Fan Confidence Poll: June 17th, 2013

Yankees (barely) hold on for 6-5 win over Angels
Yankees need to continue shaking up the roster

Record Last Week: 1-5 (18 RS, 30 RA)
Season Record: 38-31 (270 RS, 266 RA, 35-34 pythag. record), 3.0 games back in AL East
Opponents This Week: Mon. OFF, vs. Dodgers (two games, Tues. and Weds.), vs. Rays (four games, Thurs. to Sun..)

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
Yankees (barely) hold on for 6-5 win over Angels
Yankees need to continue shaking up the roster
  • Robinson Tilapia

    6. Can’t ever imagine being under a 5 as a Yankee fan, so don’t take that 6 too lightly.

    They can’t seem to get out under the injury bug. Brett Gardner is your second most-feared hitter. Letting everyone not named “Robinson Cano” try and beat you would be a pretty good strategy for opposing pitchers. The pitchers can’t be letter-perfect every time. There’s no real quick-fix out there. The only way out is through.

    That being said, loved the draft, not one to poopoo on the minor league system, I feel like Austin and Slade have gotten over the hump, Ramirez got the AAA promotion, Pineda is finally ready to pitch, and JR Murphy may save us all just yet.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Also, +1 for beating Eddard to the first comment.

    • Pinkie Pie

      You can’t give a +1 to yourself! Here, let me do it or you.


      • jjyank

        Agreed. That’s like “liking” your own facebook status!

        • The Real Me

          Like following yourself on twitter?

          • jjyank

            I don’t have a twitter, so I didn’t know that’s a thing. People are weird.

  • Greg

    I’m not too confident we have championship team (or even a playoff team) in 2013, but overall I like the direction the team is headed. I “think” the plan is to tread water and be somewhat competitive this year and next, but then go all in in 2015 with a blend of home-grown talent (Sanchez, Austin, Williams, Jagielo, etc.) and free agent signings. By then very few people, maybe just 3 or 4, from the current roster will be here.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Yeah, pretty much what I think. Purge while remaining competitive and figuring out what the post-core identity of this team is.

      Not really a fan of the path they’ve taken in doing that so far, as I do think there have been some mistakes that have made the process less than smooth.

      Not easy, though.

    • ManyGeee

      I can sign off on this, I would take it once further and say the plan is to roll with what we have an tread water until the dead weight contracts are gone, and then going all in from there.

      And for what its worth, we all knew it was going to happen eventually.

    • jjyank

      Yup. That’s why I never really got the outcry about the lack of a plan when the Yankees started signing all these short term deals. Will it be ugly this year or next? Yeah, maybe. But it seems to me that the whole point of doing that was to remain as competitive as possible while buying time for the farm system. It’s a gamble, as is any strategy that relies on prospects panning out, but it’s a necessity if they stick to the budget, and close to a necessity anyway with so much money tied up with A-Rod, Tex, Jeter, CC, and perhaps eventually Cano.

      Personally, I like the strategy. I think the Yankees will be real fun to watch in a couple of years with a mix of vets and guys from the farm.

      • Yanksfan


        They have a plan – people just want to bitch because they don’t get the plan. I hated losing Swish but paying him at 35 may not be the best thing in the world. I had no problems letting Martin walk b/c I believed that Cerv could be league average.

        Also, who was worth the money the last 2 years? I wanted nothing to do with Hamilton or Greinke. For all the complaining about A-Rod his contract is WAY better than Pujols. You got some years from A-Rod before the injuries. Pujols not so much. Further, his contract calls for raises while A-Rod’s declines.


      This is basically the most prudent way to “retool”.

      You have to deal with the end of Jeter/ARod/Mo/Andy, but it has to be done gracefully. You can’t push them out the door.

      You have to hope that Cano, CC, and Tiex can hold the fort while the young guys move up. There will be some free agent additions, but nothing too expensive or long term. Cashman will continue to sign stop gaps where needed.

  • Eddard

    We’re still at a 10. They plowed through the WC trip and didn’t really lose any ground on their division foes. Now they’re back home and I suspect some of these bats will start to come alive. The pitching has always been there and that’s what carries you through offensive ups and downs. Frankie’s on track for his return which will be a big boost.

  • AndrewYF

    Down to a 6. Tex might not ever get better – wrist injuries are horrid for a power hitter. It’s also not like he hasn’t been in a steep decline over the past several years as well. The Yanks might get less value out of Tex’s contract than they will out of A-Rod’s. That’s pretty sad. The offense may improve a little bit, but without Tex it’s hard to see it get that much better.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      That’s not entire fair. Seven-year deal, right? We’re five years into it already. Alex will still be collecting Yankee money for two more seasons after that.

      I do worry more him from here on out, but the decline up until this season from Tex has been a bit exaggerated. Still an all-universe defender. Still hit for power and drove in runs, even when teams were shifting entire stadium seating to the first-base side.

      • Different Josh

        I’m pretty sure its an 8 year contract. Either way the point remains that Texeira has definitely struggled, and most probably will only get worse. Besides the Yankees got 3 or 4 great years and a World Series out of A-Rod, so its unfair to say we didn’t get a lot of value. There’s a difference between than, and an awful contract.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I was more trying to compare the two deals, I guess the extra year does make it less cut and dry for me.

      • Jim Is Bored
  • trr

    I’m a very shaky ‘6’

    I said before the season that I thought that all 5 teams in the AL East would be between 80 – 88 wins. Based on that, the Yankees should be in contention to the end, with just as much chance to win the division as anyone else. Obviously, this was a rough trip, it felt worse than 4-6. My prediction for the team this year was that they would improve as the year went on, injured returned, pieces were added. Thise things seem more problematical all time. But the fan in me says we can still do it.

    Long term, it’s really a question mark isn’t it? The team did well in the recent draft by all sccounts, but there is a dearth of ready talent at the higher levels to call upon if needed.

    • The Real Me

      I get why people are inclined to go lower with their vote after a road trip like this. I’m staying at a 7. This season is still looking better than it did when it began (remember “Tread water till the reinforcements arrive.”?). This injury to Tiex surely hurts, although we don’t yet know if he’ll be out a few days, a few weeks, a month or 2, or even possibly the season. Keep in mind though that Granderson will be back and it’s beginning to look like A-Rod & Jeter will return as well (although we still don’t know what they’ll bring — maybe gift baskets?).

      Despite these issues, the ownership and financial leadership of the organization has the strength to turn things around either at the trade deadline or the offseason if they want to. Until I see the moves they make before the 2014, I retain the hope that they’ll keep this franchise winning well into the future. Too optimisitc? We’ll find out.

    • vicki

      it felt worse than 4-6 because prior to the trip we’d gone 4-7, including a brutal mets sweep and losing 2/3 to boston. attrition.

  • Different Josh

    I was a 6. Might have been a 5, until I saw the news that Clarkin signed for just slot value. Hopefully we can get Quantrill or Thomas.

  • Travis L.

    I’m a 6. I don’t expect guys like Nix or Stewart to be .280 hitters, so seeing them exceed expectations like they have is ok with me. I want Neal to start hitting and Adams to start hitting AGAIN. I’m hoping they lose Chamberlain somewhere and maybe instill some bullpen help (not saying they aren’t good, but Jesse Crain could help…maybe). Overall the pitching is fantastic. I hope CC bounces back into 2009-11 form and Pettitte can get through the rest of the year without injury and with effectiveness. Heres to hoping Hughes can string together a bunch more great starts and I’m hoping Phelps earns the BGDP moniker back from Eddard.

  • Reggie C.

    I’m going to stay at 6.

    It’ll take another 1-5 + injury to a starter kinda week to make me drop to a 5. CC’s start was very encouraging and he’s been good for so long that we should take heart. CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, and Phelps can still keep us in every game.

    Yea. I said Phelps. I’m an optimist. Lets hope that Teixeira just needs a few days rest.

    What’s going on with Ivan Nova?? Anyway, the way I see it, the promotions of a few prospects in the minor leagues keeps it interesting. Gary Sanchez and Rafael DePaula .. your # 1 & #2 prospects in the farm!!

  • Jim Is Bored

    Still a 7. Knew we’d have weeks like this given the lineup.

    Boy it’d be nice if Gary Sanchez or JR Murphy were ML ready.

    • The Real Me

      +1 to all of this. We’re still better than we expected to be at this point in the season.

  • Different Josh

    Also of great note. DePaula was finally promoted to Tampa!

  • ManyGeee


  • mitch

    I’m still at a 6, but that’s not going to last if they don’t add a bat in the next few weeks. At this point i don’t think they can sit back and wait for Tex, Youk, Arod, and Jeter to get healthy. Grandy is the only guy I feel confident will return to form.

    • The Real Me

      I can agree that the only one we can count on returning to for is Granderson, but at the same time even reduced output from A-Rod & Jeter is like getting a new bat or 2 into the line up. They should be far better than what the team has now. I expect little to nothing from Youk and have no idea if Teix will be back, but still, A-Rod & Jeter, even with reduced levels of production, will bring a boost to the offense.

      • mitch

        No doubt they’ll be upgrades, but when can we really expect them back? I think it’s risky to bank on them returning right after the all star break considering how frequently their timetables have changed. They wouldn’t have to give up the farm to get a decent corner outfielder with some pop and i think that would make a big difference in the lineup.

        • The Real Me

          I’d be for that once the trading season gets into swing.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    nothing really changed since last week so still a 6.

  • jjyank

    A 7 for me. It was an ugly road trip that definitely felt worse than 4-6, but the Yanks are still only 3 games out. They weren’t as good as they were in April, and they’re not as bad as they are now. I still think this team at least makes the playoffs.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Exactly. This road trip was nowhere near as bad as it felt, and we’re still in position to make a run when the cavalry arrives.

      It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  • NeilT

    5. We get three guys back, and they all go away again, and we’re back to what we were in Game 1, except now the replacements suck instead of having that shiny new diamonds-in-the-rough feel from April.

    Plus, Gigolo (there, can we all start calling him Gigolo from now on?) doing his hamstring before he even takes up a bat professionally.

  • LarryM Fl

    6. I’m steady with my confidence level. I do not see any appreciable improvements within the next few weeks to bolster the team in a more positive light. But I still believe that Pineda and Cervelli might provide some boost just with their presence for the latter part of the season.

    Youkilis and Teix. may be done for the year. Jeter and Arod realistically what can we really expect from them. I doubt the team just takes off running in a positive direction on the field. These guys are returning from major injuries and surgeries. The offense is what it is.

    As far as the signings 3 number 1’s. Hopefully we can develop them into a mini core for the future.

    Now Robinson is the new first poster. My congrats to him. I have a 7 on my confidence level for him to continue at that level of promptness.

  • Adam

    We signed Ian Clarkin for Slot money ($1,650,100)!

    Does this mean we have enough savings to go after 1 or 2 really tough signs? I forget his name but there was a 2 sport player I was really interested in (I think his last name was Thomas). Hopefully we can nab him.

  • Bob Buttons

    Solid 7.

    A bad week on the west coast don’t mean much in the big picture, especially against Oakland and a potent LA lineup.

    Besides, a lot of picks signed this week for seemingly good deals. There really isn’t much to be sad about as a baseball fan.

  • Cuso

    I completely missed that Cabral thing. That’s a pretty good deal so we don’t have to worry about when we call him up now since he’s ours.

    Kinda surprised that he cleared waivers, though – even if he is coming off injury.

    • Adam

      He wasn’t exactly “lighting it up” in his rehab games. I hope he can back to the form he had in spring training of last year.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I think we care more about Cabral because of one joke than the rest of baseball does. :)

      • That “Cabral” Joke


  • Manny’s BanWagon


    I thought this year would be one last run for another ring before having a major roster turnover but I doubt this team makes the playoffs let alone has a deep run in October.

    Next year is shaping up to be even worse with a weak FA market, the losses of likely Pettitte, Kuroda, Granderson, Mariano, Hughes. Joba and possibly Cano. The top prospects are mostly struggling in AA and we’ve got another year to endure the Wells and Ichiro dynamic duo in the corner OF. Add to this the uncertain injury status of Arod and Jeter, both of which you don’t know what kind of player they’ll be upon their return and Teixiera, who’s wrist may ultimately need surgery and you’ve got one giant mess on your hands next year.

    On the positive side, maybe some of the prospects break out in the 2nd half and maybe Phelps , Nuno and Warren can fill a couple of spots in the back of the rotation and maybe Pineda will return as some semblance of the ace he almost once was but in end, I think there’s gonna be far too many holes to fill especially with their new philosophy of trying to squeeze a year or 2 out of washed up vets.


    Back up to 9.

    Getting Clarkin, Jagielo and hopefully Judge boosts my spirits. Also the promotions of Murphy, Sanchez and Depaula give me great hope for the future.

    Slade and Austin are picking it up.

    Hopefully they call up Almonte soon. Would like to see what he can do, especially as a Switch hitter. Let him play RF, have Ichiro play LF, occasional day for Wells.

    Plus, even after all the issues we have had, no one is running away with the division. We have lost so many important players, yet are right there with teams who have had almost all of their everyday players. Doesn’t mean we are going to win the ALE, but we are in the hunt.

  • Jersey Joe

    I’m at a 5, and my lowest ever has been a 4, which was earlier this spring.

    The pythag. record REALLY scares me, and I hate how there is no fixture in the lineup that any pitcher is scared of besides Cano and Gardner. While Hafner had a good game last night, I’m not confident in his abilities to be a 4, even 5 hitter after going 17 for his last 106 before the game (!!!!!!!!!). I was really hoping for something out of Youkilis or Tex, but more and more I think that the injuries are the reasons for their demise, and that we’ll have to wait until next season for either of them to be effective.

    I liked the draft. Really happy with Jagielo, especially being a fan of Notre Dame.

    Some of the top prospects are finally starting to go back to normal (Slade, Austin), and I hope JR Murphy can be of use as soon as 1.5 years?

    Just an extra tidbit: What the heck happened to the Jayson Nix who hit 26 HR in 653 PA in 2009-2010???

  • your mom

    I say 5. As is another 5 years before we sniff the World Series.

  • Mickey Scheister

    I’m at a 5 and gonna hold there until I see something that resembles a ML baseball team. The rotation and rotation depth looks promising, that is all. How many of the current starting nine would start on other teams? Contending teams. Cano and Gardner? The corner OF spots are dreadful, Adams passed through waivers in spring training, Overbay was released a week before opening day by Boston, Stewart is Stewart, Reid Brignac was claimed off the scrap heap and has done nothing since arriving and the last one is borderline Hafner wasn’t retained by the team that knows him best and could be the borderline third player on the team that would start on another contending teams roster. So that’s three outta nine that are above replacement level. Nix, Adams, Brignac, Overbay, Ichiro, Wells and Stewart more than likely couldn’t sniff a job with the Red Sox, O’s, Texas and many more. Meanwhile, in the Bronx, we watch them play to their talent level, which isn’t very good. With many known holes, the team decides to spend 12.5 on Youk, pick up 11M of Wells deal and sign Ichiro to a two year 12M deal, despite numerous reports of declines for all three players. There should have been more focus on international free agents, more focus on contingency plans for the 38-43 year old players. So far it’s been smoke and mirrors, but if the team is going to be run in this fashion the future doesn’t look promising. Cashman has rested on his laurels, 2013 will be the result of those behaviors. I’ll still tune in every game and root for the Yanks but this is the worst Yankees team I’ve seen in over a decade.

    • TomH

      1. I’m at a 5 and gonna hold there until I see something that resembles a ML baseball team.
      2. How many of the current starting nine would start on other teams? Contending teams. Cano and Gardner?
      3. …this is the worst Yankees team I’ve seen in over a decade.

      So why are you then at 5, rather than somewhere significantly lower?

      As for #2 above, how many of these other teams might take them if those teams had lost 2 third basemen, 2 shortstops, a 1st baseman, and a centerfielder?

      • Mickey Scheister

        They knew about the SS and 3B (Nunez and Youk were not seen as real fixes at ethier postions) prior to free agency but in an effort to be fiscally conservative, Hal and Co was more concerned with the bottom line than winning. With Grandy and Tex, yes that was unforeseen but had there not been such a downgrade in the OF and C in the offseason, they wouldn’t hurt as much. As far as being below a 5, there a top and bottom to every inning; the starting rotation shows promise with depth so I’m at a 7 on pitching and a 3 on offense, which averages to a 5. Just poor management for the resources the NYY have, shying away from Darvish because of Igawa. Not signing Martin or even entertaining an real offer to Swish. Citing fiscal concerns for not signing Puig or Cespedes, of course hindsight is always 20/20 but with the low or no draft picks in the first round the IFA pool is extremely important to build a winning club. I want this team to dominate but as they are currently constructed, I just don’t see it happening but I’d love to be proven wrong.

  • mac

    6, haven’t been below 5 or above 7 since the beginning of the year.

    I think those who feel the Yanks will have a down couple of seasons then rebuild with a mix of veterans and homegrown guys don’t realize that strategy can take decades. The same guys are in charge of player development and FA has become much more competitve with a less broad and talented pool thanks to increased competition.

    I think the only plan Hal and co have is to get under the luxtax cap. Many of his moves have shown he’s not trying to put the best team on the field – downgrading at C and RF, not being aggressive with IFA and of course repeatedly saying how important the farm is to the future of the team while ignoring how poor the performance has been in developing said talent.

  • ManyGeee

    In seriousness, we all (yes, we ALL do…) bitch and moan that they are dropping games in June but are still in the thick of things in the Division, when in April we would have just been content with a .500 ballclub until the injury risk guys came back…

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    7, like always. I’m just not that worried about going 4-6 on a west coast road trip while dealing with an absurd amount of injuries. The plan has always been to tread water until the starters come back off the DL. We just got a little overexcited by the backups’ success during the first month of the season.

  • mustang (The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

    I’m at 8 still.

    It feels like a boxing match they took a beating in the west coast round, but they are still standing. I give Mike credit for coming up with some solutions in the “Yankees need to continue shaking up the roster” thread. Its better then just bitching about it, but in the end those solution probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. Like Tilapia said the way out is through.

  • Fin

    I’ve been at a 5 all season with a couple of 6s when the Yankees out perform what they look like on paper. I accepted a long time ago that the Yankees were going to have to rebuild. I’m not upset with the team, it happens to every team in every sport after such a long run of success. The Yankees realized this and started the process this offseason with a bunch of scrubs and 1yr deals.

    What concerns me most is not this team, but if this is the right management team to rebuild. With taking on Wells and singing Ichiro to a 2 year deal, I’m not sure it is. Cashman may be the right guy but I’m not sure those above him are. I just don’t see the Yankees turning it around nearly as quickly as the Braves have. Though the Yankees have tons of money, that is not the advantage it once was and infact seems that it could be as much of a hinderence as advantage when poor decisions are made.