Fan Confidence Poll: October 7th, 2013


2013 Season: 85-77 (637 RS, 671 RA, 77-85 pythag. record), didn’t qualify for playoffs

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?

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  • I’m One

    I’m remaining at a 7 until off-season moves change my mind in one direction or the other. The FO has made some statements that allow them the wiggle room to move off the self-imposed $189M budget mandate if they so choose. They have many opportunities to improve a team that was in the playoff hunt until the last week of the season. I need to wait and see if they take advantage of some of those opportunities or if they ince again punt this off-season before I change my vote. They can begin building a perennial contender once again, or they can stand pat and take their chances.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Yeah. Kind of hard to adjust your thinking when we’re in the dead zone of the playoffs as a non-playoff team.

    • jjyank

      Agreed completely.

    • Betty Lizard

      I’m a 7 but should be a 10: it’s the off season and nothing bad has happened and anything is possible.

      (“Consider the possibilities. It COULD be done.” Going After Cacciato)

  • Pat D

    I’m at absolute zero. Not just zero, but absolute zero.

    Oh, sorry. That’s my confidence for the Giants.

    I guess I’m at a 5 for the Yankees.

    • ropeadope

      I’m not a physicist, but I’ve heard rumors absolute zero cannot be reached. Theoretically yes, but practically, no.

      • Pat D

        You must not be a Giants fan.

        • ropeadope

          lol, I was in the days of Tittle, Shofner, Webster, Huff, Robustelli, Grier, Modzelewski, Katcavage, etc., but baseball is the only sport I follow now.

          • Pat D

            Well those were the good days of Giants football.

            Even though I’ve seen some lousy seasons, like 1987, 1992, 1995-96, 2003-04, with this season I know now what it was like to watch the Giants from 1964-1983.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I remember David Brunner and whoever the hell the guy was who passed as QB before Phil Simms. This was my introduction to pro football. I thought the Atlanta Falcons had cool uniforms back then and just rooted for them until the Giants became good.

              I have no favorite NFL team. I follow the Dolphins, Jets, and Giants, but find them equal parts likable and unlikable, with the two NYC teams more unlikable right now. I don’t mind playing the frontrunner in the NFL.

              • mcgatman

                That was Scott Brunner that Parcells deemed to be a better option at QB than Simms. It was the football equivalent of Steinbrenner signing Steve Trout in ’87: “Lou, I just won you the pennant: I got you Steve Trout”

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  Scott, not David. Thank you.

                  And, hey, hadn’t Trout thrown three straight shutouts, or something like that, before the trade?

                  I still need a drink.

              • LarryM Fl

                You know your old when the games were blacked out in NY from Yankee Stadium. Also, if you listen to the games on radio and Marty Glickman was the announcer. I have to admit the Yankees are the only team that I truly follow. Once upon a time shared season tickets with three other guys for the Rangers in the 70′s. Watched the Giants in the modern era quite regularly and lived and died with each game until recently.

                • ropeadope

                  Marty Glickman & Al DeRogatis. What a great announcing team! Marty doing the play by play, and Al handling the analysis.

          • Kosmo

            Gifford ? Roosevelt Brown ? During the Tittle era I`d often attend Giant scrimmages in Fairfield, CT. I don´t follow FB anymore either. Well maybe a little. Anyone remember Homer Jones ?

            • bas

              Do I remember Homer Jones? Do I remember Homer Jones? I sure do. I watched this game in my dorm room as a freshman at U.B.


            • ropeadope

              Gifford and Kyle Rote were just about on their way out, as I became aware of Giant’s football. Shofner became the primary receiver. Joe Morrison was also a good receiver coming out of the backfield. Roosevelt Brown? Of course. The offensive line as I remember it had Brown and Jack Stroud at the tackes, Derrell Dess and Bookie Bolin at the guards, and Ray Wietecha at center (Bolin may have been the backup guard – can’t fully recall the name of the other starter – something like Beyers?).

              Wow, Homer Jones! Defenses used to triple-team him. There was a brief period of time when Fran Tarkenton (in between his stints with the Vikings) and Jones were as lethal a combination as any in the game.

              • LarryM Fl

                The Chief, Phil King

                • ropeadope

                  Hold it! The Chief was Jim Neilson (NYR defenseman #15). I do remember Phil King as a running back for the Giants. Was he also known as The Chief.

                  • ropeadope

                    Damn italics misappropriated my question mark. Lemme try again.

                    Was he also known as The Chief?

                  • LarryM Fl

                    The Giants Phil King was part Indian that is in American Indian. I’m 99.9% sure but will try to check on Google.

                    • LarryM Fl

                      100% sure after checking online! But Jim Nelson one heck of a def.

                    • ropeadope

                      Yes, you’re absolutely correct on Phil King. Just read his entry at Wikipedia. I had no knowledge / memory of that nickname (and heritage) connected with Phil. Thank you!

          • Jimmy

            Ha. Old Jim Katcavage. There’s a name from the past that I had completely erased from memory. Well done.

            • NYYROC

              How about Spider Lockhart (db) and Ron Johnson (RB). Good times!

              • I’m One

                Ah yes, remember them well.

      • I’m One

        More importantly, do you at least play a physicist on TV?

        • ropeadope

          Yes, you uncovered my real identity. I’m Jim Parsons. And before anyone says anything, there’s nothing wrong with it!

          • JohnnyC

            I thought you had stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. My bad.

      • sevrox

        They’ve been able to get down to 3 Kelvin, but that’s it.

        • ropeadope

          Much appreciated, sevrox.

  • ropeadope

    As if Mondays aren’t difficult enough, now we’ll never know where Eddard stands (in the poll) again. One week since his earth shattering announcement of his last ever RAB post. He was at a “3″ then, but what about now???

    • Pat D

      I have shed literally no tears over this.

      • ropeadope

        You’re a strong man Pat D, a strong man.

        • Pat D

          We must all soldier on.

          Let us not remember the bad times, but all the good times that we had with Eddard.

          You know, he’s not really gone as long as we remember him.

          • ropeadope

            Very true my friend, very true.

          • Jersey Joe


          • Jimmy

            Naw, he’s really just gone.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              You may want to scroll down. It’s actually pretty funny.

      • jjyank

        I did. Tears of joy. I hated his presence here.

    • I’m One

      One week since his earth shattering announcement of his last ever RAB post.

      Ok, I missed this. Did he give any reasoning for his departure? This may, in fact, change my voting going forward. I’d love to hear why he’s left us.

      • The Big City of Dreams
      • The Big City of Dreams
        • I’m One

          Thanks. But I do think vicki gives him too much credit (and thereby, Eddard takes himself too seriously) with the cmoarison to Lady Bracknell. Oh well, he was occasionally fun, but I’d trade him for the much more witty and insightful (and at times more combative) …. TSJC any day of the week.

          Hmmmm, I’m not sure, but didn’t Eddard show up after he left?

          • The Big City of Dreams

            You’re welcome.

            Not sure about that either but I’m sure someone can find out or remembers when it happened.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            TSJC was a knowledgable super-fan who was also having some fun, usually at the expense of someone else’s black/white thinking, on the internet. He was probably also as bored at work as I am sometimes. He wasn’t really portraying a character.

            I have no doubt whoever was behind Eddard is a Yankee fan, and I do think it takes some heavy wit, as well as knowledge of both the team and how some fans think, to pull that character off. It was a character, though, and I thought it got old after a long while.

            I’m sure Eddard is here under other screen names, will be, or won’t be gone for long.

            • I’m One

              I’m quite sure TSJC would not have put up with the Eddard character for long at all. Therefore, it makes some sense (in my simple mind) that it’s possible it was him behind the Eddard character, but yes, that is probably a stretch.

              In general, it can sometiimes help having someone to bring in an outside-the-box opinion to these discussions just to keep things interesting.

              • MannyGeee

                Are you suggesting that TSJC was giving us a “Keyser Söze” level scam with the Eddard gimmick?


                • Pat D

                  The limp straightened out!

                  THE LIMP STRAIGHTENED OUT!!!!!!!!!!

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I love you, but I will eat a summer-worn Ben Kabak hat if that was TSJC.

    • lightSABR

      Wait – what? How did I miss this? By the end I was pretty convinced he was just a troll, a Sox fan screwing with the RAB crowd.

      This news singlehandedly raises me from a 1 to a 4.

  • Monty

    I’d be at a 9 if 1 of 2 things happened. Stewie fell down a flight of Stairs and broke his neck ending his playing career or he moved to Bora Bora with and got gay married to Joey Binders.

    However, for now I’m at a 6 as Russell Martin is acting like Carlos Beltran in the Post Season for the Pirates and the Yankees gave Youkilis $12m to play 1/4 of a season.

  • Robinson Tilapia



    • lightSABR

      I get that I’m being irrationally pessimistic with my 1′s–well, really just angry with the front office for how Mo’s last season was managed–but 7? I just don’t see how you get above a 5, given the state of the farm and the way the front office doesn’t seem to have a plan to deal with the changes in the game that have made it harder for the Yankees to succeed (more extensions and fewer good free agents, an international free agent spending cap, other teams spending more, etc.).

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’ll be glad to explain.

        To me, a “5″ is right down the middle. If you’re voting a 5, I read that as you feel things are just as likely to go good as they are to go bad.

        My “7″ is based on two things. It’s based on a “6″ for next season, which means slightly above even money. I think that it’s slightly more likely this team takes steps forward next year towards the type of perennial contender we’re used to, but I’m only slightly confident in that above 50/50. Like you said, lots of moving parts here.

        Moving beyond next season, my long-term outlook simply increases on the strength of my faith in this franchise to correct the ship, learn from mistakes, etc. That’s why I’d put my confidence as an “8″ beyond 2014. Average those two out and you get a “7.”

        I’ve never been below even money on this team. It would have to be rather cataclysmic for me to believe that it’s more likely this team is headed towards the bottom in the long term than it is that they’re headed towards the top. They simply have more resources to absorb mistakes, if they choose to use them.

        Hope that helps.

  • FLYER7

    I’m right down middle at 5…,want to see who manager is, who gets a QO, and whether we save $ on Arod

  • The Walking Eddard

    I’m at an 8 because while things don’t look the brightest they’re still the Yankees and will be able to compete. All they have to do is get to the postseason and I think they would have if they just had two of Grandy, Jeter, Alex and Teixera for most of the season. Once you get to the postseason it’s a crapshoot, whichever team gets hottest. And there was just an article about that in SI interviewing Billy Beane.

  • steves

    No use dwelling on a lost season. On the other hand, and not for nothing, last week was one of the most fascinating weeks in Yankeeland (off-field) in a long time (including the excerpts from Reggie’s “3rd” autobiography which Mike failed to mention). I am very confident that this off-season will continue to provide the thrills and unexpected that will sustain/maintain high Yankee fan interest through the hot stove months. Accordingly a 7 in anticipation of a very exciting and meaningful off-season that will result in a better (at least more interesting) product on the field.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      *raises glass*

  • Darren


    As in #2. The year depends on Jeter. If we start hearing good quotes from Tampa, I’ll feel 1000x better about 2014.

    The other number is $25 million.
    Ya think the Cubs might go 5 years and $25mm on Girardi? If it was you, would you take it, vs let’s say 3/$14.5mm from the Yankees?

  • FLYER7

    I swear that Darrell Dess and Willie Young started on the O line yesterday for the Giants before Bookie Bolin and Pete Case subbed in

  • yanks61

    I believe steves hit the nail on the head – for me at least. This is shaping up as one very exciting off-season. At least it has the potential to be a winter full of interesting moves. It certainly won’t be an inactive one since there are so many holes to fill and the possibilty that there will be a pretty fair amount of money with which to fill them. Not a great FA market, but a few enticing possibilities nonetheless.

    The AL East looks very winnable next year if everything falls right(at least the way teams look at the moment – a lot obviously dépends on whatever changes take place between now and the new season.) I believe Boston is going to come back down to earth and the rest of the division seems pretty even. The Yanks could very well be in the thick of things next summer.

    Therefore, I’m going to be as optimistic as steves and some others here and give the near future a 7.

  • FLYER7

    Reminds me of post 1979, Munson had died, Rivers was traded and Yanks started a pretty amazing winter season. Let’s hope Cash is ready to be creative in making a trade or two and some key FA signings…even a Scott Borius type swap would get the ball rolling

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    So much uncertainty: 5 until 2014.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    Lots of great things happened this year: Another year off SEVERAL horrible contracts. Soriano showing up was a fun plus, and if he stays average he should at least be better than Vernon. Gardner and Tex won’t be on the DL for at least 6 more months! Sabathia admitted that he’s not who he was, and he was going to have to live with that.
    Andy retired, HIROK gave lots of indications that he’d leave.

    A few key players are unsigned–Joba, Robbie, Phranchise.

    I could go on, but I won’t–plenty there to be excited about.

  • LarryM Fl

    5. Waiting to see the direction that the FO takes. It starts with Girardi. I believe that with some divine assistance with injuries and some quality player trades or pickups along with our deserving younger farm hands. This team can be in the hunt again for a playoff spot. We finished with 85 wins. The playoff teams were 91+ wins. I do not believe the Red Sox can function on all cylinders again in ’14 and we can make up the other 6 games in one way or another.

    I’m not pessimistic but not over flowing with Hot Stove League enthusiasm at this moment.