Thoughts on Phil Hughes

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My thoughts after seeing the kid in action:

  • Curve just wasn’t cooperating, fastball command came and went, changeup was good but not thrown enough. I don’t want to make excuses for him, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say he was a tad nervous pitching in front of friends & family.
  • Way to many first pitch curveballs early in the game. Dunno what that was all about, but I’m guessin’ it had to do with Jorge’s gameplan.
  • The stadium gun had Hughes sitting at 88-90 with his fastball, with two or three 91′s mixed in. The same gun had Dustin Moseley at 92-94 with one 96 (!). I have a hard time believing any of that.
  • Kid’s got a great delivery, I’m a big fan of a pitcher being able to repeat his motion, and Hughes does it extremely well.
  • Love the way he pitched Vlad, hard in on the hands. Not many young pitchers would be up to that. (FYI – all those years on the turf in Montreal must have destroyed Vlad’s knees and ankles, he’s barely mobile & will be a full-time DH by 2009 the latest)
  • The scoreboard said that Mathis was hitting .200 on the year when he ripped that double in second. I saw the ball head for the corner and muttered 3 words to myself: fuck the heck.
  • The second inning was kinda ugly, but he was pretty dominant from the 3rd through 5th, blowing a few guys away on those supposed 88 mph heaters.
  • I can’t help but laugh everytime he starts wearing down after his 80th pitch. Pitch counts, turning great arms into 5 inning pitchers since 1985!
  • His line on the year: 32.2 IP, 28 H, 14 BB, 30 K, 373 pitches/243 strikes (65.1%). Just needs to cut down on those walks a bit, and improve his pitch efficiency.
  • Phil owes me $295 for the speeding ticket I got on the way to see him pitch.

With any luck, I’ll have a similar post for Joba tomorrow.

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Sorry for the late update. I totally forgot I was taking DotF for the next couple of days while Mike gets to watch the Yanks get their asses beat in Anaheim.

Triple-A Scranton was postponed due to rain. They’re supposed to have a doubleheader today, but it’s raining like a mofo in Jerz. Chad Jennings doesn’t think they’ll get it in, and will be forced to play two extra road games when Scranton heads to Rochester later this month.

Double-A Trenton was suspended by rain. It’s 1-0 Baysox in the third inning. They’ll try to resume it at 6 tonight, but once again, the rain doesn’t look to be letting up (and I’m far closer to Trenton than I am Scranton).

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  • For anyone concerned about Phil Hughes

    I direct you to this page. That said, yeah, losing yesterday sucked balls. How many of you went to bed with the Yanks winning, only to awaken disheartened in the morning? I checked my e-mail before I checked the box scores this morning, and had to find out via implication that the Yanks blew it. Yeah, not a good way to start a rainy freakin’ morning. · (7) ·

  • How’s Chris Britton doing these days, anyway?

    Before that hit, Ryan Budde was 1 for 11 in 9 games with the Angels. A 28-year-old rookie, he’s in the Majors only because everyone else is hurt. But GOOD JOB SEAN HENN! WAY TO GO. I stayed up until 2 a.m. for that the shear pleasure of watching Joe Torre and the Yankees snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Ugh. · (6) ·

  • Yet another poorly-managed game against the Angels

    So Luis Vizcaino tells Joe Torre his arm is sore and can’t pitch on Sunday. The next day, Torre brings in Vizcaino to face the Angels — a team against which he matches up poorly — and, lo and behold, Viz allows both inherited runners to score and gives up another one on top of that. From pitch-outs to sending the runners in bad situations, Torre is managing the Yanks to yet another loss against the Angels. Maybe I’ll be wrong in two innings but this sure is frustrating as hell. Update: Hip Hip Jorge! · (10) ·

  • Phil goes home

    Tonight, for the first time as a pro, Phil Hughes will be home in Orange County to take the mound in front of friends and family. I’ll be there too Phil, show me whatcha got. · (6) ·
  • Why Bernie isn’t here

    Ken Rosenthal, in a notebook piece, on Bernie Williams:

    The Yankees’ evolution this season justifies their decision not to re-sign Bernie Williams. Melky Cabrera probably would not have gotten the same number of at-bats if Williams were still with the club. Shelley Duncan probably would not have gotten a chance to be this season’s Shane Spencer. The Yankees’ roster also is more flexible without Williams, making it easier for them to carry a 12th pitcher.
    That’s a point no one has really made this year, and it’s one we should be making over and over again. I loved Bernie, but this team is much better off without him this year. · (7) ·