Fan Confidence Poll: November 29th, 2010

Mailbag: Carl Pavano
Derek Jeter could be making $25 million per season right now

Season Record: 95-67 (859 RS, 693 RA, 98-64 Pythag. record), finished one game back in AL East, won Wild Card, lost in ALCS

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
Mailbag: Carl Pavano
Derek Jeter could be making $25 million per season right now
  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook


    – I expect Jeter and Mo to re-sign.
    – I expect Pettitte to come back.
    – With or without Lee, I am still confident, less confident, but still confident nonetheless.
    – Bye Javy! Thanks for the pick!
    – Hi Montero!
    – I think the Yankees made a great selection for pitching coach.
    – I could see a lot of the young talent helping the big club this year (Laird, Adams, Phelps, etc)
    – Phil Hughes will only get better from here, and hopefully Joba does as well.

    Oh, what? The Yankees have faith in Burnett? Damn, wish I could change this to a 2 or 3 =P

  • bonestock94

    7, until we sign Cliff and our FA’s.

  • AJ

    Can’t know for sure but that young Marlins rotation looks pretty sick. Johnson, Vazquez, Nolasco, Volstad and Anibal Sanchez.

  • AndrewYF

    Holding steady at 9.

    Love the way the team is using their leverage when they have it in a free agent negotiation. Of course, it remains to be seen if they have the fortitude to continue to hold out on Jeter.

    Guaranteed pick in next year’s draft – around number 40? That’s like a top 20 pick in the 2010 draft.

    Looks like Pettitte is probably returning – that’s huge.

  • Jorge

    9. Andy Sisco FTW.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Neal Cotts bumps me up to an 11.

  • awy

    their handling of the jeter situation had demonstrated increased competence when it comes to managing aging contracts. this is good news going forward.

    • awy


      hurr me

  • Bob Stone

    9 again. I like the way Cashman is playing hardball with Jeter. Where else is The Cap’n going to get more than the Yankees offer? He will be in pinstripes next year.

    I expect successful signings with Mo, Andy and Cliff Lee. Who’s going to out-bid the Yanks for Lee? And it doesn’t hurt that Lee and CC are buddies.

    There isn’t much we need after that.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Who’s going to out-bid the Yanks for Lee?

      The Yankees.

  • andypettitteisastartingpitcher

    I’m at 7 until the smoke clears on Jeter, Mo, Lee and Andy.

    • Yank the Frank

      I agree.

  • Jimmy McNulty


    Bad: Jeter negotiations.

    Good: The division’s getting worse, Boston lost Victor Martinez and the Tigers might sign Jayson Werth which will cost them a first round pick and the Angels might sign Beltre away from them.

    Cashman seems to get bullpen construction: throw shit on the wall and hope some sticks. He hasn’t made any god awful contracts to mediocre relievers.

    Yanks get a comp pick in a loaded draft

    Pettitte’s leaning towards coming back.

    As soon Jeter, Pettitte, and Mo come back and Cliff Lee signs is when my confidence makes substantial jumps

  • Monteroisdinero


    So about that $20M a year for the next 4 years for our SS…there is absolutely no place better to spend it?

  • vin

    I’m such a robot. I’ll be an 8 every week until the start of the season, when I will most likely jump to a 9. I’ll either remain at a 9 or maybe an 8 all season until the WS is won, at which point I will vote a 10.

    Right now, without Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte, and Lee, this team is still probably a playoff team. Remember, the competition is without Crawford, Pena, Soriano, Beltre, VMart, etc.

    Once those guys sign, they will once again have the best team on paper – which is all you can ask for from a front office… hence the 9 during the season.

  • EVH 5150

    8, because IF we sign Lee and he is as good as expected, we would still be counting on Andy coming back and being effective, Burnett rebounding, Sabathia maintaining his dominance, and Hughes continuing to develop into a good pitcher. If just one of those things goes wrong, to quote Full Metal Jacket, “we’d be in a world of S***”

  • Beamish

    Still an 8 – but if they pursue Pavano as a Plan B it will drop to a 3.


    I think that Derek Jeter should realize his position is non existent in regards tio the crazy money and years he wants…… you get paid for what you do ….not for what you did!
    Babe Ruth found that out!!

  • JerseyDutch

    8. If we get Lee, 9. I’m confident that the Jeter and Mo situations will be resolved and that Burnett will have a bounce-back year.

  • Monteroisdinero

    If the Angels sign Crawford and DH Abreu, could we use Matsui in any way? Would that effect our confidence? Too expensive as a bench/DH guy?

    I thought so

  • Klemy

    8 as usual. I would consider a 9 if our FA resign and we get Lee. Right now, I’m just my typical, stay the course type of 8.

  • Mark B

    It would be interesting to see a graph of the weekly fan confidence polls and how big a drop-off, if any we’ve had from the World Series championship offseason last year to now.

  • virginia yankee

    HIGH CONFIDENCE FOR a winning season 2011 – no matter what they do — even with lee they could finish behind Boston and Tampa — simply an assumption based on 2010 results and that Boston recovers — they may not and perhaps I am unfairly discounting Toronto

    — more worried the future and the continuous aging of Jeter, Posada, ARod (the hip), followed closely by Texiera, Swisher, Granderson – WITHOUT HAVING FOUND A YOUTHFUL NEAR EQUAL replacement for Jeter, Posada, ARod or anyone within a full earned run of Mo

    — Cashman treats Jeter as a priority — hopefully not — he is a matter of finding agreement; there are hard deals to work, opportunities that continue the tradition that need effort and require some brilliance on Cashman’s part — he needs to change his priorities — reality is the empty seats as the Yankees become the Orioles, para;yzed by the decline of Cal Ripken