If players were good they wouldn’t be 4th OF. Also, bench-type players vary so much from year to year. I know I was on the Sign Reed Johnson bandwagon last year, and I wasn’t really interested in Thames much…

      • Jimmy McNulty

        I think I was unclear, not a good player to be a 4th OF (like Kemp or singing Werth to push Gardner or someone to the bench) I meant a player that would be a good 4th outfielder. Like a Matt Diaz or Reed Johnson type. Given the outfield’s issues with LHP over their careers (mainly Gardner and Granderson’s) and my concerns with how Gardner will do next year I think having an outfielder who can play a respectable left field and hit LHP well would do the 2011 squad a world of good.

  • JerseyDutch

    Watch for all the 10s in the poll after we sign Cliff Lee.

    • Bob Stone

      I’m still a nine. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.