Fan Confidence Poll: February 28th, 2011

Snider, the Duke of Flatbush, passes away
Kevin Goldstein's Top 101 Prospects List

Record Last Week: 1-1 (11 RS, 8 RA)
Spring Training Record: 1-1 (11 RS, 8 RA)
Schedule This Week: @ Tigers (Mon.), @ Pirates (Tues.), vs. Astros (Weds. on YES/MLBN), @ Rays (Thurs.), vs. Red Sox (Fri. on YES/MLBN), vs. Nationals (Sat.), @ Astros (Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Snider, the Duke of Flatbush, passes away
Kevin Goldstein's Top 101 Prospects List
  • RL

    While this year may be a bit of a bumpy ride (as the Yankees go. I do expect them to make the playoffs, it just may not be smooth as we all want), longer term, I like what I’ve seen in ST so far from the current crop of Minor League players. I have confidence that even if ’11 doesn’t pan out as we’d like, going forward the team will be in good shape. Just hoping the FO makes the right moves with the younger talanet (which may or may not include no moves at all).

    I’m uping my confidence to an 8.

  • Bob Stone

    Call me crazy – I’m still at nine.

  • David

    I am going up to a 9. I can see something very favorable developing, which is that we will have several prospects dominating in the minors, Betances being one example, that other teams will be absolutely drooling over. Better yet, they are stacked at the same positions, those being starting pitcher and catcher, maybe the two most important positions, and to a lesser extent second base. The current team is about a 92 win team, and it easily can be improved by trading prospects that would be excess for the Yankees.

  • Riddering


    I’m am exercising extreme self-control by not voting a 10 after being overjoyed with Betances and Montero and just moderately gleeful with Nova, Granderson, and Gardner.

  • CS Yankee

    I’m just hoping that they don’t trade one of their top 5 prospects (Jesus, 3-B’s, & Sanchez) for SP. I would be alright trading the next 6-7 for a Lirano though.

    8 for now (2011), 9-plus for the future.

    • RL


  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    10, per usual. The tree of talent is starting to bare fruit. If, and I mean IF, the current crop of high end arms can stay healthy, the Yankees won’t have to worry about trading for anyone else.

    If Jack Curry mentions Betances for the 8th inning again, I’m gonna punch his momma right in her mouth.


    • Riddering

      If Jack Curry mentions Betances for the 8th inning again, I’m gonna punch his momma right in her mouth.

      We will all be punching Curry Momma in the mouth. ALL OF US.

      A suggestion like that might be benign for another team but with the Yankees’ history it is just too weighed down in disappointment to be an acceptable career path.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Would it kill the Yankees to develop a lights out reliever so we can stop everyone from thinking starter X throws hard so why not bring him up and have him pitch in the 8th.

  • Henry

    Hank may have been talking about his brother Hal. Hal was the one that built a mansion last year, Derek just happened to FINISH his, even though the latter’s mansion had started to be built before the start of last year. So for all we know this could’ve just been a shot at his brother, not Derek. Who knows…

  • Reggie C.


    Two spring training games tell me this:
    1. Colon’s weight will inspire funny at the moment jokes, but the man is throwing 92-93. He’ll get stronger. Garcia’s no shoe in for the 4 spot.
    2. Nova looked good against a largely regular Phillies lineup.
    3. Betances will post monster numbers at AA as long he stays healthy.
    4. Arod’s swing looks goooood.

    • Fair Weather Freddy

      5. Jorge Vazquez can bea right handed Adam Dunn if he learns patience at the plate

      • JGS

        When Dunn was Vazquez’s age, he had a .900 OPS and 278 home runs…in the Majors. He’ll be 29 this year. He isn’t likely to suddenly pick up new skills.

        • Rick in Boston

          Not even this year – his 29th bday is 15 days away. I know some people on RAB love Vazquez, but the guy has a 26:148 BB:K ratio. He’s a nice AAAA guy, but he won’t be seeing NY unless Tex gets hurt – the guy is not a 3B.

    • RL

      And all of that only puts you at a 6?

  • camilo Gerardo

    Team will get playoffs; wooden bed. Farm is excellent. Seems to be nothing to worry about financially. Only challenge they perhaps cannot overcome is the ’12 apocalypse. 10.

    • RL

      The ’12 apocalypse won’t occur until Dec. The Yankees will have won #’s 28 & 29 by then. :-)

  • bonestock94

    I’ve reconsidered my previous 6 after some debating last week about the impact of our farm on 2011. I’m moving up to a 7.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Five. I still hate the rotation and have questions about the aging team, but damn it’s hard for me to not get excited with baseball coming up soon.