Fan Confidence Poll: July 30th, 2012


Record Last Week: 3-3 (29 RS, 21 RA)
Season Record: 60-41 (488 RS, 404 RA, 60-41 pythag. record), 7.5 games up in AL East
Opponents This Week: vs. Orioles (three games, Mon. to Weds.), Thurs. OFF, vs. Mariners (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  • Eddard

    I dropped from a 10 to a 7 last week and I’ve seen nothing to change from 7. We beat a last place Seattle team 2/3, big deal. Then we come home and lose 2/3 at home to a wounded Sox team. There were many causes for concern in that series. Our best relievers blew both of our losses, not Eppley or Rapada or Qualls. That’s concerning because Mo ain’t coming back. Our ace was anything but in the 2nd game. And our offense was a .180 hitting catcher in Game 3. I don’t know what’s happened to Robbie Cano. Raul, Martin and Swisher were the only ones who put quality ABs together last night.

    • Esteban

      They lost by a total of 3 runs in the two games to the Sox. Cano might be slumping, but he’ll recover. I think a 10 is a little overconfident but a 3-3 week shakes your confidence that much.

  • LLFP

    My score has been and will continue to be a 7.

    The Yanks still have issues with scoring in key spots during the game and the bullpen has too many “specialists”.

    • Esteban

      They hit in some pretty key spots against the Sox this weekend. A 5 run comeback and two runs in later innings. The bullpen for all its specialists has the 2nd best ERA in the AL after the A’s bullpen, which pitches in a a very pitcher friendly park.

  • 28 this year

    Still an 8 as I always am. This team is still the best in the league and even if our relievers have blown the last two games, they are still the best in the business even without Mo, nothing really changed there, relievers are going to give up runs some times, there is no one with a 0.00 ERA. Our hitter scuffled yesterday but they scored 10 runs and 6 runs against the Red Sox, more than enough had the pitching worked on Saturday. CC is CC and he will pitch better, he’s still an ace, one start or one skid doesn’t change that. I wish people had more memory than a squirrel but sadly no. Kuroda is pitching like one of the best in the AL, Hughes has pitched incredibly well for a couple months now, Nova hasn’t been too bad, and Phelps is looking good. The Yankees have guys stepping up whether its Nix, Ibanez, Jones, or Chavez. The Yankees are a well rounded team. I will probably be a 9 by March depending on the offseason to see how teh Yankees handle the 189 situation. Even trying to be under 189, I would still be a 9 if they make smart moves to get there.

    • Esteban

      Yeah, I’m pretty much an 8 no matter what. Sold minor league system + capable GM + big payroll. One week (barring even more injuries) doesn’t really change that.

      • 28 this year

        Yea, i mean, the injuries that the Yankees have sustained this season have been freak injuries. Pineda is really the only injury that wasn’t freak injury. Joba got hurt on the trampoline, Pettitte hit by a comebacker, Arod broke hand on hit by pitch, and Gardner hurts his elbow on an awkward diving play. Its just bad luck and the Yankees have played through it and have the largest division lead. Again, people are like squirrels forgetting where their nuts are in this last week. Its like they have no idea that even though the Yankees have played crappy for a week, they STILL have the largest division lead and are a solid team all around.

  • Greg

    First off, I like this current lineup and roster (w/out A-Rod.) Without Alex, Joey G can put players where they belong and not have to workaround shoehorning an aging star into the 3 or 4 hole. I also like the addition of Ichiro. We were in desperate need of a speedy contact hitter, and I believe he has a hit in every game as a Yankee so far. But I have two big concerns. I firmly believe (and the record bears it out) that we are a better team without A-Rod, but he will come back just at the worst time, the playoffs. And once again, Girardi will throw him in the lineup in the 3-hole no matter what. I also have zero trust in CC in a big game against a good opponent and another top of the rotation guy. For such a big guy, CC comes up small every single time in those instance. I just can’t see him shutting any team down. We are going to have to slug our ways through his starts. He gives up way too many hits, especially for an “ace.”

    Not sure what can be done to the roster at this point, however. But if I were GM I would dump Andruw Jones and add another Righty bat, maybe someone who can play multiple positions. As for pitching, I would enquire about Josh Johnson, we might be able to pull off a trade. But I’m guessing it would cost too much.

    • BK2ATL

      We already have a Josh Johnson type. His name is Michael Pineda.

    • gc

      Every single time, huh?

    • jjyank

      Why all the Josh Johnson love around here? Do we have an opening on the DL roster?

      • 28 this year

        The Josh Johnson love is because these people, “Greg” dont feel like looking up the current Josh Johnson, th eone that makes 14 million next year and has been injured over and over. Josh Johnson is a good pitcher but he’s not a savior. I would say right now, CC and Kuroda are definitely better and with Pettitte coming back and Hughes pitching well, there isn’t a dire need for Johnson. Do I want him? Sure. But not at the price Miami is asking for, it would cost one of Mason or Sanchez and other parts and thats not worth a guy for just one year.

        • MannyGeee

          “the current Josh Johnson, th eone that makes 14 million next year and has been injured over and over. Josh Johnson is a good pitcher but he’s not a savior.”

          SHHHHHHHH, dont tell this to Boston. I would love to see them go nuts deep on another DL piece. That would make my LIFE!

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      I’m at 8.

      Greg, I agree with many of your points. I don’t see where we are better without Arod. He’s still much better than hoping for lightning in the bottle with someone else.

      As far as CC, He has first inning blues but gives us a credibile game each time. Is he a top ace? I believe that time is passing slowly but he’s our best. Jones can be replaced by a younger right hand hitter with OF ability. Yesterday’s chase of a single into a double which empty the bases was bad. I like the Ichiro trade and look for him to play better offensively.

      I not to interested in purchasing big ticket items from other teams because I like developing from within but pitching is the toughest spot to grow so you may have a point.

      I don’t believe any team will dominate as the Yankees did from “95-2003 because of the new CBA. But I believe the Yanks mission to win with resources will place them in the hunt every year.

      • TomH

        I don’t believe any team will dominate as the Yankees did from “95-2003 because of the new CBA. But I believe the Yanks mission to win with resources will place them in the hunt every year.

        I’m not sure the second sentence follows from the first. The more MLB works towards some kind of parity, the less NYY “resources” (if, by that, you meant money) will have on-the-field influence.

        As for the first sentence, MLB will be sooo happy with the tv ratings as, when their Golden Parity Time finally arrives, Colorado plays Pittsburgh or Toronto plays San Diego.

        • jjyank

          I mean the Yankees can still spend $189 mil without penalties. And that’s a larger payroll than about every other team, making that still an advantage.

        • LarryM.,Fl.

          Not many teams will pay the top number as the Yanks will push the the top number each year. 189 in 2014, not many markets can support this budget. Look at the Marlins and Brewers selling the farm after a poor first half. No expectations of a playoff run.

    • Eddard

      We’re clearly better with Alex. You see how poorly our offense has played without him. I don’t know how these past few games would lead you to believe that we’re better without him. It makes the lineup longer when he’s in there because then Swisher hits 7th, Ichiro 8th, Martin 9th. Chavez available to PH. We’re much better with him.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      But if I were GM

      I think every Yankees fan can get down and kiss the ground that you’re not.

  • BK2ATL

    Still at 8. The reinforcements are coming…..

  • Eddard

    Something else concerning is the setback for Andy. We need him. If Kuroda keeps pitching like this I might make him our #1. If Andy is healthy and pitching well he will be our #2. We could then roll CC out there in games 3 and 7 if we get to the ALCS. It also depends on when our home games are, we probably want Hiroki and Andy pitching at home, CC and Hughes on the road.

    • jjyank

      CC is the #3 now? Wow.

      • Esteban

        Remember, CC can’t beat the Red Sox and he sux. lol whatevs.

        I think some idiots might not even start him in the playoffs.

        • MannyGeee


          • jjyank

            CC to teh 6th!!!

            • Get Phelps Up

              Too generous. CC is no more than a LOOGY.

          • Kevin G.


    • Alkaline

      It boggles my mind people taking CC for granted like this. Wow.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        That’s the way things works here. No one ever does enough.

        • 28 this year

          CC is literally the biggest asset the Yankees have for the playoffs. Not only is he a sure No. 1 for Game 1, he is the only pitcher around MLB where you know you can start him on 3 days rest in a pinch and you can do that if necessary more than once in a row. He is the only pitcher that has proven to carry a team through startign on 3 days rest. That is huge for the playoffs just in case you need him.

          • Brian S.

            How much of an asset are you when you give up five runs every start? The 2009 ALCS was a long time ago.


    • Sweet Dick Willie

      If Kuroda keeps pitching like this I might make him our #1.

      You have the authority to do that?

      Good god, talk about the inmates running the asylum.

  • Mike

    Im at an 8

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    8, same as where I’ve been since Pineda’s injury.

  • vin

    Another week, another 8.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Its alarming that the Yankees continue to lose close games because of a combination of lack of timely hitting, shaky defense and erratic pitching from the pen.

    Those aspects of the game are crucial in the playoffs and if they’re not rectified, October very easily can end up a repeat of last year.

    • CS Yankee

      I recall something like we sweeped Cleveland (7-0) in the regular season in ’07 , only to be eaten alive (no midge pun) in the postseason. Owned Texas in ’10 (5-2), and Lee (with umpire helping on the outside pitches), Andrus & Hamilton all got red hot at the wrong time.

      Point being, I’m hoping that all our RISPfail, and RP corrects come October, and its doubtful Jones see any OF come postseason.

      • jjyank

        That first part is a helpful reminder that the regular season means nothing in the playoffs. Once you’re in, it’s all a crapshoot.

        • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

          I don’t buy the “once you get to October, it’s all luck” meme.

          If that was the case, the Yankee dynasty from the late 90s had a run of luck that was off the charts.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

            Luck is a bad word for it. You can have the best team in the world and still lose in a five or seven-game series because sometimes the other team just plays better in the small sample. Doesn’t mean they’re a better team, just that they played better for a ten-day span.

            • jjyank

              Yeah I wouldn’t say “luck”. I thing “timing” is better. Doesn’t matter what the match ups from a few months ago say, doesn’t even matter who had the best record. It’s all about who got hot at the right time, and luck is probably part of that.

              • Get Phelps Up

                I agree with calling it timing over luck. I mean, were the Cardinals the best team in the playoffs last year? Hell no, but they got hot at the right time and they eliminated the 102 win Phillies and 95 win Brewers. That doesn’t mean that being in a situation that the Cardinals were in last year is optimal, it’s just a reminder to do whatever you can to get into the playoffs because really, anything can happen.

                • gc

                  Exactly. I remember in 2006, the Tigers limped into the playoffs going 19-31 to finish the season. The Cardinals held an 8.5 game lead on Sep 20 before losing 7 straight games and 9 of their last 12, almost squandering the division to Houston. Nobody expected those teams to do much of anything in the playoffs. The rest is history.

              • gc

                Agreed. It also points to the singularly unique quality of those late 90′s Yankees teams. When it was all taking place and they were racking up title after title, unforgettable moment after unforgettable moment, many people stated that we would probably never see anything like that again in our lifetimes. They say these things for a reason. What those teams accomplished was so rare and special, and highly improbable to be repeated in today’s game with a further added wild card team. Those teams really did spoil this fan base to a ridiculous degree.

                • jjyank

                  Yup. It was special because there’s a good chance nobody will see that for a long, long time. It’s rare because it requires a perfect storm of making the playoffs, being a good team, not having too many key injuries, luck, and getting hot at the right time over a 4-5 year period.

                  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                    Those teams were much better suited for post season play than the Yankees of 2010, 2011 and this year.

                    They had better starting pitching and a dominant bullpen which are prerequisites for the postseason and were able to get key hits at crucial times, be it luck or good timing.

                    I definitely agree with Mike above that anything can happen in a short series and the best team doesn’t always win but my original point was that some of the more glaring weaknesses of this team, especially over the recent cold spell that include poor defense, relief pitching and RISPfail seem to me to be very important to a team looking succeed in october. Maybe that changes over the next 2 months but on July 30th, I have to say it concerns me.

    • BrooklynPaulie

      I agree. Close games scare the hell out of me with this team. These guys seem to go up there without a plan. They lack the ability to manufacture runs. You can’t just swing out of your shoes and hope for the best. Granted it’s worked out so far but I see big problems come the post season when we’re facing elite pitching. It’s so f%#*ing frustrating to watch so many futile situations where there’s a runner at 3rd and less than two outs. It’s like they break out in a rash when they come to the plate with RISP. This team is pretty much unwatchable when they play like they did last night.

  • CS Yankee

    8, still.

    Missed the last two games against the BoSox…sounds like a couple of RISPwins and they sweep them and likely put them down for the season.

    The Angels/Rangers battle looks real good and maybe being the #1 seed (this year) is a bit less important than I thought. Could very well be the Angels v. ChiSox/A’s/Rays, with the winner going against the best record. Angels likely prevail, and they wouldn’t suffer much with Weaver (or whomever) not being ready again until game 3.

    The #2 seed would (likely) have the Central winner, and likely Detroit. Beyond Verlander, whom we hit well, they don’t have much SP this year.

    Still thinking though, that ninja gets another piece or two…and maybe we see something big.

    • Eddard

      And with the 2/3 format it’d be nice to know where we’re going to play, assuming we get one of the top 2 seeds which I think we will. I’d hate to have to wait for that WC winner, have it be the Angels then have to fly all the way out to LA. Such an awful format and I blame Selig.

    • Brian S.

      Fister-Sanchez is pretty good. We can match that though.

      • Jim Is Bored

        Fister’s been pretty crappy this year.

  • The Real Greg

    I’m at a 6-7. All the Yankee losses of late have been 1 or 2 run games, where luck plays a decided factor, i.e. the Jeter hit that Ichiro couldn’t score on last night.

    Somehow they have managed to have the best record in baseball despite being crap with RISP, so I don’t know how much stock I can put in that.

    Its hard to call an offense that scored 3+ runs for 42 consecutive games overrated.

    That being said, we need to improve. My suggestions.

    Trade for Scott Hairston. Much better against lefties than Andruw Jones and almost equal against righties.

    Get another arm in the pen. Rafael Betancourt would be good.

    • MannyGeee

      Dont think that Hairston is availible, though I would LOVE to have him on the team. I have an irrational love for anything Molina or Hairston related.

    • Brian S.

      So Greg, I’m guessing you don’t have confidence in Joba?

      • The Real Greg

        I’m with Mike, I believe, inn this discussion. You can never tell what will happen when he comes up into major league play.

  • Betty Lizard

    My confdence in the team’s overall future is still an 8. Still big questions—Pettitte, Rodriguez, Chamberlain, Gardner, Pineda—and still huge resouces on the team, on the farm, in management.

    An 8 is still an 8 . . . .
    The fundamental things apply
    As time goes by.

    My confidence in myself and my ability to enjoy the game and find joy in the process is still shaken post Oakland and Seattle, however.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You are as classy as it gets on here, Betty. I 100% mean that.

      • Betty Lizard

        Thanks, Tilapia. And right back atcha.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Love the Dooley Womack Wilson reference.

  • Brian S.

    I’m actually not feeling too confident.

  • uyf1950

    “Scott Boras is already dropping hints about a ten-year contract for Robinson Cano.”

    I just do not see the Yankees ownership giving any player a 10 year deal going forward. Cano will be 30 years old at the end of this season. Even if the Yankees do not exercise the option and offer him an entirely new deal at 30 years old I think a 10 year deal is out of the question for the Steinbrenner Brothers. And if they do exercise the option for 2013 a 10 year deal starting for the 2014 season with Cano be 31 then is absolutely not going to happen.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Still a 9. Any stretch, good or bad, does not a team make. Was going to write more, but ran out of time. You get the point.

  • Twains Yankee

    I’m at an 8 and have been for about a year now. This organization is too well run with too many resources. The only thing that keeps me from going higher are a fear that we will have to deal with a couple of bad years at the back ends of A-Rod, Jeter, Tex

  • Fernando

    Lots of issues to tackle, but the team is in first place so have to go with an 8.

    They have weathered all the injuries so far by using their solid depth. Some of those guys run the risk of injury (Chavez) or overexposure (Chavez/Jones), but they added some help in Suzuki. The offense is solid, the RISP issue is still present and the lost some close games these last two weeks.

    The starting pitching continues to be solid, but the bullpen could use another arm as Qualls is not the answer. Looks like Phelps can provide value here.

    They added some good prospects in the International and Amateur drafts, despite being handicapped with a low draft position and a lower budget (thanks to the new CBA). The lower levels are definitely brimming with talent, though the upper levels have slim pickings.

    Swisher, Cano and Grandy free agency looms. They’ll have to replace Swisher. Extending the other guys would be better than signing them AFTER the contract, since they could then get a lower AAV whic helps in the race to 189M.

  • Kosmo

    35-26 record the rest of the way would give NY 95 wins and another AL East crown.

  • Jack Cross

    I’m at a 7. This team is too old. With age comes injures.

    CC is still a good pitcher, but certainly not an “ace”.

    Granderson has struck out 122 times in 100 games, that is unbelievable.

    Jeter has hit into 16 doubleplays already(his worst season 2008 was 24…)

    Ibanez and Jones have been great (driving in runs) but now they will lose at bats because of another baseball senior citizen Ichiro (who hasn’t gotten a boost from being on the Yanks).

    The Yanks are lucky the Red Sox have even more injuries and the wrong manager.

  • Greg

    I don’t think you need to run a lot of linear regression to understand that the Yanks success in the playoffs will depend almost entirely on their ability to hit home runs. If they do, they will have a chance to run the table, if they do not, they will almost surely be eliminated. They don’t string a lot of hits together and that likely isn’t going to magically correct itself (perhaps for an isolated game or two it will but not enough to win 3 playoff series)Outside of two players everyone hits about .235 – .265. Yanks are middle of the pack in the AL in BA (I understand BA isn’t the best indicator but I think it is relevant here). They hit home runs. They don’t manufacture them with singles and doubles. Their pitching is solid enough to keep them in most games and the bullpen is certainly above average. CC is a horse and takes the ball whenever you ask, but I’m not confident he can throw multiple (or even one) shutdown games (a la a Cliff Lee from a couple years ago) in a series. It is more likely he will grind and keep the Yanks in the game (which we hope the other Yankee starters will do as well – and which they certainly can do – tempered by a greater chance of blowup ).

    Thus, in the end, it will all come down to the long ball!