Yes, there’s a chance that baseball’s biggest head will get a shot with the Bombers. The Yanks have expressed interest in the 30-year-old outfielder. He’d give the team a right-handed bench option.
Of course, this would be on a minor league deal, so as with Ensberg and Lane, there is no risk. If you look how the roster breaks down, the Yanks have a couple of options for bench spots:

1. Wang
2. Pettitte
3. Mussina
4. Hughes
5. Joba
6. Kennedy
7. Mo
8. Farns
9. LaTroy
10. TBA – bullpen
11. TBA – bullpen
12. TBA – bullpen
13. Posada
14. Cano
15. Jeter
16. A-Rod
17. Matsui
18. Damon
19. Melky
20. Abreu
21. Betemit
22. Giambi
23. Molina
24. Shelley
25. TBA – bench

And even Shelley’s spot isn’t guaranteed. So you have him, Ensberg, Lane, Nick Green, and Mench going up for two spots. Plus, it gives the team some decent insurance options should the injury bug bite during Spring Training.

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    Later, police were called back to the scene, where they found Kim trying to leave as the passenger in a car. Police then arrested her. It’s sad to see things turn out like this for Donnie and his wife. We wish him the best as he deals with his current situation.
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Undefeated no more!!!

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So this it it. Super Bowl Sunday. We’re almost free.

Johan Santana is traded. A-Rod, Jorge, Rivera, all re-signed. And it’s February. Pitchers and catchers report soon.

But for sports fans, there’s one last hurdle before we can really turn our attention to baseball. For 60 minutes tonight, the Giants and the Patriots will finish up the NFL season. And maybe, just maybe, the Giants can finish their stunning postseason with a victory.

Really, it goes beyond one title game. The Giants are playing for a region. Do we really want yet another sports team from Boston winning a title? Already, Celtics fans — with no concept of the East vs. West divide in the NBA — think they could witness their team bring home Boston’s third title this season. Last I checked, the Patriots haven’t even won yet.

So here we are. In two weeks, pitchers, catchers and just about everyone else will be in Tampa getting ready for the season. But today, we’re rooting for the Giants. Bring home a win; New York wants it.

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Joba like it’s hot

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You know it’s a slow news time when we’re reduced to posting stuff like this:

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