Open Thread: Big Daddy comes back

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It’s getting to be that time of year again, Old Timer’s Day. Yeah, it feels like last year’s just ended, but sure enough the 2010 edition is just a week and a day away. The usual cast of characters will be in attendance of course, but there will be at least one rookie Old Timer this year according to Ed Price: Cecil Fielder. Big Daddy spend a season and a half in the Bronx, and is known more for the 13 homers he hit in the second half of 1996 than the 13 he hit during the entire 1997 season. He also hit a stout .308/.390/.519 in 14 postseason games in ’96, playing first regularly over Tino Martinez in the World Series. I’m looking forward to seeing him.

Here’s tonight’s open thread, if you happen to be home on this Friday evening. Talk about whatever you want.

Rangers set to acquire Cliff Lee

Via Joel Sherman, the Rangers are set to acquire Cliff Lee and reliever Mark Lowe from the Rangers for Justin Smoak and three others. Lowe is on the disabled list after having back surgery and isn’t expected back anytime soon. I have to assume that Seattle is paying Lee’s salary given Texas’ financial plight. Either way, it’ll be nice not to have to face the former Cy Young Award winner tonight.

You have to figure that the working relationship between Brian Cashman and Jack Zduriencik is strained at the moment, assuming the rumors of a deal being all but complete were true.

Curry: Yanks not getting Lee

Update by Ben (4:20 p.m.): According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, the Yankees will not be getting Cliff Lee. Despite earlier rumors to the contrary, talks hit a snag this afternoon over the identity of a few prospects involved in the trade, and the Texas Rangers have jumped back in. “Sometimes, these things just don’t get done,” he said.

Sweeny Murti reports that the Yanks thought they had a deal. The team was prepared to deal Jesus Montero, David Adams and Zack McAllister for Lee, but Seattle wanted to shop the lefty ace to other teams as well. If the Yanks are out of the running, I can’t imagine GM Brian Cashman is pleased with this turn of events. Good luck to Jack Zduriencik in his search for a better prospect than Jesus Montero. If the Rangers are willing to part with Justin Smoak, so be it.

To recap the afternoon: A short while ago, we heard via Joel Sherman, the Mariners appear to be backing away from the reportedly imminent Cliff Lee trade, and that the Yankees are no longer in the running for the southpaw. Seattle apparently had concerns about David Adams’ injured ankle while another club jumped into the bidding. Buster Olney says they have concerns about the “identity” of the second player, and it seemed as if the deal would survive without Adams.

A short while later, Olney, who seems to be co-owning this story with Sherman right now, had an update: The Yanks wanted to “strike aggressively, strike quickly, and get a resolution to this,” but the Mariners appear to be shopping for alternatives. The Rangers, hamstrung a bit by their financial troubles, says Sherman, are still “working hard” to land Lee.

We then learned that Bob Kalpisch’s Yankee sources believe the Lee-for-Montero deal to be dead. Meanwhile, Mark Feinsand’s sources said the Yanks are still in it but that no deal is done yet. Either way, it sounds as though the Yanks won’t have to face Lee tonight.

Yankees monitoring Michael Wuertz

While adding Cliff Lee strengthens the rotation, the Yankees still need to address their bullpen. They’re reportedly monitoring A’s righty Michael Wuertz, who had a simply absurd season in relief last year: 2.61 xFIP, 102-23 K/BB ratio in 72.2 IP. Success has been as easy to come by this season, as he’s posted a 5.01 xFIP with just 6.75 K/9 after missing April with shoulder tendinitis.

There’s no indication that Oakland is shopping the 31-year-old, but Billy Beane isn’t shy about making moves. For what it’s worth, the A’s bought out the rest of Wuertz’s team control seasons this winter, so he’s under contract for $2.8M next year with a $3.25M for 2012. Meh.

Joe breaks down the Lee deal

In case you haven’t seen it yet, our own Joe Pawlikowski broke down the seemingly inevitable Cliff Lee trade from the Yankees perspective over at FanGraphs. It’s kinda long, Joe’s good at that, but it’s well worth the read. Make sure you check it out.

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Rumor: Lee deal ‘just about done’

I’m never sleeping in again….

Late last night Joel Sherman reported that the Yankees are “on the brink” of landing Cliff Lee. There aren’t many details other than the inclusion of Jesus Montero in the package. Sherman mentions David Adams, too and Tweeted that another prospect would be involved as well. We’ll save commentary until we get further word, but I will say that if this does happen: 1) Please let it happen before they face Lee tonight, and 2) This will not be the last major move the Yanks make this month.

Update by Ben (10:40 a.m.): AOL. FanHouse’s Ed Price has an update. According to his sources — an official from another team interested in Lee — the Mariners are now “negotiating exclusively” with the Yankees, and Buster Olney’s sources say the trade is “just about done.” We could be in for an interesting day indeed. For our analysis of this potential deal, be sure to check out Mike’s take on the rumors.

Update by Mike (11:07 a.m.): Olney says that the Yankees will not receive a window to negotiate and extension with Lee as part of the trade, but Ken Davidoff says they’re confident they’ll sign him long-term. Remember, the Yanks don’t negotiate with potential free agents until their contracts expire anyway. Olney also says that the Yanks informed the Mariners that their current offer is their final and best one.

Update by Mike (11:57 a.m.): Sherman says that the Yanks refused to include pitching prospects David Phelps, Ivan Nova, or Hector Noesi in the deal. He adds that it’s entirely possible that the deal is just Montero and Adams for Lee. I recommend giving Sherman’s piece a read, he explains why this trade would be different that one for Johan Santana way back when. Long story short: the Yanks’ believe their farm system is simply better now, and they’re dealing from positions of depth.

Update by Mike (1:49 p.m.): Ken Rosenthal hears that the third prospect might be Zach McAllister, who has become quite expendable this season with the emergence of Noesi, Phelps, and others.