The long dormant Top Prospect Alert has posted their list of the Top 10 Yankee prospects. The top 6 or 7 make perfect sense, but it gets kinda sketchy after that. Check it out after the jump.

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It speaks volumes about your team when Aaron Rowand is the only hitter you think you need. But that’s what Giants GM Brian Sabean thinks as he is no longer interested in Matsui. I’m happy to see Matsui stay, but Sabean is delusional if he’s expecting anything more than a last place finish for the Giants next year. (And, yes, I know that there are going to be Yankees in the Mitchell Report. But until the report is issued, I’m not naming names.)

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So today’s the day, huh? At 2 p.m., George Mitchell of the Boston Red Sox will unveil his report on steroids in baseball to the world, and sportswriters everywhere will cover a story they should written about 10 years ago.

As Joe wrote on Tuesday, we’re not holding out much hope for the Mitchell Report. Yes, it will make headlines. Yes, some players will be judged guilty in the eyes of the public. And yes, the Astros probably traded for a headache they don’t want.

But the problems — and ESPN detailed more today — far outweigh the benefits. Who cares which sluggers were doping before MLB had a solid testing program and drug policy in place? While Mark McGwire looked foolish saying it in front of Congress, the past is the past. George Mitchell cannot change what happened, and baseball should really just be trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Needless to say, neither the Commission’s Office or the MLBPA seem too concerned with drugs to institute a top-notch policy.

For all the proselytizing I can do on steroids, for fans of individual players and teams, it’s personal. How would Yankee fans react if some big names showed up on the list of around 80 names that are supposedly in the report? What happens if it’s one of the good guys who actually matter? Or one of the guys still on the team? I guess we’ll find out.

Here at the RAB, I’m just hoping that none of the homegrown talent shows up. Last week, Yankees Chick released her list of Yanks who better not be in the report, and it’s a solid rundown of the fan favorites. Right now, only time will tell, and we will, of course, have a story about it as the report is released.

In the meantime, follow The Big Lead’s lead. They’ve called for a Mitchell Report fantasy draft. Name the guys most likely to appear in the report, and if Barry Bonds, anticlimactically, isn’t on the top of all the lists, I’d be pretty surprise.

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  • Couple of minor league losses

    Chad Jennings updates us with a few losses in the Yanks minor league system. Angel Chavez has gone to the Dodgers, Raul Chavez is off to Pittsburgh, and Charlie Manning heads to the Nationals. Nothing big, as you can see, though Manning does throw with his left arm, which apparently will get you chance after chance after chance in the bigs. Anyone seen Wayne Franklin lately? · (4) ·

  • The whole family is back together!

    I’m covering over at MLB Trade Rumors tonight, so I’m going through the normal channels to find the latest transactions. You gotta believe this bit from RotoWorld made me snarf my beer:

    Dodgers signed RHP Tanyon Sturtze

    Yeah, there were 10 other names on that list — including former Yankee farmhand John-Ford Griffin.

    The only remaining question: How’s Joe going to burn out Proctor’s and Sturtze’s arms? He’ll be pulling his starters in the fifth inning every game!
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  • Giants get their outfielder…

    …and his name is not Hideki Matsui. The Giants signed Aaron Rowand to a five-year deal today. I’m not quite sure how this would impact the discussions between the Yanks and Giants concerning Hideki Matsui. The Giants do still need a left-fielder, but Brian Sabean probably feels he has his bat in Rowand. · (27) ·


Why I love Andy Pettitte

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Some of you might have caught my interview at, in which I said that my favorite Yankees, past or present, is Andy Pettitte. Today, he reaffirmed my sentiments:

“I guess there has been a lot of speculation that we need a true power arm, ace or whatever. I disagree with that,” he said. “I think Wang is an absolute stud. I think he is an ace. I understand he struggled in the postseason but that’s going to happen. I’ve struggled in the postseason before then come back and pitched extremely well. … To say we need (Santana) to be successful, that’s hard for me to say.”

Preach on, Brother Andy.

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