Here’s something to debate: Senator George Mitchell shouldn’t have named any name if he couldn’t name them all. This is a report based on testimony from one guy who’s trying to cop a plea to avoid jail time and another trainer fired. While I’m sure a lot of it’s true, there are a lot of names dropped in there with tenuous connections to steroids and other PEDs. When all is said and done, Mitchell wouldn’t have had anything to work with had Radomski avoided arrest, and the Senator hardly went further. This is a sham.

Eduardo Perez speaking on just asked, “What’s this going to solve in the long-run?” And my answer right now is simple: Nothing. This report will surely piss off the Player’s Association, and it casts baseball operations people in a bad light too. This report is probably one-quarter complete at best and just shouldn’t be out there in this format.

“Proof is testing positive,” Perez just said, and that pretty much sums up the validity of the Mitchell Report.

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Yeah, we’ve overdone it with the steroids stuff. We’re about 15 minutes away from the press conference, so it’s time to start the official thread. For those of you at work, we’ll throw up names and other revelations that come about during the conference.

Before they begin naming names and alleging allegations, I want to make sure these two thoughts are understood:

1) That a player is named in this list does not necessarily mean he did steroids. Unless, of course, it is accompanied by an acceptable amount of evidence.

2) That a player is not named in this list does not necessarily absolve him.

Let the fireworks begin.

Update by Ben: Get your report right here as a PDF. If you want to read the parts about the Yankees, jump to around page 175. There you will find the story of Andy Pettitte. He supposedly requested and used HGH to speed his recovery from elbow tendinitis in 2002.

Update by Joe: So Kevin Brown not only sent Radomsky a package with $8,000, but he didn’t make Radomsky sign for it? And we had this goon on our team for two years. Ugh.

A full list of players named in the report after the jump:

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Right now, a supposed list of names from the Mitchell Report is making its way around the Internet. We’ve gotten a few e-mails about it, and a few other blogs have posted it. But we’re not going to yet.

We’re not posting this list because it is pure speculation at this point. No one sending this e-mail has seen the list or the Mitchell Report, and we don’t know from where the list originated. We’re not going to smear players in advance of the publication of the report, and as The Big Lead notes, MLB is denying the accuracy of the list making the rounds. When 2 p.m. hits, we’ll have coverage for you, but not until then.

In a similar vein, as this list makes the rounds, the response seems to be some mixture of shock and outrage. But why? A few of the players that are bound to show up on the real list were named in the Jason Grimsely affidavit in 2006. It’s repackaged old news.

Meanwhile, Mitchell’s evidence is based entirely on things he heard and not things he knows. So he read the newspapers in 2006 and knows that Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens were mentioned. So he’s heard the same Miguel Tejada B-12 vitamin rumors the rest of us know. Great.

This report is an exercise in futility designed to rile the masses. In that vein, it will be a great success, but where it counts, it’s a failure tainted by biases and a non-objective stance. The sooner this is out and over with, the better off baseball will be.

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Rasner coming back

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From the Nevada Appeal:

Darrell Rasner Sr., Rasner’s father, said his son will resign with the Yankees. By not tendering a 2008 contract to Rasner, the Yankees will be able to remove Rasner from their 40-man roster.

But Rasner will still be invited to the Yankees Spring Training with a chance to make the 2008 Major League roster. Rasner’s father said his son will be given the chance to make the Big League club as a spot starter and long reliever.

Good news. Rasner wasn’t flashy, but he was pretty darn effective early last year before going down with a finger injury. He’s well-suited for a spot starter/long relief role (he throws strikes and keeps the ball in the park), and is a nice guy to have ready to go at the upper levels.

hat tip to commenter steve (a different one)

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Not a big surprise, but there’s a report saying that Roger Clemens will be named in the Mitchell report later this afternoon. Both he and Andy Pettitte were named in the Jason Grimsley affidavit, so you can expect to see Brother Andy on the list as well. Not that I think it matters much for him. If he’s going to be named, he surely knew it before he agreed to come back for 2008.

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The long dormant Top Prospect Alert has posted their list of the Top 10 Yankee prospects. The top 6 or 7 make perfect sense, but it gets kinda sketchy after that. Check it out after the jump.

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It speaks volumes about your team when Aaron Rowand is the only hitter you think you need. But that’s what Giants GM Brian Sabean thinks as he is no longer interested in Matsui. I’m happy to see Matsui stay, but Sabean is delusional if he’s expecting anything more than a last place finish for the Giants next year. (And, yes, I know that there are going to be Yankees in the Mitchell Report. But until the report is issued, I’m not naming names.)

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