Fan Confidence Poll: December 10th, 2012

Rays sending James Shields to Royals for Wil Myers
Thoughts following some moves around MLB

2012 Record: 95-67 (804 RS, 668 RA, 96-66 pythag. record), won AL East, swept in ALCS

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Rays sending James Shields to Royals for Wil Myers
Thoughts following some moves around MLB
  • jjyank

    Well I missed a lot last night. Indians get Reynolds, the Rays/Royals trade, Plouffy going troll slaying, and a momentary redux of an old game thread.

    Guess I’m still an 8.

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

      You forgot to mention the new instant classic Meme, the “celery cap”

      • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

        The most delicious of all the caps… goes great with out backstop of the future…

        • Cris Pengiucci

          Personally, I prefer mushroom caps, but the celery cap does go better with Romaine. :-)

        • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

          And if Cabral can make the team as LOOGY, you can have Caesar, Romaine and the celery cap. Suggestion for the concessions.

          • Anthony


            • TomH


        • Robinson Tilapia

          This just in: Tyler Austin legally changes name to “Tyler Vinagrette.”

      • jjyank

        Ah yes, I did miss that. Classic.

  • Robinson Nelson

    Maybe im your mind

  • MannyGeee (celery cap manager)

    Also, even without a catcher, I am steady at a 7. I should be lower, but I will stick with a 7.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Also at a 7, but I’m beginning to think I should be lower too. Still hopefull they’ll pull something off to make us all smile, but that seems less and less likely.

      • jjyank

        As I said above, I’m still an 8, but kinda feel like I should be lower too. Still, I don’t think I can bring myself to change anything until I know the team they are going into the season with. That’s my rationale for holding steady.

      • MannyGeee (celery cap manager)

        Yeah, on the risk of sounding like a “Spoiled Yankee Fan”, I would be more than happy to see That Lettuce Guy as the primary backstop if there was more thump 1-8 in the line up (specifically RF or DH).

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    Still a 5.

  • Pissed off fan

    The ownership of Yankees is showing fans that they need to make money more then winning i am hoping the fat toads will sell the team soon to get back on track of winning,the way this off season is going i have lost all confidence in the 2 toad brothers

    • MannyGeee (celery cap manager)

      I think you’re being disrespectful to toads in general. Some of them have thyroid issues, while others don’t have the financial means or social/family structure to support better health habits.

      The fact that you want to throw around the “F” word is very hurtful to the entire toad population. Just think about it.

      • Anthony

        These threads make finals week that much more tolerable.

    • Ted Nelson

      Winning and making money go hand-in-hand.

      • Dave

        Yeah but you have to spend money to make money. My prediction: lot of empty seats this coming year.

        • Ted Nelson

          The Yankees will be spending money…

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

      Wasn’t Irabu the “fat toad?”

      I haven’t heard Hal and Hank referred to as that before.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I was going to mention how disrespectful this was to Hideki Irabu.

        • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

          That certainly wasn’t one of George’s finer moments.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Certainly not but, hey, it sold papers.

            There was a time and place where New Yorkers reveled in that GS3/Trump style grandstanding. Other than his gazillions, look at what a sad sack Trump winds up looking to most New Yorkers now when he still tries to pull the same loudmouth act.

            • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

              The media flocks around those guys trying to coax a sound bite out of them but they should really know better.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                Hank’s “We’ll win by force if we have to” was so weak, yet so funny, in comparison.

                • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                  Every family has a “Fredo” and I guess in the Steinbrenner clan, it’s Hank.

    • toad

      Hey, watch it.

      I may not be perfect, but don’t lump me with those guys.

  • Reggie C.

    Dropped to a 6 last week and nothing’s changed internally. Externally, our divisional rivals the Rays just pulled a coup landing the can’t-miss Wil Myers and a very good prospect in Odorizzi. Rays and Blue Jays have upped the ante this past month with enough smart moves that could make life pretty difficult for a Yankees team operating under a stressed budget.

    Hopefully Cashman addresses 3B this week.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Can’t miss.”

      Jesus Christ on a stick.

      • jjyank

        This. More or less. Not sure about the stick part. Meyers is a can’t miss when he’s doing it in the majors.

      • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

        It’s funny that he’s gone from a top 10 prospect to “can’t miss” overnight.

        By lunch, he’ll be Mike Trout II, by dinner, Willie Mays II.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          It’s even funnier that taking this stance suddenly puts us in agreement with dalelama. You’d think that’d be enough to go all out Myers.

      • the Other Steve S.

        Put him out there with Justin Smoak

    • MannyGeee (celery cap manager)

      Externally, our divisional rivals the Rays 1997 arch nemesis the Mariners just pulled a coup landing the can’t-miss Wil Myers Jesus Montero and a very good prospect in Odorizzi Hector Noesi.

      Funny how a LITTLE PERSPECTIVE can change a stupid comment into something we can all relate to…

  • LarryM., Fl.

    I have voted 6 since our playoff departure. Its way too early to go higher or lower with future polls until the team finalizes some of their issues at 3b, RF and catcher.

    The Yankees will pay 50% luxury tax on all money over the cap this year because of being over the cap 4 straight years. So I expect not so pricey fixes which is ok with me. I accept the negative possibilities with the less costly fixes. But it can work out on the positive side with good fortune.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    6 – no RF, C, 3B yet.

  • dars36

    We get Ichiro, Youkilis and Hairston and we are again competitive. I would use Dickerson and Nunez a lot more out of the DH position. There is no room for Ibanez, he is 41 years old and we got his last decent year in 2012. Our pitching is more than solid and a line up of Ichiro RF, Jeter SS, Cano 2B, Tex 1B, Granderson CF Youkilis 3B, Nunez DH, Romine/Cervelli C Gardner LF is good to compete. Dickerson, Hairston, Nix and one of Cervelli/Garner on the bench….

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Baseline 7. Always confident they’ll do what they have to.

  • Ted Nelson

    I still feel that this is one of the best run franchises in baseball, and will be one of the best teams on the field in 2013. I still feel that this is the best team in the division for 2013. I still like their farm system.

    They have an offer out there to fill the 3B void that looks like it will be accepted. I was really hoping for Schierholtz, but will just hope that Ichiro has really found the fountain of youth. Every day Ross doesn’t sign and I don’t even hear a rumor about teams interested I get more hopeful that he takes a 1 year deal or reasonable 2 year deal.

    The 10 second attention span of what have they done for me lately amazes me. Going forward, I expect continued success.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      The voice of optimism. I understand where you’re coming from, but I feel they missed a couple of opportunities this winter (Schierholtz and Keppinger seemed like good fits on reasonable deals). There’s still plenty of time this offseason. If they’re able to pull off some unforeseen deal that makes them stronger long term (getting a truely good haul of youg, cost controlled studs for Granderson, signing Hamilton to a 3 year deal for $20 – $25MM per or other similar move), then I’ll be forced to side with you and permanently move my score upward. They’ve made good moves many times before that no one expected. Let’s hope they do it again and prove how great they are.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I agree. I just think there wasn’t too much unique to Schierholtz or Keppinger that can’t still be found elsewhere.

        • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

          I think we need to reserve judgement and see who they sign instead of those 2 before you call those non-signings good, bad or in the middle.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            More how whoever winds up at that position does, as well as how the two that got away wind up looking with their new teams.

      • Ted Nelson

        I know I’m looking more on the bright side of things, but I’m really basing my opinion on historical results. I think that’s a lot more rational than assuming everything will go wrong, as a lot of people here do.

        I liked both, especially Schierholtz. (Can Keppinger actually play SS? If not, doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t think he’d have been a good fit without SS. Since the Rays are regarded as the smartest org in baseball, had no SS, and didn’t play Keppinger there, becoming the 3rd org not to play him there more than a dozen games since 2008… I’m guessing it’s a no.) Those aren’t really make or break deals, though. Schierholtz can hold his own as a platoon RF for very little $, but he’s not a stud. All else equal, I’d take Youkilis over Keppinger without thinking about it for 2013 (though obviously the money evens it out to some extent if you’re actually paying the tab). Going forward I like David Adams, so maybe we’ll get a chance to see what he can do.

        I don’t think that they need to make any huge deals this off-season. Toronto got a lot of talent, but also got question marks and is trying to improve a 73 win team. Tampa has tons of upside, but is also trying to tread water in 2013 after losing what fangraphs called their 3rd, 5th, and 6th most valuable players. Their 3B is also injury prone, and extreme youth brings with it as much uncertainty as old-age. I’m of the mind that Baltimore was a fluke, and they haven’t done much in the way of reinforcing their 2012 team. Machado and Bundy could provide a big boost, but there might be a lot of fall-off to compensate for.
        The Yankees are bringing back a top OF who missed last season to replace little production between Ibanez and Jones. Youkilis could go a long way towards replacing Swisher’s bat. My guess is A-Rod goes back to being a top 10 3B/DH when we gets back maybe two months into the season (when healthy that’s what he was last season, now we have a pretty decent explanation for why he fell apart late in the season). I preferred Schierholtz, but Ichiro does bring some defensive value and might have rediscovered his swing. Since Pettitte’s injury was totally freak and not arm related, I see a pretty decent chance he’s got a full-ish season in him. Nova might bounce back, Phelps might take a step forward. Joba should be back with some fire in his belly.

        A lot of people seem to point out the negatives for the Yankees and the positives for their rivals, without realizing there is a flip-side to both. I’ll be surprised if the Yankees don’t win 90 games.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Agreed, and I think your assessment of the other three teams is spot-on. I also don’t think Boston takes a meaningful step forward unless there’s further changed on the way.

          I still see 90 wins as well.

    • TomH

      How sweet.

      • Ted Nelson

        You hate quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, huh? Just generally hate people who bother to think, I guess…

  • Klemy

    I dropped to a 6, because I’m just worried that we won’t be competitive this year, possibly next as well. We have a lot of age and a lot financial constraints all of a sudden, with no easy way to move to fix it. No help coming from the minors in short order. I could be talked back to a 7, but I’m feeling mighty uninspired at the moment.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Take the plunge, Klemy. Go for the 7.

      Wil Myers says so.

    • Ted Nelson

      They don’t have that much to fix.

      There could be help coming from the minors in short-order, whether by promotion or trade. Quite a few potential contributors in the high minors (Adams, CoJo, Romine, Montgomery, Warren, Betances, Marshall, Whitley, Zoilo/Mesa, Murphy, Flores, Turley, Goody… not all studs, but all potential contributors), and the top prospects might be closer than a lot of people seem to think (Slade and Austin in AA… Sanchez and Mason might not be far behind…). Banuelos could well be up sometime in 2014, while it is a surgery TJS is not exactly an exotic procedure for Ps. It’s not a totally stacked farm, but it definitely has the potential to help via promotion and trade.

      • Ted Nelson

        Plus the guys in the low minors could help sooner than expected via trade, if they break out. (Not to say trading them is necessarily the right move, just a possibility.) Guys like Gumbs, Bird, Cote, Hensley, Aune, Camarena, Bichette, Andujar, O’Brien, Santana, maybe Torrens… have the potential to become valuable trade chips by mid-season or seasons end. (Goody to some extent.) Very, very unlikely that all break out, but there’s a decent chance at least one and probably more do. I’m not counting on it by any means, but someone like Bird could also hit two or three levels this season and be closer to MLB than we think.

  • Rocky Road Redemption
  • Mike HC

    8 … Very strong pitching. Strong defense. Yanks are looking to some of the higher end one year guys to fill offensive holes (Youk, Ichiro) while passing on the lower end 3 mil type free agents. Letting Swisher go is a good move in my book even if the Yanks planned on keeping the payroll in the 210 range.

    Negatives are all the unknowns – those offensive holes have not been filled yet … Cano’s next contract … Granderson, Pettitte, Kuroda, and Mo beyond this year. Jeter’s player option and next contract.

    • MannyGeee (celery cap manager)

      While you are extremely optimistic, you make a great point. People were shitting themselves over the loss of Scheirholtz and Keppinger last week. They are mediocre players all around, but they’re not OUR mediocre players, and they should be!

      • Mike HC

        ha … but is an 8 really “extremely” optimistic? Yanks are bringing back the core of the team that went to the ALCS last year and had the most wins in the AL. Swish, Martin, and Soriano are gone, but Gardner and Mo will be back. Youk might be added. I really don’t see some dire situation here.

  • wow

    older and cheaper.

  • Joba is Einhorn…Einhorn is Joba

    voted a 6…i actually think they will be competitive this year even if their roster stays where it is (which i dont think it will). there pitching is still at the top of the AL and the offense is by no means horrible… just concerned with the future as the next wave of major leaguers pretty much all got hurt or fell off the cliff last year. as a post said a view days ago, they just got hit with the perfect storm of underperformance, injury, and the worst ever timing of this salary cap

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Look at Ted’s 11:33 comment. Does that change your viewpoint slightly?

  • BK2ATL

    During the season, I was firmly in the 8 category. Now, after the season, and not understanding the strategy of just getting older players for as cheap as possible, I’m down to a 6.

    We have no real starting catcher or RF right now. Period. The FA options aren’t that great either. While I like Ichiro and I think he’ll flourish with this lineup, we need a true RH power hitter in the lineup going forward. Even when A-Rod comes back, I doubt that he’ll be able to put up 30 or even 25 HRs/year going forward. That ship has sailed.

    As of right now, yes we have a rotation on CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes, Nova/Phelps? We have no idea what Pineda can and will do when he returns. We have no idea what Mariano will have coming back off of surgery. The arm might be fine, but the legs maybe not. Jeter will be coming off of surgery. Another big IF for a ballclub full of them.

    What do we have in AAA that is ready to step up? Banuelos is coming off of injury, but who’s to say when he’ll be back and what he’ll have. Campos same thing, but at a lowel level. Will Brent Marshall get a bump up to AAA?

    I understand the $189 million plan. What I don’t understand is how they plan to get there with what they have been doing. We don’t have the young talent to get there. Oh yeah, by the way, I read that Andruw Jones signed with a Japanese team. LOL!!! So they don’t even have that RH fallback option.

    My suggestion. It’s pretty much a given now that Cano won’t be in pinstripes in 2014. While I like his offensive numbers and defense, I know that I wouldn’t give him more than 6 years max. He will get his 7 to 8 yr deal on the open market at at least $25 mil per. No thanks. let him go.

    Package him or Granderson plus Nova or Phelps, Robertson or Joba, Nunez or Adams, Romine or Cervelli, and one of Heathcott, Austin or Williams now for a J. Upton or Mike Stanton + deal. Dangle that kind of deal out there and see what the response is. While they’d only be getting one year out of Cano or Granderson, they’d also be getting a young AL East-tested SP for multiple years of team control, a young potential closer, young middle IF, a young C, a high-end, top 100 OF. These are all areas that we can afford to lose prospects.

    That they are pressing for Ichiro and Youklis lets me know that this kind of thinking or approach isn’t happening. Kinda discouraging since the AL East are all loading up. Toronto, Tampa, Boston, and Baltimore now has another year of experience under their belts with a young competitive team.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      If I’m sending Robbie Cano to another team, they’re the ones sending extra players back, not me.

      I just disagree with you on this. I think veterans who’ll accept one-year deals at a higher rate are the right way to go if the young players you hope will eventually rise up are still at least 1-2 years away. They’re not going to get here any quicker, and blocking them isn’t in the interest of waiting for them to develop.

      The AL East isn’t loading up. Toronto and Boston have a big hole to dig out of, and their solutions still come with question marks. We have no clue what Baltimore will be. Tampa just traded a rotation lynchpin away from a promising prospect who, repeat it as many times as we want, is not a “sure thing” simply because no one is. Is any of this enough to to surpass the reigning AL East champs? I say “no,” but that remains to be seen.

      We know where the prospects are in this system, and why. i don’t know why we insist on beating this dead horse.

      • BK2ATL

        Any team that takes Cano will want more than 1 year, and Boras isn’t budging on free agency. The Yankees played themselves into this position and at this point they have to make the most of the opportunity to get anything other than a draft pick for losing a premium player. If you want a quality player in return (Upton or Stanton), you’re gonna have to lose quality players. The Yankees aren’t calling the shots here.

        Let’s talk Yankees’ prospects now. The Yankees’ are very reluctant to bring up players from AAA and endure some failure. Therefore, they are ridiculously cautious when it comes to that, and will rely more on the Fredy Garcias, Derek Lowes, Chris Stewarts, and the like. How in the hell can you build potential MLB usefulness and/or trade value for these prospects if they rarely get the chance? I mean, last year as an example, they traded for Ichiro and Mcgahee rather than trying our Dickerson and Mustilier (sp?) or Joseph.

        Marshall, Montgomery, Nuno, Adams, Joseph, Romine, etc. should be brought in to see what value they have. Maybe Warran doesn’t have much of a chance or role in NYC, but like Kennedy, he might have a role somewhere else. But that means showcasing him periodically against an offense like Minnesota or Seattle or so.

        Adding in veterans (Gooden, Justice, Strawberry, etc.) works best when you have a solid core and need the right pieces to take it up a notch. As fans we know what this team is and what it’s not. It’s still living on the premise that Jeter, Mariano and Pettitte can deliver like they did 10 years ago. And all 3 suffered significant injuries in 2012. A-Rod will be an injury risk going forward with “2” shaky hips. Swisher is probably gone. Cano and possibly Granderson are on the way out too. Where’s the plan to replace all of that????? Ichiro? Youklis?

        While you’re thinking that the rest of the AL East isn’t loading up, their roster changes for 2013 resemble teams that certainly will be better than 2012. It may be that they increase they wins by 5-0 games, but the Yankees’ have 5-7 less wins as well in 2013.

        C – ???
        1B – Tex (declining offense for 4 yrs now)
        2B – Cano (one year away from leaving)
        SS – Jeter (coming back off of an injury; might be ready by opening day)
        3B – A-Rod (coming back off of another hip injury by mid-season)
        LF – Gardner (coming back off of surgery; hopefully he doesn’t throw like Nancy Damon when he returns)
        CF – Granderson ((one year away from probably leaving)
        RF – ????? (Ichiro at 39?)
        DH – ?????

        This is the state of the 2013 Yankees right now. It is frustrating to watch it play out.

        • CS Yankee

          Your last line…true that.

          Get Hamilton, play Nix/Adams & Stew/Cerv and they should be a decent playoff team if no more injuries occur.

          If no stud comes and they start with Ichiro & Youk (or less than that), I would rather see them trading Cano and poise to retool for 2014/15.

          Please stop this broke down aging vet crap approach mix with an extreme oversigning aging player every few years. Let Boras fleece Detroit, LA & the Nats.

  • CS Yankee


    I have never been below a 7 and have voted a 10 a couple of times in 2009 & 2010 (i think), however went to a 5 today.

    Things are pretty bad when they are waiting for Youk to decide if he wants to be the next overpaid, often injured Yankee 3B/DH. No discussions, let alone offer for Chavy coupled with the non-Martin offer and rumor that Cash & CO can’t even make offers to a fourth OF. Oh, and Ichiro and his over-aged noodle bat is scheduled to replace Swish full time.

    I’m a huge Pettitte fan, but getting him at 12+M$ with the voids at RF, 3B, & C seems silly. I was hoping at one more high octane run before Jeet & Mo go bye-bye and the 189 kicks in.

    While people will react to my 5 with anti-fan or trool claims, I will likely not pay the $300 for MLB with YES package this year (live in CO) and look forward to the kids moving up through the system and the possible return to dominance starting after 2015.

    Wish they cash out Cano for some high end talent as suggested with STL or get off their ass and correct with Hamilton for 2013 (so I can justify my $300 cable investment and make a YS3 visit next year).

  • Buhner’s barber

    6, Although the Rays have been a very good team for a few years now, I’ve always been able to joke about the offense being Evan Longoria and some guys he picked up at the mall. If Meyers becomes even a 270/330/420 guy, than suddenly the Rays offense looks pretty dangerous with Jennings/zobrist/longoria/joyce/meyers.

    • Bertrand Russell’s barber

      6 for me too, because of Tampa et al.
      At least I “like” Tampa.

  • OMG! Bagels!

    Without a catcher, a right fielder and a 3rd baseman, it’s hard to say. I also don’t get Cashman’s hands being tied at the Winter Meetings. What is going on?

    I read recently that Swisher said he was sorry for the negative things he said about the fans after they were boo’d at YS. Is it simply very clear the Yankees don’t want him back? He was a fan favorite but I know that the fans were pretty pissed off at him for those remarks. Is it certain he’s not coming back to the Yanks?

    I don’t believe in booing but the Detroit series was an incredibly frustrating display of incredible pitching and no offense whatsoever. I was at a game and came damn close to booing. And I don’t believe in it at all.

    It’d be funny to see Youk in pinstripes.

    I have 3 friends who are not renewing their season tickets this year. And they’ve had them for well over 10 years. They said the prices are too high and it seems like management doesn’t care if they win or not. Don’t know how true that is but that’s the story from this end of the city.

    • Charlie

      Cashman’s hands aren’t really tied.

      All he has to do is call his boss on the phone and ask him.


  • rogue


    I’m holding a small fragment of hope.