Fan Confidence Poll: August 19th, 2013

Yankees rally for win over BoSox after Dempster throws at A-Rod
The AL East title isn't off the table just yet

Record Last Week: 5-2 (51 RS, 34 RA)
Season Record: 64-59 (491 RS, 498 RA, 61-62 pythag. record), 7.5 GB ALE/6.0 GB WC
Opponents This Week: Mon. OFF, vs. Blue Jays (four games, Tues. to Thurs.), vs. Rays (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Yankees rally for win over BoSox after Dempster throws at A-Rod
The AL East title isn't off the table just yet
  • JLC 776

    I suspect we’ll see a minor up-tick in this week’s rating. The Yankees might still be long-shots for the post-season, but playing spoiler can be just as fun.

    • dalelama

      ROFL….don’t kid yourself. I gave them a solid 4 primarily do the barren farm system and proven inability to develop prospects.

      • JLC 776

        I gave them a 4 as well (same score I’ve been giving since May – I’m a very harsh grader and try to avoid market volatility), but I guarantee there will be an uptick – this win really fired up the fan base and the immediate results already show the mean score between 5 and 6 (last week closed at 4.05 (3.84 before that)).

        So I don’t think my comment is kidding myself.

  • I’m One

    I’m still not confident they’ll make the post season, but I’m pulling for every win they can get. With the A-Rod circus, I’m reasonably confident he’ll miss a significant portion of next season, at which point I feel his career in pinstripes will be over, one way of another. Provided a lengthy suspension is upheld, the Yankees will have an opportunity to re-tool. And while they may miss the playoffs again next year, I think by 2015 or 2016, they’ll be ready to compete again. Staying at my 7.

  • YanksFan

    Same as last week – 8. True feelings may be closer to 7.

    All the injuries to this team and they’re still on pace for about 84 wins. With a full offense you can get a potential few more wins. This week is huge. TB has both Balt. & NYY. Sunday night we should have a much better feeling about the month of Sept.

    Long-term who knows. Everyone talks about the NYY farm but who has Boston graduated to the majors of any consequence in the last 5 years? Short answer is no one. Potential in WMB, Bogearts & Bradley but no guarantees.

    Baltimore & Toronto? I don’t see it.

    Long-term only TB is scary and that’s assuming that they can keep some guys. Longo is here, maybe Moore & Cobb. Price is gone – only question is do they get prospects that actually pan out.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      What’s fair for one is fair for the other. If we’re going to cite guys like Nova, Phelps, etc. as evidence of development, there are several guys on Boston’s roster who fit that bill as well.

      • YanksFan

        Agreed. I was talking more along the lines of stars, who you build your team around. The 2 guys you mention and the BP are all players you need on a team to help the team have low income, value producers.

        I was talking more along the lines of the Cano’s & Pedroia’s of the world.

    • Oy

      “Everyone talks about the NYY farm but who has Boston graduated to the majors of any consequence in the last 5 years? Short answer is no one.”

      Ugh, no. During the last five years, Red Sox have produced Rizzo, Doubront, Masterson, Iglesias, Lowrie and Reddick – all of whom would be starting on the Yankees. Meanwhile, Yankees produced one quality outfielder, a great reliever, and an up and down starter in the last five years. And like you said, the Red Sox system is light years ahead of ours.

      Having a confidence level of 8 with a team that has been unable to develop talent in the last 5 years, a team who’s farm’s highlights are high risk kids in AA, and a team that continues paying top end contracts to players over 25 is ridiculous.

      • stuart a

        lowrie is way more then 5 yers reddick is horrible this year look his #’s up. masterson was traded over 3 years ago.

        where did nova, robertson, gardner, and others come from?? thh moon. they were developed internally this fallacy that the yanks develop no 1 is bunk. ajax was traded to get granderson…

        that is 4 legit very good major leaguers off the top of my head..risso with a 5 year deal is hitting under 240, jsut because they say a guy is very good, the stats need to prove that…

        • Oy

          I was counting from 2008. Silly me. Lowrie made his debut in 2008. Reddick was great last year and is turning the season around in August. Still a 2.0 WAR this year. Masterson was traded was traded in 2009, regardless he was developed by the Red Sox.

          I mentioned Nova, Gardner and Robertson in my post. Granted, I forgot about Kennedy (who was pretty much initially ruined by the Yankees development) and Ajax. Who are the others? Montero, Nunez and McAllister?

          • YanksFan

            See my other responses. No impact players have been produced. Which Masterson are we talking about? 2010 & 2012 version or the 2011 & 2013 version? Kennedy was produced by the NYY. He did not spend any time in the Arizona minors.

            I believe Gardner also has the highest WAR, with missing an entire season basically.

            • Oy

              Masterson has a 2.0 WAR career advantage and is by far the better pitcher going forward.

              Gardner does have the highest WAR from that bunch, if you don’t count Ellsbury who made his debut one year prior to Gardner.

              AJax has produced an equivalent amount of value to Reddick and Rizzo. Who are the other comparisons? Pena and Nunez vs. Iglesias and Lowrie?

              And again,Boston’s farm is light years ahead of ours.

              • YanksFan

                We don’t agree completely about them being light-years ahead. They’ve been ahead of the NYY for the past 5+ years in reputation but they’ve produced the same amount of WAR as the NYY.

                They’ve got some guys in Triple A who are ready for the majors, yes. However, there is no guarantee and that’s the point. Their great farm system has not produced a single superstar in the past 5+ years. Let’s stop with the fellatio of their system.

                I’m not saying IPK is all that but Masterson has been very inconsistent, which is the point I was trying to make. A 2 WAR or 4 WAR per year. McAliister is 1.2 WAR this year and he’s no great loss.

        • YanksFan

          Exactly, that’s my point. Each team has produced a high number of players who are MLB caliber players which all teams need. However, neither team has produced a difference maker. A true stud. No Harper, Trout, Machado has been produced by either team. I also recognizer that the majority to teams have not done that.

          • Cool Lester Smooth

            Bogaerts just got called up, though…

            Do you feel a chill in the air?

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        Iglesias, Doubront, Rizzo and Reddick all suck, so…

        • Oy

          …and yet all of them would be starting over the crap Yankees are throwing to the field.

          Iglesias >>> Nunez
          Doubront would be starting over Pettitte and CC
          Rizzo >>> LOLverbay/Reynolds
          Reddick > Ichiro/Wells

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

            Iglesias for defense, sure. But he wouldn’t be starting over a healthy Jeter.

            Rizzo isn’t over a healthy Tex.
            Reddick isn’t starting over an OF of Gardner/Granderson/Soriano.
            Doubront wouldn’t be starting over CC. He just wouldn’t. CC’s not coming out of this rotation even if Verlander shows up.

            You can’t compare teams in a vacuum.

            • Oy

              Rizzo had pretty much identical numbers to Teix last year. And he will be 24 years old in September.

              Reddick’s production is awfully similar to Soriano’s.

              There are at least 60 pitchers in baseball who would give Yankees a better chance of winning a game if they were starting instead of CC.

              • Cool Lester Smooth

                “Reddick’s production is awfully similar to Soriano’s”

                Feel free to leave now.

      • Lukaszek

        On the positive side, the Red Sox also ended up trading almost all of their successful prospects. So at least the Red Sox are stupid in a different way.

  • MannyGeee

    Hasn’t this week’s play inspired anyone but me? NO? Cashman Failed? Alright then…

  • trr

    I’m back up to a “5”.

    Not because of last night, but because we finally have a viable, MLB lineup.
    The team is capable of a strong finish if the starting pitching can hold it together,
    but I have to be honest and say the playoffs are most likely out of reach

    DOTF, we’re seeing some promotions, which may be a precursor to the team being more
    aggressive in giving more playing time to younger players over the next few years. That would
    be a welcome change.

  • Eddard

    I think I was the only one at a 10 last week and people jumped down my throat. Since then, they’ve notched series wins against Detroit, LA Angels, and Boston. I have a feeling more will follow my lead this week. The offense is back and we still have 3 pitchers throwing well.

    The biggest concern is still CC. He’s not even a 4th starter at this point which is all we need from him. Another concern is Eduardo Nuney getting hurt right before a DH. I said Nuney would help us a lot now that he is fully healthy again and he’s responded by hitting .300 in August. Get well soon, Nuney! I don’t want to see Jayson Nix at the plate!

  • The Other Sam

    See now I wanted to go up a point this week, but Soriano will return to Earth, the farm is still the farm, and $189 is still making the decisions. Leaves me at 4.

  • dkidd


    despite some disconnect between cashman and ownership, i believe they will continue inching towards the goal of “the rays with money”

    very interested in how far they will go to keep cano. anything more than 7 years is crazy imho

  • Manny’s BanWagon


    It’s nice that they’re winning some games but CC’s horrific season is a huge concern as is the general poor performance of top prospects DoTF.
    I have little hope that this team sees the postseason until 2015 at the earliest.

    • Mac

      You must be absolutely loving this season. After years of predicting it would be the year age and injuries do the team in, you finally may be right!

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        I actually thought this season they’d make a strong run at another ring before falling off in 2014.

  • Mike

    This team is making the motherfucking playoffs !!! BOOK THAT SHIT !

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’d rather read this a hundred times over reading a bunch of realists-in-name-only.

      • JLC 776


        I’m real happy about the fire last night’s win seemed to light in the fan base.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Even us polyannas realize the playoffs are a long shot.

        But why the shit does that mean we have to act all melancholy and downtrodden? We’re the mfin Yankees! It’s infinitely more enjoyable, for me at least, to be irrationally positive than ‘rationally’ negative.

        I can be “rah rah rah” in my fandom while also realizing the team has weaknesses and foibles that may be too much to overcome.

        • JLC 776

          There was nothing more fun, at least for me, than to be irrationally positive during last year’s playoffs. We may have lost, but come-backs in the ninth-inning are infinitely better when you’ve kept the faith.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

            Couldn’t agree more.

  • LarryM Fl

    6 up from last week’s 5. The team is playing better especially on the offense side. Hughes, CC are the downers for the pitching staff.

    I believe the team could make the playoffs but it would have to the Perfect Storm of events.

    On another note I appreciate their no quit attitude. The series in Boston was just marvelous especially Sunday night. I’m not a fan of any player who plays outside of the rules but the CBA sets up due process for the drug violations. The players who are speaking out about Arod playing such as Lackey and Showalter either do not understand the CBA or just afraid of his presence which may impact their standing in the long run. The CBA is what it is a document to provide fairness/balance to the game.

  • mt

    I uptick to a 7 (love Reynolds acquisition – even with his streakiness and strikeouts I still wanted him over Youkilis last offseason – oh well) but goes abck to a 6 because CC is dreadful – the disturbing thing is that he has gotten worse as his velocity has increased since beginning of season – now he is also walking the ballpark.

    CC gets a big pass due to his 2009 championship and his general superlative performance through 2012 but it is really bad when our “ace” struggles so much against Tampa and Boston – he has abused Baltimore (absent some recent hiccups) and Toronto pretty regularly.

    And after seeing Yankees pathetic performance offensively, defensively and on base paths on Saturday, I keep wondering why Kuroda won’t just go back to Dodgers this offseason if he plays for a US team. I also wonder what someone so classy and respectful of game as Kuroda thinks of the Arod sideshow (not to mention no one may know until November or December how many games he plays next year (211? 150? 65?) and the impact on 2014 budget – that may hurt Yanks in free agency acquisitions.)

    The Arod stuff may galvanize Yankees in short-term but who knows long-term effect on future free agents desire to join Yankees? Arod is saying some pretty bad stuff about Yankee management and whether we like it or not there is a segment of players who will take that to heart.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      We shall see. I’m a bit less concerned than you are. Those are two of many factors Kuroda, or any other pending FA, will have to consider. We have no idea who values what most, and there are plenty of reasons TO BE a New York Yankee.

  • Rizi Walnutz

    I always love the no-confidence voters. They watch for the pain.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Same 7 as last week. Same reasons. Mostly all forward-looking.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    7. Sori is doing his best David Justice impersonation, and we finally have an MLb caliber lineup. These guys could win 90 games; even if they end up missing the playoffs anyway, that would be a victory considering what a nightmare of bad luck this season has been.

    • Preston

      The key here is the line-up. I enjoy watching games again. If we make the play-offs great. If not at least I’ll enjoy the rest of the season.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    up from a 4 to a 5. Last week has been fun and if the bats stay hot they may have a shot to reach the playoffs. Sabathia and Hughes have to pitch better though.

  • Darren

    Perfect 10.

    I am so fired up. I really think we’re gonna do it and go all the way!

    • steves

      Darren, you captured perfectly how I’m feeling right now. Last night fired me up and for the first time this year I can see the Yanks making a run at the post-season. Can’t say I am at a 10 but I am off the doomsday bandwagon and ready for the Yanks to kick some ass down the stretch or go down fighting. A meaningful Sept is not the pipedream that it looked like just 10 games ago.

    • Lukaszek

      I wouldn’t say perfect 10, but you capture my thoughts perfectly. After yesterday’s win, the Sox ignited our passion and our heart. We’re a ticking time bomb; a fuel tank ready to blow, the powder keg of the AL East that can be ignited at any moment, and we’re the last known survivor stalking the prey through the night, and we’re watching our prey through the eye…eye of the tiger

  • mt

    Interesting in all these forecasts for rest of 2013 and going forward for 2014 plus there is very little mention of status or role of Derek Jeter.

    Olney at ESPN today posted that in a surprising way the injured Jeter has great leverage this offseason to decline his 2014 option and get a new contract! (Arod mess and impact on free agency budget of delay in appeal hearing, possibly no Cano, Mo and maybe Andy retiring).

    However, and this is where I would want someone to verify, if Jeter declines his current $9.5 million option for 2014 and gets a $3 million buyout, doesn’t that negatively affect only the 2011-2013 calculations (maybe Yanks have to go back and pay more for those years since $9.5 mm option no longer bringing down AAV for those years) but Yanks for the critical 2014 luxury tax may actually SAVE money if he signs a new deal for anything less than $15.5 million AAV (I believe $15.5 million AAV is what he would count for in 2014 if he accepted his current $9.5 milllion option)

  • sevrox

    Recklessly optimistically buoyant ‘7’. This lineup is in kickarse mode – and I’m really not sure how fans can predict with any certainty how players feel about anything re: Arod. He’s a Yank and I’ll root like hell for him. Anybody going to this Thursday afternoon game? Sporadic poster – everyday reader.

  • Kosmo

    Boston is in a 1-5 funk and beginning tonight have a 6 game West coast swing, 3 with SF and 3 w/ the red hot Dodgers. If Boston comes out of it 2-4 or worse and NY can take 3 of 4 from Toronto then the gap will narrow. Tampa will be in 1st place by the end of the week.

    Yankee SP needs to hold its own from here on in. I´m confident the hitting will be OK.

    • Kosmo

      I think 25-14 is as realistic a finish to the season as NY could possible muster which would net them 89 wins. Anything more would be fantastic but everything and I mean everything would have to break NYs way including 1 or 2 teams tanking.

      • I’m One

        I’d take 89 wins on the season. With what they’ve gone through, that would be a victory, even with them missing the playoffs. Just hoping everything works out for next season and beyond.

        • Kosmo

          I concur.

      • JLC 776

        89 wins would be phenomenal for this team. And could very well be enough for October.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      I wish we had the option to bring in a veteran to pick up the 4th/5th spot of our rotation. Or that we’d give Warren a chance.

  • stuart a

    olney is a schmuck. if jeter would be arrogant and stupid enough to want a new deal let him walk. sure a 40 year old SS who gets hurt sneezing has leverage.

    just because some shmuck says something does not mean it is remotely feasible or accurate… jeter go to another team over $ at 39, it would not hurt his reputation 1 bit..

    jeez, what a joke….

    • I’m One

      While I find it improbable that Jeter would opt out and request a new contract, I don’t think it makes him arrogant and stupid if he chooses to do so. It’s a business. He’s looking to maximize his earnings. He has some lverage in that the Yankees don’t have a solid every day replacement for him, so he could try to take advantage of that.

      However, the Yankees could just as easily feel that they can live with Nunez and use the money saved elsewhere. And that would be fine, too. It’s a business. I love Jeter, but if you opt-out, you’re taking your chances. If he gambles and it doesn’t work out, oh well, that’s his fault.

      • stuart a

        jeter is not stupid enought to move on.

        i love all the guys making $25 k a year talking about it is a business and sure maximixe your earnings..

        stop reading economics school books.

        here is all you need to know einsteins. Jeter has made about $400 mill in his career between endorsements and salary… Even a friggin moron can live off that type of coin fro 3 generations…

        it is a business. DUH… the guy has made the 2nd msot amount of $$$ in baseball history to aroid……

        jeter has zero leverage, nada, zilch nothing….he should kiss the steinnys feet and take his option.. END THE STORY.. AGAIN OLNEY IS A SHMUCK.

        • Darren

          You’re also a fool for saying that Jeter gets hurt sneezing. He played through an injury last year while leading the league in plate appearances and it cost him. If you don’t think all of his injuries this year are related, there’s nothing else to say. Before you bury one of the greatest Yankees of all time, why don’t you see how he recovers after an off-season?

          fuckin asshole

        • Elton Cod

          ‘stop reading economics school books.’

          for once I completely agree with stuart a, neoclassical Economics is a waste.

  • stuart a

    i love the bull last night that why would anyone sign with the yanks with the aroid circus going on.

    no reason in particual except the Yanks are baseball. besides that no reason.

    andy and mo retiring saves the yanks what $27 mill more or less…

    sure why not pay Jeter $25 mill. yanks are a non profit org., he deserves it after a great 2013 campaign after all making $250 mill for his career in salary is not enough. Pass the hat around for Jeter, he needs the singles and coins….

    yanks are in rebuild mode and still to some extent competing…tex will be back next year and as pissed off as he gets me he is a big upgrade over LYle…..

  • Lukaszek

    A solid 8. The offense has finally woken up, and honestly it makes the games 100x more fun to watch.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      It’s nice not expecting to tune in to see 6 or 7 1-2-3 innings every game.

  • Jedile

    I give a 7, going forward we are riding a hot streak.. Let’s just hope this is the 20-5 kind :). If CC can put together decent starts of 4ER and 6IP (this is all I want). Then we have a good shot. Nova has been good, Hiroki is the clear ace, but even he can have one bad day. This is baseball, it is unpredictable. And thus why this game isn’t over until David Wells sings.

    Also Ryan Dumpster should be suspended for 1 start, it was obvious he was throwing at Arod. I mean did you see how long John Farrel took to comment on it because he was obviously trying to fornicate a lie!

    • mt

      John Farrell stuttering when answering Olney’s comments in dugout were priceless. Also as evidence of Dempster pitching inside to Arod and Yankee batters, Farrell used a Chris Stewart AB – can you believe that, Chris Stewart! Who has any type of pitching plan for Chris Stewart?

      I am hoping MLB suspends RD and he appeals – what a fraud. Although I also heard speculation that as someone involved heavily in union, Dempster may have been most upset about the potential “snitching” aspect and then someone else posted a supposed Canadian source that said Dempster had a personal issue with Arod because Arod once snubbed Dempster at some function. At the end whatever the reason, I hope MLB suspends him long enough that he misses a start unless he appeals.

      I don’t want to make too much of it but I would love to see Boston at least lose AL East division and come in second (or third, if they could really fall off).

      • Jedile

        I’m with you. I mean Christ Stewart isn’t someone you really worry about hitting one out — let alone getting it out of the IF. Once a month he seems to hit a homerun. I think Dumpster is just a garbage player, and I think there is no doubt that he has something against Arod!

    • vicki

      “fornicate a lie” made my day.

  • JGYank

    5. Better offensive performance and playoff chances but still nothing to make me any more confident in how good the team is or how good our future looks. We’re still a traveling circus right now and could use some young impact talent.

  • Fin

    Still a 3. I don’t think they have a chance in hell of making the playoffs this year. CC and Hughes are almost guaranteed losses so that will prevent any extended winning streak. I think its going to be even worse next year. Until they get Arods, CC’s and Tex’s contracts off the books I think its going to be a mediocre team at best. Also, I have no confidence in this organization being successful under a salary restriction of 189. That being said, at least I watch the games now that they are fielding a major league lineup and have fun doing it.